Hydrosols: Uses, Benefits and Why You Need Them

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Hydrosols: Uses, Benefits and Why You Need Them

What is a Hydrosol?

Very simply, a hydrosol is the water that is distilled with essential oils. When the steam from the distilled water passes through the plant material, it takes with it the volatile oils from the plant. The two travel through the tube at the top of the steam vessel (typically copper) and down through the condensing tube. Once the water and oil have separated, the essential oil is siphoned off the top and what you have left is the hydrosol.

A  “hydrosol”  is actually a chemistry term meaning “water solution.” Hydrosols may also be known by several other names:

  • Hydrolats
  • Hydrolates
  • Floral Waters
  • Plant Waters

It’s important to note that hydrosols are NOT simply distilled water with essential oils added to them. In this case, the two would not mix. Some of the water-soluble plant oils will combine with the water and impart therapeutic properties. This creates a much gentler, more diluted product, which is generally safer to use than an essential oil.

hydrosols being used on a cotton pad

How to Use Hydrosols

There are tons of unexpected ways to use hydrosols. They have the benefit of being essentially safe for anyone to use. They can be used undiluted on the skin for adults, children, pregnant and nursing women,  the elderly, and even most pets. You can use them in DIY products (like lotions), or spray on your skin as a toner. You can even mix them together!

With almost no cautions, hydrosols truly are a perfect first-use item if you’re a beginning aromatherapy user. That’s not to say there aren’t a few rules to follow. Two excellent reference books are:

  1. Hydrosols: The next aromatherapy by Suzanne Catty
  2. Understanding Hydrolats: The Specific Hydrosols for Aromatherapy by Len and Shirley Price

Hydrosols do need to be stored properly. A cool, dark environment (like a refrigerator) is best, and make sure to check them often for any cloudiness or mold.

Since hydrosols contain no preservatives, they have relatively short shelf lives of between 6 months to 2  years. However, since hydrosols are relatively inexpensive, it’s more economical to use them up and buy new ones when you need them than to save them for special uses.

Hydrosols are also amazingly gentle, safe, and easy-to-use products that can be used in tons of ways. They’re more diluted than essential oils since a hydrosol is – very simply put – the light and refreshing aromatic water that is distilled with essential oils.

Here are some of our favorite uses for hydrosols:

girl looking in a mirror washing face

Facial Toners

Rose, Helichrysum, Tea Tree, and Melissa Organic Hydrosols make wonderful facial toners. They are safe and gentle enough to use directly on the face. Just spray onto a cotton pad and wipe onto your face.

Helichrysum and Rose help balance the skin by reducing facial redness or dryness. Melissa and Tea Tree promote healthy skin as well, especially for those who are prone to blemishes. You can also add these to facial products you currently use to enjoy their benefits.

Try out this DIY dry skin toner mix, using just hydrosols!

Dry Skin Toner DIY

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Mix together in a 4-ounce bottle and spritz the face after cleansing. Refrigerate between uses.

mom and kid cooking

Soothe Minor Cooking Burns

Lavender, Rose, and Chamomile Organic Hydrosols are incredibly soothing to skin with minor burns. If you’ve got a small burn, just spritz on the affected skin to help soothe any redness.

Stay Relaxed

Rose, Melissa, and Lavender Organic Hydrosols help bring comfort and calm after a long, hectic day. They can also help during times of sadness, to uplift and calm your senses.  Spray them directly onto your skin, clothes, pillows, or linens to help freshen scent and give you a relaxing whiff. You can also add ¼ – ½ cup of hydrosol to a warm bath to help relax.

Sleep Soundly

For a relaxing atmosphere that promotes a good night of rest, try Lavender, Chamomile, or Rose Organic Hydrosol. You can mist it on linens, furniture, and pillows before bedtime to help unwind and relax. These hydrosols are also wonderful for babies and young children, to promote calmness and help soothe them to sleep.

two boys and brothers laying together on a bed

Safe for Babies & Toddlers

Lavender Hydrosol is great to help promote sleep and relaxation for even the fussiest babies. You can spritz the Lavender Hydrosol directly on the baby, or you can spritz the baby’s bed right before bedtime.

Plant Therapy’s Chamomile Hydrosol is excellent at providing some gentle, soothing comfort that typically accompanies teething. Soak a clean, warm washcloth in our chamomile hydrosols and gently rub it on the gums or outer jawline. If your little one develops some skin sensitivity or irritation, our Helichrysum Hydrosol is gentle, soothing, and perfect for your little one.

