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All the Amazing Ways to Use Your New Balm Squad

Whenever our customers love a product, we listen. So when customers rave about a product, we want to take that gem and make it even more versatile! That’s exactly what happened with our Original Organic Healing Balm. This popular, natural, and nourishing balm has been used for everything from chapped lips to cracked cuticles.

But you know what? That wasn’t enough. We knew we could do more for our customers, so that’s exactly what we did. We made this customer favorite even better by combining the benefits of the Original balm with our some of our most popular KidSafe essential oil blends!

Introducing: The Plant Therapy Balm Squad!

Plant Therapy's Balm Squad

Plant Therapy now offers four different choices of healing balms. Don’t worry—the Original Balm is a member of this squad, but now she’s got some friends. 

The other three each contain the ingredients and effectiveness that you’ve come to know and love of our Original, but now with the added benefits of a few popular KidSafe essential oil blends. 

These are perfect to carry in your purse, backpack, diaper bag, suitcase, or wherever you need it to be!

Plant Therapy Balm Squad in a purse

Each of the balms can help provide fast relief for skin that feels dry, irritated, and uncomfortable. They are designed to penetrate the skin quickly to deliver maximum benefits and help guard skin against unwanted environmental factors.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these fantastic healing balms (and why you need them!)

The Original Organic Healing Balm: For everything under the sun.

Our Original Organic Healing Balm is a natural, gentle, soothing balm. It is perfect for all skin types, especially for those who have dry, irritated skin. Whether being used on babies, children, or adults, this balm is perfectly suitable for all. It moisturizes, relieves dry, irritated skin, and leaves the skin feeling silky and soft. And we all know how helpful that can be, especially during the harsh winter weather, or if you’re out in the sun all summer, or even if you just suffer from regular dry skin!

Grandparents caring for grandchildren outdoors

Simply add a pea size amount to the palm of the hand and apply topically to the desired areas. You can use it as often as necessary throughout the day.

Better Than Kisses Organic Healing Balm: For helping relieve pain and soothe redness.

There’s no denying it—boo-boos happen to the best of us! Whether you’re a young child or grown adult, bruises, scrapes, and little cuts can be bothersome and uncomfortable.

When infused into our Organic Healing Balm, this easy to rub on essential-oil balm makes for the perfect on-the-go way to treat skin issues for yourself or your kiddos.

Person helps young child with an owie

To help comfort these minor owies, we’ve created the Better Than Kisses Organic Healing Balm. What’s Better Than Kisses? We combined the USDA Certified Organic essential oils Lavender, Marjoram Sweet, Cypress, Tea Tree, and Blue Tansy. These oils are our powerhouses for skin-soothing and helping to heal minor cuts and relieve pain, scrapes and irritation or redness. It supports the skin’s healing process while simultaneously leaving the skin feeling smooth and silky soft!

To help the healing of minor owies, wash the affected area with soap and water before adding a pea-sized amount of Better Than Kisses Balm to the palm of the hand and apply topically to the desired area. Use it 2-3 times per day. The Better Than Kisses Blend is at a 5% dilution.

Plant Therapy's Balm Squad on pink background

Silky Soft Organic Healing Balm: For soothing and moisturizing even the most delicate skin.

Nourish and rejuvenate dry, irritated skin with our Silky Soft Organic Healing Balm. With only the highest quality natural ingredients, this balm offers just the right amount of TLC to help soothe and care for even the most delicate skin, or just get rid of flakes and cracked heels before sandal season. 

The Silky Soft organic essential oil blend of Lavender, Copaiba Oleoresin, Palmarosa, Lemon, Frankincense Carteri, and Helichrysum Italicum brings a warm, floral aroma and variety of skin-nourishing properties. It helps to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of roughness and redness, and give skin a wonderful silky soft feeling!

All you need is a pea-sized amount to the palm of the hand and apply topically to the desired areas. Use 2-3 times per day. The Silky Soft Blend is diluted at 3%.

Sniffle Stopper Organic Healing Balm: For helping relieve congestion.

Stop sniffles in their path and breathe easier. Perfect for both children and adults, this healing balm includes everything you love about our popular Original Organic Healing Balm, but with all the amazing benefits of our Sniffle Stopper essential oil blend!

