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Plant Therapy blends Lucky and Luckier with scratch cards

Are you Lucky? Or Luckier?

Hands down one of our most popular essential oil blends is Lucky! It’s a unique, limited-time seasonal blend we bring out just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s proven to be a customer favorite again and again. But this year we wanted to make the launch of Lucky even more….well, luckier!

To do that, we’re not only bringing back Lucky but also introducing a new blend, named Luckier. For added fun, when you buy one of the blends you’ll also receive a scratch card with a chance of winning up to $500 worth of PT products! And if you buy both of the blends together, you’ll get to test your own luck with three Plant Therapy scratch cards.

Plant Therapy blends Lucky and Luckier with scratch cards


Our Lucky Blend is a bright, clean, minty blend with a hint of citrus. It that will put a spring in your step and brighten your day! Diffuse Lucky and the magical aroma of Bergamot, Steam Distilled Lime, and Spearmint will freshen a room, enlighten your spirit, and support a feeling of confidence and motivation.

To use Lucky, diffuse to fill your home with a fresh, crisp aroma. Use at a 1-2% dilution with your favorite Plant Therapy carrier oil for an invigorating neck and shoulder massage that will help encourage a bright mood.

Ready to refresh your tired feet? Just add ½ cup of Epsom salt and 1 tablespoon of carrier oil blended with 3-4 drops of Lucky to a basin of warm water. Add your feet, sit back, and enjoy this relaxing foot bath!

St. Patrick's day decoration


Our new Luckier Blend includes the fresh citrus scents of Pink Grapefruit and Steam Distilled Lime, alongside the spicy Black Pepper and sweetly floral Magnolia Flower for a blend that is unlike anything we’ve sold before!

To use Luckier, diffuse to enjoy its fresh, crisp citrus scent that carries a hint of sweet floral and spice. Use at a 2-3% dilution with your favorite Plant Therapy carrier oil or other body product and apply topically for a bright and uplifting boost. Add a single drop to your aromatherapy necklace to keep the amazing aroma with you wherever you go!

Hands holding green St. Patrick's Day necklace

So what do you say? Are you feeling Lucky? Luckier? Or BOTH?!

Don’t forget to head on over to our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group to learn more about your favorite essential oils and great ways to use them!


181 thoughts on “Are you Lucky? Or Luckier?”

  • I got Lucky last March, and it instantly became one of my favorite blend to diffuse. Its sharp, sweet in a way and uplift my spirit every time. I have it at work as I love it so much

  • I love, love, love Luckier! I’ve been wearing in my necklace lately, and I get a lot of comments on the necklace, and when I offer a sniff, people love it! It’s not kidsafe, but the diffuser jewelry and inhalers are a great way to enjoy it even if you have kids.

  • Luckier is my absolute favorite smell. I really hope it becomes available again at some point. I like it diffused and I really like it as a roll-on. The dominant scent shifts from lime to magnolia and then you get hints of the pepper. It is also nice to have a blend with magnolia that is more affordable than pure magnolia.

  • These are my favorite (blends so far! I use lucky to lighten my mood and freshen the air. I use luckier on my wrists and in my homemade car air freshener. I will buy this every year!

  • My wife ordered this bundle and we absolutely love it. I am a little partial to the LUCKIER scent, but both smell absolutely amazing.

  • I absolutely love both blends. I use lucky in our foaming hand soaps and my girls love the scent. Can’t wait to use luckier once my little one decides to wean from breast feeding!

  • I love both of these blends!! I have been using lucky in my foaming hand soaps and my girls love the scent. I haven’t been able to use luckier yet because I’m breastfeeding, but looking forward when the day my daughter is ready to wean so I can diffuse at work.

  • Bought lucky for uplifting aroma. Hubby actually loved so much, he stole it to diffuse in his office for balance and calming at work. Great oil!

  • I was really impressed with Luckier. We had a really bad smell coming into our house for a few days, and none of my usual diffusing oils or air fresheners could cover it adequately. So, I tried my newest oil–Luckier–and it worked beautifully! As long as it was diffusing near where the bad smell was entering the house, we couldn’t smell the bad odor at all. It really was luckier for us!

  • Luckier is an amazing blend and I can’t wait to see if they will make it a regular next year! I ended up buying four of them to get through the year. It doesn’t smell that great from the bottle, but in a diffuser or a soap it is heavenly. It is not overpowering, and is a beloved addition to our oily collection.

  • Out of every oil I’ve ever gotten, Lucky has been my all time favorite! So much so, I immediately bought another bottle! It’s so uplifting, fresh, fun!

