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Almond carrier oils plant therapy

The Natural Products (and Tips) You NEED for Dry Skin!

If you’re suffering from a bout of dry skin but don’t know what to use to make it better, we’re here to help! Cold winter weather hasn’t let up quite yet but that doesn’t mean you have to go on with uncomfortably tight or irritated skin. Let’s take a look at some of Plant Therapy’s best products for skin that’s in desperate need of some nourishment and moisture!  

Start with hydrosols.

plant therapy hydrosols

Hydro-what? Don’t worry! If you aren’t sure about what hydrosols are, we have a blog that can help answer your burning questions: What is a Hydrosol?

For dry skin that may be rough or irritated, try using Lavender, Chamomile, Helichrysum, or Rose hydrosols. Not only do these smell fantastic and have incredibly calming properties, but you’re going to love how easy and convenient they are to use. Either spray directly onto your skin or dampen a cotton round with the hydrosol before applying it to the skin. No mixing, no measuring, no mess. Just beautiful skin!

Try this Dry Skin Toner, which uses only gentle hydrosols for irritated skin:

Blend together 2 ounces of Rose Hydrosol, 1 ounce of Lavender Hydrosol, and 1 ounce of Helichrysum Hydrosol in a 4-ounce spray bottle. Spritz anywhere you know your skin needs some hydration and enjoy! Please keep in mind that this mixture, like all hydrosols, should be stored in the fridge.

Interested in learning more ways to use these amazing products? Check out Our Top 10 Ways to Use Hydrosols! 

Carrier oils help provide immediate relief to dry skin.

Sometimes the name “carrier oil” can be a bit deceiving. These amazing products do so much more than carry essential oils to your skin. In fact, they are extremely enjoyable to use by themselves and provide awesome benefits to your skin. And if dry skin is plaguing you, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on some!

So how do you use carrier oils on dry skin? It really couldn’t be easier! Simply take about a teaspoon of your chosen carrier and use clean fingertips to gently massage it into your skin.

Organic Argan Carrier Oil:

Dry skin is no match for Argan. This nutty carrier oil is rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid, and fatty acids. It’s wonderfully hydrating for dry skin; beauty experts swear by this vitamin-rich oil to help make complexions glow while also reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Avocado Carrier Oil:

This deeply penetrating monounsaturated oil contains vitamins A, B, D, E, and beta carotene, making it very nourishing and moisturizing. Avocado has a much thicker consistency than many other carriers, and is often used in small amounts (about 5-10%) with other carrier oils to enrich them with its vitamin contents. This carrier is wonderful for very dry skin that is in dire need of some immediate moisture. It is also known to support sun-damaged skin.

Try Avocado in this DIY Dry Skin Essential Oil Oatmeal Mask to support soft and supple skin, even when the winter weather is trying to dry it out!

Almond Carrier Oil:

This all-around helpful carrier oil has a multitude of uses, but supporting dry skin is where it shines! It has excellent emollient properties that help to soften and recondition skin, plus it penetrates the skin quickly, providing quick relief to dry, irritated areas. Please keep in mind that this carrier, along with the aforementioned Argan, is made from a tree nut. Anyone with a nut allergy should consult with their medical practitioner before coming into contact with it.

To learn more about amazing carrier oils, check out A Deep Dive into Carrier Oils: Everything You Need to Know.

Some essential oils are great for dry skin, too!

Essential oils, carrier oils, and hydrosols can help with dry skin

If you want to add a little more power to your carrier oils, let’s take a quick look at some of the best essential oils for dry skin.

Helichrysum Italicum is wonderful for your skin’s overall health. Not just dryness, but also skin that is inflamed, itchy, and blemished. Use it on your face in a 1% dilution, and a maximum of 5% on other areas of the body.  Learn more in The Top 5 Benefits of Helichrysum.

Frankincense Frereana is a fantastic go-to for all kinds of skin concerns. It supports dry skin while also helping to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and scars. Add a single drop to a teaspoon of carrier oil and gently apply to your face. For other dry areas of concern, we recommend a 3% maximum dilution.

Carrot Seed nourishes and helps heal skin due to being rich in carotenoids. It is known to rejuvenate the look of dull, dry skin, balance the skin’s sebum, and also helps with the healing process when you’ve got a nasty sunburn. We recommend a dilution of 1% on the face and up to 3% for other areas of the body.

