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Plant Therapy the Fantastic Franks essential oil

Oil of the Month Reveal: Fantastic Franks

If you love Frankincense Essential Oil, then this month’s selection likely left you feeling pretty darn happy! And you know what? Even if Frankincense isn’t your favorite, or maybe you’ve never even given it a try before, then we hope this month gave us the opportunity to showcase just how versatile and valuable it can be in your life.

So Who’s Frank?

Fantastic Franks is a blend of four species of Frankincense: Frankincense Carteri, Frankincense Frereana, Frankincense Papyrifera, and Frankincense Sacra. Each species offers its own aromatic qualities and therapeutic properties, beautifully blended together for you to enjoy. The profound psychological and physical benefits of Frankincense has long been recognized by religious, spiritual, and cultural traditions throughout the world [1].

So let’s take a deep breath (hopefully from your Fantastic Franks bottle!) and dive into all the best parts of this wonderful new blend.


All people, regardless of how they feel about essential oils, can pay homage to the indisputably rich historical relevance of Frankincense. In the religious and domestic lives of the Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans, it can be argued that Frankincense is possibly the most important aromatic incense ingredient since time immemorial [1]. It would be burned during religious ceremonies, employed as a fumigant, cosmetic, personal fragrance, and insect repellent. Frankincense was additionally a critical component for burial rituals and for embalming material, as both an offering to the departed and to mask the odor of decay [2].

Today, we have both textual and archaeological evidence that suggest Frankincense was also used as a medicinal substance in antiquity [3].

Frankincense is collected from multiple Boswellia species, which means there are several varieties available.

The shrubby Boswellia trees are native to the Middle East and North Africa, and can now also be found in Southern Arabia and parts of China [1]. When Boswellia trees are carefully cut, a gummy, resinous sap slowly pours out then hardens into an orange-brown gum, which is steam distilled for its essential oil. The essential oil retains all the woody, pungent, sweet notes of the resin from which it is extracted [3], though each species has its own unique character.

Simply put, just like brothers and sisters may come from the same lineage and have some very similar traits, they are still unquestionably different from one another.

Carteri, Frereana, and Sacra are all alpha-pinene chemotypes. Frereana typically yields the lowest levels of alpha-pinene and comes from Somalia and Somaliland. As for Carteri and Sacra, there is some debate surrounding the confusion with whether or not Carteri and Sacra are different names for the same oil. Sacra contains the overall highest levels of alpha-pinene and comes from Oman, while Carteri is not quite as high in alpha-pinene and comes from Somalia and Somaliland. And what about Frankincense Papyrifera? It’s an octyl acetate chemotype and comes from Ethiopia.

A bottle of frankincense essential oil with frankincense resin on a wooden table

If that didn’t make a ton of sense — don’t worry. Just know that all of their similarities and differences come together in Fantastic Franks for you to enjoy.


If you love essential oils that can multitask, Fantastic Franks is a perfect addition to your home. Ancient practices aside, there are many ways to use this blend. First, it is one of the most important essential oils for skin care and provides remarkable rejuvenating and healing properties [3]. Great for anything from blemishes to minor skin wounds to aging concerns, just dilute it in a carrier oil and apply it to your face (1-2% dilution) or other areas of your body (3-5% dilution). As a gentle “balancer” for oily skin, Frankincense is thought to help regenerate aging skin, keep wrinkles at bay, and may even smooth out the appearance of some existing ones [4].

For other topical uses, use Fantastic Franks to help soothe sore joints and muscles. Because of Frankincense’s ability to calm the nerves, it can be useful when dealing with pain and discomfort [6]. It also supports immune health, making it great for topical application throughout the whole year!

Curious about Fantastic Franks for aromatic use?

The Fantastic Franks Essential Oil Plant TherapyIt’s important to remember that Frankincense has always been prized as an incense material. If hundreds of thousands of years of recorded Frankincense use isn’t reason enough to make you want to rush right over to your diffuser and drop some in, then let’s go over a few reasons why you just may want to indulge.

Today, we appreciate all species of Frankincense for their relaxing properties. One of its most important actions revolves around its influence on the nervous system, where its ability to both relax and revitalize make it excellent for supporting nervous tension and exhaustion. This makes it practical to use every day if you wish! You can call upon it for feelings of agitation, worry, and a busy brain that is overwhelmed by a disconcerting clamor of thoughts [1].

Diffusing Fantastic Franks before or during meditation practices, or just whenever you want some personal time for reflection, can help bring about a feeling of overall well-being and peace. Frankincense may help allow you to look inward enough to cherish the past but still live, rooted and confident, in the present [4]. It is thought to clear your awareness in order to deepen your spiritual understanding [3].

