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The original organic healing balm plant therapy

How We Use Our Healing Balm

Our Healing Balm is The Bomb. (Like, literally, it’s now part of our Balm Squad!)

It’s nourishing, so soft and silky, and the perfect PT product to save your skin! Dry? Say goodbye. Itchy and flaky? Gone. Irritated? Not anymore.

We don’t like to brag….but…when you have something as amazing as the Original Organic Healing Balm, it’s hard not to! Our PT family is full of healing balm lovers and we want to share that love with you guys. Here’s some of the reason we think it’s a must-have and how we use it ourselves.

Mykeah Kranzler, Director of Marketing

child with cream on her itchy armI could go on and on about our healing balm! It was one of the first products I used from Plant Therapy when I joined, and I think I went through my first jar in a month! I use it on my hands, my feet, my elbows…it truly nourishes and moisturizes like nothing else. But more than that, it has been so good for my 6-year-old daughter and her issues with Eczema.  She struggles with flare-ups on her arms and legs, and the only thing that gives her relief is Healing Balm. It has significantly reduced her skin issues and that has been so amazing.

Mykeah is the creative genius behind all the fun we have here in the PT Marketing Department!

Jamie Chaffin, Marketing Project Manager

The original organic healing balm plant therapyIf you have the bad habit of picking at your cuticles like I do, then Healing Balm is your hero!

You might not have heard of Jamie, but trust me she keeps the Marketing Department here at Plant Therapy running smoothly!

Jessica Cobb, Content Manager & Certified Aromatherapist

A woman holding the ends of her hairHealing Balm, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  1. Taming frizzy hair: Rub a little Organic Healing Balm between your hands and smooth over your hair to prevent flyaways! The Balm soaks into your hair without leaving it feeling greasy and keeps frizz tamed all day. (I even got our Marketing Project Manager, Jamie Chaffin, started on doing this!)
  2. For Eczema: My youngest has very sensitive skin and serious issues with Eczema in this dry climate! Organic Healing Balm (and Better Than Kisses from our Balm Squad) are basically all I ever use on his skin. It really helps clear up his “itchy spots” and he loves that he can put it on all by himself!
  3. Cuticle repair: Jamie mentioned this above, but if you pick your cuticles (like me), our Organic Healing Balm is the BEST product to help them heal and soothe dryness.
  4. As a facial moisturizer: I replaced my very, very expensive Philosophy facial serum with straight-up Healing Balm. My skin approves of this swap.

There are so many more! But I think my awesome co-workers have got it covered.

Retha Nesmith, VP of Customer Experience & Certified Aromatherapist

The healing balm is perfect for kid owiesI use it for diaper rash, eczema, dry skin, and when my kiddos have owies 🙂

I mean…do we even need to introduce Retha? We all love her! She’s the face and voice of the PT brand!

Danny Loughmiller, Marketing Associate/Video Production

Itchy feet on shoesHealing Balm is so versatile! A little goes a long way. We use it for dry cracked feet, overworked hands, and sore toddler bottoms. It is a great base for Respir Aid and Sniffle Stopper during the cold season. We put a dab of Healing Balm in our hand and mix in 1-2 drops of Sniffle Stopper and apply it to our toddler’s chest when they are congested. It works great! We love it and it is a must in our home.

P.S. You may know Danny as being the man behind the camera during our Facebook Lives!

Katrina Scampini, Certified Aromatherapist & Content Writer

Women's feet soaking up the beach sun

Sunburns, sunburns, sunburns! There’s really nothing better for pasty white skin trying to make its debut after a dreary winter. It helps soothe the hot discomfort and my skin recovers so quickly! Plus, the Healing Balm doesn’t break my sensitive skin out so I can use it when my face gets too much sun without having to worry about a new zit taking up residence. And I definitely cannot say that about a ton of products!

You guys know Katrina…keep an eye out for her on our Facebook Live videos and be sure to tell her you read her blog posts!

Tyler Hagan, Certified Aromatherapist & SEOR Admin

I use the healing balm in my house every day. One of my favorite ways to use our Organic Healing Balm is to moisturize and hydrate dry, cracked elbows. I also use it to ensure my little guy’s skin is nice and healthy from head to toe!

Want to hear more from Tyler? He’s the voice and face of Plant Therapy over on our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook Group!

So, how do YOU use the Original Organic Healing Balm? We would love to know! And make sure to head over to our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group for more inspiration and information from our wonderful community!


84 thoughts on “How We Use Our Healing Balm”

    1. I’m not sure of an exact date but make sure to put your name on the waiting list so you will be informed as soon as it is restocked!

  • So many ways to use the healing balm that I never even thought o. Thank you for all the information!

