Evoke: The Emotion of Scent With Natural Fragrance

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Evoke: The Emotion of Scent

How do you Evoke emotion with scent?

Scent has no personal significance until it becomes connected to something else with meaning in your life. Your husband’s cologne or your mom’s perfume are some great examples. Or think of the feeling you get when you smell a roasting turkey at Thanksgiving.

When you first encounter a scent, your brain starts forming nerve connections that intertwine a new scent with emotions. The ability of the brain to process both scent and emotion are rooted in the same place in your brain: The limbic system. The olfactory center of your brain also interacts directly with your hippocampus, the area involved in the formation of new memories.

In addition to being the sense most closely linked to memory, your sense of smell is highly emotive.  The perfume industry was developed around the connection between scent and emotion, with perfume companies creating fragrances that attempt to evoke a vast array of emotions and feelings; from desire, to power, vitality, relaxation and even attraction.

In other words, there is no other sense like your sense of smell, no other sense has the ability to create these deep connections tied directly into your emotions.

Practically this might mean that using scent you can evoke emotions tied to that scent: The scent of a loved one while you’re apart, the feeling of a cozy, warm family dinner, or the burst of energy you feel after a great night’s sleep.

This is why when you smell your husband’s cologne when he’s traveling for work, you can almost feel him at that moment.

More than a photo, the scent you associate with these strong memories and emotions has the power to create the feeling, and the emotions, of your memory.

To create new memories, pick a distinctive scent that many people haven’t encountered yet, and start using it in those moments you want to attach to your memory. Diffuse Jubilation during a big family Christmas dinner, apply Excite before a big job interview to get that same energy boost you felt when you used it after your last gym session.

Meet Evoke: The emotion of scent

Plant Therapy Celebrate Evoke Natural Fragrance setA Fragrance has the power to transport you, to transform your mood, to enhance your ability to feel emotions by tapping into the part of the brain responsible for memory. Bring the emotion of fragrance into your home with Plant Therapy’s new line of natural scents: Evoke.

Evoke is the new line of natural fragrance products exclusively from Plant Therapy, characterized by complex, deep, emotive scents. These new products are derived from the natural aromatic components of essential oils (or isolates).

Another thing that makes isolates and the Evoke line even more amazing is that while they were created mostly for aroma and to evoke emotion, they still carry over many of the properties of the essential oils and isolates in them. This means that you may find a blend that works well for you in other areas of your life.

Get to know Evoke:

Plant Therapy Celebrate Evoke Natural Fragrance setCelebrate natural fragrance set

Different scents evoke different feelings – the excitement you feel before a big date, the joy you feel when you realize a goal, the admiration, and love you feel for your family. All of these emotions have been captured in our Celebrate Set.

  • Excite Blend: Your enthusiasm will bubble over when you smell our Excite Blend. Excite is woody and fresh, with notes of tangy tangerine, peppered rose, green foliage, and warm cedar woods. The hints of black pepper and tea tree make this blend an exciting addition to any collection.
  • Jubilation Blend: Find joy every day with our Jubilation Blend. With notes of lush berries and crushed peppercorn, Grandiflora rose and luminous musks, this blend is complex and beautiful. Combined with fresh and floral scents, this blend is a lovely addition to any home fragrance collection.
  • Revere Blend: A blend that recalls love and admiration, this floral yet spicy blend will entice you with notes of apple blossoms and citrus, along with rose absolute, dewy greens, and soft musks. Spice up your collection with this seductive blend.

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Evoke Thrive Plant Therapy natural scents setThrive natural fragrance set

Your senses will flourish when you experience the blends in our Thrive Set.  Influenced by vintage spirits, this collection is spicy, woody, and fresh, with undertones of warm sweetness that will inspire you to thrive.

  • Spirit: This blend is lively and warm, spirit-filled and woody, with notes of caramelized sugar, bourbon whiskey, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla balsam. The hints of lemon bitters, cinnamon leaf, and cedarwood make this a warm and complex blend.
  • Verve: Verve is woody and sweet, and sparkles with notes of lemon fizz and cardamom, along with sweet tobacco notes, warm sultry woods, and a hint of amber and vanilla. This blend embodies vitality, and a sexy, sweet feeling.
  • Zest: Fresh and spicy scents make this blend a delightful addition to any natural fragrance collection. With notes of peppercorn, juniper berry, and aquatic florals mixed with lime zest, lemon peel, and ambery musk tones, this blend feels exciting and vivacious.

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Formulated with natural isolates, each blend contains the 100% natural aromatic components of essential oils. These unique blends include many all natural fragrances designed specially to create beautiful scents for diffusion, applying topically, or enjoying in your aromatherapy necklace or personal inhaler.

Each Evoke blend comes in an undiluted 10 mL bottle and is packaged together in an attractive and convenient display box. Topical dilution varies per blend, for a full list of ingredients and cautions please visit https://www.planttherapy.com/evoke.