For more great information on how to use your essential oils with babies and toddlers (including hydrosols), check out these two great blog posts:

Keep Skin Healthy

Winter skin can often be dry and itchy, even when it’s snowing outside. To help soothe dry, itchy skin and keep it soft and happy, Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Lavender Organic Hydrosols provide quick relief. Just spray on the area of concern and let air dry.

Dry winter skin can also lead to overactive oil glands – and acne. If you have skin that is prone to blemishes and breakouts, keep it healthy and happy with Tea Tree, Melissa, and Chamomile Organic Hydrosols. They all make amazing compliments to your current skincare routine. 

These are just some of our favorite ways to use hydrosols, but trust us—there are so many more ways! Check out each product page to learn more.


166 thoughts on “Hydrosols: Uses, Benefits and Why You Need Them”

  • I know rosewater is essentially a Hydrosol and can be eaten. Can other hydrosols be used in food, as long as they’re made from edible plants? Thanks!

    1. I recently started using hydrosols. I’m officially obsessed. I love them! I’ve only used the rose and lavender so far. I agree with you. . . Great information!

  • I recently started using Helichrysum hydrosol as a facial toner! I don’t love the smell of it, but find it doesn’t linger long. I’ve been happy with it so far!

  • I’m so excited to try these! Can hydrosols be mixed with a carrier oil and other essential oils or should they be used by themselves?

    1. Because hydrosols are a water-based product, they won’t mix well with carrier oils or EOs. But you can blend hydrosols to get the benefits of multiple varieties! You can read more about it here.

  • Thanks for this article, I have been using some of the hydrosols and Im glad to see what other things I am able to use them for!

  • Wow, this is great information. I work in a kitchen all day, baking — and I’ve been very worried about my skin being so dry. Seems like these Hydrosols could help. Also — thanks for the “burn” info here! (That also can come into play in a busy kitchen!!)

  • I am loving how the Helichrysum Hydrosol immediately soothed a bad “open wound” razor burn under my armpit. The relief was instantaneous! How long until it is restocked?

  • I really enjoy hydrosols and learning more about them. Great ideas to incorporate them into daily living. I keep them in my fridge, but often forget to use them.

  • I have several hydrosols and I use them all! They are great for skin irritations and so much more! I have used heli on a stye, rose for red skin and a toner, tea tree for antibacterial and lavender for soothing as wel as chamomile! I wont be without these in my fridge.

  • i have never heard of hydrosols before- very interesting! I’d love to try the lavender on my linens!

  • I bought a Rose one- to see if I would like it or not. Well my son who is a teenager tried that one night after showering and he fell in love with the smell. He sprayed right after showering to cool him off. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to use it and he asked me to please order more for himself… Makes me happy that he is using them!

  • I didn’t know what hydrosols were before reading this, but now I feel like I need to buy some chamomile to test it out!

  • Great article! I have Melissa and I’ve been using it as a body spray throughout the day. I’m hoping I can incorporate it into my day more.

  • I had never heard of hydrosols until I found Plant Therapy. Thank you for providing your customers with such great information. Now I have the dilemma of deciding which hydrosol to try first for my family.

  • I have a 20 month old who is still not sleeping through the night. We are lucky to get even a few hours out of her after she goes to bed. Starting to wear on us to say the least! Last week I started using lavender mixed with jojoba oil carrier on her feet before bed and honestly, five days in a row she slept hours longer before waking! I can’t wait to try the lavender hydrosol on her bed sheets before bedtime. Maybe it will even help with my insomnia!

  • Has anyone used melissa hydrosol for cold sores? Saw it can help with the occasional cold sore but didnt know if it had to be the oil diluted or if hydrosol would work.

    1. Tara, I recommend trying the hydrosol first, as it is the gentlest option! If you are not finding that to help your particular situation, using the essential oil, which is much more powerful, would be the next step. Be sure to dilute it of course! People have also found success with Tea Tree Essential Oil, which is a much more cost-effective option 🙂

  • I have quite a # of hydrosols and often get stuck in finding uses beyond just the facial moisturizer. I love the heli hydrosol and use it often on bruises. I am going to try the nighttime linen spray. I wish PT carried Neroli hydrosol. Heli is my favorite with Rose and Chamomile not far behind. I make a blend of these for hair & facial sprays.

