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bergamot essential oil

4 Ways to Use Bergamot Essential Oil

By Katrina Scampini, Certified Aromatherapist

Bergamot — the beautiful citrus essential oil with a silly name — belongs in everyone’s essential oil collection. Period. It’s incredibly versatile, instantly uplifting, and massively popular around the world.

So what is this amazing oil and how exactly can it help you and your family? Or, even more importantly, what even is a bergamot? Don’t worry— you’re going to be a bergamot pro soon enough!  

Three bergamot fruits on a wooden background

The bergamot orange is a citrus fruit that originated in tropical parts of Asia, but it now primarily grown in southern Italy, Sicily, and the Ivory Coast [1]. It is known to be incredibly bitter when eaten raw, but its juice, zest, and essential oil have been enjoyed for hundreds of years. Bergamot fruits are small and grow on the Bitter Orange tree, which sports delicate and fragrant white star-shaped flowers. The oil is cold expressed from the Bergamot’s green peel just before the fruit ripens and produces an aroma that is an unforgettable combination of citrus and floral notes.

The origin of its name is still up for debate, but many believe it to be named after the Italian city of Bergamo in Lombardy, where the essential oil is said to have been first produced [2]. In Italian folk medicine, Bergamot oil was an important part of a physician’s toolkit from the 16th century onward as an antiseptic and fever-reducer. Later in Napoleonic times, Bergamot became treasured for its aroma and was popularly used in perfumes and colognes.

1. Ease your worries and lighten your spirit!

happy family playing together

When Bergamot began its career in the fragrance industry, it never looked back. With such a beautiful floral, fruity aroma, who can blame it? If you prefer essential oils based entirely on their aroma, Bergamot is sure to please. Sniff it straight out of the bottle or blend it with pretty much any other essential oil you have to lighten and brighten your mood. It is gently relaxing yet very uplifting and is a perfect choice when you’re feeling emotional tension, irritability, or frustration. Its soothing properties help to regulate the nervous system, which leads to the release of pent-up negative feelings and unproductive or addictive behaviors [2]. The result is a more calm, collected, and positive outlook on life.

When using Bergamot to help with feelings of worry, anxiety, depression, or anger, try adding it to your diffuser or personal inhaler. Combine it with other emotionally supportive oils, like Grapefruit Pink, Neroli, or Lavender for even more benefits. Bergamot is very agreeable with many other oils, so try it with your own favorites for an added punch of happiness.

2. Enjoy a healthy, glowing complexion!

Bergamot makes a great addition to your skincare routine. Simply adding it to your face cleansers or lotions can promote healthy skin, which is something we all want. It supports skin struggling with acne, blemishes, irritations, and dryness [2]. Bergamot helps to unclog pores and balance oily skin in a natural, gentle way. To use on your face, make sure to dilute it to 1%. Use 2 teaspoons of your favorite skin-loving carrier oil and add no more than 3 drops before gently applying it to your face and neck. To use on other areas of your body, we recommend a 2-5% dilution.

But now that we’ve got you all excited about Bergamot’s skin beautifying properties, it’s important to make something very clear: Plant Therapy only sells bergapten-free Bergamot. This version is not phototoxic, but we cannot guarantee if Bergamot coming from any other company is the same. Bergapten, a naturally occurring chemical component of many Bergamot oils, is highly phototoxic and should be used cautiously on the skin. Learn more about phototoxicity here.

3. Stomach discomfort? Bergamot can help.

Essential oil bottle next to bergamot fruits

When your digestive system is on track, you probably don’t give it too much attention. But when your digestion is off? That’s a whole different story! You’re either staying close to the bathroom or begging your intestines to take a chill pill so that you can go about your day comfortably. Thankfully, one of Bergamot’s most prominent benefits is how beneficial it is to an upset stomach. It helps improve the process of digestion, which can act irregularly as a result of over-eating, indigestion, and nervous tension. This citrus can also help stimulate your appetite if nerves or feelings of apprehension have taken it away!

When using Bergamot for stomach upset, dilute it to 2% with a carrier oil or lotion and massage onto your stomach in a clockwise direction. If you’re finding that the 2% dilution isn’t helping much, you can increase the dilution safely up to 5%. So for one tablespoon of a carrier, add from 6-15 drops of Bergamot and massage the discomfort away!

