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Traveling with Essential Oils: Everything You Need to Know

Spring Break is the perfect time of the year to bond with your family, recharge your spirit, and shake off those winter blues. If you’re one of the lucky ones who take full advantage of the kids being out of school and work is a bit lenient on handing out time off, then this blog post is made just for you.

Arguably one of the worst parts of traveling is preparing for the trip, especially if you have kids. So don’t put your packing plans on the backburner. Realizing you’ve forgotten something important once you’re away from home never fails to be a frustrating, sometimes embarrassing, situation. So start brainstorming now, getting your things together, and picking out your favorite PT products to vacation with! While we can’t pack your bags for you, we can let you in on some of the best ways to travel with essential oils.

Don’t forget your squad!

Balm Squad from Plant Therapy

Balm Squad, that is! These brand new balms are absolutely perfect for traveling. Being shy of just under an ounce each, these balms can fit easily into purses, backpacks, and suitcases without taking up much room at all. These natural, soothing balms have a wide variety of uses, from helping a runny nose to soothing that sunburn on your sensitive winter skin. Toss them in your bag now and be thankful when you reach for them later.

Learn more about our Balm Squad here.

Moving and diffusing? Totally possible!

Diffusing your favorite essential oils may seem impossible when you’re traveling—it’s not like you’re going to lug around your Ultrafuse everywhere you go. But you can take your Diffuse on the Move, which was made with traveling EO enthusiasts in mind!

Taking the benefits of aromatherapy on the road has never been easier with this compact diffuser that uses atomizing technology to disperse essential oil particles into the air using pressurized cold air. So that means no heat, water, or carrier oils are necessary to diffuse; all you need is a USB or 12V port.

Girls smiling on a road trip

This a great option when a long road trip is in your future. Make sure to bring essential oils and blends you may need to call upon while you’re away. Maybe you’ll need something to keep you alert and focused on the road (Energy, Clarity, or Pink Grapefruit), calm those rowdy kids in the backseat (Calming the Child), or ease a temperamental tummy that is not enjoying those bumpy roads (Dill Weed, Tummy All Better, or Peppermint).

Be proactive instead of reactive!

Using aromatherapy inhaler from Plant Therapy

Traveling comes with a few bummers we can all relate to. Headaches, jet lag, sore muscles, bug bites, exhaustion, and a wide variety of stomach pains can all make your vacation a bit less than pleasant, especially considering all the time and money you put into it. But instead of lamenting all these discomforts (and let’s face it—you know you’ll experience at least one of those dilemmas), plan ahead with your essential oils! Prepare a few different aromatherapy inhalers for issues you know might rear their ugly heads. These handy tools are perfect for getting all the benefits of inhaling essential oils, but without needing a diffuser or affecting others around you.

Couple walking in the airport with bags

So what are a few ideas to start with? Check out these blogs for awesome ideas on how to support some of the most common traveling ailments:

Keep it simple with pre-diluted roll-ons.

Family walking outdoors

When you’re busy traveling, the last thing you probably want to do is pull out all your aromatherapy DIY supplies and make a mess diluting and blending. Not to mention what a pain it would be lugging around bottles of carriers and essential oils. Instead, opt for a few of our pre-diluted roll-ons. These are ready to be applied topically without any effort from you besides uncapping the bottle and rolling it on!

Prevent spreading germs with our Germ Fighter roll-on, help your kiddos get a good night’s sleep with our Nighty Night roll-on, and take care of head and neck tension with Tension Relief roll-on.

Plant Therapy has more than 60 different pre-diluted roll-ons, so you are sure to find just what you and your family needs for the trip ahead!

Women's feet soaking up the beach sun

Don’t forget to head on over to our Facebook group Safe Essential Oil Recipes for more ideas and inspiration on how to travel with essential oils.


117 thoughts on “Traveling with Essential Oils: Everything You Need to Know”

  • PT’s pre-diluted roll-ons are the BOMB! Small enough to pop into my clutch, and inconspicuous enough to bring to a meeting as they look like perfume roll-ons. I also love that they do all the math for me, so I don’t need to fret as I would if I tried making them on my own. Thanks for having this newbie’s back, PT!

  • Thanks for the great ideas! Going to Disney and LEGO Land in a couple of weeks with my 10-year old grandson. After reading this, I think I’ll make a couple of balms to take along, for sunburn and scrapes, in addition to the roll-ons and inhalers I normally travel with.

  • Definitely making some relaxing and energizing roll on’s and inhalers for our family trip overseas for spring break!’

