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defender essential oil blend

Meet Our Newest Essential Oil Blend: Defender

Meet Plant Therapy’s newest addition: Defender!

Worried about Spring sniffles? Want to help keep germs at arm’s length? Then KidSafe Defender has your back!

Help support your entire family against the threat of seasonal illnesses with the immune-boosting power of Defender. Its bright and fruity fragrance will freshen up your home and encourage a clean and welcoming environment. Plus this dynamic combination of essential oils is a great way to support a healthy immune system and uplift your spirits with its pleasantly sweet aroma.

defender essential oil blend


This synergy combines the citrusy aromas of Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Steam Distilled with the woody aromas of Frankincense and Juniper Berry. Finally, this blend is rounded out with the sweet, floral scents of Lavandin and Sweet Marjoram. All of these amazing essential oils work together to create an incredible blend for the whole family.

To enjoy the uplifting aroma, diffuse a few drops in your favorite Plant Therapy diffuser. If you prefer to use it topically, dilute it to 2%-4% in your favorite carrier oil or lotion. And who doesn’t love a fantastic natural cleaner! Start by adding 15 drops of Defender and 1 tablespoon of Castile Soap or dishwashing liquid to 4 ounces of distilled water. Just spray and wipe to help keep your home clean during times of seasonal illnesses. And for yet another way to use this amazing synergy, check out this simple hand sanitizer DIY.

defender essential oil blend


Defender Hand Sanitizer DIY

What you’ll need:

*This recipe has been updated to include alcohol for maximum effectiveness.

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What you’ll do:

Measure out Everclear/ethanol and Aloe Vera Jelly into different containers. Mix the essential oils in the ethanol and then slowly add in the Aloe Vera Jelly while mixing with an immersion blender, hand mixer or whisk. Once blended, pour into your container and use as needed.

*Note: Although these ingredients are known to be effective at helping prevent and eliminate germs, this DIY is not a substitute for regular, proper handwashing.


134 thoughts on “Meet Our Newest Essential Oil Blend: Defender”

  • Great! I didn’t even realize this was available. I’m so excited to try this and it’s kidsafe!

  • Wow, what a great idea! In my job, i constantly have to clean my hands. This is an easy and yummy smelling way to keep them germ free!

  • I love Defender! I am going to try this hand-sanitizer recipe! Is there need for a preservative? Thanks!

  • I’ve heard so many good things about zombie blood but it wasn’t available anymore. I’m very excited this new blend has come out and as soon as I can I’m gonna order one!!

  • Just received our bottle of Defender and really keen to try (and share) the DIY recipes above! Really like the inclusion of the DIYs – thank you!

  • Can’t wait to use this in foaming hand soap and to rotate it into our germ free arsenal! I love Germ Destroyer but this sounds perfect to rotate it with in the summer! So excited!

  • I love this blend in the diffuser! Such a sweet, light, citrus scent. Definitely going to be making the hand sanitizer!!

  • I am SO excited to try this blend! PT is coming out with new products left and right…my wallet can’t keep up! I love that PT listened to their customers after everyone went bonkers for Zombie Blood–maybe you will bring Luckier on full board too! wink wink! I can’t wait to giver Defender a try!

  • SO glad this was made a permanent offering. Love being able to switch back and forth between this and the spicier Germ Fighter for a little boost.

  • Hurray! I’ve been hoarding my Zombie Blood (isn’t that a funny thing to say ). Now I can use it freely as it can be replaced! Just made some foaming handsoap for the bathroom with it!

  • So excited to try the hand sanitizer!! Loving defender thus far (topically and diffusing). So glad there are more immune support options that are Kid safe!!

  • **Shout Out To PT!**
    If anyone is seriously on the fend about PT Let me tell you if you want an amazing company that ACTUALLY CARES About what the customers say & want THIS Is a perfect example!
    This was a Halloween blend that made it to the shelves to stay thanks to everyone who had a part in keeping ZB here to stay this is a hands down favorite in our house!

  • I got mine today! I am loving this scent on my diffuser. It’s so bright and uplifting. Hey, it’s protecting me also.

  • An answer to a prayer:) Thanks PT for listening to all of us that just need zombie blood in our lives all year!!!

  • I’m so excited that “Zombie Blood” aka Defender is now in the regular oil lineup! THanks for the hand sanitizer recipe, going to try this soon!