  • I love using hydrosols. I’ve been using them for my face and surprisingly it works for nosebleeds. Basically I use them for everything when I can. So versatile!!

  • Awesome information in this article! I didn’t realize I needed to keep them in the fridge and that they have a short shelf life. I bought Rose and Lavender, and have been using them sparingly to make them last. Won’t do that anymore! Will enjoy using them regularly and then just buy more!

  • I recently got the Melissa one and have been looking for new ways to use. Didn’t think of using it as a toner. Will have to try it. May order the rose one next!

  • I recently got the healichrysum and I usually just spray it on my face after I get out of the shower and it feels great on my skin, very cooling!

  • I have recently purchased rose, lavender and peppermint hydrosol. I love the rose as a facial toner and used the lavendar as a pillow spray. I am glad I found them and this article is informative.

  • I don’t have any, but this post makes me think I need some! With a 1 year old it sounds like these would be a great alternative to oils in minor ouchies, etc.!

  • I have used several of these for an auto immune skin issue. They are wonderful and so cooling and healing on the blisters when they were too raw to use anything else. The lavender helped make a fast turn around and alternated with the tea tree and helichrysum.

  • I’m so excited about this post because I just recently purchased my first hyrosol thanks to a wonderful add on offer! I got helichrysum and I’m excited to try it out on my toddlers eczema and also to use it on bug bites when the weather warms up!

  • I just got my first Hydrosol, it’s Helichrysum and I love it! I actually added a few drops of Fantastic Franks; I spritz it all over my face after my toner and before my serum, let it dry and then put on my serum and moisturizer. I’ve noticed a difference in skin tone and fine lines, very happy with this and looking forward to getting some other ones!

  • Hydrosols are amazing!! I love the Rose on my face in the mornings, and the Helichrysum is great for my daughter’s boo-boos. Thank you for more ideas in this blog post!

  • Love the hydrosol line! Have almost a ll of them and love the varied uses for all family members!! Wishing for a hydrosol gift set one day.

  • I’ve got rose, lavender, chamomile, heli, and peppermint. I love them! The only one that has a really pleasant smell is rose, but the others are easy to get used to, especially with the benefits they provide. Keep them in a refrigerator for a longer lifespan. Like the blog mentions, you can spray it on your linens and sheets. Sometimes I’ll spray rose or lavender in my hair to freshen it up.

  • Great post! I have been planning to get the Melissa hydrosol to use as a linen mist on my pillow to help me sleep/relax. A great way to use Melissa when you cant quite afford the oil. Now I’m even more keen. Next order for sure.

  • I enjoy Hydrosols. I love tea tree. I used it for my face, hair, mouth wash. I have try all of them. Rose is to strong for me.

  • I was hesitant to try hydrosols and ordered one for a specific recipe, was put off by the smell at first because I did not know what to expect. Now I have come to cherish the hydrosols, still not in love with the smells but they work amazing. Always have Helichrysum and Peppermint in the fridge. Heli is my go to for burns and minor abrasions. Peppermint is a great burst of refreshment to spritz on my face in the morning. Just got lavender in the new sleep set and excited to add it to my collection. Thanks for the great products.

  • Thank you for a great introduction to hydrosols! I’ve been avoiding them do lack of knowledge, but now I’m ready to dive in and try a few! Thank you PT!

  • I have been using tea tree hydrosol since July and I am amazed at how much it has helped my skin. I have struggled with acne most of my life, but since using it as a facial toner my skin looks so much better.

  • I have all the hydrosols you sell I love using them. They are so versatile and gentle. I like that they are organic and able to be used on littles.

  • I use Melissa and Tea Tree for my skin and am very happy with them. I think I will tru Rose next, it sounds great.

  • Hydros are the hidden gems of the EO world! I have only had Heli and Chamomile and love them both but plan to try more! They have so many benefits and can be used on babies!

  • Gotta try these hydrosols since the floral essential oils are quite expensive than the other essential oil. It is good alternative that we cna still reap the benefits of those oil with more economical budgets

  • I recently started using rose Hydrosol for the first time, and its the only Hydrosol I have right now. I Love the properties of this! I spritz it directly on my face at night before bed, it smells wonderful, helps with my blemishes, and helps me relax before bed! I’ve also sprayed it on my pillows and linens before bed. I use it in the morning after a cleanser on my face to wake me up and have a sweet floral smell throughout the day. I’d like be to try some of the other Hydrosols Plant Therapy offers! They have so many uses, I could use each one daily, unlike my wonderful collection of oils. Sadly some of those aren’t being utilized as much as they should!