  • We are traveling with 2 small kids in the next few weeks, I definitely need to bring my oils this time around. A cranky toddler and soon to be toddler who want to get out and run makes for a long 2.5 hr car ride! Thank goodness I have my PT travel pouch for some blends and singles.

  • So excited to make some roll ones inhalers for my trip to California from Vermont. I’m thinking jet lag, tummy, relax, headache, and sleep. Perfect!

  • I’m so excited about using my Diffuse On The Move for road trips! I need the Balm Squad too!

  • I took a little case of oils on a trip to Disneyland last year. I was so happy to have them, but one of the bottles leaked. Luckily it was only in the oil case and did not permeate my whole suitcase. in the future I will definitely make them more travel friendly by making roller balls and maybe purchasing some inhalers this year.

  • These are some great ideas! I don’t travel with all of my oils but I always have lavender. It’s great for those long hours on the road. I also like taking lemongrass and orange with us because they’re super positive and uplifting.

  • This is so helpful! I’ve recently discovered how much I miss my oils when I leave the house. I’ve started making roller balls for work and travel!

  • This blog is exactly what I needed for a planned trip this May. I had no idea I would be reading so many great ideas and information! Thank you!!

  • These are all great tips! I cant be without my oils wherever we go. The kids need them for car sickness and I always get headaches so they’re great to always have in a roller. I put them in the nice travel pouches plant therapy has. I also like diffusing immune boom in the car and rolling on germ destroyer when we’re out.

  • I have been trying to plan what to take on our vacation and this article gives me some great ideas. Thanks so much!

  • I am more confident when we travel with kids since I have the essential oils with me. I like it that you recommend oils for different needs/situations. Thanks.

  • I never leave home without some form of travelling essential oils! I love the diversity of diffusers, roller balls and inhalers! Thanks for many more great ideas PT!

  • Thank you for this! My family & I will be going on our first cruise first week of April & this blog came at the perfect time! I’m definitely going to need a blend or oil for stomach pain with all the food we’ll be consuming on the cruise! And I’m definitely going to order the Balm Squad!

  • Were going to the beach this summer and deffantly will be using these ideas! I cant go a week without my oils!!

  • Using prediluted oils are a wonderful idea. I have not yet purchased a prediluted oil because it seemed to make more sense for me to predilute oils myself. However, this would be a great idea for the extra busy momma!

  • I always make sure that I travel with lavender and peppermint at the very minimum. Thanks for such an informative article.

  • I love taking my oils with me. I go hiking a lot and I need oils for sore musle and engery. I take them up and put in my clear bag. And bug spry also. Ilove my inhaler for my anxiety. So easy to travel with.

  • I never go on a road trip with out a calming, wake up and a germ one! I can’t wait to to try the balms!

  • Great article! Going soon to spend a month at Spain. Will be traveling with my Balm Squad, Personal inhalers and roller bottles. Thanks!

  • Pre-diluting before traveling is a must for me. I like to take several oils with me- peppermint, worry free, and digestive oils are in my top travel everywhere oils. I need to look into getting that Diffuse on the Move. Sounds like a great idea!

  • Great article. Easy way to travel with eo. Thanks I’m buying the diffuser and pre made roller blends for my next trip to visit my kids and grandkids.

  • While on the road I usually keep some bottles of oil (mostly 5, 10 or 15 ml) in a quart bag in my carry on. I don’t feel like risking it in checked luggage. My aromatherapy inhalers and pre-diluted roll-ons are so handy since I don’t need to lug a diffuser with me. Besides I don’t affect others when I have to use some oil goodness. All of these options work just fine with airport security #LovePlantTherapy Thank you #PT!

  • great ideas, makes the thought of flying with the little ones a bit more manageable. I’ll be preparing my roll ons soon.
    Thanx Plant Therapy!

  • I always carry a fistful of various rollers when I travel! So nice to have that piece of home with me.

  • I wish i had this info last month when we went to Disney! But still super helpful as we travel quite a bit, thanks PT!

  • I would add, if taking whole bottles best to take new bottles or bottles w new snipping-shut lid. And if not keep bottles of oil in your carry on (in a quart bag for security) since in checked luggage the pressure pushes out the oils. All you ideas, inhalers and balms are great ideas. Thx

  • When we traveled last time I had my pre-diluted rollers in a bag I got for the Christmas grab bags. It was great knowing I had all of the essentials at hand; sore no more, calming the child, copiaba, tranquil, and a sleep blend from another company. I also had another bag of ones I prefer to smell instead of use.

  • I’m not thinking!!! Have a big trip planned and NEVER thought about how I would take my oils? Roll ons & inhalers of course…..