Lavender is a soothing and gentle skincare favorite, especially for skin that is irritated and dry. To help care for all-over dryness, add 9 drops of Lavender to half an ounce of Almond Carrier Oil and apply to your entire body (excluding the face, which we recommend a 1% dilution) or massage onto specific areas of concern. And don’t forget to check out our 10 Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil blog for even more ways to use this amazing oil!

Don’t forget about our Organic Healing Balm!

The original organic healing balm plant therapy

We’ve taken our popular Organic Healing Balm and made it even better! Made with soothing natural ingredients, this wonderful balm moisturizes, relieves dry and irritated skin, and leaves skin feeling silky and soft. Use the Original, which does not include an essential oil blend, or try one of our newbies, featuring the blends of Silky Soft, Sniffle Stopper, and Better Than Kisses.

For more ideas about the best products to use for dry skin and tons of great tips, make sure to check out our blog 8 Practical Tips for Healthy, Glowing Winter Skin.

And don’t forget to visit our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group for even more oily goodness!


88 thoughts on “The Natural Products (and Tips) You NEED for Dry Skin!”

  • I’m anxious to try the lavender hydrosol – in the meantime I love my Jojoba Organic carrier oil, I couldn’t be more pleased with its use as a carrier oil and an overall moisturizer on this aging skin!

  • I wish I would have known this info during winter, haha, but it was really cool to learn more about this since I have dry skin.

  • Plant Therapy introduced me to the hydrosols and I LOVE them! I only have Tea Tree, Melissa and Helichrysum; but want to get the whole set and mix them for even more benefits.

  • I’ve used essential oils for many years in skin care products but Plant Therapy was my introduction to hydrosols. Now rather than patting water on my face before applying cream, I spritz with a nice cool shot of heli-hydro. Sealing in moisture is one thing Mama taught me but sealing in moisture AND nutrition ? That’s a game changer!

  • I had never heard much about hydrosols before Plant Therapy, but I am so glad that I learned about the Rose Hydrosol. It smells absolutely amazing, and I love using it as a detangler for our hair. It is also very nice on the skin.

  • I had not considered using hydrosols for my dry skin before. Thank you for the idea. I might try some rose hydrosol.

  • I’m going to be making a beard balm and so glad this blog is here to tell me the benefits of the carrier oils! Can’t wait to make it and help a friend out.

    1. Ruth, these suggestions are wonderful for providing deep hydration to skin, so they can certainly provide support to crepey skin 🙂 If you’d like more information on that particular topic, make sure to reach out to our team of aromatherapists at [email protected]

  • I have been adding a drop of Frank to my daily moisturizer. It works well with my dry skin and the smell is terrific! I am not aware that Heli is also great for dry skin. Would it be alright to combine a drop of both EOs to my face moisturizer?

    1. The smell of heli straight from the bottle leaves much to be desired! Ooooff
      I am using it on my face. It better yield positive result

  • I can’t wait to try a few of these tricks since we have dry skin most of the year and are definitely dealing with it still this winter.

  • I have incorporated helichrysum hydrosol usage this winter for a throat infection; it reduced the burning instantly. I also use rose and helichrysum hydrosols on my dogs for the occasional skin irritation; they work well.

  • I love the healing balm and am wondering if you could add oils to it like it is or would it be better to melt it?

    1. Shannon, you can add oils either way 🙂 There is no way that is better, just depends on your personal preference.

  • Great article. I love to put carrot seed, frankincense and lavender into jojoba oil for anti-aging and softening.

  • I have a chamomile hydrosol I forget to use and now I’m definitely going to bust it out and remedy my dry skin brought on by this second winter.

  • As I’m getting older, I’m noticing that my skin is getting drier. These are great suggestions. Thank you!

  • I love the hydrosol I make for my face. Helichrysum hydrosol, water, coloidial silver to stabilize, an eo’s of jasmine & magnolia since they’re cooling.
    Thanks for the reminder about carrot oil!!

    1. Julia, hydrosols are water-based products with zero preservatives included, so keeping it in the fridge helps keep it fresh and free of bacteria that can grow in warmer conditions 🙂

  • I, too, have never tried hydrosols. If only choosing one (to start), what would be the best recommendation?

