Fountain of Youth Face Serum DIY - Naturally Blended

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Naturally Blended

Fountain of Youth Face Serum DIY

fountain of youth face serum essential oilsWho doesn’t want younger, healthier looking skin? But with so many products on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one, let alone find one with all natural ingredients. Luckily, many essential oils have skin rejuvenating, smoothing, and brightening properties. This fountain of Youth Face Serum combines many of them.

fountain of youth face serum

Frankincense Frereana is highly prized for its ability to help smooth the appearance of wrinkles, scars, dry and damaged skin. Carrot Seed is another incredible essential oil that softens and smooths your skin. The last essential oil in this serum is Ylang Ylang Complete, which excellent for helping your skin retain moisture. Once you’ve blended these oils together in the carrier oil, massage onto your face after cleansing.

Fountain of Youth Face Serum

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Blend essential oils and carrier oils together thoroughly. Massage onto face after cleansing.

160 thoughts on “Fountain of Youth Face Serum DIY”

    1. You can always leave out the Meadowfoam and make up the difference with Jojoba. Or you can substitute with another skin-nourish carrier that you might have on hand like Argan, Sunflower or Evening Primrose.

  1. I have sea fennel in my cart as well. From what I read about that oil it would also go perfect in this blend. Another oil I have experience with that would go great in this blend is Geranium. Cant wait to try it!

  2. I have external oily but internal dehydrated skin. Is Fountain of Youth Face Serum works well for my condition or another DIY is more suitable.

    1. This DIY is great for all skin types! But we also have a post that goes into detail about the different kinds of carrer oils and essential oils that are specifically useful for oily skin.

      1. The essential oils in this recipe are all exceptional oils to help with aging skin. If you wish to mix up the recipe a little bit, you can check out this post on other essential oils that can help firm the skin.

    1. Hi Courtney, this recipe makes about 1/2 an ounce. So if you want to make two ounces, you can quadruple the recipe. But since it is a larger batch, be sure to store it in a cool, dark place.

    1. Yes, 2 tsp = 10 mL. So this recipe is actually 15 mL + essential oils. If you want to make 30 mL of face serum, just double the recipe!

  3. I just love all of the recipes I find on the blog and I definitely want to try this one for skincare! I have jojoba but I don’t have meadowfoam, I am wondering if near perfection would be a good substitute for it?

  4. I’ve heard that carrot seed oil also helps to protect the skin from UV damage. Is that correct? No matter what, I need to give this blend a try because my skin looks like the fountain of aging presently.

    1. You can definitely substitute a different variety of Frankincense as they all are useful for skincare. Check out this post on the differences between each variety.

  5. I made this and have been using it for about a week. Have seen no results yet but I think I need to give it more time.

    1. Lisa, some oils you can replace the Frankincense Serrata would be any other variety of Frankincense, Texas Cedarwood, Lavender, Rose, or Helichrysum. Just keep in mind that the overall aroma of the DIY will change tremendously depending on what you decide to replace the Frankincense with 🙂

    1. No reason at all, Dale! Just make sure to use at least 3 tsp of your lotion to keep the dilution rate the same or lower 🙂

    1. A small, glass container that you can seal would be best. It definitely is the right consistency to use in a rollerball or with a dropper.

  6. I like this recipe. The meadowfoam has a waxier residue and really makes this feel like a serum, leaving my skin silky feeling. Since I’m over 50… Instead of jojoba I used 1 tsp of apricot kernel oil and 1 tsp rosehip seed oil. I also added a couple drops of evening primrose seed oil. I better order more meadowfoam as I know my sisters will want me to make this for them as soon as they try it!

    1. What type of container do you use? Is it creamy like a lotion or more like something you would put n a roller ball?

  7. I use all the above ingredients in my face serum plus a few more and it works wonders. BEST FACE SERUM EVER!! I will never go back to store bought serums.

  8. This sounds great!!! If I want to make a larger batch what ratio to you propose for 4 ounces total. I can’t wait to make it and give away to my girlfriends.

    1. Allana, the essential oils in this recipe along with the carrier oils chosen all have fantastic anti-aging properties. Is there a particular anti-aging product you would like to include in this DIY, or another essential oil you had in mind? Let me know and I will do my best to see if there is a safe way to add it into the recipe 🙂

      1. I was thinking of the anti aging blend, but if it already has anti again properties that is probably not needed.

  9. what would be good rotations into this recipes to prevent sensitivity? should you use as long as the recipe lasts or change more regularly like weekly?

    1. Jennie, if you find that your skin is really enjoying this recipe, even after continuous use, there really isn’t a “set” amount of time you should use it. If you do want to go into rotation, which is a great idea, I would rotate it out with just your favorite carrier oil 🙂

  10. I’ve just found my next serum – can’t wait to try this with vanilla-infused jojoba. Thanks for the recipe & all the info PT!

  11. Omigoodness, I just ordered *again* to make this lovely serum. I have officially placed myself on restriction until I receive my new orders (yep, plural, orderS) 🙂

  12. Any particular reason you need two different carrier oils? Im new to all this and wondered if you could use one over the other with the same results.

  13. I made this but found the carrot seed too strong for my liking! So I added another lot of everything except the carrot seed and now it’s great!

