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Naturally Blended

Evoke: The Six Scent Profiles and Why You Need Them

Plant Therapy Evoke natural scent

Evoke: Six new fragrances designed especially to evoke emotion in your home!

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Evoke Thrive and Celebrate sets from Plant Therapy natural scentsEach fragrance scent in the Evoke line was created to elicit a specific emotion and create a new atmosphere in your unique home.  For any essential oil lover, the world of Evoke may seem entirely different to what you know and love. And well, it kind of is (but in a good way). Evoke uses isolates to draw different fragrances from each oil. What we’re left with is all natural, intensely unique home fragrances.

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Today we’re going to take an in-depth look each fragrance profile so you can get the most out of each scent.


Evoke: Romance and scentThe first member of the Thrive Set, Spirit stands out with a warm and complex aroma that is spirit filled and woodsy. It combines notes of caramelized sugar, bourbon whiskey, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla balsam with hints of lemon bitters and cedarwood.

Add a drop or two to your diffuser for a rich, warm atmosphere. Or if you’re looking to add it to body care products, try DIY lotions or beard oil, or dilute to 1-2% in your favorite carrier oil or lotion.


Verve is a woody and sweet blend that can add a new dimension of fragrance to your home. With notes of lemon fizz and cardamom, sweet tobacco and warm sultry woods, this scent is rounded out with hints of amber and vanilla. Use Verve to create a warm and romantic environment.


The final member of the Thrive set, Zest is a lively, fresh and spicy fragrance. It combines notes of peppercorn, juniper berry, and aquatic florals mixed with lime zest, lemon peel, and ambery musk tones. The exciting and vivacious fragrance would be perfect in your diffuser or diluted 2-4% in a carrier oil. Use Zest to infuse your home with creativity and energy!


Evoke: Romance and scentExcite, the name says it all! It blends notes of tangy citrus, peppered rose, green foliage, and warm woods. Hints of black pepper and tea tree round out this exciting and fresh blend. Try using Excite to pair with a romantic date night and help set the mood.


Taking a fresh and floral turn, Jubilation is a lovely addition to any home fragrance collection. Combined notes of lush berries and crushed peppercorn, Grandiflora rose and luminous musks make this a beautiful and complex blend. Add a few drops to your diffuser or try different methods of passive diffusion to fill your home with Jubilation.


a woman putting on perfumeAnd last but not least, Revere completes the Celebration Set. This floral and spicy blend combines notes of apple blossoms and citrus, along with rose absolute, dewy greens, and soft musks.

When experimenting with your new Evoke scents, it’s important to remember that they can be used in a variety of different ways, not just diffusion! Use them as a personal fragrance, in body care products, or passively diffused around the house or in your car.

22 thoughts on “Evoke: The Six Scent Profiles and Why You Need Them”

  1. Absolutely THRILLED that PT is branching out into complex fragrances! I started out with the intention of just buying the Thrive set, but ended up buying both Thrive as well as Celebrate because they both sound so lovely. Spirit and Verve are the ones that pique my interest the most.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I have been curious about this set and I think I’m going to give them a try at some point soon.

  3. Although most of these scents aren’t up my alley, most of them are too jumbled and weak for me, with no note really standing out, I am still grateful for all of these ideas on how to use the sets I bought! I’m going to sub them in the royal hand cream and make perfume or after shave for my husband. So thankful to have all these other DIY ideas, too. Thank you!

  4. I was able to get samples of all 6 by splitting with other people, I’ll have to say I’m glad I got the samples. I really don’t like them but I’m sure others will.

  5. Looking forward to trying these out as I have an affinity for more masculine scents. Spirit and Verve sounds the most intriguing to me.

  6. Excite is my favorite in the Celebrate set. Jubilation isn’t my cup of tea. I’m really curious to try the Thrive collection, though. Sounds like something I could use to create cologne and other products for my husband.

  7. These scents sound decadent. I like manlier scents so some of these sound right up my alley. Verve really has piqued my interest.

  8. These all sound so nice! I really like how revere sounds, but I’m drawn to those manlier scents because I have 4 guys and they would love manlier scents!

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