Vetiver Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits & Why You Need It

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Vetiver Essential Oil on a white table

Vetiver: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week


Latin name: Vetiveria zizanioides

Aroma Description: strong powerful earthy, woody, smoky scent

Therapeutic benefits

  • Promotes relaxation and balance
  • Can help calm the mind before bedtime.
  • Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Gentle and effective for fighting skin blemishes.


Yes! Vetiver essential oil IS a KidSafe oil.

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Vetiver essential oil: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

Dilution instructions:

Add a drop to your favorite face wash to help fight skin blemishes.

Diffusion instructions:

Add a drop of Vetiver essential oil (a little goes a long way) to your diffuser or personal inhaler and inhale for 30 minutes before bedtime to help calm the mind before sleep.

Oils to blend with:

Bergamot, Clary Sage, Cypress, Frankincense Serrata, Helichrysum Italicum, Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram Sweet, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Black Pepper, Rose Absolute, Sandalwood Australian, Turmeric CO2.

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59 thoughts on “Vetiver: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week”

  • This is the best oil for restless legs! I have had low ferritin iron and a slow thyroid. My legs would not settle down no matter what I did. I add 2-3 drops to a Tablespoon or so of magnesium lotion and rub it in to my legs right before I go to bed. WOW…amazing results. I won’t be without this!

  • Vetiver, to me, is an instantaneous mental and emotional escape. It smells more like cedar than cedarwood oil, in my opinion. It does take a whiiiiile to get a drop out of the dropper top.

  • This is one of my favorite essential oils! You’re right – a little goes a long way. It can overpower a blend if you’re not careful, but I love it! It really helps me relax into a good deep sleep when I diffuse at bedtime. It also helps get my son to sleep. I wake fully refreshed and well rested.

  • Just ordered this oil for my mom. She has difficulty falling asleep when she’s had a busy day. I’m hoping this oil will help calm her mind and help her rest peacefully. Thank you PT for great information on your oils!!! Hope to one day get this oil for myself too!!

  • Vetiver is an all time favorite. I love mixed with lavender or orange to smell better. The effects are amazing for calming, sleep, restless legs, and adhd.

  • Vetiver is my go to for helping with sleep. I put a few drops on a cotton ball and put it on my nightstand next to my bed. I take a few sniffs and I can’t believe how much it helps. i used to have trouble falling asleep, but no more. I also use it when/if I wake up during the night and hardly remember I woke up.

  • Vetiver was one of the first oils I purchased and it is an absolute favorite. To be honest I don’t even remember why I purchased it originally but it is usually added to all my blends.

  • Winter in Michigan is tough on the immune system. And I have some preteens in the house. I just ordered this and can’t wait to see the immune benefits and some healthier faces.

  • Vetivier is on my wish list as my husband loves the scent and I plan on creating some perfume scents for him to enjoy all natural perfume ! I’m still looking for the *perfect* perfume recipe to impress and please my lovely husband ❤️

  • Thank you for this spotlight. Vetiver has been on my wishlist for years. I cant wait to get it with my next order!

  • I have a love-hate relationship with Vetiver. I like it as an enhancer to other EOs, but I can’t do it when it’s the primary. The best tip I got about using it was to repeated dip a toothpick in it until it forms a drop (or partial drop!). It definitely beats waiting for it to come out of the dropper!

  • It takes a little to get use to, but it has become one of my favorites. I love it with lavender or bergamot. Great sleepy time combos.

  • I love Vetiver! I diffuse it with Bergamont and Frankencense Carteri and the stress rolls off me! Even smelling it straight from the bottle puts me in a happy state of mind!

  • I am new to oils and have heard so many good things about Vetiver. I just purchased it today and can’t wait to try it!

  • I love vetiver it’s one of my favorite essential oils. I use it mixed with bergamot and ho wood to help me sleep at night. I get the most restful sleep with that mixture. I made my own blend which is 40 drops bergamot, 20 drops ho wood, and 10 drops vetiver.

    I also made my own shampoo with vetiver and lavender.

  • Vetiver is one of my top oils for anxiety!! It totally helps me calm down and chill out . I rub some behind my ears whenever I get worked up and it’s a lifesaver!!!

    1. Hi Nicole! can i ask what carrier oil and dilution % you use with your vetiver oil for anxiety?

  • This was a little bit down on my list but it climbs up rapidly 🙂 Is this better than Lavender? Whats its chemical compound that elevates sleep?

  • I love vetiver now, but when i first got it …. phew!! it stunk!! i closed it up and left it for a year … (thankful for the long shelf life!!!!) came back to it and wow!!! it ages really well!! it gets a really deep earthy smell. For me it is such a calming grounding oil. My current bottle is about half way gone which means it is time to buy a new one so I can let it age a bit to deepen the smell!! So if anyone out there gets it and can’t stand it… Don’t give up!! set it aside, and come back in 3 months or 6 months, or even a year later!! you will be glad you kept it!!!

  • Ok ok ok… y’all talked me into finally getting this one! I have sleep issues and feel like I’ve tried em all!! I enjoyed the blog and especially reading the reviews that were left. Excited to try this one out.

  • I love its long shelf life too! It’s worthwhile to get the 30ml since vetiver can last for 6 to 8 years after opening.

  • I love vetiver! There is research to support it’s use in helping promote brain health and focus in those with add/adhd. I like to diffuse it with cedarwood and lavender for my family during homework or even at bedtime.

  • We love this oil! If my daughter can’t sleep she comes out asking for the special oil. One whiff of vetiver and she is conked out! Not my favorite smell, but it works so well!

  • One of my favorite oils, fabulous scent! Using it for calming down, restful sleep , body salves and perfumes.A must for everyone’s oils collection!

  • My whole family LOVES Vetiver and how calming it is! The smell goes so well with patchouli which ie my other personal favorite “chill out” EO.

  • Vetiver is a wonderful oil. I find it makes me very relaxed. I also use it in pain relieving roller ball. I love the scent !!!

  • I love the smoky smell of Vetiver!! To me it smells like a campfire! I love using this at bedtime!! My favorite mix is 1-2 drops Vetiver, 1-2 drops Ho Wood, and 2-4 drops of Spearmint. The amount of drops depends on how full I fill my diffuser. I do the lower amount for 100 mls, and the higher number if I use 200 mls of water.

  • I suffer from insomnia on and off and when I mix Vetiver With Chamomile and Clary Sage it relaxes me and helps me get the rest I need. So relaxing and soothing. Its one of my must haves!

  • Vetiver has been on my Wishlist forever so now it is going into my cart, with a discount! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • We are never without Vetiver! I have a big new blemish and I’m about to apply some and see if it helps!

    1. How do you apply it to a blemish? Do you have a roller bottle of it? How many drops to carrier oil?

      1. A roller bottle is always a great way to get targeted treatment. We recommend a 1% dilution rate for facial application and 3% for body application.

  • I live vetiver for its calming properties and often use it when I’m anxious at bedtime. I did not realize it was also good for the skin. I’m so glad I read this post!

  • Vetiver is an oily staple in my house. We diffuse it for sleep and I love that it’s kidsafe. I did not know that it is good for the skin!

  • I have been using PT Vetiver for years. I happen to love the smell and works to put me to sleep like magic. Cannot live without.

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