  • I just got the Rose Hydrosol in the mail today and I am in LOVE! I will definitely be adding the Chamomile and Lavender ones to my wishlist!

  • Hydrosols are soo addictive! Peppermint is great for the summer heat, mix of lavender and chamomile is a miracle sleep aid and Rose is just perfect for everything.

  • My family loves the Chamomile for itchy skin. The lavender is s must have for those kitchen burns you may get. I’m looking forward to trying some of the others soon.

  • New to essential oils and have wondered how to use and the benefits of hydrols. Now I am excited to add a few to my ever growing collection of oils. Thanks again PT for another great product.

  • I have been hearing so much about Hydrosol. I can’t wait for the 26 FL oz since it is out of stock. I’m very excited to try out so I ordered the 4 FL oz. Anxiously waiting to receive my order soon. Will the Rose Hydrosol hydrate the skin? The EO helps a lot compared to the before using PT EO but I still need to hydrate and puff up my skin.

  • I just grabbed my first hydrosol, rose, as I am obsessed with that fragrance and the oils benefit. It also makes that rose oil available at a good price for me. I use it on my face as much as I remember. I also spray it as a body spray! I love it so much! I cannot wait to try the others!

  • I love using Helichrysum as a facial toner! I’ve been using it, followed by the lavender aloe jelly for few months now and the redness in my skin is greatly reduced! I will have to add some other hydrosols to my collection!

  • I purchased my first hydrosol – Helichrysum – during the Christmas sales. I love it! So far we’ve used it for calming acne and healing scratches. I recently purchased Melissa hydrosol and love the smell. Hoping to remember to use that one in times of stress. I am already planning to buy Peppermint hydrosol as we get closer to summer to use for keeping my baseball players and myself cool during long and hot tournaments!

  • Thank you for this post! I recently ordered the helichrysum hydrosol, and I’m excited to read about new ways to use it!

  • I’m in love with rose hydrosol. I love spritzing it on my face! I had a subscription and realized I still had an unopened bottle so I gifted the newly shipped bottle to my mother and she loves the scent of roses!

  • So far I’ve been enjoying Rose and Peppermint. The rose just makes me feel better when my mood is less than stellar. I like to spritz it on my face and hair. It has a very soft, gentle, and pleasant scent. As a ‘woman of a certain age,’ Peppermint Hydrosol’s cooling properties have been greatly appreciated. I did just get Helichrysum and look forward to discovering ways to incorporate it – no doubt it will be very handy when mosquitoes show up this summer. I actually was able to use it on a scratch the day it came in the mail. It definitely helped take the sting out.

    Here’s a little thought … I think it would be a great idea for Plant Therapy to offer a “sample pack” of their hydrosols. One or two ounce hydrosols in a sample pack, in my mind, would be a fantastic way to introduce those who haven’t yet had the privilege of using hydrosols. I think it would be a great introduction and would be a great seller. I know I’d buy it!

  • I received peppermint and lavender hydrosols from my sister for Christmas this year. I haven’t used them yet but after reading this I will be breaking them out tonight. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • I just got my first hydrosols from the add-ons. Thanks for helping me know what to do with them. I will try heli for my son’s skin and chamomile on linens and pajamas.

  • I’d love to add some to my skin care routine but keeping a mixture I use daily in the fridge would be an incredible inconvenience. Can I keep a 4 oz bottle of the mixed “toner” in my bathroom and store the full size bottles in the fridge in the kitchen? Or is that not a good idea?

    1. We recommend keeping the hydrosols in the fridge to help them stay as fresh as they can be. It is a bit of an inconvenience for sure, but I’d hate to recommend something that would quicken your hydrosol’s shelf life 🙂

  • Thank you for the quick great tips on hydrosols. I did know about using them for toners on the face but have not taken the time to research other uses.

  • Great information, thank you. I should be receiving my first ever PT hydrosol any day now and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to try my helichrysum hydrosol as a face toner.

