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Essentials Video: Allspice Passive Wood Rub

Here at Plant Therapy, we’re always looking for great ways to enjoy essential oils. And one of our favorites is passive diffusion! By applying the oils directly to something like wood, a cotton ball or even a toilet paper roll, you can enjoy the aroma as the essential oils evaporate. Plus it gives you the chance to use something fun and decorative, like the wooden dowels or pieces of wood. This particular DIY uses the warm, sweet and spicy aroma of Allspice combined with the zesty, citrus scent of Lemon.

Essentials Video: Allspice Passive Wood Rub

Allspice Passive Wood Rub

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Blend essential oils together. Add drops onto the wooden dowels and rub into the wood with a cloth.


22 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Allspice Passive Wood Rub”

  • What a neat idea! I have all sorts of ideas in my head now, for passive diffusion. I’m envisioning an uplifting scent in my office/aromatherapy room…doesn’t get a lot of use during the week but will be nice to have a welcoming scent when I go in there.

  • Awesome tip! I recently began putting a few drops of various oils on the toilet paper roll and am pleasantly surprised. I love the idea of passive diffusion, and this one sounds delicious.

    1. Jane, it doesn’t matter at all 🙂 This is a great DIY because it really works with any kind of wood product you have laying around!

  • I love seeing creative new uses I haven’t thought of before…I am wondering, are there particular essential oils that would actually be useful as a wood rub for wooden items in our home? My hubby makes furniture, wooden toys, and other treasures; it would be neat to add oils to those products!

    1. Melinda, I am not sure of how you would go about using oils on pieces of wooden furniture, or even if the scent would last long enough for it to be worth it. However, if you reach out to our team of aromatherapists at [email protected], they might have more information for you about this!

  • This sounds like a heavenly smelling project! I cannot wait to make these. I also cannot wait to put this blend in my diffuser!!

  • That is so neat!! I’m new to essential oils and I never thought to use them that way!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • I would never have thought to blend Allspice with Lemon. Can’t wait to try this. My husband doesn’t love my diffusing so this is a sneaky way to get it in LOL

  • This could be addition to a cold winter day. I see it with a tea pot and chai type spice smells, but also an oven dish with something comforting in it paired with like thyme or oregano or lemon to enhance the pot full of stew or something else. Or even for dessert with lemon or vanilla. Many ways to work this. Just need to be motivated to use my oils this way.

    Quick question though. Since it is passive diffusion would it still need to be kid safe oils around kids?

  • I think I could use this idea in my house very easily. And allspice sounds like a lovely blend. Putting it on my wishlist now.

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