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Essentials Video: Blue Cypress Bug Bite Remedy

Spring is here! That means it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it’s a picnic, backyard BBQ, a mountain hike or camping trip, there’s nothing better. But there is one sure-fire way to put a damper on your outdoor activities: bug bites. Before you let those incessantly itchy bumps get the better of you, make sure to have this Blue Cypress Bug Bite Remedy DIY on hand. Please keep in mind that because this dilution is a little higher at 1.5%, it is meant for short-term spot treatment only.

Blue Cypress Bug Bite Remedy

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Mix all ingredients in an airtight container. Apply as needed up to 4 times a day. This is a 1.5% dilution and is meant for short-term use only.


65 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Blue Cypress Bug Bite Remedy”

    1. If you’re using a non-Pup & Pony Approved oil on yourself topically, it’s totally fine. But if you want to diffuse it or use it on your pup, then you will need to stick to Pup & Approved oils. For this DIY, something minty would be a good substitute!

    1. Short term use usually means just a few days. Hopefully you don’t have any bug bites that last all the way to September! But if you’re using it for a few days at a time to care for any bugs bites, you should still be good even if you use it regularly.

  • can you substitute something for the lavender? Or just leave it out completely and it still be effective?

    1. Lavender is a fantastic oil for skin irritation. So you can leave it out and will still help. Or substitute it with another oil that is good for skin irritation like Helichrysum or Frankincense.

  • So I’m confused on the dilution rate. In the text it states 3.5%, but in recipe it says 1.5%. Both state for short term use, so I’m assuming 3.5% is the correct dilution.

  • I can’t wait to try this because black fly bites are miserable so I’m hoping it will work well on them! Thanks for the great ideas

  • Can’t wait to try this! The mosquitoes have just started here in Kansas and we are trying to stay chemical-free.

  • Just want to make sure I understand correctly- this recipe is for after you get a bug bite, not as a bug deterrent right?

  • Ooo love this! Living in Alaska, our mosquitos are supersized! They can do a number on kids and adults alike. With a little one now myself, this is a great recipe to have on hand! I’ll be adding this to the list!

  • Blue Cypress as a bug repellent, who would have thought? Thanks for the info. Will definitely try the recipe!

  • I can’t wait to try this! My bug bites get so swollen and puffy, I am always looking for a way to get relief. I just wish made this sooner.

  • Is Fine Lavender and regular Lavender (flower and leaf) of equal benefit in this recipe? Can Fine be substituted for regular?

  • I’ve been using a lavender chamomile blend in witch hazel … nicely cooling and cleansing from my scratching finger nails. Then, when the bites itch from being dry I slather in an oil with Blue Cypress and nutritive carrier oils. I look fwd to aloe carrier.

  • So excited to find this. My daughter is a magnet for big bites. I have all this so it will be a weekend project for my kids and I.

    1. Absolutely! As long as it is used for those acute situations (bug bites!) and not all over the body, the dilution is fine 🙂

    2. We are a Scout family. Regrettably, bug bites are part of the camping adventure. Will definitely try this recipe. Thanks PT!

  • I don’t know much about blue cypress, but I am glad to learn that there are other oils besides citronella for bug repellant.

  • I just love this so much smell great and feels great also. Texas Mosquitoes are really and and some are aunts. I making this.

    1. Kathy, please reach out to our team of aromatherapists at [email protected]. As someone on SSRIs myself, I can say confidently that I have never experienced any negative effects when using Blue Cypress topically, but having a one-on-one with an aromatherapist to talk about your particular situation would be a really great course of action!

  • I’m very interested in trying this recipe! Just wondering, would “regular” Cypress suffice as a substitute for Blue Cypress?

    1. Unfortunately, no. Blue Cypress and Cypress are very different oils with very different chemical profiles and cannot be used to substitute each other 🙂

  • Wow! I didn’t realize how soothing Blue Cypress can be on the skin. Both my boys have fresh bug bites and irritation from shrubs after playing in school. We were using trusty Lavender and Roman Chamomille in a carrier oil(2%) and they lessened the redness. I added A drop of Blue Cypress after reading this yesterday and applied last night before bed. The bumps looks much much better today. I usually have to be very careful with conifers and I am glad we are ok with Blue Cypress.

  • I’m looking forward to making this, the bugs are starting to come out here and this will be useful very soon.

  • Your infographic calls for Aloe Vera Jelly and the recipe calls for Lavender Aloe Vera Jelly… I suppose I’ll have to drop one of each in my cart! Can’t wait to give this one a try… Alabama Skeeters are the worst!

  • Can’t wait to get my Blue Cypress and try this….bugs seem to love me and I will definitely need this later in the summer!

  • Where did you get the miniature whisk? I must have this in my essential oil DIY creations box! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Actually, we just found it in a random drawer! It is pretty cute though; I bet you can find something even better on Amazon 🙂

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