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grapefruit pink essential oil

5 Essential Oils for More Energy

 It’s the first month of a brand new year! Don’t let the grey skies and chilly air drain your energy. Try these bright, invigorating essential oils to help get you up and at it with all the energy you need.

Ginger Root CO2

The warm and spicy aroma of Ginger Root CO2 may be just what you need to boost your energy — especially when it’s cold outside. Its warming properties contrast nicely with the winter weather. Ginger Root is also a great way to lift your mood and may consequently increase your willpower to stay energized through whatever it is you want to accomplish!


peppermint essential oil for energy

For a quick burst of energy whenever you need it, reach for Peppermint Essential Oil. Fresh, cool, and unmistakable, this popular oil will invigorate your mind and body. It promotes energy and alertness, making it perfect for any time of the day – whether bright and early in the morning, during that unfortunate afternoon slump, or once you make it back home to the family after a long day. Diffuse it or add about 4 drops to a teaspoon of carrier oil and rub onto your wrists to enjoy the aroma.

Eucalyptus Globulus

Eucalyptus Globulus is a fantastic choice to lift your spirits and focus your mind. It also brings warmth to the body and promotes healthy circulation; when your body feels good, it responds with elevated energy levels. Not only that, but as one of the most recognized essential oils to help with respiratory issues, Eucalyptus can support clear breathing and the flow of energizing oxygen throughout the body.


Citrus scents are typically very energizing, and Lime is no exception. When you want to add a zesty punch to your environment, this is great to diffuse for its uplifting and invigorating properties. The sweet, clean citrus aroma can help improve clarity and focus while also encouraging mental energy. Try adding one drop of Lime to 3 drops each of Grapefruit Pink and Orange Sweet to your diffuser for a wonderfully refreshing citrus blend that helps brighten the mood.

To learn more about Lime, check out 4 Surprising Benefits of Lime Essential Oil.

Grapefruit Pink

grapefruit essential oil for energy

With its sweet, juicy fresh citrus scent, Grapefruit Pink helps bring about a refreshed and brighter mood. Like many citrus essential oils, it is known for its ability to boost energy levels and mental alertness. It can also help relieve adrenal fatigue, which may occur with people who feel constantly lethargic. Plus, it is known to benefit the immune system! This helps you feel healthy and ready to tackle any task that comes your way.

For more great information about Grapefruit Pink, make sure to read Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week.

couple looking energetic and happy

If you want to learn more about essential oils that can help you stay energized, both mentally and physically, be sure to check out the blog Get a Natural Energy Boost With Essential Oils.


84 thoughts on “5 Essential Oils for More Energy”

  • Saw the link to this post on SEOR. Citrus is definitely an energy booster for me. I’ll have to give ginger a try in this capacity!

  • Great ideas to increase energy. I feel tired all the time between working, volunteering and taking care of kids and house. Thanks for talking about this important topic.

  • Love my citrus oils! I love to use lemon and orange blended with a little eucalyptus whenever I clean – not only helps boost energy but also makes the house smell great!

  • Thanks for the post, it came at the right time. I made an inhaler blend from Ginger Root, Peppermint, Lemon and Eucalyptus and I never felt mpre energize. Shout out to Kiana for the recipe.

  • Looks like I need to pick up some Grapefruit Pink, but I do love my other oils that are listed above! My wish list continues to grow!

  • The only one I have on this list is peppermint. I am fairly new to EOs. Just joined this month I’m slowly growing my collection and as a mom of 2 young kids I definitely need all the energy I can get. Grapefruit has been on my wish list.

  • I love plant therapy energy synergy! It is great for those mornings when you’re feeling a little sluggish and it smells amazing!

  • I have grapefruit but I never think to reach for it. I’ll have to start reaching for it in the mornings since I am so not a morning person! Lime is one on my wishlist that I really wasn’t sure why I needed it, I just felt like I did. Maybe this will be my little nudge to go ahead and purchase!

  • I love all of these EO’s. As mentioned in another comment I also use lemon for uplifting energy. I didn’t realize how much I use peppermint until I went to use today and lo and behold the bottle is empty! So definitely going to get the 30mL when I reorder!

