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Behind the Scenes with Hello Spring

You know what time it is—Springtime! And we all know what happens in Springtime. No, it’s not Easter, it’s not Spring Break, it’s…

Say it with me: Plant Therapy SPRING BLENDS!

That’s right; it’s that time of year again! Time for us to bring to you some of the most springy-fresh scents on the planet.

Plant Therapy Hello Spring Spring Blends

Our Hello Spring Set includes three gorgeous essential oil blends that are sure to evoke all of the best parts of the season. And to make it even more special this year, we’ve given our spring set a complete makeover. Now you can enjoy these unique spring aromas in designs that are as beautiful as the aromas themselves.

But have you ever wondered how exactly these blends come together? Where does the inspiration come from?

How do we decide how to “bottle” spring?

Flowers in the sunshineWell, making sure everything is just right for our customers is always a top priority that involves tons of amazing, hard-working people.

Our own Emilee Hughes, Certified Aromatherapist and member of Plant Therapy’s Product Development Team, says that the inspiration for these blends comes from the sights, sounds, and smells of spring itself.   

“If you look at Morning Sunshine, we really just wanted our customers to have that feeling of the first morning of spring, where you start feeling warm from the inside out and you smell those beautiful blossoms,” she gushed.

Then it’s on to the Design and Graphics Department, who have the difficult task of taking that aroma and translating it into beautiful imagery.

One of our talented graphic designers, Jayme Montoya, says she is so happy with the outcome of the final pieces and hopes that customers are just as excited.

“We’re seeing a trend in design right now of using a lot of texture,” said Jayme, “so I really wanted to play off of that…and use watercolor to give it a nice, light, airy, and organic feel.” 

Plant Therapy Spring blendsThis three-set of springy essential oil blends includes two customer favorites plus one brand-new blend. It conveys all the different moods and scents of spring!

Fresh Meadow

Our new Fresh Meadow Blend aims to capture the essence of this beautiful time of the year.

This amazing blend of Orange Essence, Amyris, Bergamot, Ginger Root Steam Distilled, and Jasmine Absolute creates a scent that’s as complex and cheerful as spring itself. The citrusy and sweet scent, with its touch of spiciness, helps calm your senses and promotes uplifting feelings of joy. Enjoy the way Fresh Meadow can put a spring in your step and encourage positivity!

Island Sunset

Island Sunset has a sweet, tropical, woodsy aroma that can elicit an island feel wherever you are.

This blend was created with oils that will help you escape to a calming atmosphere no matter what climate you live in. Cedarwood Himalayan and Copaiba Oleoresin offer a calming and revitalizing woodsy aroma. Orange Blood and Peru Balsam bring a tropical sweetness that uplifts the senses. Even if you’re not enjoying a tropical island vacation right now, Island Sunset can transport you there with the relaxing smells of the tropics, helping you feel at ease.

Morning Sunshine

Everyone wants to start their mornings off right and Morning Sunshine can help with that! It’s great for easing the mind by helping reduce worry, alleviate tension, and promote focus.

Morning Sunshine has a sweet, citrusy aroma that is bright and uplifting—like a ray of sunshine to start your day! The oils used to create this blend are wonderful for boosting your mood and keeping your spirits up. The brightening Grapefruit Pink helps to lift mental fatigue while Lemon Steam Distilled promotes cheerfulness. Rhododendron soothes nervous tension and Lavender Fine has a calming effect. Altogether these oils work together for a pleasant morning wake-up call.

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Essential oil bottles next to chamomile and lavender flowersWe hope you love the new look and feel of our Hello Spring Set as much as we do!  Make sure to head over to our Facebook Safe Essential Oil Recipes group for more oily fun.


108 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes with Hello Spring”

  • Fresh Meadow is probably the best blend I’ve ever tried. It really smells like a beautiful blossoming spring morning. Very uplifting. However, Morning Sunshine and Island Sunset is not so great. I gave me multiple tries thinking I will get used to them but nope I toss both of those in the trash. I wish PT would sell the Fresh Meadow individually in 30ml bottles. Love it so much.

  • To the person or group that came up with Fresh Meadow….Wow! It is sooooooooooooo good! Definitely one of my favorites! Normally I like to add my own blends to the diffuser depending on the day, but the Fresh Meadow blend is so good I find myself using it more and more because it smells so good. I also appreciate that a little goes a long way so I don’t have to use more than a couple drops. I like it so much I ordered more to have on hand when my first bottle runs out. I hope you bring it back again for us next spring….or year round would be great 😉

  • Fresh Meadows is my absolute favorite oil… ever! It captures the perfect essence of spring and flowers. I love it so much! Hopefully I can snag a few more bottles before they disappear

  • I usually skip seasonal promotion, but I bought Morning Sunshine and Fresh Meadow after reading positive reviews on them. I’m happy that I did!I may place another order before it’s sold out.

  • I’m not a fan of floral scents but your marketing on these is so beautiful it makes me want to try them anyway!

  • I just ordered Fresh Meadow, it’s full of my favorite scents, can’t wait to try it! I still have some of the others from last year from that set.

  • This is is BY FAR my favorite set!
    Fresh Meadow is perfection in a bottle!!
    & Morning Sunshine is quick to follow!
    I’d personally LOVE To see both of these to stay for good!

  • I just received Fresh Meadow yesterday, and I’m in the process of ordering another! This blend is amazing, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it sticks around for next spring, otherwise I may need to order more than one extra!