Plant Therapy Balm Squad with plastic carrying case

The essential oils of Fir Needle, Rosalina, Spruce Hemlock, Cypress, Spearmint, and Cedarwood Virginian bring a clean, fresh, minty scent that helps to keep airways open and support the respiratory system.

At the same time, the nourishing and moisturizing properties of the healing balm help soothe the dryness and irritation that can happen around the nose whenever the sniffles take over. Just add a pea-sized amount to the palm of the hand and apply to the chest and under the nose. The Sniffle Stopper Blend is at a 5% dilution.

Want to learn more about essential oils and other awesome products we offer? Our Safe Essential Oil Recipes page on Facebook has thousands of active EO enthusiasts who love to share their stories, recipes, and so much more!


123 thoughts on “All the Amazing Ways to Use Your New Balm Squad”

  • I just bought the healing balm in store! I had no idea they brought back the balm squad for the Christmas season!! I missed out on the 4 pack last spring! Hoping I can work it into my budget, it would come in handy with a 3 year old running(literally running) around the house!

  • I absolutely LOVE these minis!! They are perfect for carrying in my purse and we have some in our camper as well. I would love to see these return to the lineup! If not, maybe a tutorial on how to make them ourselves?

  • These look so cute and tiny. Is there any option (or maybe in the future) to buy them separately?

  • Adding to my wishlist! This set looks perfect for putting in a purse and taking on the go! Thank you!

  • Would the original balm or soft skin balm be appropriate for dry skin on the face? Facial skin is so delicate and I’m looking for something to replace my mom’s yucky Oil of Olay. She’s in an assisted living facility since her stroke and needs special attention and love.

    1. Erin, I am not an expert by any means, but it might be easier to apply the Olive Lotion to the face. I have both products, and I used to use the Olay product (until it was sold to a mega corporation and the formula was changed!) The Olive Lotion contains purified water and aloe, which make it easier to apply to very mature skin. The balm, in my opinion, is better for rough skin on hands, arms, etc, since it requires a little bit of “rubbing in” which may be difficult on the thin skin of the face. I wish you luck with your Mom.

  • My 5 year old grandson had very chapped hands from playing outside at recess without any gloves..they were so bad..he came over and I applied some Silky Soft balm and the next day there was noticeable improvement. His dad even saw the difference. So I sent the container home with them and now I am without the Silky Soft balm…guess I am going to have to order another set.. I have also used the sniffle stopper as well. These are great to have on hand and I really like the screw on can carry these in your purse without having to worry about the lid coming off..Thanks again Plant Therapy

  • This set is at the top of my wishlist! My whole family would defnitely benefit from this product. The Better Than Kisses would be really helpful. This is good information to have! Thanks!

  • I was excited to see this blog post since I’ve been on the fence with this set – I think I’ll be placing an order this week! My daughter is a rough and tumble child and always has scratches and bruises – these really sound amazing!

  • I just got these and tried the Original Healing Balm and I was surprised at how greasy and slick it was. But in all fairness, I don’t use balms so maybe that’s how it is suppose to be. I still like it and can’t wait to try the other 3 that came with the pack.

  • Awesome. My kids love using the roller bottles so I know they will like this. I like the idea of the sniffle stopper balm to use at night.

  • Was really excited to get this and it came just in time for a cold! However it is quite gritty, I thought this was reformulated to eliminate the grittiness? Personally the original was never gritty in the multiple times I’ve ordered so I’m really bummed. Great concept but….

    1. Please contact our awesome Customer Service team at [email protected] as soon as you can to let them know this issue! Your new healing balm should have a very smooth texture and I’m sure they will be able to make this a better experience for you 🙂

  • I really want to try these now! I am happy they have a scent and come in different varieties.. excited to try them all!

  • I am super excited to try these balms. I am really excited for the sniffe stopper one. I love that synergy! It is amazing around my household and I can’t wait to use the balm if one of my littles get sick!!

  • I received my set yesterday. I’m loving them and using already. I also have to say I’m a big fan of the new healing balm formula. I loved it before and it’s even better now! Way to Go PT!

