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child with cream on her itchy arm

The Best Products for Itchy Skin

When you have an itch, nothing else matters. That itch must be scratched. Immediately. Sure, you can try to will yourself away from the inevitable, but you’re pretty much setting yourself up for a few minutes of itchy torture.

The original organic healing balm plant therapyWhether your itch is from a bug bite, skin allergies, very dry skin, medication, or so many other reasons, that persistent feeling can start to interfere with your quality of life. If that sounds dramatic, just think about the last time you got a cluster of mosquito bites on your ankle. Suddenly everything you’re doing is accompanied by that annoying, nagging feeling to reach down and scratch. Sitting in on a meeting? Itchy. Making dinner for the family? Itchy. Sleeping? You may be too far in dreamland to realize it, but you’re still itchy! Sometimes even waking up to a worse issue since you’ve been unknowingly scratching in your sleep.

So what can be done?

Woman's hand rubbing lotion on other handWell, there are plenty of over-the-counter medications designed to help stop the itch, but if you’re looking into more natural remedies, aromatherapy is a great option. Let’s get right to it and talk about some of the best products Plant Therapy offers that can offer you some relief from that dreaded itchy feeling.

Helichrysum Hydrosol

When your skin is feeling uncomfortable, reach for a hydrosol. This gentle and natural product is a great first place to turn to when you are itchy. They’re cooling (since they are stored in the fridge), great for all ages and skin types, and require no mixing, measuring, or guesswork. Just spray it on!

Helichrysum Hydrosol is especially great to help reduce the itch. Spray it on the area or add some of the hydrosol to a cotton round and apply to the skin. Hydrosols can even be used on babies, making it the perfect choice when your little one is suffering from a bug bite or rash.

The Original Organic Healing Balm

The original organic healing balm plant therapy

We just can’t talk about this product enough! Like hydrosols, it is gentle enough for babies, but tough enough to tackle a wide range of skin issues, including itchiness. It’s moisturizing, while also leaving behind a bit of a barrier to help protect the skin. You can use it alone or use it to dilute essential oils if you find you need a bit more strength to deal with the itch.

Learn more about our amazing Healing Balm (and the rest of the Balm Squad!) here.

Apricot and Sunflower Carrier Oils

Before I dive into Apricot and Sunflower carriers specifically, I would like to mention this caveat. As with just about everything else having to do with aromatherapy, we all have our own unique interactions with certain products. While the two carrier oils mentioned are fantastic for itchy skin, they are surely not the only ones. In fact, if you’ve experienced success with other carriers, let us know in the comments! Your suggestions may be just what someone else needs.

Itchy feet on shoes

However, especially if you’re new to carrier oils, both Apricot and Sunflower are great places to start when trying to alleviate itchy skin. Apricot is particularly rich in vitamin A, which is known to encourage healthy cell production. How does that help itchy skin? Well, it strengthens your bodies natural barriers and protects your skin from harmful irritants that attack the surface. It’s a great choice when your itchiness is a consequence of bites, poison oak or ivy, or other unwanted environmental irritants.

Sunflower Carrier Oil is not only rich in vitamin A, but also vitamins B, D, and E. Plus, it also contains lecithin, which helps to restore skin’s moisture, and unsaturated fatty acids. This makes it a wonderful nourisher and soother for the skin.

Check out A Deep Dive into Carrier Oils if you’re interested in learning more about them!

Olive Lotion

child with cream on her itchy arm

Wonderful for irritated, itchy skin, our Olive Lotion is enriched with the benefits of Apricot, Olive, Grapeseed, and Coconut oils. Not only is it nourishing, but it makes a perfect lotion to blend with essential oils since it is unscented. And what essential oils should you use when battling the itch? Here are a few suggestions of EOs with some awesome itch-relieving power!

Aloe Jellies

Aloe Vera in a clear glass on a wooden tableSoothing, cooling and incredibly hydrating, Aloe Jellies are a hidden gem. Try applying Lavender Aloe Jelly to your skin right after a shower, especially right after shaving, to help soothe and hydrate irritated legs.

Don’t forget the roll-ons!

