Essentials Video: Flame Fighter Roller Blend DIY + Instructions

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Flame Fighter Roller Blend Plant Therapy

Essentials Video: Flame Fighter Roller Blend DIY

Blue Tansy is a favorite essential oil for many aromatherapists because of its wide range of therapeutic benefits. In addition to being an excellent calming and clearing oil, it can even help with inflammation. The Flame Fighter Roller Blend also takes advantage of the muscle and joint soothing benefits of Marjoram Sweet. So combine these essential oils in your favorite carrier oil and apply to joint and muscles areas to help ease pain and discomfort!

Flame Fighter Roller Blend

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

  1. Add essential oils to the roll-on bottle.
  2. Fill the roll on bottle with any carrier oil.
  3. Apply to uncomfortable joint and/or muscle areas.

Note: meant for inflammation


50 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Flame Fighter Roller Blend DIY”

  • I have been using blue tansy in my daughter’s bath oil. It smell divine and makes her skin and hair so soft. I also use it in my face serums. Recently my mother in Law mentioned how much she loved the last batch of serum I made her and she also mentioned how swollen my father in laws hands have gotten. I’m going to have to send him a roller with this recipe. Thank you Pt

  • This worked liked a charm on my hands. I did add 4 drops of sweet orange to mask the smell. It wasn’t pleasant and I wanted to be able to use it a work without drawing attention. Of course, that made it a 5% dilution but I’m only using it in a small area.

  • I have had a lot of inflammation and pain in my neck for almost a year. Using this, combined with massage therapy, has helped tremendously! I am almost pain free now.

  • I will have to get Blue Tansy! I am a massage therapist and work with lots of fibro clients as well as for myself – I think this will be a hit.Would this work in a larger sense – like as a massage oil or should it only be a “spot” treatment oil?

  • I need to add blue tansy to my collection asap o keep hearing about All the wonderful things a out it, I think it’s about time I try it myself.

  • Blue Tansy is not in my collection yet but it will be soon! I’m hoping the flame fighter will help with my injuries and multiple chronic illnesses. Thank you PT for all of the wonderful DIY recipes!

  • is this enough oil for a 10ml bottle? I’m still kind of a newbie but this just don’t seem right to me. has anyone had any success with this
    been because I really could use a good blend for imflammation.

    1. Audrey, this recipe makes a 2% dilution. For something slightly higher, adding an additional drop of each EO (9 total drops) will make a 3% dilution, which is also okay to use 🙂

  • I have all of these ingredients and plan on making this tomorrow. My hands and shoulder always hurt. Hopefully this will give me some relief! Thank you PT for all the wonderful ideas!

  • A dear oily friend made this for me after dropping a bucket of water on my foot and breaking my toe. ( I did not have Blue Tansy) Wow , does it work well !!! Thank you for sharing all of these magical recipes !!!!

  • this would be so good for me as i have chronic pain over my shoulders and arms. Can’t wait to give this a go. Thanks plant therapy!

    1. I have the exact same issue and I bought the Blue Tansy for that reason! It has arrived now and I will make this tomorrow. I hope that it works for you and for me! I also bought the Marvelous Massage carrier oil blend, and I think that I will try that for this purpose.

  • Interested in making my own Rollerball blends. I want to make a peppermint blend for headaches etc. 🙂 curious about blue tansy

  • So excited to try this blend. We are not able to diffuse blue tansy in our home because it triggers afew of our migraines. This may be a way to use up the blue tansy I have left. Yay!

  • I already use blue tansy for this but marjoram sweet is a new ingredient for me. Can’t wait to try this recipe.

  • Thank you so much for this recipe. I haven’t blended my Blue Tansy yet with anything and this looks interesting as I am always looking for roll ons for inflammation and pain.

  • Blue Tansy is my all time favorite! I had no idea it could be used in an anti-inflammatory blend. I’m definitely going to try this!

  • I get these painful nodules around my knuckles. They just pop up out of nowhere. They go away within a day, but it feels like broken glass. Severely limits bending my fingers. I made a quick batch of this blend. I am hoping for good results!

  • Always looking for recipes to relieve pain and inflammation and this is a new one for me. Can’t wait to try it once my Blue Tansy gets here!

  • Making this blend today. Thank you for sharing, it is just what I’ve been looking for to try out my Blue Tansy. Thanks!

  • This sounds amazing. I have been struggling with pain in my hands and cannot wait to try this blend. Thank you for the recipe!

  • Thank you for this fantasic video. I love that you give tips and ideas and diy! You guys rock! I like you the more I learn about you!

  • I’d been on the fence about taking advantage of the spotlight on Blue Tansy. This just sealed it. I look forward to trying this for Fibromyalgia and general aches and pains from my martial arts classes. Thanks for the recipe!

  • My mother and I both deal with a lot of inflammation. Will give this a try because I love the idea of more natural remedy

  • My husband recently had a flare of up an old knee injury. Today, I ordered the oils to make this blend. Thankfully, he loves oils too and doesn’t mind me “experimenting” on him. He calls them my “magic potions.” Lol! I can’ wait to make this for him! The oils sound like perfect way to help alleviate his pain and swelling.

  • Thanks for this great recipe! I am just wondering, can I add 1 to 2 drops of Fantastic Frank to the recipe given its benefits for sore joints and muscles?

  • I have been looking for something for inflammation to try. I just need to order a few more oils for this blend. Can’t wait to try it

  • Looking forward to making the Flame Fighter for my husband’s inflammation problems. So glad to see Blue Tansy on Spotlight…thanks PT!

  • I love love blue tansy. I use it in a lot of blends for my fibromyalgia. Thank you PT for making it the oil of the week and once again giving us custermers/fans a discount. I will say it again PT is most generous company I know and I faithfully buy here and talk about PT to everyone. Lol
    Tracy Kuhn

  • When I first heard about Blue Tansy eo, it was in a recipe for diy no-see-um repellent. At the time, there was no Blue Tansy eo to be found. Eventually I was able to acquire a bottle and since then I use it in all of my insect repellents and I have been very happy with it.
    Now that I have read this blog I am going to try it out for its anti inflammatory properties. I’m glad to have a new use for this oil!

  • I was on the fence about ordering blue tansy and came to blog to look for something else and saw this! ordering it today! I love that there is so much information at my fingertips! PT you guys are the best!

  • Waiting for my blue tansy in the mail. I didn’t know that it was good for inflammation or marjoram was either, I use marjoram for sleeping. I can’t wait to make a batch of flame fighter. I’m wondering if i could add some copaiba for pain relief?!

  • I’ve been looking for helpful ideas for my blue Tansy, and this looks amazing. I can’t wait to try this!

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