  • These look awesome! But if the dilution is 5%, how do I lower the dilution ratio for my kiddos? Is that ratio safe to use with babies/toddlers straight from the container?

    1. Davina, our healing balms with the KidSafe oils diluted in them are meant for children 2-10 (or older, of course). We recommend that children under 2 use our Original Healing Balm, which has no essential oil blend added but still includes all the amazing benefits of Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Tamanu Oil, Calendula infused Olive Oil, and Beeswax 🙂 Feel free to reach out to our aromatherapists at [email protected]

  • Yeah! I should say finally! 🙂 Your healing balm is fantastic but I was wondering some other ranges of balls and there you are ! You read my mind :-)! Can’t wait to try!!

  • I cannot wait to try this! Our family loves the healing balm! And what a great idea for travel!

  • I’m looking forward to trying these balms… I need something to help with dry, irritated skin, especially during the winter months

  • I can’t wait to give these a try. I am sure Sniffle Stopper will be a new favorite around here.

  • I just received my order this weekend! I can’t wait to try these on my kiddos! PT you are a game changers no trips to the ER this winter season!

  • These sound awesome! Already added them to my wishlist to put them in my next PT order. I can already think of a ton of places I’d stash these…car, purse, gym bag, bedside, travel toiletries bag…the list goes on. Thanks for making these so useful and handy!

  • I usually make my own but it would be great to have travel size in a safe travel container. These might be a purchase in the near future.

  • These came in the mail yesterday. I wash my hands a lot, and the Silky Soft balm has already make a difference to my my dry cracked hands. I’m excited to see what other new products you release this year. These are awesome!

  • These all sound amazing! I can’t wait to try them! The one with sniffle stopper would have been awesome just a couple of weeks ago when my kids had the flu!

    1. These are definitely going into my order this month!! Compact enough for my purse (AKA oils travel bag that sometimes fits my wallet) and suitable for all ages. Thank you.!!

  • I am so excited about these!! I will be adding them to my wish list! I love that EOs have been added to the already amazing healing balm. I have a feeling we will get a lot of use out of the Better Than Kisses one this summer as my son learns to ride a bike! Hoping these will be available in big sizes soon too!

  • These are the perfect size for those on the go! I am very excited to try the different balms! Thanks PT for another great product!

  • I have never tried the balm but after reading this and all the positive comments I think I will have to give it a try. Thanks for continuing to make awesome new products.

  • So excited about this. I saw it on homepage and had to go back and check what it was. Wonderful idea… will be adding them to the cart.

  • I am so excited for these new balms! Not to mention a major plus that after you finish you can reuse the container to make more.

  • This set sounds so amazing! I am so looking forward to trying them especially the silky soft and better than kisses ! Will be adding them to my cart soon

  • How effective are they at relieving eczema? My 7 month old breaks out on his face. Looking to use something other than aquaphor that may have some healing properties. I like that tea tree is added!

    1. Jennifer, please reach out to our team of certified aromatherapists at [email protected] to discuss your particular situation. Since your child is under two years old, we would recommend using the Original Organic Healing Balm instead of the balms blending with essential oils. However, I’m sure our aromatherapists can help you out with more information on this 🙂

  • I cannot wait to try these! The Original Organic Healing Balm is fantastic, so I’m sure the others will be just as great!

  • Looking forward to trying. I really love the Healing Balm. Would it be alright to try Better Than Kisses Balm on road rash type injuries?

    1. That would be a great use for the Better Than Kisses Balm. The Silky Soft Balm may also help as well since it is made with skin-loving essential oils 🙂

  • I’m very excited for these! Have been meaning to get the healing balm for the longest time, so these options are great!

  • I just placed an order yesterday and it looks like I am off to place an order today too! I can not wait to try these… especially in this home with stuffy noses and skinned knees.

  • Oh my gosh these are adorable! I love the size of them. They’re the perfect size to put in your purse. Thank you PT for creating these. I can’t wait to try them.

    1. Cassie, the thick consistency of the balms make it not quite ideal to use as a full face moisturizer, and the balms with EOs blended in them are at dilutions higher than 1%, which is the dilution we recommend for facial applications 🙂 If you want to give it a try as a face moisturizer, the Original Organic Healing Balm without essential oils would be best. I hope this helps!

