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Healthy Habits Inhaler Blend DIY

Hands up… who here made a resolution to eat healthier in the new year? Maybe you’ve fully committed to a new and restrictive diet or just decided to make a few changes to your eating habits. Either way, it can be difficult to stick with your new goals. This can be made worse with the occasional digestive upset due to dietary changes. Tummy troubles are enough to make anyone go back to their comfort food. The Healthy Habits Inhaler Blend can help.

Luckily essential oils can be a useful tool in helping you stick to your plan. This Healthy Habits Inhaler Blend can help soothe digestive upsets. Peppermint, in addition to being a soothing aroma, can also help with a queasy stomach when sniffed. Plus Cinnamon Leaf contains a significant amount of the chemical compound Eugenol, which has been shown to alter our neurosensory perceptions of the taste and smell of food. This means it can ultimately help curb hunger cravings. Add this blend to your personal aromatherapy inhaler and give it sniff after meals. Not only will help soothe digestive system but after time, you will begin to associate the smell with a full stomach which can help with cravings in the future.

Healthy Habits Inhaler Blend DIY

Healthy Habits Inhaler Blend DIY

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Add essential oils to your aromatherapy inhaler and use as needed to support your dieting goals.


54 thoughts on “Healthy Habits Inhaler Blend DIY”

  • This is an interesting combination of a couple of scents that I like but would never have thought to put together. I think I need to put together another personal inhaler – I have lots of them but am currently only using a couple. Thanks for this, it looks like I missed this post this past winter but a lot of people seem to be enjoying this combination.

  • I don’t have an inhaler yet, but I am going to add a drop of each to my diffusing necklace and wear it at work! I’m also going to diffuse this in the house at night to see if it helps with those little night munchie monsters! 🙂 Thanks for the great ideas.

  • I’ve been thinking about ordering some inhalers for awhile and recently my sister expressed interest in using essential oils to help her lose weight. I think I’ll buy some and make her one of these!

  • Just a few days ago I received my order of inhalers from Plant Therapy. This was new territory for me as I had never tried using them before. In just a few short days these inhalers have quickly become my favorite way to benefit from essential oils. Thanks for the recipe in this blog post. I’ll be making it shortly.

  • Two of my favorite oils. Nice combination to switch between Munchy Stop. I keep Munchy Stop in my purse, and now will have this inhaler to use at home!

  • I just made an inhaler from the cinnamon and peppermint. I like the smell of it as well. My question is, can you use the inhaler and diffuse at the same time?

    1. Cheryl, you really need to do only one or the other. It may be a bit wasteful to have your diffuser going while you’re sniffing out of the inhaler at the same time. You can choose to use the diffuser at home and keep the inhaler on you for when you’re out and about 🙂

  • I guess I will need to get grapefruit and cinnamon leaf since I can’t decide. I already have peppermint.

  • I am so very pleased with all of you! Got your copaiba oil, and my husband really loves it! This is surprising to me. Actually does relieve his pain. I know sounds funny to say that, but really didn’t think it would. I am so excited about your products, feel I have found a gold mine!! Thankful and relieved to have products that are so reasonable, free shipping, customs paid!! Thank you so much, this is going to be fun!!

  • Thanks for the post to keep my weight loss resolution on track. I have munchy stop, which I inhale after meals to help develop the same full association, but found the information on Eugenol interesting and may switch to this instead.

    1. Yes! They have very similar therapeutic properties and that would be a great substitution. Just keep in mind that cassia has a different aroma than cinnamon leaf…not a BIG difference, but pretty noticeable if you are familiar with the way Cinnamon Leaf smells 🙂

    1. This recipe can be used in a diffuser 🙂 I suggest diffusing it after eating and enjoying it for about a half hour. The aroma will not be as intense in the diffuser, but you are more than welcome to give it a try and see how it works for you!

    1. Melanie, this depends on how often you use the inhaler. The more often you uncap your inhaler to use it, the more exposure to oxygen the oils receive, which lessens the aroma after a while. Typically, regular brief use of an inhaler will last a couple of months, but you can always easily refresh it by adding more drops if you notice the scent beginning to fade or if it is not as intense as you would like 🙂

  • I just ordered my first set of inhalers and this sounds perfect to try. Thank you for all the education/info you provide!

  • I just started reading some the blog posts and I did not know what I was missing! I’m relatively knew to the EO world and the posts have been very helpful. Thanks PT!

  • I have both of those oils so I will make a personal inhaler today and give this a try. Most days I do pretty good , but there are those days that I just seem to want to graze off and on all day, especially in the afternoon!

  • I’m learning a lot from these blog posts – and from all the comments! I’m not new to the basic EO’s (tea tree, eucalyptus, etc) but as I branch out into the aromatherapy realm, the uses I’ve been missing out on are amazing. My husband and I are doing the Whole30 right now, and this might help me get through my “snackish for no reason” time in the afternoon.

  • I really like the smell of peppermint and cinnamon together
    Spicy, minty, sweet. This blend is great. Thanks for the info!

  • WOW this sounds like an amazing blend. I am going to mix up some in my inhaler right now and try it tomorrow morning! I am trying to follow the eating program that is fasting for 12-16 hours and just eating in the other 12-8 hour window. Sometimes I don’t even think I am really hungry but just looking for something to munch. I hope this inhaler helps!

  • I am thinkning of making inhalers, does anyone know how to use them? Ie, does it go in your nose or just up to it?

  • Which hunger-curbing blend would you recommend is more effective: Peppermint + Grapefruit, or Peppermint + Cinnamon (as described here)? I’ve had quite a number of requests from friends to make a simple blend for them. Alternatively, maybe I can just try Munchy Stop?

    1. Getting the right EO blend for a specific reason is kind of like finding jeans that fit just right — you may have to try on a few pairs to see what works best for you and your friends. Everyone reacts differently and what may work great for one person may not have the exact same effect for another. So, my suggestion is to pick one of those three options and have your friends try it out for a week or two, then adjust as needed based on their personal preferences 🙂

  • This blend came in handy on a car trip. I get the munchies while we are on road trips and my son gets car sick. This helped both of us for different reasons!

  • I have been trying to be more active lately. I may try this to see how it works at possibly help curb hunger 🙂

    1. Try mixing Garlic with Valerian because that will take your appetite away instantly and for hours. I’m just kidding. Don’t do this for real.

  • I am surprised by how much I use my Cinnamon Cassia oil. When I first purchased it in a set I did not realize how much I would use it. Now I am interested in expanding any Cinnamon collection. Thanks for always proving useful information!w

  • Wow! Who would have known two inexpensive essential oils could curb hunger cravings?!
    These magical drops are definitely going in my inhaler and into my purse today.
    Thank you!

  • Sometimes a blend doesn’t have to be complex to be effective! I never thought of combining cinnamon and peppermint, but I really like this blend. Thanks, Plant Therapy!

    1. I started using this blend to reduce cravings. For health reasons, I am doing intermittent fasting and these oils get me through the 16 hours of fasting.

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