  • I just tried the hydrosols on my face. It really did my my pores smaller. I have been irritated about how large they were and I couldn’t get them to get back to normal. I used the Melissa and helichrysum. I got them but didn’t know how to use them till this blog! Thank you! Now I know I can use them everywhere. I just ordered the lavender.

  • I’ve been wanting to buy hydrosols for sooo long! They seem like the perfect way to introduce my baby to EOs! This post definitely has made me want this even more! I can’t wait to get them!

  • This is such an informative post! I can’t wait to try some for my skin. I previously recommended hydrosols to someone to help with their teething baby (after seeing someone else recommend a non-kidsafe oil – yikes!), so I am really glad to have a great article to show people a safer alternative.

  • i love using hydrosols and i hope PT will provide a wider range. rosemary, eucalyptus are good for clogged pores. lemon is good for whitening. Helichrysum is my favourite so far as it really calms my skin and whiten at the same time

  • I love using Melissa for my skin!! Rose works great for detangling my daughter’s hair, and she LOVES the way it smells.

  • My wife wants rose first but I’m wondering If we should get lavender to help the bu if we should get lavender to help the fussy baby.thanks for the info

  • I LOVE using Chamomile hydrosol both for the benefits and peace of mind knowing it is safe for even the littlest family members! In fact, my Chamomile is almost out and I can’t decide if I should order it again or try a different one! I would love to see a hydrosol set or trial/travel versions available…but would that make my decisions easier or harder??!! Either way, I have enjoyed learning more about this byproduct. Thanks PT!

  • Not long ago, I had no idea what hydrosols are! But now that I have discovered Plant Therapy essential oils and this blog, I will make sure to have rose and tea tree on my next order. I want to use it as a facial toner and get rid of the products that are not that skin friendly. Thanks for this blog post!

  • I love hydrosols! I use rose in my daughter’s hair, tea tree for itchy skin or bug bites, lavender for scrapes and burns, melissa for sleep, helichrysum for skin problems, and I have chamomile for my upcoming baby. I wish PT carried more!

  • Please bring back Calendula Hydrosol! It was remarkable at calming my husband’s stubborn weepy eczema. It was also my go to for any skin irritations that my kids had. I’ve used the other hydrosols also, but none have worked as well or as quickly as the Calendula for skin irritations. It even has a pleasant smell.

  • I never knew what these were, so this has been a very helpful blog post! Thank you! Now I want a lavender hydrosol for bedtime around here!

  • Thank you for this awesome information. I’m new to using hydrosols but I recently tried the rose and I loved it for my face.

  • I use hydrosols daily. I love the rose for my hair and face. Use them for facial toners and more. I recently used peppermint and lavender for a small burn on my thumb. The combo was very cooling and felt really good on the burn. It healed up really fast too.

  • I just ordered my first hydrosols a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to using them and seeing how well they work for my skin.

  • I love hydrosols! I use them on my face everyday and it’s so nice to not have to worry about overuse and safety. Thank you for the great summary of the many ways to use them!

  • I love hydrosols! I like that I can use them every day and not have to worry about safety since I spray them on my face 🙂 Thank you for the great summary on all of their uses!

    1. Lee, it starts when the customer receives the bottle, even if it’s not opened. We have a strict forecasting policy that prevents bottles from sitting on our shelves for very long before new bottles are poured. However, we cannot speak to the amount of time or condition it is stored in when the customer receives the oil 🙂

  • I love mixing rose and lavender hydrosols together and use that mixture as a personal perfume. It lasts all day, too, when I spritz it on my clothes. Hydrosols also make unique gifts! I like to out them inside of gift baskets, along with other goodies, as hostess gifts.

  • I’m new to hydrosols and I just recently bought Helichrysum. I’m using it as a facial toner and love it so far! After reading this blog I’m interested in trying several others, thank you for the great information!

  • Hydrosols are so awesome. My favorite is heli-great for minimizing redness and overall skin tone. I also love rose and Melissa. Please expand selection and carry neroli hydrosol!

  • I love all my hydrosols! I keep some in the fridge downstairs and then some in a mini fridge in my bedroom, depending on their most used function. I love that I don’t have to dilute or “prep” them to be ready to use. I just used my lavender last week when I burned my finger in the kitchen.

  • Only have one Hydrosol at the moment but know after this read I want more! I see rose and lavender in my future.