Additionally, Frankincense is valuable for respiratory issues and is thought to help loosen mucus from the lungs [4]. It can also help to deepen the breath and relieve feelings of tightness in the chest [1,4].


Just like any single bottle of Frankincense, Fantastic Franks is a joy to blend with other essential oils. With the warm, spicy, fresh, and clean aroma, it pairs well with essential oils that smell fruity, floral, woody, earthy, spicy, and green. This leaves lots of room for experimenting and playing around with different blends to find something you truly love!

Try Fantastic Franks for a relaxing and rejuvenating bath time! Just mix 13 drops to a tablespoon of unscented body wash and add it to the running bath water. Bath blends are a great opportunity to try your hand at mixing, just try to keep the total amount of drops to 13 in order to keep a safe 3% dilution.

Here are a few recipe ideas to get your blending started!

Frankly Sane Bath Blend

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Blend all ingredients together and pour into warm, running bath water.

Immune Boosting Diffuser Blend

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Add to your diffuser to enjoy this blend’s immune-boosting properties!

Frank’s Fresh and Fabulous Face Serum

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

To use, mix ingredients together and apply to a clean face. Use only as much as needed to feel moisturized and store the rest in a small airtight container.

Some things you need to know about Fantastic Franks…

Is it KidSafe? No

Cautions: Do not use undiluted on the skin. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.

Shelf Life: 2-3 years


1. Mojay, G. (2005). Aromatherapy for healing the spirit: A guide to restoring emotional and mental balance through essential oils. London: Gaia. Pgs. 74-75.

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154 thoughts on “Oil of the Month Reveal: Fantastic Franks”

  • I missed out on getting this during the month it came out, but I think it’s time to go ahead and order!

  • I LOVE this blend. I was fortunate to contact Customer Service in May and it was still available for purchase. If you missed it, contact CS and you just might get lucky. The ‘aroma’ takes a little getting used to but its all the Franks in one so that is an awesome thing. I wouldn’t says it’s a ‘bad’ smell, just different than Bosewelia Carterii by itself. I would LOVE to see Fantastic Franks in the regular offerings, please, because my little bottle will eventually run out and I will need more 🙂

  • I was able to grab this one and it is a great one to have! All the Franks in one. I have added it to my face serum and it is working great. Hoping this becomes a regular oil. So many people are begging for this one.

  • Please, please make this a permanent oil!! I can’t get enough of FF!! I’m trying to ration this oil because I don’t want to run out! However if you brought it back permanently I wouldn’t have to ration….wink, wink!

  • This is seriously my absolute favorite blend, EVER! I need Plant Therapy to bring it on permanently. Please!!!

  • I was so happy to ask about this one and was able to nab one. Fantastic Franks is my absolute favorite for facial lotions now. You will be happy if you can get one of these, trust me. Hoping it will be out again soon.

  • I’m not sure if I’ve posted for this FANTASTIC oil so if I did here’s another one!! I absolutely love Fantastic Franks!!! This is my first time with OOTM and it didn’t disappoint. Every time I look for an EO my eyes & nose immediately goes to Fantastic Franks….please, please make this a regular oil!! The smell is divine and the peace I feel when diffused is unimaginable!! I’m fairly new to PT and absolutely have quite the collection going on already (getting rid of oils from another company). I diffuse FF with a little Bergamot wowzers it’s FANTASTIC!

  • I kick myself that I didn’t get more than 1 of these bottles. This has been one of the best ootm. I really hope it becomes a regular.

  • After reading all the great comments on this blend, I wish I didn’t give this a miss. After all, Frankincense is one of my favorite singles.. please bring it back as part of your regular line-up!

  • I am really liking this blend of Franks. I started putting it into my face serum and am really enjoying it. I also used it in a hair serum for a friend and am waiting on her thoughts.

  • I finally allowed myself to use this oil and I love it! I am using this sparingly because it is brilliant. I made a face serum last night and it felt amazing!

  • I love frankincense! All I have is carterii right now but I absolutely love it. I am dying to try Fantastic Franks! Please put it into regular rotation!

  • I love, love, love this blend of Frankincense and I hope that PT decides to carry this as a permanent part of the PT line. Right now I am rationing it. I added a few drops of Myrrh and this in a carrier roll on at 2% dilution for my face blemishes. Just love it. It’s so uplifting. This was my first Oil of the Month club selection.

  • Im still a newbie for the OOTM. Fantastic Franks was my first oil I received. I would always add Frankincense to everything so when I got this in the mail I was on cloud 9!!! So glad I signed up when I did!!!!!! I just hope they bring it back as a regular item so I can get more. Thanks Plant Therapy for bringing us this fantastic blend!

  • Please tell me this will be added to the product line! I was so excited when I received this. I have been searching for a quality Frank blend that includes Frank Sacra, so couldn’t believe when this showed up in my mailbox. I need more!!