Not every situation is ideal for busting out the lotion or carrier oils, then dropping in the EOs. Sometimes, you just want a quick answer for an itchy problem! In those cases, we have some pre-diluted roll-ons that are perfect. They are already safely diluted and ready to use as-is, meaning less effort from you. They’re also small enough to take with you in your purse or toss in a backpack so you’ll always have them handy. Try these suggestions for some relief:

Hopefully, after reading this you can walk away with some great idea on how to help itchy skin. Don’t forget that you are always welcome to reach out to our team of aromatherapists at [email protected] for more information. Or, become a member of our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group, which is always packed with great information and awesome oily lovers!

By Katrina Scampini, Certified Aromatherapist


93 thoughts on “The Best Products for Itchy Skin”

  • Thanks so much for this article I would never have considered some of these like peppermint essential oil, all of oil or sunflower oil for itchy skin Until I read this blog

  • Very interesting information. I’ve been wanting to try helichrysum hydrosol. Will be purchasing that item today actually

  • Great post! The bugs love my daughter. I usually spray helichrysum hydrosol on her bites and then apply the lavender aloe jelly. Between the two, she finds relief. When my husband broke out in hives head to toe a few weeks ago (we later found out it was from a stomach bug he had had a few days prior trying to work its way out of his body), I sprayed him with helichrysum hydrosol and witch hazel and those gave him huge relief from the itch and would take the hives away for a few hours. It took about a week, but the virus finally left his body. I’m not sure he could have functioned without those two. I can’t wait to try a few more of these suggestions out on my family should the need arise!

  • I love my itch away roll on. It’s perfect for camping. Easy to store and highly effective. I’ll have to try some of the others listed in this article for my sounds psoriasis. Thanks for a great post!

  • Thanks for this post! We recently found out my daughter has eczema so I am excited to try some of these natural itchy remedies!

  • Helichrysthamum has been wonderful for my horrific eczema. During a recent move, I couldn’t find my itchy skin potion (which includes this oil) and about died without it. Thanks for the other oily tips, I’ll have to explore adding those options as well.

  • I hate to itch. I would rather have pain than itch. I have been looking at some hydrosols for some time now, I think the time to order is now just as the nice weather approaches.

  • I’ll have to try one of these remedies in the summer when my skin gets really itchy after a day in the sun!

  • Very useful information. My sensitive skin gets upset very easily by a simple change in environmental temperature. Have used Skin Soothe in Coconut oil, but the scent is too strong for me, and doesn’t really work for me. Great to know the available alternatives, in particular the Hydrosol.

  • I love helichrysum hydrosol for itching and much more. I loved the healing balm…just wish that PT would make one formulated without coconut oil for those of us who are allergic or have sensitivities to coconut!

  • Thank you for this article. So many of us suffer with itchy skin for one reason or another. All these are great solutions and there are other oils that are great too. I’ve had good results with a blend containing spearmint that I made for my daughter then used myself because it smelled so good!

  • Thank you for the previous comment about the 2 yr old with extreme eczema–same question I was going to ask. I will be buying Healing balm for my 4 year old granddaughter. We have tried so many things and she still suffers from the red itchy patches 🙁

  • My organic healing balm arrived today !
    Loved it
    It really soothes psoriasis on my baby skin
    It can be used for nappy cream too
    Loved it

  • Nice information to have here. I am going to have to get some sunflower oil and give it a try. Thank you.

  • Thank you for this blog post. I suffer from dry skin and dermatitis in all sorts of weather. I appreciate all the suggestions for relief.

  • This is exactly what I need now! It’s mosquito season for us in Asia. Good to find alternatives to tea tree oil 🙂

  • Thank you for the information. I am going to try the Helichrysum Hydrosol on a healing rash I have that is becoming itchy.

  • Thanks for the information! Have some itching from a healing rash that I am going to try the helichrysum hydrosol on.

  • I’m excited to try out some of these suggestions! I am super allergic to adhesive, but have been getting IV’s which need to be covered with adhesive dressing. My arms are so scared and still reacting from two weeks ago. This will hopefully be a daily treatment, so I need to be able to get things under control! The worst thing for me to do is to itch them, so if I can find something to combat that, it would help me so much!

  • Just found this blog post and it’s just what I needed! Great information thanks plant therapy

  • Great article! My daughter suffers from mild eczema on her hips. I’ll have to try out some of these tips to help with the itch.