  • Ya all have no idea how thrilled I am to see this “zombie blood “ brought back! And cute new name too! You guys have really nailed it with one. Wait….I think you guys usually nail all PT stuff! So happy I found this company a few years ago! This blend has been amazing in our household!

  • Thanks for making this available year round. I’m relatively new and heard so many people rave about Zombie Blood. Looking forward to trying it out!

  • I got this oil when it was zombie blood and it is one of my very favorites. I tried to use it very sparingly but now I can use it whenever I want since it is a permanent oil. Thank you Plant Therapy for listening to your customers!!

  • I call it Zombie Defender because my daughter said it defends from the flu, so you don’t feel like a zombie. Good to see it’s a regular oil now.

  • Sounds like a great blend that I need to add to my repertoire. Just got the aloe jelly so will try the recipe for the hand sanitizer.

  • Super excited about this new synergy! I love Zombie Blood, and now I can get the same blend year round. I’m going to make the spray cleaner and hand sanitizer recipes too.

  • Am a Zombie Blood fan – so really excited to have this blend becoming regular! Thank you PT for listening to your customers!

  • Love this as a hand sanitizer. Used the last of my zombie blood so excited to get more of this blend

  • I’m so excited to have “zombie blood” as a permanent addition to PTs products! Call it what ever you want, this blend is amazing!

  • I’m really excited to try this one! I’ve heard amazing things and I’m glad this is a regular line up blend now!!

      1. Jessica, PT’s Aloe Vera Jelly already contains a preservative, so there is no need to add anything additional 🙂

  • Oh this sounds great! I’d love a summary of the differences / times to use germ defender vs. immune aid vs. this newest defender blend. Thanks Plant Therapy!

  • I am excited to try Defender. The hand sanitizer is a must have and will be making it as soon as I get my order! I love citrus do I am sure I will love this new blend. I didn’t try Zombie Blood.

  • I’m so excited this has become a part of the regular product line! I no longer have to hoard my zombie blood!

  • I LOVE my Zombie Blood, and I’m allergic to most store bought hand sanitizers, so I can’t wait to make this! I’ve been hoarding my Zombie Blood and I am so relieved I don’t have to any more. Not quite a newbie to oils, but still not entirely comfortable making my own blends- I prefer to buy them from the experts!

  • Just ordered this one! so excited! I would like to make cleaning spray with it, any specific directions for that?

  • I hope the cool label makes a comeback around Halloween! Zombie Blood was the very first purchase I ever made with PT and I’ve been hooked ever since! #oilylife4ever

  • I’ve read so many great reviews about zombie blood nd felt bad that I cannot get one. So haapy to learn that they’ve brought it back. I would love another blend to alternate with immune boom.

  • I am new to oils and missed out on Zombie Blood but have heard nothing but great things! I can’t wait to get some defender and make some hand sanitizer!

  • I’m so excited that the company listened to all the requests to bring this synergy back. Excellent job PT!

  • I have heard so much about Zombie Blood I need to order this to try it out. I think I need to order another one and have it sent to my parents they definitely need this and a few others.

  • I did not get Zombie Blood, but I will definitely be trying Defender (although I’d love if it were still in the old fun bottle).

  • I’m a newbie oil user so I wasn’t around for Zombie Blood. I kept hearing so many good reviews on it though, so I am SOOO glad you came out with this. Already ordered and looking forward to getting it. Thanks for the Hand Sanitizer DIY, with 4 kids, it will definitely come in handy!!!

  • I am so excited about Defender! Does anyone have links to research about the effectiveness of DIY hand sanitizers like the recipe in this post? I want to ensure it’s effective for use, because there are immune compromised people in my family!

  • I am so excited for this! I found out about PT through social media and “Zombie Blood” is one of the most talked about topics. I am excited to try Defender and to know it has great benifits!

  • This sounds awesome to switch up the oils I use in our hand sanitizer for a change. I can’t wait to try it!

  • I can’t wait to try this one! Missed out on Zombie Blood and was so sad! Glad it is a permanent addition!

  • So happy that this is going to be available all the time now! I still have my three bottles from when it was zombie blood. It’s my go to for when I need an immune boost!

    1. Em, therapeutically Defender would be more close to Immune Boom. However, like Germ Destroyer, Defender would work great in a cleaning recipe 🙂

  • So happy this is going to be a regular item. One question, when it says seasonal illness is that more alingbthe lines of allergies or colds? I get seasonal allergies each spring and would love a synergy that could be my “go-to” during that time.