  • So glad I joined OOTM when I did. Though I tend toward KidSafe, I’m adding this to my facial oil for specific benefits, so far so good. Since the Franks tend to be $$ I don’t use them to diffuse. #fantasticfranksforever

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  • I love fantastic franks. I used it with Tension Tamer.. and turn it into a perfume bar and as my go to for my back ache during my menses. Smells great and good for my back. I hope PT will have this in their list of permanent products soon.

  • I’ve never really been able to tell too much of a difference between all the Frankincense variations, but I love that all of them are blended together here! I wish they were all organic though.

    1. Maribell, sometimes our Oil of the Month selections are so popular that we do our best to bring them back! At this point, I have no information if this blend will come back, but you may want to reach out to our awesome Customer Service Team at [email protected] and they might know more 🙂

  • So thrilled that you have created this blend of all the franks! I’ve seen other brands offering the blend and always wanted to try them. Love your variety of having them available in singles and now the blends 🙂 Will definitely try this.

    Do you use any organic frankincense oils in this blend?

  • Fantastic Franks was my first oil when joining the oil of the month club. I was so excited when I opened my green package as Frankincense is one of my all time favorites. And to have all the franks together in one oil of amazing. I’ve been adding it to my facial serum along with lavender and love the smell and results I’m getting. Thanks Plant Therapy for another awesome oil!

  • So cool to see all species of Frankincense together in one blend! I’ve been using Frankincense in my face oil every morning and evening and feel like my enlarged pores are minimizing, and some acne scarring is clearing up. Excited to try this one in the future and get the benefits from all the varieties.

  • I didn’t think I liked frankincense to be truthful… until this blend! I love it in the diffuser all by itself. I haven’t even tried blending it. I hope you add it as an oil that can be purchased anytime, since it seems to be such a huge hit and has apparently sold out I can’t even get a spare bottle!

  • I love this blend! I diffuse the recipe from this blog with Fantastic Franks while doing yoga. I ordered an extra, but now I’m wondering if I should have ordered more!

  • I love Frankincense but this is by far my favorite. I was so excited when I opened it and saw it. Then I smelled it. Amazing. I hope they carry it all the time. LOVE IT!

  • I was so unbelievably happy to receive Fabulous Franks last month- I couldn’t wait to use it. I made a healing skin salve with FF and some other oils combine with hempseed oil. Works wonders on damaged skin!

  • I’ve been thinking about joining OOTM, and after seeing this I think I am going to sign up! Don’t want to miss out on any more great oils

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  • I love frankincense, use it every day, and this is my favorite by far. Bought two extra bottles as back-ups and would LOVE to see it become a regular offering.

  • So glad I got in on ootm. Finally. Fantastic Frank is, well fantastic in ever way. I Luther smell, it makes me feel good, I can’t wait to try it for my face. I’m a fan for sure.

  • I recently got this oil this week as part of the oil of the month club, which I finally joined last week, YAY! I am so excited to start working with this oil for homemade products for the face and body!! The aroma itself is amazing. Thanks PT for being awesome.

  • One of these days I’ll be able to join the Oil of the Month club! I would love to try this one. Would it be okay to use this for any recipe calling for any variety of frankincense? I hope this is available for purchase sometime in the future!

    1. Angie, Frankincense Frereana would be the best species to replace the Fantastic Franks for this particular recipe, both the other Frankincense species also have some great skin-loving properties 🙂

  • This is THE BEST Oil of the month I have received so far! I only picked up one bottle so I’m really hoping that this becomes a permanent offering in the future. I need MORE!!

  • I am so excited!! I just joined this evening. I can not say enough great things about PT. I am so happy to have found you guys!!

  • Am LOVING this blend! Is it safe to diffuse with children around? I have been using it only in my bedroom, but would like to use it elsewhere.

  • Of all of my oils I use Frank C the most, it is my favorite! So I was so very excited to receive Fantastic Franks as my first Oil Of the Month Subscription oil! I am so happy I subscribed when I did, and didn’t miss it! 🙂 Thanks, PT!

  • I made the face serum from this blog and I have to say it is awesome!! Can’t wait to try the Fantastic Franks in other recipes!

  • I finally caved and ordered this Oil on the very last day of the month! After reading the reviews on the facebook OOTM group, I am excited to get this oil and see for myself what all the hype is about!

  • Franks Fresh and Fabulous Face oil, love it! Made it after the live video, use it every day after my Younger Glo face cleanse! I’m 62 and need all the help I can get. It isn’t oily, goes right in and smells amazing! I do have to say I added a couple drops of Ylang Ylang Complete!

    1. We are so glad you love the recipes! And that added touch of Ylang Ylang sounds wonderful — thank you so much for sharing!

