4 Ways to Use Sleep Tight Essential Oil Blend

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4 Ways to Use Sleep Tight Essential Oil Blend

Plant Therapy is a People First Company. We want to make sure that you love our products and we want to know when you don’t. We seriously consider your input, comments, and concerns for each of our products. When something can be improved on, that’s what we strive to do! And that is exactly how one of our newest blends, Sleep Tight, sprang into existence.

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If you’ve been part of our PT family for a while now, or even if you just started looking into what we offer, you may notice something: we have a lot of sleep blends. Originally, there was Sleep Aid, Sweet Slumber, Sweet Dreams, and Nighty Night, not to mention tons of single oils and DIY recipes galore to help you get all the deep, quality sleep you deserve.   

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We all know that sleep is super important, but with four different sleep specific blends, why in the world did we decide to add another one? Because we listened to you, that’s why! Let me explain…

Before introducing Sleep Tight, the only non-KidSafe sleep blend we offered was Sleep Aid. Sleep Aid contains a very powerful essential oil called Valerian Root. Not only is Valerian Root an incredibly capable aid in sleeping, but it also has an incredibly poignant smell. And not everyone was into it, to say the least.

So before we made a solid plan to create a new sleep set, we knew we had to create a sleeping blend that had a more pleasant aroma that everyone could get on board with. That’s when our in-house experts got busy with a brand new, sweet and comforting blend—without Valerian Root.

Now we have Sleep Tight, one of the newest members of our oily family! Its beautiful aroma comes from a blend of Lavender, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang Complete, Bitter Orange, and Hops Extract.

So how can you use Sleep Tight in your life? Here are four easy ways to get the most out of this new bedtime buddy:

Woman sleeping peacefully in bed

Time to bring out the diffuser! Diffusing in your bedroom about a half hour before going to sleep is a great way to enjoy all of the relaxing benefits this blend has to offer. And can it get any easier? The oils are already perfectly blended for you, so all you have to do is add a few drops into your diffuser of choice, turn it on, and leave. Just remember to follow the directions of your specific diffuser to get the best and safest results.

Woman's legs showing in a bubble bath

Who doesn’t love a warm, relaxing bath at the end of the day? Believe it or not, having a luxurious bath doesn’t take an arsenal of expensive products. At its most basic level, all you really need is a bit of body wash (unscented preferably) and some Sleep Tight. For one tablespoon of body wash, add 9 drops of Sleep Tight. Of course, you can always go above and beyond by adding half a cup of Epsom or Himalayan salt as well.

Woman applying white cream to leg

If you haven’t tried using a blend or single oil topically before bed, you’re missing out. Blending Sleep Tight with your favorite carrier oil, lotion, or cream is a great way to enjoy its aroma that will help lull you into a peaceful sleep. Plus, it’s a great excuse to give yourself a leg and foot rub in bed. But be careful—when you try this once, you may want to do it forever! Sleep Tight has a 2-3% dilution recommendation, so please keep that in mind during your blending.  

Woman waking up refreshed in her bed after sleep

Crunched for time? Don’t want to blend anything together or diffuse? If you have a cotton ball, then you’re in luck! One of the best, quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to use Sleep Tight is to add a couple of drops to a cotton ball and place it near your pillow. That’s it! You’ll be able to fall asleep enjoying the peaceful scent using this passive diffusion technique.

For more information and ways to use Sleep Tight or our other blends, check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes group on Facebook!


60 thoughts on “4 Ways to Use Sleep Tight Essential Oil Blend”

  • I really like this blend and use it in might night time rotation. May have to try putting it on my feet and legs! Never even thought about that. Great blog post!

  • I was just looking this up today. Self care and sleep are my specialties, this will definitely be on my next order. I cannot wait!! Great blog!

  • Since I started using oils before bed, I’ve had the most restful sleep. It’s difficult to sleep without at least lavender to calm me down. Great article!

  • My roommate swears by the sleep tight blend. She bought the whole sleep tight bag. I am going to buy it now because she won’t share

  • Excited to try this… I have trouble relaxing in order to sleep and am a light sleeper when it comes to sounds.

  • This blog was sooo helpful because in my house we have sleep issues! Can’t wait to use some ideas! Thanks!

  • I keep an empty pill bottle by my bed with a wad of cotton in it I add diluted lavender and peppermint oil to the cotton periodically. I can always pull the cotton out and swipe it across the back of my neck or across my forehead and temples, without even turning the light on. It’s been great to be able to leave it open by my pillow or hold it right under my nose. The lid keeps it airtight between uses. It’s low tech but it’s all I can afford right now, and it works great for me!

  • I need something for mind chatter…hyperactive brain…causing sleep deprivation…any suggestions?. Will try the sleep aid oil now…will see how I do

  • I was between the Sleep Tight and the Relax roll on for before bed! I got Relax since I can use in so many ways but may have to also get the Sleep Tight after reading this…

    1. I’ve always used Relax too! I didnt know about sleep tight before reading this but it sounds like such a great oil! Going to have to buy it!

  • I will be ordering sleep tight. We use sleep aid with a little bit of Ylang ylang in diffuser at the end of our bed but this sounds perfect for us.

  • I purchased this and sleep aid on my ever so long journey of trying to sleep! I love this blend. Both synergies have worked for me, and I actually do not mind sleep aid, but the husband does. Thank you PT for helping me sleep!!

  • I usually diffuse lavender every night- love the scent. I looked at the ingredients in sleep tight and they just sound wonderful. I love the smell of orange and would love to try this scent.