  • Grabbed this set while it was available, and I thought I’d enjoy Luckier more, because I’m not a huge fan of spearmint, but I have to say, they’re both a new favorite!

  • I got both the Lucky and Luckier blends and love both of them! I diffuse Lucky in my bedroom quite often. Very refreshing! Luckier smells of men’s cologne to me and I love it! It has a slight musk scent.

  • I look forward to the lucky blend each year and then this year you guys added luckier and, wow! I think plant therapy should make luckier a regular synergy!!

  • Being a little late to the essential oil world last year I missed out on Lucky. After hearing so much for the latter part of last year I knew I was going to get this blend. I was excited to hear their was a second blend, and luckier by far has been life. It’s always in my diffuser necklace from PT when I go to work. This is a mood elevator, and is pleasant enough that others around me love to smell it too. If needed I use it as a morning pick me up in my diffuser. Only sad part is I cant buy more until next year. I would love of this was a permanent oil

  • I ordered both lucky and luckier. I’ve tried but I just don’t like either of them. Luckier gives me a headache.

    1. Oh no! Sandra, please reach out to our Customer Service Team at [email protected] to discuss a return. We’re so sorry you didn’t enjoy the blends but I’m sure CS will be able to take care of you 🙂

  • I heard so many great things about Lucky that I had to order both! I really enjoy them but Luckier is amazing! It’s so uplifting and refreshing! Both oils are a must have!

  • I bought the set thinking someone in my house would enjoy the strong spearmint scent of Lucky, but was instead surprised by my teen boys who both wanted me to make them room sprays with Luckier.
    While Lucky isn’t our favorite, I’m sure I can come up with some great uses for it.

  • I really wanted to like these. I just can’t. They don’t smell back. I just can’t really smell them. I tried diffusing, adding to my lotion, and a room spray. Almost nothing there. It must be me because everyone seems to love them n

  • I finally received the combo set. I love them both. I diffuse Luckier in my office earlier this week and one of my colleague commented it smelled really good. Thanks Plant Therapy.

  • I have been sharing my bottle of Luckier with my co-teachers and they are in love. I hope you will offer both Lucky and Luckier next March.

  • I ordered the bundle and I loved them both but luckier was my favorite. Since I know these are seasonal I decided to stock up on another luckier bottle to get me through the year. Amazing. Thank you Plant Therapy for your seasonal products!

  • Received the bundle right before St. Patrick’s Day- I added Luckier with Olive Oil lotion- it leaves a nice scent- 🙂

  • I am in love with the bright, happy scent of Lucky! I think I purchased it on the last day it was available, I’m glad I didn’t miss out. It’s been on heavy rotation in the defuser.

  • I love them both. I was a little afraid of getting the luckier because of the Magnolia. Floral scents bother me. I asked Retha about it on the live show and she said it was well blended and couldn’t smell the magnolia. I am so happy to say she was correct. It was so well blended that the floral didn’t bother me. Lucky me.. I am even luckier that I can have both.

  • I only had the budget for one so I chose luckier! I’m so thankful I did! It smells amazing!!! I’m so bummed, I called customer service to try and see if many I could order more and it’s all gone!! I wish I would have ordered a could bottles! I’m praying it comes back around before next March!

  • Honestly I was nervous buying this but Luckier is now one of my favorite scents! I put it in a roller and use it all of the time.

  • I received the parcel yesterday. From a bottle a smell will cause a stir from when you disseminate it.
    I like to disseminate more, but not from a bottle.
    And the mix Luckier (new mix of 2019) is even better.
    I so understand that these mixes can be used in the car (they will not weaken?) Especially interests Luckier.

  • I bought Luckier and came home and happily put it in my diffuser. I really like it and think it smells great. A couple of hours later my husband came into the house and thought the house smelled like cat pee. He looked at the diffuser, smelled it and said something along the lines of he thought I put nasty cat pee in the diffuser. I laughed and told him it was not. He didn’t mind the smell out of the bottle, but he made me promise never to diffuse it again. Funny how different things smell to each of us. Personally, I think he was wrong, but everyone is different.

  • Oh my goodness I LOVE these!! I am so glad I took the chance on something new before it went away. These are so cheery….I love them both!

  • I love lucky, and was so happy that I loved luckier just as much. I ordered 3 shamrock bundles!! Great scents, quality oils, and chances to win great prizes and discounts!

  • I bought the Shamrock Bundle and as much as everyone loved Lucky.. I am blown away with Luckier. Unfortunately they sold out before I could make a second purchase so today I am purchasing the black pepper (I have everything else) and going to try to make a copy cat. Thank you PT.

  • I never tried lucky until this year. It’s great. I had only done the copycat before so I knew I’d like this blend. Luckier is amazing also.