    1. Courtney, Defender is primarily an immune-boosting blend making it more suitable to help prevent catching a cold 🙂

  • Woohoo! Can’t wait to get to compare to the zombie blood! 🙂 Also pt what a good idea with diy handsanitizer.

  • As a huge zombie blood fan, this makes me so happy to see! This might just be the best smelling immunity booster out there!

  • I just ordered this and can’t wait to try it out! I’ve heard so much about zombie blood but never got to order any. Thank you for offering this blend!

  • I’ve heard so many people say this is one of their favorite scents! I’m excited to be able to try it and the hand sanitizer sounds great!

  • I am SO excited to try this blend! I have only heard amazing things about Zombie Blood, so I’m delighted you’ve made it a regularly available scent. Can’t wait to try the hand sanitizer recipe. Thanks, PT!

  • If this is anything like Zobie Blood my family will love it. I never thought about a hand sanitizer with this. I will definitely be using this for my next batch!

  • Love it !! Ordered some today as soon as I noticed it was available. My question is why is it not in the kids safe line with the kids safe label? Or I guess I should ask is their a difference between the kids safe line and just blends that are labeled kids safe ?

    1. Abigail, anything with the KidSafe label is safe for children ages 2 through 10. The only difference really is that the KidSafe line is designed specifically for children’s needs, though adults can use it as well 🙂

  • Is Defender the same blend as Zombie Blood? Or just similar? I’m so glad it has a more palatable name because zombies just terrify me and I couldn’t get behind that one. I’m also glad there’s now a kidsafe immune blend that doesn’t have dill.

  • I’ve heard so much about Zombie Blood, but missed it in the fall. So glad to have the opportunity to try Defender!

  • Love, love love that this is going to be available at all times of year! This is going directly into my wish list!

  • This sounds like a great combo scent wise. I use the germ fighter and immune aid but am considering adding this to the rotation.

  • So excited about this one, and love the name change as well!! Absolutely going to try the sanitizer recipe, thank you pt!

  • I have heard SO MANY good things about Zombie Blood but haven’t been able to get my hands on a bottle. In comes DEFENDER! As soon as I saw the post, I knew I had to have some. So excited to try it! Thank you Plant Therapy! Not only do I have a well-recommended blend coming in the mail, you’ve given us so many ways to use it!

  • So excited to try this! I’ve been hearing great things about Zombie Blood. I love citrusy fresh smells and think this will be my new immunity blend!

  • Interesting read. I have hward about the immune support effectsnof.the blend, bit i didn’t realize that this can also work as hand sanitizer likenthe germ fighter/destroyer.

  • Thank you PT for another great kidsafe option! I love Zombie Blood and am excited I can purchase this blend for my family any time!

  • So excited about this! I wanted an alternative to Immune Aid because I like switching out frequently used oils. This will be a great addition to my collection.

  • I’m so excited, I was waiting patiently for Halloween to roll around again, but this is way better. Thank you for bringing a favorite on full time.

    1. The only EO used in this blend that is phototoxic is Pink Grapefruit. However, as long as you dilute Defender to the recommended 2-4%, there is no concern of a phototoxic reaction 🙂 Great question!

      1. Thank you for your reply. I will be getting this in my next order then. Was concerned about phototoxic reactions since it’s sunny nowadays

    1. They share similar therapeutic properties but include different oils in the blend, so the aroma is very different.

      1. Got it–thanks for the clarification. Thrilled to have another blend to add into my wellness rotation!

  • Say no more! Just ordered I’m especially excited that it has Juniper Berry. That’s one oil I’ve been curious about but have never tried. Super excited!

  • Defender sounds like a fantastic blend, and the timing of its release is spot on! And since it hearkens of ZOMBIE BLOOD – I’m all in!!! Can’t wait to try this!

  • Zombie Blood ‍♀️ was one of my favorite scents!! I love the way it makes my house smell. I’m diffusing it today. Thanks for making it a regular, although I will miss the fun zombie bottle!

    1. I love the germ fighting blends but wonder about using something else besides the jelly for those of us who can’t have all the extra ingredients?

      1. Anne, you can always blend a couple of drops with your favorite carrier oil and rub it on your hands if Aloe does not work for you 🙂 If you use Fractionated Coconut Oil, which is a thin oil, you’ll be able to use it in a pump bottle and make a much larger quantity.

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