  • I am loving the idea of passive diffusion via a cotton ball! I really only diffuse oils in my diffuser, but my 3 yr old ends up in my room most nights (he climbs into a pack n play at the foot of our bed), so I wouldn’t feel comfortable diffusing Sleep Tight with him so close. But passive diffusion would work perfectly! 🙂

  • Who doesn’t love a good nights sleep? I can not wait to try a few drops in a warm bath tonight…….zzzzzz

  • Can’t wait to try this one! I have so many friends and family with sleep issues. I think I’ll be blending it in a sweet almond and jojoba carrier for legs and feet. Thank you!

  • My hubby & I struggle with the sleep tight smell, so I have been diluting with a carrier & massaging it on my feet as recommended by a friend.
    Next order i’ll Have to try this new blend.

  • I need to try a sleep blend. I use relax or sometimes tranquil before bed and they help me feel better but I want to try a blend specific for sleep. Thanks!

    1. Marissa, your 10-year-old is so close! We recommend that if a blend doesn’t have our KidSafe stamp of approval, not to introduce the blend until at least 11 years of age.

  • Awesome! My husband has been having trouble sleeping since our son was born I’ll have to try these tips out for ALL our sakes!

  • I can always use another oil in my arsenal for sleep. I’ll put this on my never ending list of oils to buy next!

  • So excited PT made another sleep blend! We love Sleep Aid in our house, and I’m always up to try new ones (especially with lavender — always works like a charm to relax me). Diffusing before bed is one of my favorite oil routines. Will have to try this!

  • Vetiver is one of my all time favorites for sleep! Drop or two of Lavender with it and zzzzzz!

  • I might need to try this sleep blend. I’ve tried Sweet Slumber and Vetiver (which is in Sweet Slumber) and they give me disturbing dreams. Great scent though, but I just don’t sleep well. Wish there was a sample pack of the sleep blends!

  • I just got sleep tight in the mail today & then this blog popped up so I was obviously supposed to read it. So excited to try it in the diffuser tonight & I think I might need to find some time for a bubble bath one day soon

  • Could you put a drop or two on your pillow then put the case on? Oil wouldn’t be on your skin undiluted but closer than a cotton ball?

    1. Sierra, if you have no issues with dropping essential oils directly onto your pillow, this shouldn’t be a problem. I recommend placing the drop away from where you typically rest your head in case the pillowcase absorbs the oil. A cotton ball is a great idea because when you want to change the smell you can just throw it away and get a new cotton ball…with a pillow, that’s a bit harder!

  • I love my Sleep Tight kit. I diffuse every night and I do alternate with Sleep Tight, Sleep Aid, and my own Sleep blends. I enjoy the smell of Sleep Tight and the body cream, and bubble bath already mixed together. The valerian is strong in Sleep Aid but I can’t argue with the results! Love the help with sleeping issues!

  • This is a great idea. I love this kit too. My roommate everynoght asks me to lavender her pillow for her. Works like a dream

  • Adding this to my wishlist to buy on my next payday. I have Nighty Night and find it relaxing, but look forward to trying a blend that promises to be more effective!

  • Thank you for these tips! I bought hoping that the lavender would be muted by the oranges and ylang ylang. No such luck as lavender is truly all I smell with this blend. Not being a lavender fan, it’s not a blend I enjoy. I’m trying to think up ways I can add oils to a blend to make the lavender more subtle. If you love lavender, this one’s for you!

    1. Just a thought to tone down the Lavender – you could try adding a deep, earthy scent like cedarwood or vetiver. 🙂

    2. I have found that lemon so is a good one to tone down essential oils that are too strong for me. Not sure how it would work with this blend, but it does blend well with lavender.

  • I like that you work to respond to customers suggestions and feedback. I too like the passive diffusing idea, especially for traveling. If I don’t want to risk leaving my diffuser behind I can use cotton balls instead! Customers make the company and positively responding to customers makes the company stronger.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Mary! We are so thankful for all of our customers and do our best to demonstrate that every day 🙂

  • Looking for a good nighttime / sleep blend for my 11 year old. He’s “adult sized” as far as weight is concerned but won’t be 12 until Thanksgiving. Being that this isn’t kid-safe I have to inquire if it may be appropriate for him given his size and history of tolerating essential oils well. Thanks!

  • I love the idea of passive diffusion! I admit that sometimes I am too lazy at the end of the day to get the diffuser ready for bedtime but a few drops on a cotton ball could not be easier!! Thanks for the suggestion!!

  • Okay, I had to chuckle a bit. This article says that the older synergy (Sleep Aid) “has an incredibly poignant smell” due to the valerian. I would say it’s PUNGENT! (Although I will admit that Sleep Tight is also the only blend I’ve ever been able to stand that had valerian in it.) I cannot wait to try Sleep Tight instead! PS for lazy people: Another awesome bedtime diffusion method is a drop or two on a tissue, for passive diffusion. I do that every night with a rotation of different sleep synergies.

    1. One more vote for using a tissue as an instant diffuser. I have used both the sleep aid and sleep tight oil blends, both work well for me. Guess I’m less sensitive to the smell than most people, though they are indeed powerful!

    1. Brianna, Lavender is the primary oil used in this blend so your husband may not like it. This may be a good one for you to use in a personal aromatherapy inhaler so that YOU can enjoy it and get all the benefits without bothering your husband 🙂

  • The first sentence of this blog post couldn’t be more true! I LOVE this company precisely because of how it truly does put people first. Best customer service ever, great opportunities for education, great products. Can’t wait to try this new sleep blend!

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