  • I SO have spring fever here in Missouri! I bought the set because of the price savings, the pretty packaging, and I think I will like them all. But I am most looking forward to Fresh Meadow. It just sounds like me!

  • I am so excited to try these. The shipment cannot come soon enough…and spring weather is welcome to arrive ASAP, too!

  • I am so excited about these oils! I just ordered a set. I love the smell of flowers, but also have allergies. It will be so great to be able to have the smell of fresh flowers without constantly sneezing 🙂

  • I’m curious…how long will these items be available? I wanted to wait and order them on April 1st.

  • Fresh Meadow sounds amazing! And that box is so adorable! Can’t wait to put in my next order 🙂

  • I am so in love with my Hello Spring set. So far my favorite is Fresh Meadow. Diffusing Morning Sunshine today at work and it is beautiful. Looking forward to Island Sunset. I am sure I will love it just as much as the other two. Thank you PT for beautiful products!

  • I ordered all 3 because they all sound amazing….super excited to try them as soon as they arrive!

  • I love the packaging and am very excited to try the set! It will be interesting to see how the scents turn out.

  • I like the behind the scenes take! Would love to hear more from the aromatherapists about how new blends are created. What a fun, creative job!

  • Just ordered the set Friday with my 15% off lucky scratch off and can’t wait to try them. Especially interested in the scent of fresh meadows. I hope it truly does smell like honeysuckle. I didn’t buy the spring blends last year as I just discovered plant therapy last July so I’m doubly excited to get this set!

    1. I’m excited to try the newest blends but I have to say the new labels, for me, are a turn off. Way to busy!
      Texture: Yes
      Watercolors: Yes
      Myspace Graphics: Nope
      1990 Blogger Layouts: Negative
      Texture, watercolors, with clean lines: absolutely!
      Lucky labels felt like Easter and detracted from the intention of the blend. The labels here leave me the same feeling.

      1. We’re so glad you like some aspects of our design, and appreciate your input on what you think needs improvement 🙂 We take customer feedback very seriously; thank you for your thoughts 🙂

          1. We are very happy you love it, Estelle! Our Graphic Department puts so much time and love into these new labels so it’s always wonderful to hear positive customer feedback 🙂 But of course, all input is welcome and appreciated!!

  • I’ve had the pleasure of diffusing Morning Sunshine. Wowza..It’s just wonderfully uplifting. The Fresh Meadow smells terrific right from the bottle! I was so happy with these that I went ahead and ordered another of each! 🙂

  • If I close my eyes, I could almost smell spring by how the words of this blog described these EOs! Definitely worth buying!

  • I’ve heard fresh meadow smells like honeysuckle, which I’m hoping is true. Either way these sound amazing!

  • I think I would love Fresh Meadow Essential Oil Blend, too bad it has no reviews yet .. But I hope those who already bought it will soon share their experiences with this blend. I bet it smells amazing!

  • I ordered my set and cant wait for it to get here. So excited to finally get to experience these great blends I have heard others rave about. Thank you Plant Therapy for bringing them back another year!

  • I am super excited to try morning sunshine! Sunshine I feel like this will help to wake me up in the mornings!

  • I will be ordering Fresh Meadow. I got the other 2 last year and really like them. I really enjoy the limited edition blends.

  • I am so excited to try these! I was super sad I missed the island sunset one for the limited release.

  • Morning Sunshine is one of my favorites! I’m debating on getting the other two since they are not kidsafe but they sound amazing!

  • Excited to try these! Patiently waiting for the add on to change so I can get them ordered. Retha seemed to really enjoy them in the live last night!

  • I SO want to try some/ all of these Spring scents! There is much to be said for change, and a change of seasons is just what we may need right now! Bring Spring!

  • I can’t explain how excited I am that ALL 3 Of these oils are safe to diffuse around children there has been so little kidsafe products that came out recently other then lucky. Also spring is my favorite season on the year! & to be able to get the scents of spring into a bottle just blows me away!

  • These sound so great! I’m especially excited about fresh meadow! Thank you PT for keeping things interesting!

  • These scents sound so nice! Can we know how long these might be available? I think they are in my favorite scent category if fresh and sweet.

  • These Oils sound incredible – cant wait to try! I love florally scents this time of year – Fresh Meadow sounds awesome

  • I just purchase my Hello Spring set and can not wait to get them. I was able to try Island sunset last year from another customer because I didnt find PT till May so Im excited to get whole set and the new addition Fresh Meadow sounds wonderful.

  • Fresh meadow sounds so good. I love floral smells. My husband is going to kill me but I think I need it

  • Can’t wait to try these! They all sound amazing! Thinking Morning Sunshine would be a fantastic scent to get my day going.

  • Great information. I just ordered the set and I am so excited to diffuse these blends! And the box they come in is adorable.

  • I am so excited about these blends, and the new packaging! Thanks for sharing a peek behind the scenes; I love knowing how products are created. PS: Just a reminder to anyone else who is ordering: don’t forget to print the info sheets! You’ll regret not having them later when the blends are taken off the website!

  • I’d love to see you guys send out sample cards like you had for Christmas 2017. I loved getting to smell all the new blends:)

  • Fresh meadow and morning sunshine sound lovely. Based on the reviews though, I would be very hesitant to buy as a set because of island sunset. It sounds like many people do not like it?

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