4. Give your household cleaning a boost.

Using oils to clean the house

One of the most favorite ways to use any citrus essential oil is to clean with it. Bergamot is no exception! Try adding the amazing aroma of this oil to your household cleaners. It will not only give you an uplifting emotional boost but will also provide some serious cleaning power. It may not be one of the most popular essential oils to clean with (Lavender and Lemon really take the spotlight here), but it definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. If cleaning with essential oils is a whole new realm for you, check out this blog. Bergamot may not be on its list, but you can apply it in the same way as the others. The refreshing properties of Bergamot make it great to help freshen up the air and protect your home against seasonal illnesses.

Bergamot has a shelf life of 2-3 years and is pregnancy and nursing safe. Check out Bergamot’s product sheet to learn more:

Bergamot Essential Oil from Plant Therapy Product Sheet

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For more ideas and information about Bergamot, become a member of our Safe Essential Oil Recipes group on Facebook. It’s a fun and welcoming environment for newbies and EO professionals alike!


[1] Worwood, V. (2016). The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, 25th Anniversary Edition (Novato, CA: New World Library. Pg. 571

[2] Mojay, G. (2005). Aromatherapy for healing the spirit: A guide to restoring emotional and mental balance through essential oils. London: Gaia. Pgs. 52-53.


155 thoughts on “4 Ways to Use Bergamot Essential Oil”

  • I want to make a kid safe muscle blend for my 9 yr old son’s legs, similar to the one in the chart. He wakes up a lot in the middle of the night with pain. Can you recommend a blend?

    1. Hi Lindsey, we have a couple great KidSafe blends you can try like Sore No More and Grow Ease. If you want to make your own blend, Bergamot, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Marjoram Sweet and Black Pepper are all great options. Just dilute your blend to 2% in a carrier oil or lotion!

  • As someone who just purchased Bergamont I find this article super helpful. I am excited to give it a try! Thanks for the helpful blending recommendations.

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  • I recently bout Bergamot and I wish I could say that I love the smell because so many people seem to. However, it’s just not my favorite smell. I don’t get the citrus smell everyone talks about. Is there such thing as a bad batch? Anyway, I may try it for cleaning and in my face wash. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Erin, please take any concerns you have about your Bergamot to our awesome Customer Service Team at [email protected]. To me, Bergamot has a much more floral aroma than other citrus oils, and perhaps that is a scent you are not particularly fond of? We hope it works well in your face wash, but please reach out to us if you’re still not happy with it 🙂

  • Bergamot is my all time favourite oil! And this blog just reminds me why it’s my favourite! I always use it for calming and sleep in my diffuser, this is so helpful to know other ways i can use it!

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  • I love Bergamot for its mood enhancing properties. Thanks to your article I now know other ways to use this phenomenon oil. It’s already one of my favorites can’t wait to try it in my facial cleansers.

    1. I enjoyed learning more about this oil. ItsI always been a favorite scent of mine. Glad it can be used so many ways.

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  • I love using it on my necklace diffuser with frankincense. I have yet to use it for stomach issues but I think I will!

  • I use bergamot in my Diffuser every night, I them add little lavender,, ylang ylang, pink grapefruit , cedar wood, vetiver,
    Sweet orange..I use this or something that I have in Stock. It is the most beautiful smell. People walk by and ask what’s that smell, I tell them and they ask about the thing I’m using. So I tell them a diffuser and where I got mine. Four people have bought a new one and the oils, they love it. Great. Maybe I should start selling kits.

  • Bergamot quickly became a favorite in our house. I love the citrus smell! Thank you for your combination suggestions. I love mixing bergamot and it helps to know what combos are synergistic

  • Bergamot is one of those oils that I always have a “spare” of, with at least two already in use. It’s very subtle smelling to me. It’s not an overpowering bully. Maybe subconsciously I’d adopted it as a favourite stemming from my love of Earl Grey tea – also quiet, peaceful, understated, yet uplifting, stabilising, and happy.

  • Thanks for reminding me about this lovely oil! Bergamot has been out of my rotation for a while. Time to bring it back!

  • Fantastic blog report, PT! I found many more reasons to keep using Bergamot EO. I totally love the scent, and the benefits makes it one of the super oils in my collection!

  • I love bergamot! I use it in cleaning in a solution of cheap vodka and a little lavender. It’s so uplifting!

  • Good read, thanks.
    I’ve actually been curious about bergamot. I have the Clarity blend, but there’s something in it I don’t quite care for… Maybe the bergamot, or maybe just the particular combo of oils.