    1. Julie, the essential oil blends included in the balms are from our KidSafe line of products, which is safe for ages 2-10 years 🙂

      1. I’m confused. I always thought kids’ dilution should be ard 3% tops. But 5% for the sniffle stopper balm is ok for a 5 yr old?

        1. While 3% is a great dilution choice for regular use, 5% is fine for acute, occasional situations. Feel free to reach out to our team of aromatherapists at [email protected] if you would like more information 🙂

  • What a great idea. I would use most of these and it saves me the trouble of making my own. I do hope, as someone mentioned, that they are offered individually at some point.

    1. Alison, the only balm sold individually at this time is the Original Organic Healing Balm 🙂 At this time we do not have plans to sell the blended balms individually.

  • Oh my goodness I cannot wait to try these!! My whole family loves the healing balm so much! We are taking our kids on a small vacation to our favorite place to go hiking in the mountains for spring break so these will be perfect to take with us!

  • Hope they’re offered individually soon. I don’t need them all but they look great and I love the small size for travel.

  • I wish I would have had that Sniffle Stopper balm for my rotten cold and sinus problems this weekend. My nose was so sore and cracked…it would have healed the skin AND helped me breathe easier!! A new item for my wishlist!

  • Wow! This is amazing. I can’t wait to get some of these-when I have some extra funds….I am curious what would be better for eczema-the original healing balm (which we have) or the new silky soft one? My daughter has been getting eczema on her wrists this winter-poor little thing (she’s almost 5).

    1. Jenny, the Silky Soft Healing Balm may be just what your daughter needs 🙂 If you already have the original healing balm and notice that you haven’t seen much of a difference in your daughter’s skin, the addition of essential oils in our Silky Soft version may help out more.

  • I was really excited about this, until I looked up the ingredients. I’m allergic to coconut. I know coconut oil has amazing health benefits, but I wish companies would offer alternatives for those of us with coconut allergies. We miss out on so many health benefits already, and everyone who makes holistic products seems to always use coconut. *big sad face*

  • This is great news especially for the days when i’m too lazy to make my own DIYs. As the dilution rate of the EO blends are 3%, can I use them daily on my 27 months old daughter? Thank you.

  • This is a great idea. I love the travel size tins. I am going to add this to my wish list. I do use and love the original Healing Balm, great on dry skin and chapped lips. I hope the formula didn’t change.

    1. Kate, go all the way to the top of the page. On the left hand side you have options to Shop,Evoke, Learn,About and New. Click on New and the balm is on the top left side of the page.

  • This is amazing. I have been lagging at making my own balms since having my son and now I don’t have to worry about finding the time to DIY! I can just click to cart!!. Thanks again PT!

  • Oh my gosh, these look amazing! I love Silky Soft. Also love the combination of butters/oils used in the base, esp. tamanu. And love that these are organic! Am adding them to my wish list!

  • This is awesome! I love the original healing balm. It has helped so much during the dry, cold winter! I definitely see Sniffle Stopper being a great alternative to traditional vapor rub–much more gentle for the little kids! I’m very excited to try out this new set.

    1. Nikole, a “minor” or “little cut” would refer to something like a papercut, a small cat scratch, etc. Any cut that would be considered an *open* wound is no longer minor and would likely require professional medical care. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of aromatherapists at [email protected] if you would like more information 🙂

  • Thank you for the information. They look very handy and I would like to try them. Are they only available to purchase as a set only but not individually?

  • This is FANTASTIC!! I love PT’s Healing Balm so much, it’s so versatile. Super excited to see more options available 🙂

  • Cannot wait to try these. Going on a Ski trip and these will be so handy!! Thank you soooooo much Plant Therapy!

    1. Oh, I love this!!! I never have time to make my own, and with 4 kids that have allergy problems, I’m so excited to have the pre-made sniffle stopper!!! Thanks, Plant Therapy. You truly ARE the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I just got this set for my daughter. She and the kids are always sniffly these days and the kids always have bruises and scratches. She loves them

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