  • Thank you for great ideas! I am going on a international trip in June and already was stressing out how I will bring some of my must-haves oils.

  • Thank you for this! My family & I will be going on our first cruise first week of April & this blog came at the perfect time! I’m definitely going to need a blend or oil for stomach pain with all the food we’ll be consuming on the cruise!

  • Great article! I’ve got 2 big trips planned this year and plan on bringing several pre-diluted roll ons with me! Never know when I’ll get hit with a migraine or tummy trouble from foreign food

  • Love this blog!! The only question I was left with was, if I am traveling with a bottle of oils do you have any tips to ensure my bottle doesn’t leak?? I’ve got anxiety about leaky bottles!!

  • This blog is exactly why I love Plant Therapy. Not only do they have a great product line-up but they are always offering tips and tricks to help in everyday life. My husband and I travel quite a bit so I will definitely include some of these suggestions in my packing.

  • Excellent recommendations! Leaving soon for spring break and I am planning ahead what to take! Love the Balm Squad idea – need one for sunburn! Making a list!! Thanks Plant Therapy!!

  • I like to make personal inhalers and roller bottles when I go places so I don’t have to also bring a carrier oil

  • Great article, lots of good ideas for traveling with essential oils. I travel with all of my full size bottles. It’s not convenient at all but I never want to end up in a situation where I need a specific oil but it’s a thousand miles away.
    I like the idea of inhaler blends and I plan to incorporate that. Also, the keychain for travel eo’s is a great idea and I am going to get one for myself and one for each of my children so that we always have the most essential of the essential oils right at our fingertips.
    Thanks again Plant Therapy for the information and wisdom!

  • This post is so helpful! I love the advice to be proactive as well! Before my family left for vacation last month I made sure to diffuse Immune Aid and I think it definitely played a role in everyone staying happy and healthy!

  • I really appreciate this post. I have a lot of anxiety when I travel and always feel like I’m forgetting something. This helps me be a little more organized.

    1. I recently went on a cruise. I packed my essential oils in a hard shell case to avoid spillage. i also made sure they were all clearly labeled. I put them in my carry on. I went through customs twice with no problems at all.

  • I would like to know if anyone has experienced issues with the TSA while carrying oils. I have several homemade blends and would absolutely carry my basics (pain, headache, glucose) in their roll-on vials instead of all my oils and supplies. But I wouldn’t want to find all this open if my luggage is pulled.

    1. I had couple of roll-ons in my pocketbook and a little hard case with six 10ml bottles in my carry-on bag and didn’t have any problems at all.

    2. I put them in a quart zip lock and show to security. I believe they could take unlabeled bottles, or homemade. I have not had a problem and I fly sfo-bos both security minded airports.

  • Thanks for the travel tips. I am trying to break out of my same old routine of just diffusing oils. We are traveling soon so I need to order some of the balms. They look so cute.

  • Awesome tips!! Excited to continue using oils on vacation!! Love the new balm squad!!! Can’t wait to get it!!

  • Great blog post and very relevant since we are headed on vacation next week. On my to do list is figuring out which oils I want to bring. I think I’ll make up some rollers before we go for ease of use.

  • I think I should just make two sets of everything because I never remember to take out of bags if I pack them, or bring them at all.

  • I bought the soft carrying case that holds 16 EO bottles. I know it will be put to good use when we’re travelling. I totally agree with the roll-on ready EOs. Makes it a lot easier to use while on the road.
    Thanks for the great article, PT!

  • Prior to air traveling, I’d take the oils that I know I will need and turn them into balms. This is because constant travel policies updates can be overwhelming to follow when you’re already busy with life, and I don’t want to be surprised at the security line. Haha.

  • I appreciate reading this. I’ll be flying across the country soon and was mentally trying to figure out how many oils to bring, as well as the best way to pack them. Now I know I need to just make 2-3 blends and pack those. Much easier!

  • I always bring my PT rollerballs blended for pain reduction and inhalers for headache and keeping the munchies away. Appreciate so much being able to use natural plant based means of healing rather than pharmaceuticals. Thank you for giving us such amazing products to make our lives better!

  • One of my favorite products I have ever purchased from Plant Therapy
    is the small traveling pouch that holds 10 dram bottles. I do not go on a trip without it!

    1. I love the idea but don’t know which oils I should keep with me for emergencies! I have the keychains just haven’t filled them yet!

      1. If i were your I’d make sure Frankincense, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lavender are part of your set for sure.