    1. Laurel, in the Clarity blend I can smell the Basil really well, which does overpower the 3 other citrus scents (Bergamot, Grapefruit, & Lemon). That may be the aroma you are not liking much. Feel free to add more of the citrus oils to the Clarity blend and see if that helps out the overall smell for you 🙂

      1. That makes sense. I love the smell of fresh basil, & also of citrus (even a peeled grapefruit smells great, which I won’t eat). Will try adding some more lemon to my Clarity. Thanks!

  • These are some wonderful ideas! Thank you! I often blend PT Bergamot with Neroli into my unscented lotion ad apply to my hands before bed. It smells so delicious and calms my mind. I hadn’t considered adding it to my face care products. I have a few customers that may benefit from the addition of Bergamot to my Facewash and Face cream. I can’t wait to try this idea!

  • Mine is coming in the mail today. I can hardly wait! I took advantage of the special pricing and free shipping. Love the many benefits of bergamot!

  • I love the diffuser recipe listed on the bergamot product info sheet! Combining bergamot with patchouli really smells great!

  • I love love love this oil. I’ve only just my journey with EOs but I imagine bergamont to be one that I replenish often.

  • Bergamot is my favorite oil for diffusing, and it seems to blend well with everything. I’ve had fun making up diffuser blends with it and I’ve never been disappointed. I also didn’t know that it was good for digestion until I read this blog. I tried it and it really works!

  • Thanks for the great tips! I can’t wait to order and try Bergamot! I have heard lots of people rave about it and it seems like such a versatile oil to have!

  • I can’t wait to receive this! I seriously doubt that I need it, but I want it! I think I may have an essential oil addiction!

  • I never knew about the benefits of bergamot for digestion, will definitely be reaching for that oil next time! Thank you!

  • How did I not know Bergamot was good for skin and stomach issues!? Bergamot has always been my favorite single but I never knew it had such incredible properties! Thanks for this post, PT!

  • Bergamot is one of those oils that I ordered soley because everyone raved about it, and with a very reasonable price, I figured I could gift it if I didn’t like it. Wow…they rave for a reason. It is absolutely wonderful, and it blends well with so many things!! I love it blended with Rose and Neroli for a sweet, floral blend. It is my go-to oil when I need to refresh something in the diffuser – like if I am trying a diffuser combo that doesn’t quite agree with my nose, I add a drop of Bergamot and all is right again!!

  • Bergamot is one of my new favorites. It can handle almost everything. Uplifting, anxiety, blues, tummy problems, clean smell… it’s AMAZING!

  • Thank you so much for all of these useage tips for bergamot! I love the scent of this oil and tend to only diffuse it. Especially looking forward to switching up my diy kitchen spray and using a little bergamot as an alternative oil.

  • I love mixing bergamot with my sleep blends with vetiver or lavender or just to add a kick to my diffuser blends during the day. It’s a nice refreshing scent and I haven’t found anything I don’t like it mixed with!

  • So cool the history behind Bergamot – guess I feel proud it’s grown in Italy as I’m Italian – maybe a little silly of me. But anyway, thank you so much for the digestion tip – I currently struggle with SIBO – so gonna try this. I’m so surprised your brand is not phototoxic because it’s absent of Bergapten! This is great! Thanks for a great blog!

    1. Not silly at all! You may be interested to know that other products we source from Italy are Lemon, Orange (Sweet & Blood), Petitgrain, and the hydrosols of Helichrysum and Melissa 🙂 Buona giornata!

  • Bergamot is the best! There are only a handful of oils I order in 30 mL bottles and this will always be one – for each of the reasons above, and that it blends so nicely with nearly everything. I think I’ll diffuse some now and have a cuppa Earl Grey. (Dunno why you think the name is silly though, poor bergamot)

    1. Kathy, I remember the first time I took a whiff of Bergamot, it was actually one of the very first oils I ever smelled. I took a deep inhale and was like, what in the world is this??!! Then I was told “bergamot.” I didn’t know what a bergamot was, definitely didn’t think it was even a real word, and really thought I was just being teased 🙂 So I suppose it is just from my own personal experience that I think it has a silly name!

  • Bergamot always strikes me as a “when in doubt, use me” oil. It’s good for so many things and blends well with so much!

    1. Bergamot is one of my favorites. I never knew the history behind it! If I need a little pick me up, I sniff some bergamot and I’m good to go!

    2. Wow, I ordered Bergamot the other day & I just now read the article. I can’t wait to give it a try!
      Bergamot sounds like it definitely a stapule in eo’s. Thank for the info & tips!

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