  • If you used Luckier in a foot bath, would the Black Pepper that’s in it help with swollen achy feet? I know Black Pepper is usually used in pain relief blends/salves. I ordered the bundle and lately it seems like everything hurts. A nice pain relieving foot bath would be awesome.

    1. Kari, Luckier may be great for achy feet! It has a small amount of Black Pepper in it, but it may provide some relief. Plus, the brightness of Lime and Grapefruit can help as a mood-booster, since we could all use a little of that when everything is hurting! 🙂

  • Just placed my fist PT order. Can’t wait to try these oils! The blends sound amazing! So Excited!

  • I had to wait until payday and was so glad it had t sold out yet! I just ordered the set and can’t wait to see how lucky we get!!!

  • I am so excited to try Lucky! I’m hoping it is similar to my favorite, Bergamot Mint. Hoping for a nice clean aroma.

  • Luckier is in my diffuser right now and I am loving it. I need to get busy and make some lotions or soaps with Lucky and Luckier!!

  • I was gifted the holiday set and loved it. All the holiday blends are a favorite in our house so I plan of getting these, and hopefully getting lucky! Thanks for sharing and creating awesome scents for the holiday spirit!

  • I love both of these blends but if I had to choose, Luckier would win out. It has a nice crisp scent that is stronger (in a good way) than Lucky. I use it in my diffuser at work since I have a cat and my workmates love the brightness it brings. I hope it’s kept in stock!

  • Just joined today and can’t wait for my order to arrive ! I am excited for the Lucky and Luckier oils to arrive !! I’ve ordered your products before on amazon , but didn’t realize you offered free shipping and incentives for ordering direct . I’ll be ordering direct from now on !

  • Lucky makes me a little nervous bc Spearmint makes me nauseated. We really wanted to try it, but we decided to go with Luckier instead. I wish I could smell these before buying them.

    1. Dan, we know buying an oil or blend you’re unsure about can be a bit risky, but we have an awesome, risk-free return policy, so you’re always welcome to take a chance and if it’s really not for you, then simply return it for a refund 🙂

  • I bought both of these and love them! I prefer the Lucky version over the Luckier. The Luckier had a stronger sent. I might need to try fewer drops in my diffuser.

  • I agree, I honestly kinda hated both lucky and luckier when I smelled the bottles, but I diffused luckier and it smells much better!

  • Such a generous company! Offering excellent prices, plus bonus gifts with your limited edition oils. I won’t be able to partake this year, but watching all the winners on Facebook has been a lot of fun. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to partake in the excitement. Thanks for doing this!

  • I’m new to Plant Therapy and I’m ordering both Lucky and Luckier blends. They will make great additions and will be great to introduce to my massage therapy clients.

  • I cannot wait to receive my Lucky/Luckier bundle! This is the first year I have purchased it and this article is great. I need more recipes with Luckier since, like many others, I will not be able to diffuse that one. Thanks for all the blogs!

  • I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to purchase luckier before its out if stock. I have lucky,and while I enjoy it and can appreciate it, I don’t need to have it. Luckier sounds amazing though!

  • I am loving both of these oils. They are delightful to smell- very uplifting and perfect for spring. Even the bottle label design is adorable! Thinking about stocking up on more!

  • These two synergies are divine! Now I understand why people rave about them. I need to order a backup set (or two!) because I don’t want to be without them at any point during the year. Already dreaming of a “Luckiest” blend for 2020! 😉

  • The best oil set ever!! I love Lucky and my husband loves Luckier. They are both amazing oils. So glad I purchased both.

  • I am placing an order to get the bundle. Both Lucky and Luckier sound amazing and getting some scratch tickets is super exciting!

  • I received my bundle a couple of days ago and I’m totally in love with Luckier…I haven’t even opened Lucky yet. Thank you Plant Therapy for such amazing products.

  • I started PT’s OOTM in May 2018. Since that time so many customers were discussing how much they loved Lucky. I couldn’t wait to try it and then PT exceeded my expectations (again) and offered a second Luckier synergy! Thank you PT. I love them. So unique in scent…

  • Just had to hop on here and say how much I LOVE Luckier! It smells amazing!! I am not a huge fan of Lucky…it’s nice, but a little too much spearmint for me, but WOW! Luckier is absolutely fabulous and is quickly becoming one of my favorite oils!

  • I am so excited to order lucky. I was super stoked when I saw that it was kidsafe! That’s super important in our house!! I’m pumped to try it!

  • I just recieved Lucky and I love it!! Should have got the bundle but I’m new and still learning how to order and use the oils.