  • I usually make my own balms but this would be great to have on hand for those times when I’m feeling lazy or just as a quick gift. Thank you

  • This is great to see how Plant Therapy staff uses their own products! There are some awesome ideas in here! Thank you Plant Therapy!

  • I have this, but never realized it would work for sunburn. It is definitely going with me on vacation this summer!

  • I’m curious to try the healing balm as my hands get quite dry in the winter. Using it as a natural hair gel would be interesting for my curly hair.

  • Great to learn about new products on the blogs. I didn’t even know this existed. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • I’m ordering my 2nd and bigger this time. It works overnight. I use it as hand cream, for dry skin, crack lips and skin and a lot more. A must have in every household. I heard there’s a new version. I’m excited to try it.

  • I ordered the Healing Balm for myself for Mother’s Day! I have several skin issues and can’t wait to try it!

  • My husband has had bad flare-ups of eczema and I’ve had to use a prescription cream to clear it up in the past. So excited to instead use the healing balm to keep his skin healthy!

    1. I’m ordering my 2nd and bigger this time. It works overnight. A must have in every household. I heard there’s a new version. I’m excited to try it.

  • I have heard such great things about this balm just haven’t committed to actually buying it yet. My family has such dry skin that I think it might just need to be my next purchase.

  • I need to purchase body cream and now i am thinking should i purchase the balm or the Primrose cream. I was wondering, in what way the balm is more efficient than one of the body creams?

    1. They are both different products so it depends on what you want to use it for. I LOVE the evening primrose cream to use as an everyday moisturizer on my body. I use the healing balms on owies, when my hands start cracking and getting overly dry…some times I even mix the two together for my hands and feet. Both are absolutely super products!!!

  • I was planning on this being my next purchase! I’ve been so excited to use this product and now I’m even more exited after reading all the neat ways you can use it! Can’t wait to try it ou!

  • LOVE the healing balm for cracked skin on hands and heels. I was surprised to read that it could be used on hair. I have thin, curly fly-away hair, so I’m super interested in trying the healing balm for this purpose.

  • Now this is something I will need to the cooler months my hands get so dry to where they crack and is frustrating.i need to keep life into daughter also has eczema so I will have to see how it works on her delicate hands.thank you pt

  • I am such a firm believer in this healing balm. I was extremely skeptical at first because I have tried everything for my dry skin and my child’s eczema and nothing ever worked. A friend told me about this and I said, why not? WOW! I had no idea it would be this effective and yet so gentle. In fact, my entire family now uses this balm for a wide variety of purposes, just as stated within this article. I am glad to learn from this, though, of all the other uses! Such an excellent versatile product!

  • I can’t wait to get this in my collection. I have severe eczema and this has been on my wish list for so long.

  • Healing Balm does wonders for my extremely dry heals. Putting in on before bed along with a pair of socks and it helps in no times at all.

  • Love this healing balm! I had no idea you could use it for flyaways, that’s what I will be using it for next!

  • Nothing works on my cuticles, and if I am not careful I can get infected cuticles. So, I just opened my jar of Healing Balm and will start using it on my cuticles!!

  • I absolutely love my healing balm. I keep it by my bed and rub a little on my feet each night to help my heels. This stuff is amazing! I never thought about using it in my hair though. Great Idea!!

  • Thanks for these tips! I got healing balm as a part of the “Balm Squad” not too long ago. I’m so excited about using it often.

  • So so loving the new healing balm. I had cracked a dry hands before trying the new healing balm. My hands are getting softer each time I use it. It will definitely be a staple in my home. My daughter had a suspicious spot removed on her back. The dr told her to use to keep it covered and apply vaseline, but that’s kept it moist and not healing at all. She then started to apply the new healing balm, well it started to work right away. Her spot is completely healed now. Thank you for another great product ❤️❤️❤️ Love you all at Plant Therapy

  • My husband works in a freezer so his hands get chapped. Healing balm soothes and moisturizers and heals them.

    1. I have not tried this on my hands yet, mainly scars. But this is good to know because I get very chapped hands! Thanks!

  • I had no idea there were so many uses. I would love to try this on my hair. Can anyone describe the texture? It’s it a cream or more solid(like a lip balm)?

    1. Jen, it’s like a very pliable lip balm. Definitely not a cream, but also not something you have to dig your fingers into in order to get it out of the tin 🙂

  • Wow! I can’t wait to try this Healing Balm! I have a little left from another brand that I thought I’d love (it’s just ok). As soon as it’s gone, I’m ordering!

  • Recently purchased this for the first time. So many uses and can be changed up so easily by adding a little essential oil of choice.

  • My hands are finally clearing up from winter cracking and dryness, but I’ll definitely arm myself with healing balm for next year! Will be ordering the Balm Squad soon!