  • I love using grapefruit! I’m starting to like Peppermint the more I use it. Lime is on my wishlist – hope to get that one soon!

  • I will start the job on 1 of march 2019. Till then, I am still at home, with my little baby (1,8 years old). Raising a child is wonderful, but the fatigue and the lack of sleep…uhhh….are the bad part of the story. I start my mornings with the Pink Grapefruit Essential oil from PT. It’s a great start, trust me! I put 2 drops in my palm and I inhale it for 5 minutes. Later on, I drink my coffee and I difuse 2 drops of Ginger + 1 drop of Pepermint in the house. It’s refreshing and uplifting.
    I also love the smell of Energy Blend Synergy from PT, but I cannot diffuse it near my baby so I prefer the saver oils. Thank you for this article!

  • I happen to have all of these and am needing a major lift. I put a drop of each in diffuser and added a drop of Elemi in hopes of added mood benefilt. It smells very nice, now I wait, hope it helps!

  • It looks like grapefruit is my next purchase! I’ll have to put it in a rollerball for an uplifting blend to take with me!

  • Lime and Grapefruit are 2 of my favorites and always include them when diffusing for a burst of energy. Didn’t know about Ginger Root CO2 so I’ll be digging deeper in to that oil and see what I can do with it.

  • Peppermint is usually my go to, but I really need to start incorporating the others. I just have regular ginger. Does that work the same as the CO2?

  • I keep reading all your posts, trying to figure out what to do with my oils when I get them!! I can always use energy, I’m not at all a morning person!

  • I mixed all these oils in my car diffuser while driving at night and wow did it make a difference in my alertness levels.

  • Citrus EO’s has always been my favorite. Now I know why…for energy! I’ve heard a lot about lime so I’m going to put it on my wishlist!

  • Thank you for this informative blog post! It’s nice to have a resource I can pull up when I need to be awake and aware. Appreciate all the information PT gives us!

  • I never knew about the ginger root being an energizing oil! I’m glad to know this because I have been thinking of ordering it. Not it just gave me another reason to make that purchase! Thanks for this read!

  • Just wondering if Eucalyptus Radiata will offer the same energy boosting properties as Eucalyptus Gobulus? Eucalyptus Gobulus don’t smell that attractive in my opinion…

    1. Radiata has many similar properties to Globulus, so it can absolutely help with energy. It smells similar to Globulus, but has a more “smoother” aroma 🙂

  • They all sound amazing! I think my next order will include Grapefruit pink 😉 I love all the information y’all share; it’s helped me not feel so overwhelmed with being new to oils.

  • I swear peppermint works for everything! Personally, I’ve been using the energy blend lately and it has been amazing!! It’s my new favorite.

  • Thanks for this reminder to use these oils for energy. Being stuck in the house because of the cold and snow makes me feel even more tired.

  • Cant wait for my grapefruit to arrive. Interested in other kid/nursing safe options as i need all the energy i can get these days

  • The citrus oils are so uplifting! I also love Tea Tree, which I’m not sure if it’s an ‘uplifting’ or energizing oil, but it’s one of my favs so it gives me that effect. That’s one of the amazing things about aromatherapy; it can have very diverse and personal effects!

  • Lime and grapefruit are my GO TO oils for energy. I love the crispness and cleanness they provide…just so mind clearing and invigorating!

  • Had no idea Ginger was beneficial for energy. Love the smell, now am going to have to try it tomorrow morning for an earlier lift.

  • I love grapefruit pink and peppermint oils. They are very uplifting and smell great. They are a permanent fixture in my oil box .

  • My most favorite oils are eucalyptus, and grapefruit! All of the others listed are wonderful smelling too in my opinion. I like mixing lime and lavender together in a diffuser!