Get started pairing emotions with scent today

Plant Therapy Evoke natural scentAt Plant Therapy, we have so many amazingly simple and chic projects to let you immediately begin pairing these complex scents with the emotions of your life.


76 thoughts on “Evoke: The Emotion of Scent”

  • I just had to run down to the Meridian store to smell all of these! They are all lovely but Zest is my favorite!

  • These will be on my Christmas list next year for sure! I use oils as my “scents” right now but once those are gone, I may be replacing with something more complex like these! I wasn’t excited at first, but after reading this and the isolates blog I’m pretty pumped!

  • Thank you for this line Can’t wait to try one or more of these items. I’ve been trying to make my own scents… But it failed miserably… I’ll leave it to the professionals… You guys ❤️

    1. We are so excited you’re going to try out our Evoke scents, but don’t give up on your own blending! It takes a while to get blending down, and even us who blend pretty regularly are always continuously learning how to do it better 🙂 We have a fragrance wheel that can help with your blending choices: https://www.planttherapy.com/pdfs/fragrance_wheel.pdf and here is a blog (we have several!) about blending if you want to learn more: https://blog.planttherapy.com/blog/2017/03/30/beginning-blending-1-2-3/

  • I can’t wait to try these! I am always looking for something “different” to mix with my carrier oils. Thank you for always keeping things exciting. <3

  • Oh how I wish I could sample sniff these. I need to be 100 % sure I’m going to love something where I live in Canada . I’m going to troll looking for everyone’s comments and try to decide that way.

  • These sets are so interesting! I always smell certain smells that bring back fond memories. I never thought about getting those memories bottled! I am so excited to try out each of these sets. Let the fond memories come on!

  • Reading “this collection is spicy, woody, and fresh, with undertones of warm sweetness” was an instant sell for me! I never really wear scents because I have found it so hard to find one that I like. ^^^^Those words have always been my goals. Very excited to try these, ordering now!!!

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the input and impressions! I like the idea of these new blends but have been hesitant to order without more information on the scents. The Thrive set did sound very masculine to me just reading the description, so I appreciate your thoughts. Very helpful. I had been leaning towards Celebration and it sounds like I was right.

  • I ordered both sets and they arrived yesterday. I wanted to LOVE these. The Thrive set is very masculine to me, spicy manly scents. I don’t hate them, just don’t love them as much as I hoped. Celebrate was better, definately more floral. Excite is my favorite. Strong though, wouldn’t need a lot. And Jubilation doesn’t have much scent to me at all. Very very faint. I will have to play around with these. Alone, like I said, I don’t LOVE them, but I can envision a few blends to add them too that could be divine! Thanks for trying something new PT!! 🙂

  • I really want to get it but maybe after my kids are bigger. I am breastfeeding and have a 1 year old baby and a toddler.

  • I’m so excited about this new line you’ve created. The new scents is just what I need to add to my collection. I super excited to see what else you plan on adding to this line of essential oils.thank you very much for all you do to help us in out daily life’s.

  • Dang, when these were first released yesterday I thought… those sound nice, but I have already have a lot of blends I should use first. After reading this and the isolated blog I am second guessing. Perhaps I just need to find more ways to use them everyday! I mean who doesn’t need more excitement and celebration!

  • I know these aren’t kidsafe, but does that apply to diffusion as well? Excited to try some of these! Thank you PT!

  • I like to make cold process soap but my challenge is that it often requires a substantial amount of essential oil to hold fragrance and I like to be mindful about how I use essential oils. How does this new line of fragrance hold up in homemade products such as cold process soap?

  • Has anyone tried these yet? PLEASE enter some comments for each scent! I’m really interested in the Thrive set but sometimes the “musk” description can scare me off a little. Very excited about this new line. I love so many of the synergy blends already.

  • I would edit the blog post to inform potential purchasers that these sets are NOT KidSafe or Pregnancy Safe, according to PT aromatherapists.
    I just want my fellow PR lovers to use these safely.

  • These blends sound so sophisticated, I can’t wait to try them. Especially the Celebrate set with the use of rose, which I love!

  • I am so excited to try these. I react strongly, emotionally to scents, so I am anxious to see how these become useful in my life!

  • I am so excited! I ordered the Thrive set today using my newly recieved $40 perq reward!! Verve is what sold me on trying it now rather than waiting to see others feedback. I have no doubt I will love them!! Thank you for putting out such amazing products!!

    1. What a great way to use your reward! You’ll have to let everyone know about the Thrive set; I know a lot of customers are wanting some genuine customer reactions to these aromas 🙂

  • Holy moly…..game changer. These oils and did I see with vodka can make a perfume? After 51 years on this earth, my life changed tonight! Thank you Plant Therapy ♥️

  • I’m excited! Ordered both sets today. I’m very interested to know more about the isolates, like the linalyl acetate or Tonka bean (?) and the other “new to me” essential oils like cabreuva (?) and I would love to know what if we will see others like these in the future?

