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Essential Oils to Help Quit Smoking

Chances are, if you’re reading this, either you or someone you know is one of the millions of people who smoke cigarettes every day. Making the decision to quit smoking is not a small undertaking and requires a ton of support. Regularly using certain essential oils can be very helpful during this journey by soothing common symptoms brought on by nicotine withdrawal, such as irritation, sleeplessness, and, of course, cravings. Let’s check out some of our favorite single oils and blends worth trying out if you or someone you know wants to kick their habit for good.

essential oils to quite smoking resolution


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Black Pepper

Often regarded as the most effective essential oil to help quit smoking, Black Pepper is a must-have for anyone seriously interested in using aromatherapy to help quit. It can help curb the cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal, as well as help alleviate feelings of anxiety [1].


Plant Therapy's Cardamom Essential Oil to help quit smoking

This spicy essential oil is perfect to encourage a calm, clear, focused, problem-solving mindset. When motivation begins to waver, reach for Cardamom to help you get back on track with your goals. It can help restore feelings of control, making it very empowering and helping to strengthen your resolve to quit.

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Arguably some of the most trying parts about nicotine withdrawal are the feelings of irritation and nervous tension. When every day becomes a struggle to keep your mood balanced and positive, these symptoms can be miserable. Use Neroli when you need to uplift your spirit, boost your mood, and help climb out of an unhappy mental rut. For a calming blend to add to a personal inhaler, try 6 drops of Black Pepper, 6 drops of Cypress, and 3 drops of Neroli.

Learn more about Neroli with Explore Your Essential Oils: Neroli

hand refusing cigarettes from another hand

Coriander Seed

The warming and calming fragrance of Coriander Seed is wonderful to aid in relaxation and elevate your mood. When irritation begins to creep up, especially during the first few weeks of nicotine withdrawal, Coriander can help provide the relief and mental focus you need to stay on track with your goals.

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Tension in the head and neck can be a pretty common occurrence for anyone trying to kick their smoking habit. Thankfully, Melissa’s beautiful grassy, lemony scent can help provide relief to this discomfort. It is also known to inspire joy, hope, and feelings of peace — another great reason to give this oil a good whiff when you’re not feeling so great.

Try adding 3 drops of Frankincense Carteri, and 2 drops each of Melissa and Lavender to your diffuser to enjoy a wonderfully comfortable atmosphere that can help lift you up into a positive mindset.

Worry Free Blend

Plant Therapy Rose Gold Diffuser and Worry Free Blend to help stop smoking

Ease bad mood moments away with our Worry Free Blend (also available as a pre-diluted roll-on!). The gorgeous aroma created from this blend of Lavender, Marjoram Sweet, Ylang Ylang Complete, Sandalwood Australian, Peru Balsam, and Chamomile Roman will have you in a relaxed state of mind so that you can better cope with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Curb the Urge Inhaler Blend

curb the urge inhaler blend diy essential oils to quit smoking

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:
Inhale throughout the day when needed to reduce feelings of irritability.


[1] Rose, J., & Behm, F. (1994). Inhalation of vapor from black pepper extract reduces smoking withdrawal symptoms. Retrieved from


78 thoughts on “Essential Oils to Help Quit Smoking”

  • My body is telling me it’s time to nix the habit. However in this Indiana heat, I’m concerned about the warming effect of the black pepper oil.
    I used a chakra blend containing pepper yesterday and felt like I was having hot flashes! What other oils could I substitute for it?

    1. Hi Carol! As long as you don’t use Black Pepper topically, you should avoid the warming effect. But if you notice the warmth when using a personal aromatherapy inhaler, you can always leave it out of the Curb the Urge Inhaler blend or substitute with one of the other oils listed in the blog.

  • We’ve set our quit date and it’s approaching soon. Will be trying the curb the urge inhaler blend, but is there anything that can be substituted for the Neroli? I have so many oils and now I’m thinking of sustainability so would like to use something I already have.

    1. Love that you are thinking about sustainability! Do you have any Lavender? You could replace the Neroli with it 🙂

    1. Tiffany, two suggestions come to mind. The first is Black Pepper, which is probably the most popular EO choice when quitting smoking. It has a spicy smell, but also a tad herbal. If your husband does not like that, I would recommend trying something totally different (and maybe not expected because it’s a floral oil), like Neroli. We also have our Let It Go blend, which also does not contain Coriander. I hope this helps!

