The Essential 6-Oil Sets You Need in Your Collection

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The Essential 6-Oil Sets You Need in Your Collection Right Now

Okay, so this is one of our favorite promotions to offer. It’s time to build your own set! When you buy five essential oils, you’ll get the sixth one free. This is perfect for the essential oil newbies to start their collection or for those looking to expand their horizons with some lesser known but still fantastic oils. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out a few of our suggestions. Who knows… maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

FYI: the least expensive oil in your set will be FREE!

plant therapy lavender and lemon essential oils

Essentials Set: Lavender, Lemon, Orange Sweet, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Cinnamon Bark

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For those just starting out with essential oils… look no further. This set has everything you need. Lavender and Lemon alone have a variety of amazing uses. To learn more about why these two oils are the start to any great set, check out this helpful blog post.

build your own essential oil citrus set

Citrus Set: Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit Pink, Orange Sweet, Mandarin, Kumquat

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Nothing says spring cleaning quite like the fresh aroma of citrus. Not only are citrus essential oils a fantastic addition to natural cleaning, but they also have an invigorating, fresh smell. Plus citrus oils make the perfect addition to many diffuser blends.

plant therapy cinnamon essential oil

Spice Set: Nutmeg, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove Bud, Black Pepper, Coffee, Allspice

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Sugar and spice and everything nice, right? Essential oils are no exception! These spicy oils are the perfect way to round out your favorite floral or citrusy diffuser blend. Plus many of these oils can also help with easing the pain of achy joints.

build your own essential oil set

Synergy Set: Energy, Relax, Germ FighterSleep AidSensual, Tranquil

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Take the guesswork out of essential oils with these Plant Therapy synergies. Energy is the perfect blend to give you a boost during the day and Sleep Aid is there to help you get a deep, restful night’s sleep. Plus find blends for everything in between.

build your own essential oil floral set

Floral Set: Lavender, BouquetGeranium Egyptian, Ylang Ylang CompletePalmarosa, Clary Sage

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This one is for the floral lovers! If you want to bring the fresh smell of flowers, look no further. In addition to the fantastic aroma, these essential oils have a variety of therapeutic benefits.

plant therapy kidsafe essential oils

Kidsafe Set: Calming the Child, Germ Destroyer, Immune Boom, Nighty Night, Sweet SlumberA+ Attention

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If your house is full of little ones, this set has everything you need. These KidSafe synergies can tackle any problems the kiddos throw your way, whether it’s bringing home germs from school or having a hard time settling down before bed.

build your own essential oil set

Skincare Set: Frankincense Frereana, Tea Tree, Carrot Seed, Bergamot, Lavender, Ylang Ylang Complete

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Calling all DIYers! If you love finding ways to use essential oils for skin and body care, these oils are for you. They have a variety of skincare benefits whether it’s smoothing wrinkles, balancing sebum or moisturizing dry skin.

wood essential oils

Woodsy Set: Cedarwood Atlas, Ho Wood, Buhdda Wood, Amyris, Petitgrain, Spruce Black

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Let’s not forget about the woodsy essential oils. Known for being calming and soothing, they can help to round out your favorite diffuser blends.

Plant Therapy Rose essential oil

Precious Oils Set: Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Melissa, Neroli, Sandalwood Australian, Helichrysum Italicum

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Last but not least, we have the precious oils. Now we know that they cost a bit more than your average essential oil. We’ve all saved up to splurge on one of these little beauties. Luckily, shop during this promotion to get one free.

If you want to learn more about these essential oils, find fabulous new DIYs, and so much more, join our  Facebook group, Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR)!


45 thoughts on “The Essential 6-Oil Sets You Need in Your Collection Right Now”

  • Thank you! I have been trying to find the most popular or versatile oils to start out with and this really helped. 🙂

  • Those are wonderful sets! Those floral sets sound lovely, I hope to see more sets like these in your sets section. I started with a couple of the 6 bottle gift sets, they are priced so competitively!

  • I agree that everyone needs the Citrus Set and with PT’s essential oils you never have to sacrifice quality for price.

  • Thank you for the great deal! I’ve had a long wishlist for a while, and have just taken this chance to get the top 6! Wintergreen was my free one – thank you!

  • This is great deal and what a great blog post to go with it… such great suggestions and so easy to just click to add the suggestions to the cart!

  • I really like the different ideas for building your own. The woodsy scent kit sounds awesome! I love all these oil combinations. Thanks for all the creative ideas!

  • I have been using a mix of Germ Fighter, Immune Aid, and Orange Sweet in my office and so many people love coming in and sitting there. Ive gifted several bottles to co-workers over the past year-prob should do this now too.

  • I was surprised that I had alot of what was listed. There are a few I am missing, so I will be making a new wishlist to do some oil shopping.

  • This is great! I have a HUGE wish list developing and getting one free is about to move some of them from wish to cart!

  • Very informative, thank you! My only wish is that when you offer these set deals if it was for any size. Many of my favorites I want to buy in larger sizes to get a better deal. I love having the smaller bottles to carry with me and travel with but the larger ones mean I have to replenish less often and are usually a per ml savings. Just a thought but thank you for always putting these deals out there for us!

  • I started out with many of these oils and they have become my favorites for sure! They are affordable and very versatile!

  • I love how versatile all the oils in this blog are. I have a lot of them and if you are just starting out I would reccommend them for your collection for sure.

  • I love love love these oils. I mix and match the sets to add woodsy and fruity fusion together. These oils have changed my life for the better. Thank you Plant Therapy.

  • What a great way to add to my set… this post made gave me some ideas for sure. I’m always looking for ways to save and to add to my collection. 🙂

  • I am grateful for this blog which gave me great ideas on building a set, depending on my particular interests. Thank you!

  • I found the skincare set information very helpful. Would love to see more blog posts like this where oils are grouped together based on their benefits.

  • I appreciate the overall breakdowns like this as someone fairly new to essential oils. Thanks for keeping up the steady and quality content!

  • A great blog post, perfect for beginners or those looking to build their collection. I would change ho wood in the woods set to vetiver though. Ho wood isn’t very woodsy, it’s more floral to me.

  • I was also surprised that I had many of these but also saw many I would love to have. I would like to suggest another set…Sleepy Time. Seems like there are quite a few oils in this category that people are always wanting learn about and blend on their own. You could do a set with Kid Safe oils and one for adults, with recipes of course!

  • I am so glad this sal popped up. I was able to get certain oils I needed plus a few that I wanted to try. The aloe gel add on was a big plus.

  • This deal is so good, I can’t even! I bought plenty enough during 25DOC that what I really want to do is upsize my favorite citruses to 30 or 100 ml, so this deal won’t really do me any good right now. At least my pocketbook is safe (for now).

  • OK…so I was browsing the site yesterday, thinking “Gee, there are a lot of oils I’d like to get. I wish they’d do that ‘create your own set and save’ deal again soon.” Then, lo and behold, I check my email this morning–and see this deal! It’s like you read my mind!!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pick out what I want… 😉

  • So many great oils! I use sweet slumber for myself, it’s my absolute favorite for help with winding down and getting to sleep. Not just for kids!!

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