    1. Tammie, we are so excited you’re going to give our Evoke line a try! We really hope you let us know how you like them 🙂 Many customers do seem very interested in learning more about isolates, so hopefully, that’s something we’ll be able to dedicate more time to soon! In the meantime, try reaching out to our aromatherapists at [email protected] and I’m sure they’ll be able to help with those questions

  • I love that you are going in this direction. I enjoy the scents most of all If it hits my nose wrong, I’m probably not going to use it no matter how good it is for me. Diffusing just for the beautiful smell is so wonderful. Because when you smell these fabulous scents you are going to be happy and that’s what we’re all trying to achieve more of in our lives. I’m always looking for blends that just smell delicious so this just made my day. Can’t wait to get both sets and se3 which ones I like best! Thank you! ☺️

  • I raced over to Meridian and picked up both sets today. The fragrances are all gorgeous! I’ve been diffusing Verve this afternoon and love the warm, happy essence. This is such a cool idea, and I’m glad you chose to offer them as versatile master blends instead of perfumes. These are going to be at the top of my “playlist” for a long time.

  • Although there are certain oils I am using more and more for therapeutic reasons, I initially started my essential oil collection with the view of creating my own scent and perfume blends, without the chemicals in commercial fragrances. I have created some which are very pleasing and bring me many compliments, but lately I’ve hit kind of a wall, kind of a mental block, using the same blends because I know for sure they smell good together. I tend to stay simple, with 3 or 4 oils together (base, middle and top notes), afraid of getting too complex. I’m very fascinated by the complex mix of oils in these PT creations…. I really want to try them, but am unsure of which ones I will like best, or will work best with my body chemistry, since they contain such interesting and varied oils. I want to order them all immediately but I feel waiting for reviews might be the wiser course as I don’t want to end of spending money on something I don’t feel smells good on me. Many sound rather masculine too… which is ok, since my husband wears the cologne blends I make him with essential oils, but once again, it would be helpful to know a little more in detail about the scent composition of each.

  • These sound really appealing! I am all about the aromas- therapeutic benefits are secondary in my importance, lol! I will probably buy all of them as my budget allows, although I do like the suggestion about the sampler packs. Not sure how that would work, though. Packaging cost would probably be prohibitive.
    I have a question- a couple of the descriptions mention “musky” aromas, and I am curious as to what could impart a musk aroma? I know that it is originally an animal derived product, although it is synthetic now.
    Thank you for the exciting new products!!

  • These sound amazing and I am looking forward to adding them to my collection! Will these be around for a while or are they a limited edition set like the holiday blends?

  • I’m excited to learn more about this line and perhaps purchase, especially after learning more about safe use of these products. I know they aren’t intended for kids, but could you tell us if or how these products can be used safely around children (like wearing as perfume or on jewelry and then snuggling with the kids-is that okay)? I’m thinking along the lines of the Chakra set and how it is not targeted for kid use so it doesn’t have the “KidSafe” label, but some in the Chakra line are okay around kids (topical and/or inhalation) and others aren’t. Thanks!

    1. Anna, we suggest using these products the same way you would use any other non KidSafe oil or blend, of course keeping in mind individual dilution recommendations. For more specific information, I’m sure our aromatherapists can help you out! Reach out to them at [email protected]

  • I have two already on my wish list. The others I need to first see some feedback. Or maybe you could come up with sampler packs of the scents? That way we could make better informed choices as to what would work for us. But I’m excited that PT is going in this direction. I already like many of your proprietary synergies!

  • I am excited to try the new scents! Especially the warm, woodsy blends. Thank you PT for all you do for us!!

    1. Carol, these are made from completely natural ingredients. If you’re interested in reading the ingredient for each new scent, visit those individual product pages 🙂

  • So are these just fragrance oils, with no therapeutic value? I’m confused about the difference between these and the other blends

    1. Kelly, very soon we will be rolling out more information on what sets our Evoke line apart for our essential oil blends to help everyone understand the difference! But to answer your question in nutshell, Evoke is all about the way a scent can make you feel, rather than focusing on the therapeutic value. These fragrances are made with natural isolates, which are the individual chemical components of essential oils, and were designed specifically for aroma 🙂

  • Excited to try the Thrive set, especially Spirit. Can I add this blend to my usual fragrance set up – vodka and oil in a rollerball?

  • These sound so amazing! Thank you for everything you habe done Plant Therapy!
    I Cant wait to see what els 2019 brings so far so many great items & to think they will be MORE!!??

  • I am so excited for the celebrate set! I love some of my oils such as Blues Buster and Lemon Cupcake make such an impact on my mood. These Im sure are going to be amazing!

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