  • Thank you for posting this! It answered afew more questions I had pertaining to Hydrosols. Of course I still dont know which one I want to try first…lol wish I could try them all at once 🙂 Cant wait!!

  • I’ve been using chamomile for my daughters teething and dry skin and it’s been working amazingly! So thankful for this gentle alternative!

  • Chamomile hydrosol is my favorite for bedtime. I like to spritz my pillows before laying down. Heli hydrosol is wonderful as a facial toner. I love that they’re gentle enough to use on and around my children!

  • Okay, this article sold me! I was holding out but I will now try a hydrosol! Should I try Melissa or Rose first?

    1. They can, however it might be a bit wasteful. In the dryer, the hydrosol would evaporate from the dryer sheet very quickly so it is unlikely you will notice any kind of difference in smell once your clothes are all dry 🙂

  • Great read! I am new to PT and had never heard of hydrosols before. These are definitely going to be added to my list of things to try!

  • I was so excited to see this blog on your Facebook page! I have been wondering about these products for awhile. Some lavender and tea tree will deffinately be added to my wish list as well ad as chamomile for when baby boy starts teething!

  • I just received the heli hydrosol it seems to work nicely as a toner. However I am planning to order the rose hydrosol soon for my super staticy hair this time of year and I think the lavender hydrosol will be lovely as a linen spray on my sheets. The rose and lavender have to smell better than the helischrisum one.

  • Just ordered my first one! I’ve used floral waters before (rose) but I’m excited to add hydrosols to my skincare routine!

  • I see things that the different hydrosols are good for and its so neat to know… The only one I have due to an add on iss the Helichrysum Hydrosol… what are some things it is good for??

  • I have the rose, lavender, and helichrysum Hydrosols. My favorite thing about them is that I can use them much more liberally than essential oils. I already use them as s skin toner and hair spray, I loved learning that they can be used safely on both babies and toddlers. While I do refrigerate them, it would be even more perfect to be able to buy a complete set of all 7 that you currently sell in 1 or 2 ounce spray bottles.

  • I’ve tried Rose, Tea Tree and Melissa for facial toner, and I love it all (Melissa, the most!) . There’s an overall improvement to my face.

  • I have the peppermint and lavender and I will be using them on my face and for dry skin. I have used the peppermint for cooling effect summertime and just love the smell of lavender.

  • I have not used hydrosols as of yet. I see many ideas that I am going to incorporate these into the line of product I sell.

  • Love hydrosols. Thanks to the add ons I have been expanding from just lavender and heli. I find them very helpful with all sorts of things. Diaper rash, burns and itchy scalp/skin are our top uses so far. Thanks for the ideas on expanding what we use them for!

  • I’ve always been curious about these ! Thank you for the great info !! I’ll be sure to try them now !!

  • I love the heli hydrosol. I use it daily- I keep it and my facial oil ( the near perfect carrier oil is what I’m using currently) in the fridge together. After washing my face I spray heli then apply my oil. I also spray my allergy ridden Boston terrier with it daily and it has really helped her skin. I also apply it to my 5 year old (he has eczema and dry skin) and even though he hates the smell, it helps.

  • I have just started using hydrosols and am really excited to know a bit more about how to use them. I cannot wait to try the recipe! Thank you!

  • I love that we can use these on babies and toddlers! I have been waiting to see a blog like this from you because I never understood what hydrosols were or how to use them. EO’s are one of my favorite things but I cant use certain ones so I am so excited to try the hydrosol and expand my knowledge! <3

  • Great ideas! I love rose so much, I need to get some more. Unfortunately, I have an unopened roman chamomile that I bought 2 years ago and kept in the fridge, but I guess it’s probably not good anymore! I need to just buy one at a time, I’m terrible about saving things and not wanting to use them up.

  • I have never used a aresol. But this was a very interesting blog . I can’t wait to try them I think I’m gonna Stat with a peppermint

  • Thanks for this article. I have what may be a silly question: Is rose hydrosol the same thing as rose water? I see rose water at my local health food store all the time, so I was wondering if there’s a difference. I never see it called hydrosol.

    1. It is very likely that the rose water you see is the same as the rose hydrosol, but you’ll have to contact that product’s supplier to find out for sure. Hydrosols have many names, including flower waters, floral waters, hydrolates, herbal distillates, herbal waters, and probably a few more names I can’t think of off the top of my head!

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