  • I used a black pepper inhaler constantly to help me quit in August. I kept it in my pocket at all times and I couldn’t have done it without it! I used another inhaler of Copaiba, black pepper, & neroli to help with the withdrawal feelings and also tons of ENERGY synergy in the mornings! If it wasn’t for my PT EOs I would still be a smoker—not even joking!

    1. Do you just smell the black pepper straight from the bottle? I am wanting to buy this to quit smoking and am not seeing too much detail on just the black pepper alone.

  • These oils are at the top of my list right now to try this out! Its a really rough Wisconsin winter right now so having the extra help to quit is a must! I ordered black pepper recently to help with this but need to add something else with it as it makes me sneeze a lot haha!

  • I am not a smoker, but I plan to try this for my friend, Sharon, who recently quit after 36 years! Also my boyfriend has returned to smoking, so I think a little boost may help him rethink. Do we have an area here to ‘keep you posted’ after we try the blends/recipes?

    1. Debra, we always love to hear how our customers are using our blends and recipes! You can update everyone here, which is really useful for others who may be going through something similar. Of course, if you want to tweak the recipe a bit and really love your creation, please share that, too! Also, you may be interested in joining our Safe Essential Oil Recipes group on Facebook if you’re not already a member; lots of great information and a wonderful place to share your EO stories 🙂 here is the link:

  • Hoping to order the black pepper tonight!! Do you think it will make a difference by itself?? Till I can get more??

  • I agree with other commenters that PT should offer Curb the Urge as a blend. Sandalwood and Neroli are expensive and not something I would use often enough to justify the purchase. I would however buy the blend.

  • Thanks for the recipe! I really need to try this and it’s something I can do at my desk at work instead of taking a smoke break.

  • Unfortunately, I don’t have any of these oils yet, but I’m going to keep this recipe and slowly add these oils to my collection! I’m really hoping it can help me quit smoking. 🙂

  • I wish you would create a blend of the curb the urge blend. I hesitate buying sandalwood and Neroli without knowing how they smell.

    1. Dorothy, you can use any of the essential oils mentioned in this post to create your own blend! For instance, you may find that Black Pepper and Coriander Seed blend wonderfully together 🙂 Those oils would complement each other nicely and be great to support your goals!

  • As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, I often work with clients who struggle mightily with kicking this habit. Most quitting aids have limited effectiveness and/or pharmacological side effects. Thanks for these great suggestions I can pass along to my clients! I love learning about new ways to promote health using essential oils. Keep them coming, PT!!

  • PT, Why don’t you guys just go ahead and make a smoking cessation blend? Would be much easier for folks new to aromatherapy or for those of us wanting to help others to just buy the blend to send to them, or forward them to your blend. I know of many I would easily buy for but I don’t like making and mixing blends for people and these aren’t usual oils a lot of people have or keep on hand.

  • Thanks, this article is really helpful and i will try this soon, i been having this nicotin addiction since long time ago and it is really difficult to stop the ceaving for nicotin

  • My husband has gone back and forth on smoking, and has been making a big push to stop. I have slowly been convincing him on essential oils, this is a great post to help me further his efforts!!

    1. Carol, it depends on how often you use it. A good rule of thumb is about 3 months, but you’ll notice if the aroma begins to weaken. If it’s not an inhaler you use often, it may last much longer.

  • Interesting! When I was quitting smoking, I carried around a diluted roll-on of pine and would take HUGE whiffs throughout the day. I always craved cigs less in the forrest, and the oil helped make me feel like I was there. I’ll have to try some of these other ones when cravings start to hit!

  • Great Blog post! I’m struggling to quit again after lighting up again 2 1/2 years ago. I smoked for 28 years and quit for 8 1/2. Here’s to hoping that this year I can kick the habit again, for good this time. I have made myself 3 inhalers, curb the urge, black pepper & coriander and worry free. With Let it Go as the add-on I have ordered that as well and will make another inhaler when it arrives. Thanks PT! <3

  • This is very enlightening, thanks for posting! I’m curious, are these oils helpful specifically for quitting smoking cigarettes or other habits/ patterns of behavior/ addictive qualities? Are they specifically related to nicotine or the stress/ anxiety of withdrawal in general?
    Thanks 🙂

  • Great tips for the smokers in my life! Maybe I can buy them some of the recommended EOs to help them kick their habits!

  • Love this! I need to add a few more oils to my arsenal but I currently am making black pepper and cinnamon ‘quit sticks’ and a blend of black pepper lime and a few others in a salt inhaler

  • Thank you for this! I went to the “e cig” to quit smoking real cigarettes but it only made it more difficult to quit the nicotine. Going to give the inhaler recipes a try!

