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Essentials Video: Myrrh Face Cream for Dry Skin

Suffering from tight, dry skin? Or maybe the unsightly dry, flaky patch? And we all know that any makeup used trying to cover up the issue can just make it look worse. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. This Myrrh Face Cream uses the heavy duty moisturization of Shea Butter and the smoothing and soothing properties of Dermisoothe. The goodness doesn’t stop there! Myrrh is highly prized for its ability to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and scars and reduce redness. Plus Chamomile German and Bergamot are also excellent for helping soothe and clear skin.

Because this cream is intensely moisturizing, we recommend using at night on clean skin. You can either apply it to your whole face or use it as a spot treatment for especially dry patches.

Essentials Video: Myrrh Face Cream (for Dry Skin)

Myrrh Face Cream for Dry Skin

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:
  • Over a double boiler, on medium, mix and melt together Shea, DermiSoothe, and Honey.
  • Put in fridge until it hardens (about a half hour).
  • Whip essential oils into butter.


48 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Myrrh Face Cream for Dry Skin”

  • Oh. That’s great. I can make use of the Shea Butter which I bought it for Deep hair conditioning only. I’m looking for recipes to use up the Shea Butter.

  • I’m excited to try this recipe. How long will the cream last and does it need be to be stored in the refrigerator?

    1. Because there is no water, a fridge isn’t needed. For best results, we’d recommend using up within a couple months.

  • I love Myrrh applied for a sore throat. I have heard it is good for the skin as well, but haven’t tried it for this. I must try this!!

  • Had to swap some of the oils for what I had on hand but a great base recipe for lotions using Shea Butter

    1. You can absolutely make this without any oils, but you may find it’s less effective. Other oils that are great for dry skin are Frankincense Frereana, Carrot Seed, Helychrisum, and Lavender.

  • This Myrrh Face Cream looks like a good one to try. I’ve been making and alternating facial serums (all of which work very well) and I think I’d like to try something a little different.. I have never used Myrrh in my serums before, nor have I used a facial cream. I don’t have dry patches, but my face feels itchy and tight if I don’t use a good moisturizer.

  • This sounds wonderful – I think I’ll substitute mango for the shea, but I have some manuka honey just waiting for a good recipe! This sounds like a good one!

  • This Myrrh Face Cream sounds wonderful! I have used a few of your other DIY recipes for face creams and serums and love them! I also appreciate how you so promptly answer questions when customers ask something in their responses to your blogs and videos. You are so caring and supportive!

  • I use Myrrh in my cuticle cream and I have all the ingredients to make this so off I go… Thank you

  • I use Myrrh in my cuticle cream. And I have all the ingredients to make this so off I go.. Thank you

  • I suffer with the occasional dry skin, especially during these weather changes. I am getting Myrrh because it’s the spotlight oil this week so I am excited to try this recipe to see if it helps! Sounds like just the hydration I need!

  • Oh my!This is exactly what I need! I only have the honey and bergamot so I will have to budget in his to get the rest of the stuff but my skin is so dry and flaky and so is my poor sons. This is definitely getting saved for when we are able to get everything!

  • I’m really interested I trying this but I haven’t had much luck when using honey. Is there anything I can substitute for it or can I just leave it out completely without it not lessening the effectiveness of it?

    1. Tammy, you can just leave the honey out of the recipe 🙂 It will still be a very effective cream without it.

  • I am looking forward to make this, but I don’t have Chamomile CO2 , can it be replaced with the steam distilled chamomile? Thank you

    1. This looks like a fantastic recipe I would like to try. Question- Do the ingredients need to be heated and whipped or just mixed together? I’m a little confused, sorry.

      1. Yes, the ingredients do need to be heated over a double boiler. Then you can use a hand mixer to stir together.

  • I will have to save this recipe to try ! Just getting into blending and will whip up some lotions in the near future! Thanks for the education on oils!

  • I should add that the video is misleading though since it implies all the ingredients are just mixed together. In reality a double boiler and whip method is used. Might be confusing for new DIY folks.

      1. You both are absolutely right! This is great feedback and we will keep this in mind going forward with these more complex recipes 🙂

  • Looking forward to trying this recipe. Might put some on the dry patches of my shins too, they could use some extra care. I’ve used myrrh in a face serum before but haven’t made a facial cream yet.

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