  14. Mmm, this is almost exactly the EO blend I use for my oil cleanser/moisturizer! Frankincense, lavender and ylang ylang. It smells like heaven . As a bonus I can feel it clearing my sinuses when I steam my face.

  15. love that they included the recipe on the front page I’m always looking for new face creams to try. Thank you for this article

  16. This sounds amazing! I have everything except jojoba so I might substitute grapeseed for it. I have been using carrot seed already and I love how my skin looks. I can’t wait to try the new frank.

  17. I love this recipe. I didn’t particularly care for the Ylang Ylang smell so I replaced it with Pink Grapefruit and I love it!

  18. I can’t wait to give this a try! I love Meadowfoam Oil! What I am wondering is, can I use the Frank blend or does it need to be the straight frereana?

  19. I’ve been using the blend in a steam facial and I love it! I definitely am going to have to get me some meadowfoam as well! Thanks for the recipe!

  20. I’m always looking for new, more natural, options for adding much needed moisture to my face. Dryness is such a problem for me all over, but especially my face! Definitely going to whip up some of this to add to my bedtime routine.

    1. Honestly, both Carrot Seed and Meadowfoam are so great for helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, they’re really kind of the backbone of this recipe. If you don’t have them though, I would recommend removing the Carrot Seed, adding an additional drop of Frankincense Frereana, and either increase your Jojoba to replace the Meadowfoam, or if you have Hemp Seed Carrier Oil, replace the Meadowfoam with that 🙂 Hope this helps!

  21. Your blogs are AMAZING! There’s a wealth of information at my fingertips. I wanted to find something for my face and found a couple FANTASTIC posts with recipes. I can’t wait to order a couple new things to try these. Thank you PT for being so big on educating your customers. It truly makes a difference!

  22. This recipe sounds awesome! I’m really interested in meadowfoam I have never heard of it before coming across plant therapy!

  23. What?! This sounds great! I’m looking forward to using this once I’m done with my currenr face oil. I don’t want to try too many new things at once, hehe.

  24. This looks like a great, nourishing base. I normally just use olive oil in my facial serums. Will have to try this combination. Would it be alright to add helichrysum and blue tansy?

    1. I’m curious about this as well! I just purchased the younger glo carrier oil and was going to mix anti-age with that. I wonder if this serum would be the better option? Hmm…

    2. I am wondering the same thing. I just bought Anti-Aging and use it for nighttime, per the instructions. Could this be a good for daytime?

      1. Elizabeth, nighttime is a great time for essential oils that work to reduce the appearance of fine lines because there will be plenty of time for your skin to absorb the benefits without worrying about putting makeup on or dealing with daily environmental stressors on the skin. Of course, it is absolutely your choice if you would like to apply it during the daytime 🙂

  25. I purchased meadowfoam recently and jojoba is one of my favorites. I’m excited to give this a try! I’ll bet the ylang ylang brings a nice balance and brightness to the earthiness of the carrot seed and frankincense

  26. this sounds amazing! I really need this after moving back east from the less dry climate of the Pacific Northwest. I can tell I’ve aged more in the last year than the previous 5 years hah

  27. oh this sounds devine, I am going to have to make a small jar of it and multiply the amounts by 5. and use prior to bedtime

  28. Great recipe, thank you, PT! Now I absolutely have to get my hands on Meadowfoam carrier oil, and I’m so happy you carry it!

  29. I made this (without Carrot Seed, don’t have it) and used it this morning! Ylang Ylang is such a lovely smell! I’m hoping this will help my aging skin!

  30. As soon as I’m ready to buy more oils I’m making this. I have been looking for a DIY face serum to incorporate frankincense into my regimen. Thank you!

  31. Wow, I need a few of the ingredients and then I plan to try this. Thanks for always having such awesome blogs!

  32. I have been looking for a new serum recipe. I fully trust Plant Therapy’s blog posts and have no reservations about spending on ingredients for recipes is see here. Love that we can just add everything to the cart right from the blog. Of course, then in your cart you can remove anything you already have.

  33. Sounds like an effective synergy. Is there any oil with similar qualities to the carrot seed? I just really don’t like it’s strong aroma. Thank you!

  34. This sounds amazing. I love the smell of ylang ylang plus the benefits of frank makes this the perfect blend for me. Thank you for posting this.

  35. This sounds great! I only have Frankincense carterii. I bought that thinking it was the one that was good for skin I guess I got the wrong one. Would I still get the same benefits from it?

  36. Thanks for this recipe. I received my first order of EO in November and have been using them for skin care ever since. I get great results on my mature skin!

  37. Could do you use sea fennel instead of carrot seed? And younger glow instead of the meadowfoam carrier oil? I guess I would be totally rebuilding this LOL though I do have the frankincense as well as the ylang ylang.

  38. Love this! I have been using Frereana and carrot seed for some time but have not thought to use ylang ylang. I will have to add this to my regimen! Thanks!!

  39. My current face serum is jojoba oil, lavender, and frankincense. I’m excited to try this combo. Jojoba is my absolute favorite oil for my face.

  40. Sounds like a great one to add to my face serum rotation. I may seek a substitute for the Ylang Ylang though. Hopefully I can find a suitable substitute for it. Thanks for another great recipe!

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