    1. Lynne, I like to recommend Rose Hydrosol for beginners because it smells wonderful and is great for your face, to spray on linens, I even spray it in my hair in the evenings to give it a nice, fragrant smell! However, it really depends on what you plan on using your hydrosol for and, of course, what your own personal aroma preferences are 🙂

  • I use hydrosol with glycerin and hyaluronic acid in a facial serum under my oil-based skin serum. My face has never been happier. Love PT hydrosols and carrier oils!

    1. Ashley, it’s hard to pinpoint the *best* hydrosol for that concern since we are all so different, but I would recommend either Chamomile or Rose hydrosol, but you might find Peppermint hydrosol being very soothing as well 🙂

  • Wanting to get carrot seed. I have PT face serum flagged to try. But wish there was a few more DYI on using it. Hey PT guys can you postsome more ways to use it

  • I’ve stopped using lotion all together and just use carrier oils. Argan is my go to but will add avocado to the mix. Will you be selling the balm set individually soon? Thank you

  • Can’t wait to try healing balm! Currently using younger glo in my night Tim regime mixed with skin restore, hoping for good results

  • I’ve been having luck with helichrysum or chamomile hydrosol followed by the balm or a carrier oil. I’ve been trying other carrier oils but have argan so I’ll give that a try tonight. Thanks for the ideas.

  • What a good idea!! I can’t believe i haven’t tried this even tho I use that mix on my face every day dang it!!

  • I am in love with the rose hydrosol mixed with the helichrysum. It really helps the smell to be much nicer on the nose! It’s amazing for dry skin and red, itchy skin. I think I need a huge bottle!

  • I believe that I’ll be purchasing some hydrosols in the near future. I’m always looking for help with my dry skin.

  • The Organic Healing Balm is my go to for sure. As long as I can remember to use it daily my knuckle that keeps splitting open heals nicely. I have tried both the new formula and I am still working on my container of the old formula. I LOVE both of them. The healing balm will be on my list of must haves for forever!

  • I learned about hydrosols because of Plant Therapy. Rose is my favorite. It smells just like a real old fashioned rose and leaves me feeling happy.

  • Good information to know! Although i have heard carrot smells bad I have heard the benefits are worth it and still plan to try it someday!!

  • I love the Healing balm for cracked feet and dry hands. would love to see a post about nails. I bought the evening primerose and Manuka to use on my nails, hoping it will help but the scent is awful. I love almond oil for my body and have used Argan with Frankincense on my face.

  • Never tried/heard of hydrosols before but my dry winter skin needs to give them a try! Plan to try the helichrysum.

  • Hydrosols are now my new favorite thing! They really help keep my skin soft and blemish free. But I’ve never tried them combined. Will definitely try this.

  • I got a question. Can we also apply carrier oils to lips? I got very dry lips. I suspect it’s due to the warm weather and slight air pollution

  • I never heard of hydrosols until finding Plant Therapy. I am looking forward to learning more about the hydrosols in this article, specifically lavender and chamomile.

  • Thank you for this. My poor aged skin is extremely dry – so this has come at a good time. I didn’t think of using a hydrosol in my body – use it only for my face.

  • Thanks for the post. I am new to using oils and have never thought of using the oils that I can cook with on the skin before. Quite educational !

  • Perfect timing for this post! This winter is determined to drag on forever, so dry skin is still hanging around!

  • I use the Helichrysum Hydrosol as a astringent on my face every morning. It helps with my redness and acne.

  • I’ve had terrible dry skin this season and have just been using coconut as my carrier oil. Will now look into avocado or almond oil! Thanks PT!

  • Wow, thank you for this. I have psoriasis and extremely dry skin. I can’t wait to try some of these products

  • I can hardly wait to try the new, reformulated Healing Balm! I love the original so much…I am always finding new uses for it. Most recently I used it on my 5 year old’s very wind chapped cheeks after ice skating…she was back to soft and smooth within several hours. The Healing Balm saved my kids’ noses so many times this past winter during sickness, too!

  • This blog is soooo wonderful and informative!! So much information that I just happened to need at the moment crammed into this little blog! Thank you!! I can’t wait to grab hold of this dry winter skin and get it back to normal!

  • Thanks for posting this – so much information to follow in the links too 🙂 I usually only use Frank serrata, but I may have to treat myself to frereana for dry hands from sun and gardening.

  • I have never tried hydrosols but will def try these ones as I have dry skin and eczema specially during winter…thanks for the tip.

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