  • I love healing balm and use it frequently! Right now I’m using it to soothe my red nose from all the blowing due to newly attained allergies (blech!) I can’t wait to get the balm squad – I know it will be a great addition to my natural healing kit!

  • Loved this article. We use healing balm for dry cracked heels ,works great & dry itchie spots. Does the old formula work on faces without breakout? Never thought i would be sorry i have a lg unopened balm i bought over Christmas sales. Lol. Cant wait to try the new recipe.

  • Oh I LOVE this post! My daughter is newly diagnosed with eczema and I’ve tried everything. I’m definitely going to purchase the healing balm to go with the Balm Squad set that’s in my cart. Here’s to hoping it helps!

  • We love heading balm. I use it on our baby’s bum, dry skin, and also as a cheat rub. I didn’t think to use it for hair. Interesting! We’ll always have healing balm in our house.

  • I have been thinking about trying it for awhile. I never thought about using it for my hair or face. That definitely increases its usefulness!

  • Just received my first order of healing bombs!! Can’t wait to start using them. So happy I found “Plant Therapy”!! Goodbye dry cracked skin.

  • I love these types of posts with all the ways to use a great PT product. Can’t wait to try the mini set for myself and my kids.

  • I loved the old balm and I can’t wait to try the new version. I’ve used it mostly for my feet and hands but I had no idea it could be used for face or hair?!? Good info as always.

  • Looks like ive got something else to add to my next order….

    Wish I could have found this earlier…maybe it would have saved me from my winter eczema flareup.

  • I’m interested in using the healing balm due to the fact that I ALWAYS burn in the summer no matter what I put on. My daughter is the same way and I think this would be useful for the warmer months quickly approaching.

  • I use it all the time. With 2 young children, we get daily scrapes and bumps and the healing balm helps them heal fast and soothes the kids hurts quickly.

  • I LOVE the healing balm! I already use it a ton but this gave me a few new ideas on how to use it even more! I also love how you guys just came out with the balm squad and hope you guys continue to carry it and even add more synergies to it as well!

  • I just got some healing balm for the first time and I love it! I am using it everywhere. I also took 2 ounces of it and melted it so I could add Itch Away to it. The bugs are bad here, and I get bit every year. The hair tip was new to me. I am going to have to try that.

    1. Now that’s brilliant!! I’m going to immediately do that. Mosquito season is fast approaching in these parts.

  • Gosh, new uses for my beloved Healing Balm! I ALREADY use it on my nails, but now I read I can use it on my hair! Awesome! Thanks PT for such a quality versatile product!

  • I just returned from Costa Rica and I diligently applied sunscreen each morning and afternoon, except one afternoon when I forgot my feet. Ouch! I’m ordering some of this now. Thank you for the article and other suggested uses for this balm. I have dry skin year-round so I’m sure it will come in handy for the hands, elbows, etc.

  • This is my new favorite thing from PT. We use it everyday for one thing or another. Need to order another jar soon!!!

  • awesome info! I love the healing balm! It was good to learn many different uses for it. I am excited to try the new balm squad set.

  • I have been looking for something to help with my sons road rash from his dirt bike accident, I have some of this and think I’ll give it a try!! So thankful for PT and all the awesome products you have and the knowledge you share!!

  • We had really good luck with skin soother clearing up eczema on my daughter’s hands. When would you recommend using healing balm vs skin soother? Is one better in some cases then the other?

    1. Laura, if you’ve had good luck with Skin Soother it sounds like a great one to stick to! Or, you could dilute the Skin Soother in some Healing Balm for the best of both worlds 🙂 Typically I will try the Healing Balm first for a situation, then add some EOs if I feel like I need a little extra support. I hope this helps!

  • Is the Organic Healing Balm safe to use on a 1 year old? I see that it’s kid safe, and my daughter has been developing irritations behind her knees and in her elbows, I just want to be sure it’s safe for that little before I try it.

      1. Is there a way that I can send you a picture of my healing balm. I think that is not in a good condition.

  • I’ve used Healing Balm to prevent dry cracked hands all winter and it’s worked amazingly well!! But now I’m excited to try it on my hair. Why didn’t I think of that?!!

  • I love the healing balm. I use it on my face, elbows, feet…anywhere that may be dry or need some TLC. I have the full-size tub as well as the Balm Squad mini’s. Love the convenience! I mixed 2 oz of healing balm with sleep and just smell-good (Rose, Jasmine, Neroli) Essential Oils and gave to my daughter to use on her feet at night to get the effect of the sleep oils and benefit from softer feet. She recently told me that she actually had callouses on her feet and they had peeled off from her putting the balm on. Wow!! I’m impressed and so was she. She doesn’t want to be without healing balm for her feet now. I just have to figure out how to get her to start paying for it. LOL. I do prefer the new formula…just a little more smooth. Less grainy! Both work great though!!

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