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Sore Muscles Master Blend DIY Plant Therapy

Essentials Video: Sore Muscles Master Blend

For many of us, the new year means new resolutions, and getting in shape is often at the top of the list. If your muscles are protesting the new workout routine  (or maybe you’re just ramping up your current regimen), use this Sore Muscles Master Blend to help ease muscle pain. It uses the therapeutic benefits of Eucalyptus Dives and Juniper Berry essential oils to create a soothing balm for your post-workout routine!

Essentials Video: Sore Muscles Master Blend diy

Sore Muscles Master Blend

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Blend together and massage onto areas of concern.

Note: Meant for sore muscles. 28 drops to 1 oz of carrier makes approximately a 3% dilution, according to Robert Tisserand’s recommendations, which you can find here:


53 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Sore Muscles Master Blend”

  • Oh my goodness. Finding this DIY recipe right now is so timely. I am having major aches in my joints and in fired need of some TLC. Thanks PT!

  • I’m really looking forward to trying this! Thank you for posting articles like these! 2 questions:
    1) How long is the recipe/oils effective for once it’s made? (should it be stored in the fridge to last longer?)
    2) Also, can you substitute Eucalyptus Globulus for Eucalyptus Dives?

    1. When combining different products, the shelf life will be the same as whatever has the shortest shelf life. In this case, it would depend on the carrier oil you choose. You can reference the carrier oil chart and the shelf life chart to determine what that will be. Also, you can substitute Eucalyptus Globulus in this recipe. Just keep in mind that unlike Eucalyptus Dives, it’s not a KidSafe oil.

  • As written this is NOT A 3% dilution!! Plant Therapy – SHAME ON YOU. I love your oils and usually love your recipes. I have trusted you for safe EO usage. But something out this one didn’t seem right, so I ran the math. 28 drops of EO in 1oz of carrier is about a 4.5% dilution. NOT a 3% dilution.

    As written, this article is misleading. It implies that the recipe is a 3% dilution. The video shows the mix being used as is without being diluted further. The instructions say “Dilute to 3%” but you do not give any further instructions how to do that. This article SHOULD list what dilution % this recipe makes, and include further directions for how to dilute it to 3% for ongoing safe usage.

    1. Laura, the dilution rates we use are from Robert Tisserand, the world’s leading expert on aromatherapy safety. We understand that other dilution rate charts may not track exactly with his recommendations. You can view more about our dilution percentages here: or According to Tisserand’s recommendations, 28 drops is one drop over 27, to make a 3% dilution, however, I’m sure you’ve noticed that due to the disagreements over some bodies of aromatherapy, dilution rates are not quite an exact science yet. I do agree that our wording choice for the recipe suggests diluting it further for a 3% dilution, which is wrong since this recipe as it stands is already a 3% dilution. We will adjust that accordingly 🙂 We apologize if this has upset you and please don’t hesitate to reach out to our aromatherapists at [email protected] if you would like more information on our dilution calculations 🙂

      1. Thank you for your reply and clarifications! I understand dilution rates vary from different sources; and a “drop” is not exactly a scientific measurement. It’s helpful to know what source you are using.
        Thank you also for clarifying the wording of the article. That makes clear the intended dilution of the recipe, and helps me to continue to see your commitment to safe EO usage, even if your dilution chart may look a little different than other sources. Thank you again!

      2. Thank you for your transparency in all things, including dilution rates. I’ve wondered why dilution rates vary, and this is the only “real” and helpful answer I’ve seen that doesn’t avoid the question but actually addresses it head on. THANK YOU!!

  • Thank you for sharing this! I have three children who are runners. They are always complaining of sore muscles after a work out. I can’t wait to try this with them

  • Along with all other posts I want to say thank you Plant Therapy for all your hard work and all y’all do. I have not been able to purchase these oils yet but they are on my get soon list. My son is in the JROTC program at school (next year he will be ranked to ROTC in high school). They do a lot of P.T. Etc. and he is usually sore for a couple days and asks for something to use. This will be perfect for us to make together and him to use in the evenings! I also want to order the jelly for him.

  • Looks like a good blend but the statement about diluting it at the end is confusing since it is already diluted in a carrier oil.

    1. You’re right, Mel. We adjusted the wording below the graphic to help clear up the misconception 🙂 We hope this helps!

    1. Most coniferous essential oils would make a fine replacement; some suggestions are Balsam Fir, Cypress, and Jack Pine.

  • I always have very sore and achy muscles from teaching dance, so I’m very excited to try this blend! I already have all the oils at home so I hope this works!

  • I’m a massage therapist and I just LOVE finding new blends to add to self care routines for musculoskeletal discomforts! I bet this smells so fresh too!

  • I can’t wait to try this. I just need the eucalyptus dives oil. I have such sore muscles at the moment.

  • Was looking for something new to try for muscle aches. Luckily I have all the needed EOs so will be making this once I get home tonight.

  • Can’t wait to add this to my sore muscles rotation!! Do you need to dilute in addition to mixing the oils with the 1 oz of carrier oil?

  • Thanks! My gym (trainer) always finds muscles I am not using, so I feel like I am sore every day of my life, so I can never have too of these recipes to rotate!

  • So do you still have to dilute the blend to 3 % that already has an ounce of carrier oil? I guess I’m confused about this.

  • Oh, wow, this looks great! My husband has struggled with a bad back lately, and I’m just sore all around these days ;), so this sounds great!! Thanks for sharing it.

  • So nice to see that the eos in this recipes are KidSafe. And based off the KidSafe chart, 3% dilution ok for kids older than 5. Our family precaution, 3% dilutions for short-term use and targeted treatment areas only (ex calves only, not entire legs). Please keep posting kid friendly (sensitive adults) recipes!

  • Can the Eucalyptus Dives be replaced with another Eucalyptus radiata or globulus in this blend and if yes is it the same amount of drops. Thank you

  • This is great! My son runs cross country and track and he asks for the muscle aid when his legs get sore. I’ll have to try this!

  • This is actually kind of neat. I love watching all the DIY vidoes on instagram, but come here to see them at work and print out the information.

  • This comes at a perfect time when all of us have sore muscles from getting back into fitness for our 2019 resolution! Thank you

  • I can’t wait to try this! I joined a kickboxing gym in the new year and am looking for ways to promote muscle recovery. Thanks!

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