  • I used to worry about travelling with my oils, but I found some mini roller bottles that I keep in my Plant Therapy keychain pouch. I always have exactly what I need without worrying about something happening to my larger bottles at home. On a recent trip, I made some inhalers to take a long…that makes travel even easier!!

  • Love these ideas and especially a of taking pre-diluted roll-ons! I’ve traveled with neat oils several times and always forget to dilute them before I go!

  • I love my Diffuse on the Move diffuser in my car! We are traveling this spring and will be renting a car. Thanks for the reminder to pack along my diffuser to take care of those icky rental car smells. Also love using my aromatherapy inhaler at times when I can’t diffuse. Traveling can be stressful but these are two easy ways to carry oils along.

  • Loved reading this blog for tips since have a big trip coming later this year. I also just bought some of the PT plastic inhalers (cannot wait for the multi color aluminum inhalers to come back) to make some for traveling around

  • Very good article. When I’m going to rest. I always take coconut with me. It does not cause allergies and calms my skin.

  • I’m traveling to Hawaii in April. Thinking about taking something for immunity, sleep, sunburn, and energy! Now to narrow it down..

    1. A couple of years ago, I thought I was well-prepared with oils for our trip to Maui. Until I was stung by jellyfish while snorkeling! I bought a couple more oils at the health food store to add to the PT oils I had packed, and all was well.

  • I love taking my oils traveling. A lifesaver has been Sniffle Stopper- seems to nips those sore throats and colds in the bud.

  • I got some inhalers to use around the house because I can’t diffuse many oils around cats and my roommate is not fond of the smells. Never would have thought that they would be perfect for trips!

  • I just went on a vacation and I didn’t bring a single oil. Boy, did I regret that decision. Next time, I’ll apply some of these tips.

  • I never go on a plane without my Immune mix, my Sleeping blend and also some Coffee-Vanilla in 3ml bottle to sniff it on the run 🙂

  • Literally just asked this question in the SEOR and Oil of the Month groups for a trip last week. Great timing, PT! My work travel is just starting for the year so these ideas will come in extra handy in the next few months!!

  • These are some great tips. As someone who travels a lot I need to make up some inhalers to take along with me.

  • Great ideas for taking my favorites on the road (or in the air). Definitely will be adding some preventatives (roll-ons of germ destroyer and in aloe vera for on-the-go sanitization) and aids (sleep, relax, breathe) to my PT travel case.

  • We take a carrier of 2ml rollers everywhere we go. We included germ fighter, immune boom, relax, migraine mix, peppermint, a numbing mix of copaiba and clove, melissa infused oil, plantain infused oil, balance and 2 different mixes for fragrance….jasmine, and vanilla with sandalwood. There’s a few more in the bag, but can’t name them off hand.

  • I need to make some more inhalers for travel. They’re so much lighter and easier to carry. Thanks for the tips!

  • Thanks for the tips! I can’t wait to try the balm squad.

    My preferred way of traveling with oils are the inhalers and roll-ons. Very effective and super easy to carry and use.

  • Thanks for the ideas! I really need to buy some inhalers for travel and work. I always have a set of rollers on me though!

  • I always take inhalers when I travel. That way I don’t have to worry about anything spilling or it counting towards my liquid count on flights.

  • I didn’t realize you had so many ready to go roll-one! Have to take another look at those! Good travel tips!

  • Thank you for the great information. As always 🙂 I made roller bottles of my essentials for my Dominican trip.
    Germ fighter, digest zen, nighty night and self esteem. And immune boom for before getting on the germ filled plane 😉

  • I go everywhere with my oils! I have too many to choose from! This will definitely help me for my next trip in month!

  • Rollers are my go-to but I need to utilize inhalers more! Thank you for the great article to get my creative juices flowing! I’m off to the bargain bin to buy a package of inhalers!!

  • Thanks for this! I recently returned from a trip, and packed tiny roller bottles with essentials for nausea, headache, sleep, and tension! I think they really worked! Love those balms~ they will be a nice addition!

  • Awesome information! Thanks for sharing ideas of what to bring with us on trips. I love my inhalers and always have 2-3 with me at all times. Now I will be having the balm squad with me too!!

  • I love PT roll-ons for the diaper bag and travel. My faves are Germ Destroyer and Better than Kisses for the kids, and Self-Esteem for me. Tension Relief too when I am prone to headaches. Love these!

  • I need to remember to prepare some inhalers for the next time we travel. Such a good idea when it’s harder to diffuse EO’s.

  • Thanks for the great travel tips. Looking forward to trying out my new Balm Squad set on our family vacation coming up next month!

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