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How to Blend Hydrosols

Hydrosols are one of the most versatile and easy-to-use products that any budding aromatherapy enthusiast can enjoy! I hope you know what I’m talking about. But if you don’t, make sure to check out these blogs to learn more about these wonderfully light and refreshing aromatic waters:

But if you have them and love them already, I’m about to introduce a new idea that just might blow your mind! It’s so simple, you’ll be amazed you didn’t think about it long before.

Have you ever considered….blending them?!

That’s right. Just like how you can take your most favorite essential oils and marry them together for a new fantastic aroma full of amazing benefits, you can do the same with your hydrosols!

And, like with essential oils, the possibilities are practically endless. The combinations, the outcomes, the aromas, and functions—you name it.  

So how do you blend hydrosols?

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Honestly, whatever way you want. Let’s say you love misting your pillow with Lavender Hydrosol before going to bed, but are ready to change it up a bit. Try adding a bit of Chamomile Hydrosol and see how you like it. They both have incredibly relaxing properties and sweet floral aromas, but the mixture of them together creates a brand new aroma to fall asleep to.

A personal favorite hydrosol blend of mine helps control breakouts and skin blemishes.  It’s an easy-peasy mix of 2 ounces of Tea Tree Hydrosol with 1 ounce of Rose Hydrosol. Just spritz on your face in the evening after washing it like regular. I like to follow it up with a dab of Jojoba Carrier Oil as a moisturizer, but the hydrosol blend is actually pretty moisturizing on its own so you may not even feel like using a cream or oil afterward.

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Another popular hydrosol blend for the face is our DIY Dry Skin Toner. It combines Rose, Lavender, and Helichrysum hydrosols to help quench thirsty skin and give your whole face a refreshing cleanse!

For some extra anti-itchy skin power, try blending Helichrysum, Lavender, and Peppermint hydrosols together. You can blend them equally (for instance, an ounce each), or pick your favorite as the primary hydrosol and add the others sparingly. An example would be starting with Helichrysum Hydrosol, which is wonderful for itchy skin but has an aroma that doesn’t appeal to everyone. Try adding a teaspoon of Lavender Hydrosol and see how it affects the overall smell, then continue to add more until you reach an aroma that is easier for you than Helichrysum alone. It’s always best to start with small amounts and gradually add more to your liking, just like when blending oils.

Woman spraying product on her hair

Always remember to label your creations with their ingredients and store them in the fridge!

So are you ready to try your hand at blending hydrosols? You can even make some masterpieces with your kiddos, since hydrosols are gentle enough even for babies. That means you won’t have to worry about little hands coming into contact with anything undiluted and harmful. Let your imagination run wild and make sure to tell us some awesome creations in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group for even more inspiration. 


105 thoughts on “How to Blend Hydrosols”

    1. You would need to research and decide which solubilziers are right for your needs. Alternatively, you could use 1 floz Everclear, 3 floz Hydrosol, and about 50 drops of essential oil.

  • Can I use Hydrosol to replace water in making EO spray as I do not want to use ever clear/preservatives/emulsifiers in my formula? Im looking to make a flea and tick repellent spray for my dog.

    1. Even hydrosols will require emulsifiers and preservatives when essential oils or other ingredients are added. Hydrosols are a water-based product.

    1. Should you add water or witch hazel to your hydrosol, you will then need to add in a preservative. The hydrosol is self preserving in the refrigerator but should not have anything additional added to it unless a preservative is used.

  • Do I need a preservative when I mix hydrosols? Is shelf life shortened when I mix them or is it still at least 6 months as long as I store them in the fridge?

  • I’ve always seen/read about hydrosols but when I would go to order something I would sort of just skip over it. I’m glad I came across this blog that actually explained what they are and how to use them! I’m really excited to try helichrysum and tea tree!

  • My real question is how much easier it is to ruin the efficacy of a hydrosol than an EO? I want to mix up an essential oil blend with my Melissa Hydrosol, but don’t want everclear or anything else to ruin the hydrosol.

  • Great article, never thought of blending them but will be sure to try this soon. I currently have rose, helichrysium, peppermint and lavender. Will definitely be adding more during cam!

  • I found that blended hydrosols giving better result than alone. We have to understand and know well each hydrosol functions in order to optimize the benefits from them.

  • I’m new to hydrosol. Very useful and informative blogs that help me how to make use of hydrosol. Great jobs! Looking forward for more ideas an recipes…

  • Blending hydrosol is a great idea! I think I’ve had better success using blends than using them individually.

  • Currently have a mix of Heli, Rose, and Cham that I spray on after washing my face at night 🙂

  • What a great idea! I’m going to have to go buy some hydrosols now, it’s pretty much a requirement!! But really, that facial toner recipe sounds great, thanks for sharing!

  • thank you for this post. I never really knew what to do with hydrosols let alone how to mix them. Can’t wait to try these ideas.

  • I just found my way to the hydrosol page and was extremely excited to see helicrysum. It is my absolute favorite skin oil!!! I have been using it for sunburns for years! I am excited to try it in a hysdrosol so as to not use a carrier oils. I also would love to try it in the alone jellie!

  • I have been wanting to try a hydrosol since my first oil purchased in October 2018. With these great suggestions, I am going to finally take the plunge and order one. Thanks PT!

  • Love the rose hydrosol, and purchased the chamomile for my granddaughter’s eczema – will most definitely be purchasing again. The rose is my morning “wake me up” sprintz, and I apply again in the evening after washing my face. Great ideas to blend them too; thank you!

  • Great idea! The rose hydrosol was too strong for my face, so glad to hear about a mix that will allow me soothing lavender too.