  • I can definitely vouche for this recipe! I really didn’t think I’d like the Black Pepper but it’s becoming a favorite of mine! And Worry Free is fantastic as always. I’ll be sharing this with those that are needing help back to healthy lungs

  • I have all of these oils and just ordered the let it go synergy. Hoping these will help my husband quit smoking.

  • Thank you so much for this! I have an aunt who wants to quit smoking but does not know how to do it. This is a great idea to start

  • My dad struggles with trying to quit smoking and I am DEFINITELY going to buy these oils at one point and let him borrow my diffuser.

  • I have all of the oils except Neroli as it is pricey, what could I substitute this oil for to make up the blend and it still work?

    1. Neroli is a unique oil that is difficult to replace. If you refer to our “downloads” page we have a fragrance wheel and constituent chart to help you make your decision 🙂

  • I’m making a gift basket for my brother with different blends to help him quit smoking. He requested it, so I’m hopeful it will work. I have made up a few different things, but I really want to try this blend. Do you think I could substitute Spikenard for the Sandalwood? I have Spikenard on hand, that I’d love to use for something important.

  • I look forward to each day’s blog post and the knowledge they share! I so appreciate the deeper dive into the oils, and that you list several symptoms they might support in addition to that day’s topic. While I don’t smoke, I am challenged with anxiety and neevous tension. Can’t wait to try Worry Free and Neroli!

  • Wow, what a great article! This is the first I’ve read of essential oils helping to curb smoking. Thanks, PT, for such practical and helpful blog posts!!

  • reading the article gave me an idea to get my dad to quit smoking. I want to try diffuse worry free with black pepper. Do u think it will work?

    1. Since everyone reacts to essential oils in their own unique way, we really can’t say for sure. However, that sounds like a pretty excellent idea and we hope it helps your dad if his goal is to quit smoking 🙂

  • I’ve really been enjoying these new years resolution posts that are being made and this one in particular I’m grateful for as my boyfriend has been trying to quit smoking for awhile now, and I happen to have all these oils on hand! I really hope you get more personal inhalers in stock soon I want to order some! Thank you 🙂

  • I cant wait to try this. I have been trying to quit for awhile but said I was going to get serious about it this year, so I am happy PT put this article out like it was meant for me!! Thank you PT and I know with help from oils, family & friends, and my determination, I will soon be an ex smoker!!!

  • Thanks for the great information. My boyfriend has been talking about quitting smoking since his aunt died from lung cancer this year. I’m not sure if he’s ready yet, but it’s great for me to learn some ways to support him when he is.

  • This is fantastic. I never thought of oils for quitting smoking. Adding it to my list for a good friend!! Also buying the subvert now for worry free. Hadn’t seen that one.

  • Thanks for this information. I was hoping the sandalwood would also be available for the sale since the recipe shared calls for sandalwood

  • Would these oils help reduce food cravings as well? I see the ingredients in munchy stop are completely different

  • I ordered let it go to try to help my husband quit chewing tobacco, going to use some black pepper to help too after reading this

  • Thank you for the great information. My husband is quitting for the new year. I want to give him as much support as I can.

  • Thank you PT for this post, my boyfriend has been trying to quit smoking since before our four year old daughter was born and it has been an up and down process. He is a land surveyor and smoking is a big part of the work culture, and while I know he won’t use the inhaler maybe I can sneak in a few drops of the Worry Free blend into the car diffuser lol. Being Indian I love Coriander but he can not stand the smell or taste of anything Cilantro, Parsley or Coriander as he says it reminds of weeds, so I may have to omit that one 🙁

    1. Using some oil in the car is a great idea, since that’s often a trigger for a lot of people who smoke-driving in the car! If you can give Neroli a try for your boyfriend, I would recommend that. Its floral so it will not have that “weedy” aroma, and if you blend it with a citrus, say Bergamot or Lemon, it won’t be so overpoweringly floral that he won’t want it in his car. I know Neroli is spendy, so if that’s not an option then you guys might find that Black Pepper could help 🙂

  • This was very interesting. I wonder if I could get my husband to try it to quit and I am curious how many others have used some or all of these oils to help quit smoking.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was my intention to quit smoking January 1 but with some stressors still in place I didn’t have the resolve. I have all of the oils listed except Melissa and Worry Free but I can mix up the inhaler and intend to today. Hopefully, I’ll be on the road to stop smoking today thanks to y’all!

  • I’m not a smoker myself. But, i know many who are struggling with quitting. This is very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing!

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