  • I’m wondering what would be good for penetrating deep into / past the upper dermis. I have the worst itch on my back, but it’s a nerve issue, not skin (notolgia). Non-stop itching for the past 20 years! I’ve found a few things out there on the market that help a bit nothing has been able to satisfy it. Any suggestions?

  • I used to have some skin problem and I never use any other essential oil besides lavender. Love the smell, it’s very comforting. Will going to try the healing balm also. Love this post!

  • Just in time for the mosquito season! We had a very rainy winter here in California and mosquitos are rampant. Kids will definitely benefit from an anti itch roll on. Thank you PT!

  • Thanks for the info! This is perfect for the approaching weeding season. I always get itchy skin between the heat & the weeds; now I have some great ways to deal with it.

  • I really want to try the aloe jellies. I think they will be my next purchase. I have suck horrible skin allergies and sensitivity.

  • Thank you for these suggestions. I’ve never tried hydrsols. I’m excited to get some now and try them out!

  • Love this! Since being diagnosed with lupus my skin gets super itchy for no reason, I need some relief!!! Thank you!

  • Good stuff! My daughter has dry itchy legs. I have an itch away blend in a roller but I want to try a healing balm or lotion for her.

  • Love this article. I’m headed to the fridge now to get the helichrysum hydrosol for my itchy legs, then seal them up with some apricot carrier. PT’s products, usage advise and safety the best anywhere!

  • Love the healing balm with some lavender! I also love pt aloe jelly with lavender! Both work great.

  • What would be good for a 2 yr old with extreme eczema? His poor hands are covered. Would the applications be better at night while he is asleep? Thanks for any suggestions.

    1. Marie, our Healing Balm is my first recommendation to help with that issue. Because it does take a while to fully absorb, I think using it at night is a wonderful idea!

  • Thank you for this article. I seem to have an horrible contact allergy to Amazon boxes, of all things. Not sure if this is an issue with how the local Amazon employees are storing and transporting the boxes, or if it’s something used in the manufacturing of the boxes, but it’s horrible. Last night I used an oatmeal compress, but I want to have natural options for enhancing my skin barrier function. Thank you for offering options for those who are allergic to synthetic preservatives and the camomile/calendula family of plants. I’ll try the Apricot and Sunflower oils as well as the Itch Away. I’ll also try the olive lotion, but I think my skin is probably too sensitive to the preservatives. It’s worth trying once though, since I order from PT all the time and it would be very convenient to get my lotion from you.

  • The Helichrysum Hydrosol was a lifesaver when i got a burn on my neck! Sprayed it on a few times a day and not only did it help quickly heal the burn it helped make it disappear. Amazing stuff.

  • Great ideas! I will certainly be ready to try some! I love spring, but not all the itchies that come with it.

  • I love the heli hydrosol and use it daily but have to sneak attack spray my kids with it because they dont like the smell… I’m over here lurking in the corner with my miracle in a bottle like “breathe deep and be happy for mama ” Also love sunflower oil for my dry (yet prone to hormonal outbreaks) 35 year old skin. I add fantastic franks, heli, and blue tansy and apply after washing and spraying with heli hydro. I keep it all in the fridge for easy one stop shopping.

  • I tried all this oils mentioned here and it’s true! It helped so much my skin! Essential oils can perform wonders to every skin!

  • I haven’t used hydrosols yet. I keep hearing wonderful things about them but just haven’t dived into incorporating them into my care regime. I think that will be on my next PT order. It sounds like it is time to dive into those as well.

  • I am definitely getting The Original Organic Healing Balm with my next order, but I am also very pleased with the Soothe Blend. It help me a lot.

  • Thank you for the information! I have a new scar forming and is itching like crazy. Sprayed some Helichrysum Hydrosol on the scar and I don’t feel the need to scratch it anymore!! PT to the rescue.

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful information! My daughter scratches bug bites till they bleed, and mosquitoes love my son. I’ve been wanting to try hydrosols and the healing balm!

  • Definitely will be utilizing some of these suggestions. Both my son and I suffer from eczema and my husband is very irritable when itchy. I think we should find relief with one of these products!

  • I am 32 weeks pregnant and every night my legs go crazy with itches. I am going to try some of these remedies. Thanks for the info.

