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Twin Falls Planting Kindness crew at work

Planting Kindness: Valley House Service Project

For 25 years, The Valley House has been helping those in need in the Magic Valley.  The Valley House is a Homeless Shelter with the capacity to help up to 35 families at a time.  They have common areas, beds, and small apartments available at it’s two current locations.

However,  those in need in Twin Falls are in luck, as the Valley House is expanding! Construction is almost complete on the newest addition to the Valley House, Sharon’s Place is set to open soon!  

Plant Therapy sent a team of helpers over to put a little #PlantingKindess love into this new space for our April volunteer day! Our PT Team sent volunteers in full force to help add paint and elbow grease to ensure the new space is ready for future tenants.  We cleaned, organized, and even made a few food bags for visitors that reach out to the Valley House needing a meal or two.

Twin Falls Planting Kindness crew at workThe Valley house hands out approximately 350 food bags per month, so our assembling and bagging skills were a welcomed sight. You may not know that the Valley House is 100% community funded! This means they get zero government assistance or funds and rely solely on volunteers and donations.

Last year, with help from members of the Magic Valley, the Valley House was able to help over 5,000 homeless individuals, of which, over 2500 were children. Plant Therapy was so excited to take some time and help this amazing place get ready for Sharon’s Place’s open house.  

We look forward to more Planting Kindness events at The Valley House and hope to return often to work with Executive Director, Sharon, and her amazing team. We hope you enjoy taking a glimpse into the day we had giving back and enjoying a day away from the office with our team.

Twin Falls Planting Kindness crew at workWant to help?  You can email [email protected] to arrange donations of any kind, or to volunteer your time: [email protected]



23 thoughts on “Planting Kindness: Valley House Service Project”

  • Wish we could do some spin off activities like this in our area! And how about those T-shirts?? I would love to purchase one!

  • This is really a great project and so glad you were able to get involved. Wonderful contribution from a wonderful company. This is what puts you all at the top of my list! Great job Plant Therapy

  • Plant therapy far exceeds every oil company in every way! And you guys just keep getting better and better. I’m proud to be your customer! Well done, PT!

  • It’s so awesome to see a company that takes giving back seriously and even provides paid time for their employees to be involved as well.

  • Two months ago, I decided to start researching the benefits of essential oils. Prior to that, I had never owned an oil – I was a complete newbie! During my research, I ended up on Plant Therapy’s website and knew this was the company I would be making all my purchases from. I didn’t even research any other company because I “just knew” this was the right one…you know that feeling you get. They have so much information in their blog posts, I felt like I was reading a very well written resource guide page by page. I read hundreds (probably more than that) of reviews on the single oil pages and the blog posts and those were so helpful as well (so thank you to the customers for assisting me also). When I was reading through them, I noticed how genuinely caring the plant therapy crew were when they responded to comments/questions in the blog posts. That was comforting. Because of Plant Therapy, I learned about Robert Tisserand, which then led me down the road to his valuable information, as well as reading studies and learning about constituents. The constituent chart Plant Therapy has that lists a summary of some of the constituents and oils containing them was a great starting point reference and another reason I wanted to learn more. I appreciate Plant Therapy making the batch tests available for us so that we can see the main constituents in an oil we purchase and what the percentage is. This has been very helpful in my second round of making synergies. Like I said, this company really does care about it’s customers and provides us with so much information along with great oils (it has to say something about their oils when I’ve already purchased 35 since the end of January and love all of them – you absolutely cannot go wrong with Plant Therapy!) When I saw this blog post I had to share my story just in case someone is reading this at the start of their essential oil journey and is considering Plant Therapy as the company to purchase from. The reasons are many when it comes to why you should, and their blog entry above is one of them! They care about people…not just their customers, but their community as well!

    1. Wow, Trish, thank you so much for such a kind and thoughtful comment! We are lucky to have wonderful customers like you! 🙂

  • Plant Therapy is so AMAZING.. You all make me want to move to Twin Falls and be a part of this amazing family. Thank you for everything you do and thank you so much for you kindness.

  • Plant Therapy does so many wonderful things for the community; this is another fine example. PT has such an admirable philosophy and is so creative in finding the best way to give back to the community. LOVE PT and their mission!

  • When I recommend Plant Therapy to others, I always include their dedication to giving back to the community as one of the many reasons I love them!

  • Having been homeless I know just how important this kind of service is. Thank you for giving to those who are most vulnerable.

  • Wow this is neat, I had no idea Plant Therapy did things like this! It makes me love this company even more!

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