  • Love both lime (such a happy smell) and grapefruit (youthful and awakening). Eucalyptus reminds me of having a cold, but it’s ok and I use it when I need to. Peppermint, funny story, years ago I had a pretty horrifying experience when I accidentally poured a like half a cup of it over my head. Don’t laugh! I had a giant 8 oz bottle of it I had just bought for homemade mouthwash I make. I was in the tub, feeling a bad headache and grabbed the bottle to drop a single drop, yes one drop, undiluted I know, onto the top of my head. It had no reducer! Yes I poured it over my head, luckily missing my eyes. Since you can’t remove oils well with soap I had to pour carrier oil on my head to dilute it. Then wash that out. Ok you can laugh now but it was not funny. You know how peppermint oil is cooling? Well they are not kidding about that. I was freezing so cold that my teeth were uncontrollably chattering. For hours I could not get warm, teeth chattering uncontrollably even under blankets, literally for hours. Like all night. It was intense! Like a York peppermint pattie commercial on steroids. Kids, don’t try this at home!
    It was certainly energizing, though.

  • I’ve tried the PT “Energy” Synergy Blend, which contains several of the above mentioned oils, but I have to say, I always go back to the more Citrus-y blends when diffusing for a more alert, energetic atmosphere. I guess I am more a Grapefruit person over Peppermint/Eucalyptus! I also love Ginger CO2.

  • I love grapefruit. it is a happy oil for me. Eucalyptus globulus is another favorite , I bought the 30 ml after I finished the 10ml and Peppermint Western US is my top favorite oil. I have the 100 ml since I kept running out of it. great post. Thank you

  • I really enjoy peppermint for a pick me up! But, I’d never thought of pink grapefruit. Now I have another oil to add to the energy rotation! Thanks!

  • Thanks for this great list! It’s very timely, since I happen to be diffusing ginger oil right now 🙂 It’s great for sinuses and migraines, so it’s an all around great oil to have. I also find black pepper is a good oil for energy as well.

    1. You can mix them for sure and see if it works better for you than the single oil alone. Everyone reacts to essential oils in their own way though, so I can’t say for certain what change you would notice…other than the change of scent, of course!

  • I really love any citrus oil for energy. Add peppermint or ginger root for an extra kick to get in gear. Blood orange is a favorite around here to lift our spirits during the drab winter months.

  • I use Ginger root for tummy troubles from time to time but had no idea it was energizing! thank you for this info- I’m going to have to try it in a blend now!

  • Peppermint is my all time favorite oil! It has so many uses from energy, to pain, energy, and upset stomach. Love the smell, and love how awake it makes me feel!

  • I love diffusing lime and grapefruit pink in the morning to help energize in the morning! I didn’t know about the energizing properties of ginger root CO2. I’m looking forward to trying it soon!

  • I am soo excited about this, I struggle to wake in the morning and am working hard at not hitting snooze, I have and love all these oils and will be using them to help me get some pep in my step <3 Thanks as always plant therapy 🙂

  • Great timing, I was just thinking today of the ways to improve my energy levels. Thank you for the post, will put together some ginger, lime and grapefruit straight away!

  • Grapefruit is does wonders for my energy. So fresh and bright smelling. I diffuse it when I need to fold laundry that I don’t want to fold.

  • One of my favorites to add in the shower is equal parts peppermint and Mandarin. So uplifting and refreshing in the morning!

  • Love this blog! I am about to put some grapefruit pink in my diffuser now! I absolutely love learning more ways to use my oils.

  • I have all these essential oils, now I need to get moving with some of these suggestions. Also, I would like to add that Peppermint was a lifesaver for me with nausea when I had a bout of vertigo.

  • Such a helpful article! I’m not a morning person and can’t wait to start using these oils in the morning to wake me up!

  • I have all of these except Ginger (just ordered and waiting for delivery), I often diffuse in the afternoon when I’m struggling with low energy to finish the day. Great post!

  • Ginger Root CO2 may have to be another buy soon (I will have to check and see if it’s kidsafe) sounds great! Love mints, we use Spearmint though since we have little boys.

  • Thanks for these suggestions. I have all these oils so I will be able to give them a try. Might even try blending some to keep it interesting

  • Love the information you give us about the different essential oils. Good to know that Grapefruit Pink could help with fatigue and the immune system. Can’t wait to try. Do you have any recipes you could share for boosting immune system and helping with fatigue?

    1. Actually, many of these oils listed here also help with the immune system! One that was not mentioned in this post is Lemon EO, which is great for both fighting fatigue and supporting the immune system 🙂

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