    1. Oh my, I am so jealous. I would love to own one Lucky and Luckier plus getting those scratch cards but my budget is a little tight this moment

  • I’m super excited to get my bundle. I can hardly wait to try the new scents and having scratch cards is so exciting! What a great bundle for St. Patrick’s Day,

  • Trying to decide about buying the bundle. Have it in my shopping cart and have a feeling I will give in soon after reading reviews on facebook.

  • I just ordered the bundle. I can not wait to get it! My birthday is St. Patrick’s Day! I love anything with clovers in it! I haven’t found a blend I didn’t like from Plant therapy

  • I just ordered the bundle of Lucky and Luckier! Can’t wait to use them. Thank you for making fun blends!!

  • I love Lucky, but luckier is my favorite out of the two! I smell sweet candy when I diffuse it. I will be wearing these on my diffuser necklace until I run out! Makes me feel happy and so very excited for spring. 11 more days!!

  • What a fun promotion! Thanks for keeping it interesting and making us feel like kids again. 🙂

  • Everyone has mentioned how awesome Lucky was since I found PT. I am so excited I just bought both.

  • My set came yesterday and love them both! But, I especially love Luckier. It is more complex with citrus and floral aroma. Have been diffusing and plan on making some body butter with it. And, I will be ordering more while available. 🙂

  • Don’t go by what Luckier smells like out of the bottle, just a heads up! When I opened it and smelled it, I was very disappointed (reminded me of a nail salon). However, when I diffused it I was blown away. It may be one of my favorite scents! Looking forward to trying in lotion as well 🙂

  • My daughter’s birthday is St. Patrick’s Day so I’m a sucker for anything with clovers. Lucky is one of my favorites. I just ordered Luckier and can’t wait to try it.

  • What are the available prizes on the scratch offs? What are the different discounts and stuff? 🙂 THanks

  • Luckier Has MAGNOLIA!!!!! yay… that it one of the sweetest smells of my life. It reminds me of my kids picking magnolia flowers and bringing them to me. When I saw it has magnolia in it, I knew I had to get it. For those who dont knowwhat that smells like….. its addictive. Really, it is that sweet. I am excited to try the blend. and figured i might as well order both. Why not? Im sure that $500 scratch off will be coming my way! Lol!

  • I couldn’t decided if I wanted lucky or luckier so I got both! hahah can’t wait for these to come in!!!!

  • I literally just joined PT! I’m so excited! I saw these on the banner at the top and my daughter and I got so excited! If they smell as nice as the bottles are cute, then my daughter and I are IN!!! LOL! 🙂 Looking forward to trying these as well all that PT has to offer!!!

      1. Thank you!! I did purchase the bundle this morning!! The website is AMAZING!! I have been navigating through it all day!! The info is so helpful, I love the wish list, and the simple, fun ways to earn points!! So happy to have found PT! 🙂

  • I bought both and they shipped today. I think my husband will like lucky, and my son maybe too. Everyone always raves about it, so I figured this year I will try it too. But…I need to see it’s puppy safe to diffuse.

    1. Tara, don’t hesitate to contact our aromatherapists at [email protected] if you would like information on essential oils and pets 🙂 But remember, you can always use your oils in aromatherapy inhalers or in body products if you are concerned about diffusing it.

  • I just purchased both! Can’t wait to get them and try them out. Planning to use the Lucky to brighten up our winter weary homeschool mornings (ready for Spring!) and the Luckier for myself! They both sound amazing and I’m excited to try them 🙂

  • Lucky is one of my all time favorite blends. I am super excited to see what Luckier will bring! Thank you PT for returning this awesome blend.

  • I ordered the bundle and can’t wait to try these oils! I know Lucky has an awesome reputation so I can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about!

  • Cant wait to get Lucky & Luckier blends in the mail. Love that the Lucky blend is kid safe too sure my kids will have fun with this as well.

  • I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Lucky I ordered them both. Can’t wait til I’ll they get here!

  • I really like Lucky. I tried it for the first time last year. I can’t wait to try Luckier. It sounds amazing. I think I’m going to make a foot massage oil with Lucky.

  • Yay! I’m only new to Plant Therapy and have been hearing all the talk about Lucky and how beautiful it is. I’m so excited it’s finally here for me to order!

  • Can not wait to get these. I’ve heard great things about Lucky for months. It seems they will be here tomorrow. I’ll be putting them right to work!!! ☘️

  • I have heard so many good things about Lucky. I’ve been anticipating the launch and jumped at the bundle as soon as it popped up on my screen. I bought 2 and I’m stalking the mail until it’s delivered. HAHA.