    1. Becca Taylor, Have you told your doctor about your itchy legs at night? I had a friend that had that and she was diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis.

  • So glad I found this blog! My daughter has eczema and I have been looking for more natural solutions to help her along with probiotics. I love plant therapy!

  • Great info. Would these tips work for “allergy itches” as well as for dry skin itches? I get really itchy from allergies a couple times a year. Normally, I use the triple crown for allergic reactions of lavender, lemon, and peppermint, with a drop or 2 of blue tansy, but I will definitely keep these ideas in mind.

  • I just started using Apricot carrier oil a few weeks ago and I really like it. I’m going to have to try the healing balm next. Thank you.

  • Helichrysum Hydrosol has been a lifesaver for my husband’s itchy legs and the Healing Balm is amazing for my hands!!

  • Thank you so much for the great information! I plan to add the Organic Healing Balm to my next order. My skin has been very dry lately.

  • Thank you!!!❤ Thank you!!!❤Thank you!!!❤ My son has always had to deal with eczema and we always end up with prescription steroids to treat it. I’ve been searching for some good alternatives and there are several here to try!! Maybe something will help him other than more steroids!!!

  • Helichrysum hydrosol has been our go to for anything itchy! I love that it is safe for all of my kids.

  • I wish I had this information so much sooner. I unfortunately took the advice of an oil rep who told me to apply the oil neat. I now am sensitized to Tea Tree, but I am glad to have this information now! When you know better, you do better! Thank you for this great information, I will for sure try these remedies!

  • I’ll be adding a Hydrosol to my next order! I have a three year old who suffers from eczema and the poor kid will scratch til he bleeds. Glad to have found another option for him!

  • Thank you Plant Therapp for your perfect timing. I just got a couple bug bites this weekend. Looking this over to make up something for it. When I’m reminded I already have the Itch Away in a roller bottle, duh.

  • We’ve been battling a mysterious itchy rash on my son for the past 6 months. Dermatologists couldn’t offer any helpful remedies aside from steroidal creams, which we try to use as judiciously as possible. PT has really saved us! Itch Away has been the most effective at stopping the itching–it is amazingly effective and smells heavenly. When things are a bit calmer, Skin Soother has been incredibly healing. We also rotate w/Soothe and Silky Soft. Finally splurged and got Roman Chamomile, which his skin LOVES (also smells so calming and amazing)–probably our all-around favorite. I add these EOs to homemade creams using different bases–oils, butters, aloe vera gel, and even tallow (grass-fed; sounds gross, but we were desperate and the results have been stunning). Our most recent addition was Helichrysum hydrosol. Wasn’t expecting much, but pleasantly surprised it actually calms itchy/dry/inflamed skin. Easy application (spray bottle) is a plus!

  • I love hydrosols. I’ve been thinking about trying the olive lotion with some essential oils. I may have to plan to purchase some! thanks!

  • My daughter and I both use helichrysum and melissa hydrosols for our skin. I’d also like to add, when I was my face at the end of the day, it gets really dry and irritated. I have a moisturizer I made from hempseed oil and lavender. The hempseed oil is non-comedegenic (which is important because, even at my age – Puberty won’t leave me alone), & the lavender soothes the irritation right down. Plus, it is the end of the day, so it is simple and soothing.

  • Thanks for this blog post! I’ve been dealing with itchy skin lately and have tried several EOs and carriers with no relief. I’m going to try helichrysum hydrosol and/or your olive lotion with the addition of myrrh and helichrysum. Thanks for the tips!

  • I have always had extremely dry and itchy skin. The only thing I’ve found to give me relief are roller balls with peppermint and lavender essential oil. I usually dilute with grape seed oil as that seems to help my skin more.
    I’ve wanted to try Plant Therapy’s hydrosols for some time and after this I may have some shopping to do!

  • This blog was so informative. I’ve never bought a hydrosol, but I’m going to now. Thank you for all the info.

  • This is a fantastic article. I love my helichrysum hydrosol, glad to know it’ll help itchy bug bites. I really need to grab some olive lotion!

  • I was just wondering which to pick for itchy feet? Thinking a spray Incase it’s athletes foot or something contagious. Thinking roll on might not be best choice

  • I have heard so many great things about hydrosols and the healing balm. Must haves on my list! Great information and handy tips!

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