  • Love hydrosols. I use rose in my hair and tea tree in my grandson’s hair. Need to try combining them.

    Can you dilute the hydrosols with alcohol? Also, can you add a preservative so that they don’t need to be refrigerated?

    1. Kelly, there is really no need to dilute a hydrosol with alcohol; is there a reason you would like to do this? However, if you would like to add a preservative it will help extend the shelf life but you will have to refer to the preservative you’re choosing and the manufacturer’s directions to learn more about how it will affect the hydrosol.

  • This is exciting! I can’t wait to try blending my hydrosols now. I also want to add them to some creams and salves for added benefits.

  • Hydrosols are something I’ve been eyeing. These post gave me some good ideas and now I’m off to read the other ones.

  • I love my combo of Rose, Helichrysum & Chamomile hydrosols for my skin. I don’t use Melissa hydrosol for my skin, but it is quite calming when spritzed on whatever we’re wearing or the pillow.

  • I’ve been using Helichrysum hydrosol every morning before applying the Evening Primrose Cream and I love it! I actually enjoy the smell of the Helichrysum 🙂 I’m dying to get the Rose, I hear wonderful things about it but haven’t tried it yet. It’s on my wishlist just waiting for its new home!!

  • I love hydrosols! I blend lavender and chamomile to spray on my baby’s sheets and car seat on long distance travels… I haven’t tried any others though so keen to give Rose and helichrysium a go as a face toner!

  • PT hydrosols are so well priced and amazing! You can get the fresh smell of the eos without purchasing the expensive eos like rose and helycrysum. I use my rose hydrosol as a facial toner and the tea tree i use on my kids when they have itchy legs. I also use rose as hair detangler. So many uses! I can’t wait to begin mixing them too and trying other scents as well!

  • This is great! Didn’t know I could blend hydrosols. I love using the Helichrysum but couldn’t stand the smell.

  • I’m excited over the thought of blending lavender and chamomile hydrosols.those are my fav scents for my pillows

  • I love hydrosols, so this blog post is great! I think rose is my favorite, it’s so versatile! Thank you!

  • I never thought to make a master blend with my hydrosols. I usually just spray them on individually and hope all the ones I sprayed ended up with enough skin contact to be useful.

    1. A hydrosol and a floral water, such as rose water, are actually the same thing. They just have different names! In fact, hydrosols are commonly called flower water, floral water, distillate, and hydrolat. Kind of confusing, so that was a great question!

  • I love this blog. I have been so hesitant to purchase hydrosols due to hearing comments that they smell bad. I finally got the rose hydrosol last week and I love smells just like you sniffed a love rose. I find myself using it probably a little to much ❤. I’m excited to try other ones and then maybe blending.

  • I have all the hydrosols! Love them even more than oils some days … but I’ve never thought to blend them!! Does it matter what type of container you use since they’re not oils?

    1. Becky, a dark glass bottle is really ideal, but honestly the container choice doesn’t make a huge difference, so it’s down to your personal preference. Just make sure you keep your hydrosols stored in the fridge 🙂

  • I threw together lavender, tea tree, chamomile, and frankincence for a healing spray. I also keep it in the fridge. I love hydrosols! I wish PT carried more. 🙂

    1. Joann, hopefully in the future we will have more opportunities to carry a wider variety of hydrosols. I love them so much as well! Thank you for your input, because it is absolutely customer feedback that helps us decide what to offer 🙂

    1. I absolutely agree, Lori! Sometimes they are just perfect when you need a little refreshing burst 🙂

  • I am so happy to read this blog… blending my hydrosols will be so beneficial and fun. Thanks PT! ❤

  • I use the Rose Hydrosol all the time, and I absolutely love the idea of blending Rose with Helichrysum next!

  • I would have never thought to combine them to create something even better. I am going to try Rose and Helichrysum hydrosols on my face for dry skin.

  • I love both Rose and Helichrysum hydrosols on my face. Combining them together is going to be a game changer. Thanks for the idea.

  • I was glad to stumble across this blog, I had never heard of hydrosols until this week. Will be looking further into them!

  • I cannot believe I never thought to blend hydrosols. Leave it to PT to keep coming up with new and awesome ways we can use products. Thank you!

  • I love mixing the rose with helichrsyum it really helps with the smell and is so soothing! I need to add more to my wish list!

  • I can’t believe I never thought of this! Literally mind blown!! Will definitely have to give this a shot.

  • Hydrosols are amazing! I use them almost daily! I still need Tea Tree and Melissa to complete my collection but the other 5 get used plenty!

  • Well now I must buy all the hydrosols of ever! I love helichrysm on my daughters face when she has wind burn from being out in the barn!! I can not WAIT to try all these mixes!

  • I love the hydrosols. I spray them on dry or irritated skin then follow up with healing balm. After a long day I like Melissa hydrosol sprayed on my face to calm me.

  • Oh my goodness! I use hydrosols all the time and never once thought to blend them, thanks for waking me up!

  • I cant wait to try tea tree and rose, they sound like a wonderful combo and i have been looking for something to help with my facial skin.

  • I love Rose Hydrosol! I mix equal parts rose and helychrisum hydrosols and use as a toner. I made Plant Therapy’s detang recipe with rose hydrosol and I loved it!

  • Good post and helpful! I was under the impression that one is not supposed to mix hydrosols. Will give it a try.

  • Love the hydrosols. I use rose for my hair and use tea tree for my grandson, to protect him from the lice outbreaks at school.

  • I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before. Thanks for some of the blending suggestions, Plant Therapy!

  • Thanks for the ideas for hydrosols. I have been mixing half and half tea tree and lavender but will switch up with rose on the next go round! If you came out with a neroli and ylang ylang hydrosol I’d be in heaven!

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