  • I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about lucky… Saw the shamrock set with that and luckier!! Can’t wait to find out in my mailbox!! ♥️

  • This is my first year trying lucky and of course luckier! I’m super excited to smell them and see if I won anything!

  • Just curious.. why are they labeled “lucky and luckier? Will these oils bring more luck? Btw, I got the set and I can’t wait to try them

    1. Lucky and Luckier are just fun names we chose to associate the blends with St. Patrick’s Day. Plus, we offer a little extra *luck* with our scratch cards, where you can win discounts, products, and prizes 🙂

  • Luckier sounds so fabulous. Magnolia and Black Pepper???!! I can’t wait until I can make room sprays and hair mist with it!

  • This is SUPER tempting. People really seem to love this blend, and the new one sounds super interesting.

  • I am so excited to try “Lucky” and “Luckier”! A little apprehensive about the Black Pepper note because I don’t know what it smells like, but hey — I’m down for trying new things!

  • just placed my order as soon as lucky was available!! Thank you for offering a bundle with a third chance to win!!! I LOOOOVVVEEE my plant therapy oils!! I’ve been sending all my friends and family to you guys, I tell them amazing quality, best prices, and the ultimate best customer service ever!

  • I can’t wait to try these I’ve heard so many wonderful things about them on the live shows. So I odered two sets. Super excited to receive them

  • I still had a tiny bit of Lucky from last year that I was hoarding. Placed my order this morning, so I can use it up! Luckier sounds amazing – what an unusual combination!

  • I’m super excited for Luckier! It sounds amazing! I’m really looking forward to receiving the Shamrock bundle!

  • I just ordered the bundle! I am super excited to receive it! I am new to EO’s and was not a PT lover when it came out last year. I think I will love the blend!

  • I ordered the Lucky for the first time and got a special deal on Respir Aid Roll on (never tried a Roll on) Can’t wait for them to get here. Hubby gets to “scratch” the card…he’s always “LUCKY”! Thanks

  • I gotta say Im pretty excited to try Lucky, the way PT regulars are raving about it!!! I cannot wait. – Im fairly new to PT & already Im in love with the products as well as their customer service. I wanted the Bundle but unfortunately couldnt bundle the Lucky set bc Luckier isnt KidSafe. Not so lucky. LOL

  • Just ordered the set! Just started using PT less than a year ago. Love everything about them! I feel like I already got LUCkY!

  • Everyone in my house LOVES Lucky! How often does that happen??? I am so excited for Luckier, so I ordered the bundle. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

  • Soooooo excited for this! I’ve been hearing about it for literally months and did not get it last year. I sent a bundle to my mom and another to my MIL and bought three bundles for myself. That’s how much it’s been hyped!! They both sound absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to smell them for myself!

    1. I ordered the bundle this morning. I have only bergamot eo ,which i love,so i am very excited to smell the other oils in these blends.

  • Excited to try Lucky!!! I discovered Plant Therapy about 7 months ago and I’ve heard so many people rave about Lucky. I’m excited to finally be able to try it nyself!

  • How strong is the spearamint smell in Lucky? The smell makes my husband nauseated so from the beginning of my oil journey I decided not to get any blends with it but this one is really tempting!
    Also, could either be effective to reduce muscle pain and discomfort? The Lucky did mention the foot bath.

    1. Jessie, the Spearmint aroma is not too strong in this blend, but since it’s a smell your husband doesn’t care for, he’ll probably be able to pick it out pretty easy. When you have a distaste for a certain smell, it’s often very easy to separate from the other aromas. Lucky and Luckier both have moderate effects on discomfort, but it was not the primary focus for either of the blends. The Bergamot in Lucky is known to reduce muscle tension, and the Black Pepper in Luckier is an excellent choice for muscle discomfort 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for your reply. I know aiding in muscle discomfort wasn’t they’re intended use but I was looking for other excuses to get them and noticed a few helpful oils. Thank you, this was a very helpful answer.

  • I ordered the bundle. I’ve been eagerly awaiting Lucky, thanks to SEOR and the OOTM Facebook pages, but… oh… there’s magnolia in Luckier! And scratch offs! And a sticker! You guys sure know how to make aromatherapy even more fun. Can’t wait!

  • I just placed my order and I’m so excited to try them both! Maybe I should have paid for faster shipping ☘️

  • I’m ordering Lucky today! It sounds clean and refreshing- perfect for spring cleaning and diffusing during the day!

  • I just put my order in and I can say I’m already about to die waiting for it to come in the mail. You guys have really out done yourself with this one! I’m glad I get to keep the Luckier and gift the Lucky to my son. He’s going to be so happy as he loves spearmint!

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