  • Such a great blend! I made a roll-on with avocado oil and I just love it! I had to buy a 2nd bottle just in case it’s not for sale for a while.

  • I received this as January 2019’s OOTM and I absolutely love it! I love the regular Frankincense I have, but this tops the cake. The scent is beautiful and the benefits are amazing. I’ve been using it in a face serum as well as diffusing with other immune boosting oils with all of this flu and upper respiratory issues going around.

  • Love this blend! I’d love to make the bath blend, but when I used carrier oils for my bath, it left the whole tub greasy. Is there any way to make a bath blend without leaving residue?

    1. Rachel, instead of using carrier oils as an emulsifier, try using some body wash. Personally, I like Dove’s original body wash because it doesn’t have much of a scent and is not nearly as slippery in the tub 🙂

  • This is by far the most favorite of all the OOTMs that I have received. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider making this one permanent. Absolutely LOVE it!!!

  • Received this as an OOTM, and purchased a second bottle. I love not only the smell but all the benefits are amazing.
    I really hope this becomes a permanent blend.

  • This is awesome! I’ve been interested in Frankencinse for so long and it looks like I’m finally gonna be picking up some with this blend!

  • Technically Carterii and Sacra are not separate species, but different origin countries and chemically different. This blend smells amazing.

  • I love the new Fantastic Franks synergy! I can’t wait to try the bath blend but I am going to try a twist on it for the shower. Instead of adding to bath water, I am going to put it in a foaming pump bottle and top off with distilled water to make a Frankly Sane foaming bath wash.

  • I signed up yesterday for OOTM just for this! I’m very excited to try it. To get all the benefits of the different frankincenses in one bottle is really exciting.

  • This is, by far, my most favorite blend! I couldn’t wait to start using it as soon as I got it. I’ve been using it in my facial moisturizer at night and the results are amazing! As I’m getting older I’ve started getting breakouts that just don’t go away and leave scars. I feel like my skin is having a mid-life crisis! Lol Since using this blend, those stubborn pimples are gone and the scars from others are fading. I can’t wait to try the bath blend next!

  • I love my Fantastic Franks.. I plan to order another bottle or 2 provided it’s still available. Well Done Plant Therapy.. As always..

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this blend!!! I made a blend with Fantastic Franks, Davana, Ylang Ylang and it is absolute DIVINE!! I call it Frankly Davana! Really hope this becomes a regular blend!

  • This is one of my absolute favorite essential oil blends. I ordered 2 more and hope it is kept available regularly. It smells fantastic and is good for so many things!

  • I haven’t received mine yet bit can’t wait to try it!! It will probably be frozen when it gets here to Indiana because its -40 wind chill here.⛄️ so should I keep it in the fridge?

    1. Lisa, any dark, cool place is a great way to store essential oils…Plus your Fantastic Franks may need to thaw a bit… 🙂

  • I am practically a frankincense junkie (I own 6 different frankincenses now), and Fantastic Franks is absolutely my favorite of all! It has that nostalgic medicinal aroma of frankincense carteri, and it is rounded sweetly by other frankincenses. Actually, I think I am going to order another bottle before the month is over!

  • This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE product available from PT. The smell, the benefits, the name…all of it. I have used almost the whole bottle this month in different products, so I will most definitely order another one. BRING IT ON AS A PERMANENT PLANT THERAPY!!!

    1. You can contact customer service. These are ordered through a programme called Oil of the Month. It is a mystery oil for the past many weeks for all of us here. Just 2-3 days ago, unless you received it already, the name of this oil is made known through oil of month club.

  • So excited to try this. I’m new to oils but read an interesting article just today. Someone asked for suggestions for their first order. The first 10 responses I read all said frankincense.

  • LOVE frankincense! And Fantastic Franks is–fantastic. The scent is wonderful. Thank you for the history and information on the different species. A powerful oil for sure!

  • I’m a huge fan of this blend! I’ve added some to pain blends for headaches and skin care serums. It smells amazing as well. 🙂

  • Oh, I hope this becomes a regular. I currently purchase the three Franks PT sales and mix them together. I call it Mom’s Miracle and I use it for everything!

  • I was so excited about this oil that I had to order a second one! I just adore Frankincense and I hope this blend of the four different franks does become permanent!

  • Loving my Fantastic Franks order. It seems to be the perfect addition to any blend I make. Great scent, not too over powering. So glad you blended them all together.

  • I received my Fantastic Franks earlier this month from the OOTM, and I absolutely love it! Plant Therapy knocked it out of the park on this one.

  • Mine just has shipped and I cannot wait to receive it! I love Frankincense so this synergy is a dream come true!

  • Awesome idea to blend all the Franks! I will be ordering this soon! My favorite Frank so far has been Frereana.

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