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Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

As you go out and about taking care of your day to day business, chances are you’ll need some extra germ protection. To stay germ-free and eco-friendly, try whipping up this easy hand sanitizer, using our new essential oil blend Defender. It’ll be perfect to pop in your purse or bag and use when you need it throughout the day.

DIY Hand Sanitizer

DIY Hand Sanitizer

What you’ll need:

*This recipe has been updated to include alcohol for maximum effectiveness.

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What you’ll do:

Measure out Everclear/ethanol and Aloe Vera Jelly into different containers. Mix the essential oils in the ethanol and then slowly add in the Aloe Vera Jelly while mixing with an immersion blender or hand mixer. Once blended, pour into your sanitizer container and use as needed.

*Note: Although these ingredients are known to be effective at helping prevent and eliminate germs, this DIY is not a substitute for regular, proper handwashing.


147 thoughts on “Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer”

    1. Absolutely! The aloe is used to help with moisturization, but if that is not a concern for you then you can omit this 🙂

  • Can you adjust this for a 30 ml eo bottle? I have a germ fighter eo bottle that has a little left in it and some sisters that fit.

    1. You can absolutely use less than 43 drops, it’s up to you. But keep in mind you need keep the ratio of alcohol and aloe to keep the hand sanitizer effective.

  • I am sensitive to alcohol. My hands will swell and itch when i use hand sanitizer with alcohol. It is so uncomfortable. What is the best substitute for alcohol? Or should i just omit alcohol in the recipe?

    1. Unfortunately, it’s the alcohol that does the sanitizing in this recipe. While essential oils do have antimicrobial properties, they are not enough on their own to fully sanitize your skin. If alcohol is not an option, your best bet is to stick with soap and water to keep your hands clean.

  • What is the overall percentage of alcohol in this recipe? I read it needs to be at least 60% or above.

      1. Ok do you know exactly what percent though? Cause I’m making it to sale (to my friends) and I’m going to put percentage on my label. Thanks kindly.

        1. If my math is right and excluding the drops because that is such a small part of the whole, it is around 73%

  • Do you know what the receipe would look like if I was to use the 151 everclear 75.5 percent alcohol? I come from a state where the 190 everclear is illegal. Thanks

    1. Unfortunately we cannot speak to anything beyond the recipe provided. We would suggest researching further and adapting the recipe as needed. 🙂

  • Hi, I am new to essential oils and have a question about this, I swear ahead of time I am not being a smart Alec, I’m genuinely curious… is the alcohol ingredient not what is going to kill the germs anyway? What is the point in the germ destroyer or defender in this diy? And maybe this is a “duh” answer to someone more knowledgeable in this area but what is the EO going to do that the alcohol isn’t?

    1. Great questions! You are absolutely correct that alcohol, at concentrations of at least 60%, are the most effective way to kill the germs. Our essential oil blends include oils known to be antibacterial and help to mitigate the spread of germs, but alcohol remains the most effective germ-killing ingredient.

      1. So, would I be able to use another type of antibacterial essential oil instead of the 3 that are mentioned, but still use 43 drops of oil?

        1. Yes, you can absolutely substitute other oils. Just be sure to pay attention to any dilution requirements for individual oils. For reference, this recipe is about a 1.5% dilution.

      2. Will this work in a spray bottle with the aloe gel, EO & Everclear?? I would prefer a spray-type solution. Thank yo!

        1. Hi Julie, we didn’t test it in a spray bottle, so we can’t say for sure. But the alcohol should make this thin enough to work in a sprayer (depending on a sprayer). You could always try mixing a small amount first to test it out.

  • I actually just made this yesterday and I love it! Though I did tweak it a bit to make it perfect for me! I used 30d Germ Fighter, 13d Defender cause I wanted a little fruityness to it I also added a day of grapeseed oil for extra moisturizing and Polysorbate 20 so I don’t have to shake it everytime. I love it so much! It makes my hands look and feel fabulous!! It’s like a night light lotion but it keeps my hands moisturized and healthier looking more than any lotion I’ve ever used, no dry skin patches at all as I normally have really dry skin.

  • Hi can I make hand sanitizer with aloe vera gel, witch hazel and the germ fighter essential oil is that ok it will work, thanks

    1. In order for a hand sanitizer to be effective, it needs to contain at least 60% alcohol of 190 proof or more. Witch Hazel will not be an effective substitute.

    1. You can use Lavender Aloe Vera Jelly with alcohol. Just be sure not to add any additional essential oils to avoid using too high of a dilution.

  • Can I use your lavender aloe jelly in lieu of your regular aloe jelly? I see there are some differences in ingredients on the labels. Thanks!

    1. You can use the Lavender Aloe Jelly instead of regular Aloe Jelly provided you still use at least 60% alcohol in your recipe and don’t add additional essential oils to make sure you maintain a proper dilution.

  • If I used the prior recipe, is there a safe way to add in the alcohol? Is there a way to do it without an emersion blender? Thanks so much for continuing to update recipes and information while you also continue to gain information.

    1. Unfortunately it would be kind of hard to add the alcohol and ensure the alcohol content is at the right proportion. You want the alcohol content of the recipe to be 60% or higher. You can try to use a hand whisk, but may struggle to mix the aloe vera into the alcohol. If this is the case, an electric mixer is recommended.

  • Hi, Love PT products. Was just wondering if PT happens to have any documents showing tests that were done to show the effectiveness of the sanitizer… would be great for it to show figures and types of things it gets rid of (ie. kills x% germs, types of bacteria, types of viruses like influenza A, etc.). Also, would there happen to be a good recipe for a spray sanitizer using PT oil? Thanks

    1. We’re so glad you like our products! At this time, we haven’t done testing on our DIY hand sanitizer recipe. But the recipe has been updated to include at least 60% alcohol to maximize effectiveness.

  • I’m confused and upset by this post. I use PT because I trust the company to provide safe and accurate information. However, on your SEOR Facebook page, a SEOR assistant said, “DIY hand sanitizer with aloe jelly and eo’s isn’t “harmful” in any way…..but it is in no way shape or form going to sanitize ANYTHING….no matter who posts it it is an awful recipe.”

    Please do right by your customers and correct this issue.

    1. Hi Kristen, thank you for your feedback. We were working on an update for our hand sanitizer recipe because of this very issue. All of our DIY hand sanitizer recipes now include at least 60% alcohol to make sure this DIY is effective.

    1. Nope! Our Aloe Jelly contains all the necessary preservatives and emulsifiers needed to be a safe carrier for your essential oils.

  • The Tisserand Institute states that essential oils cannot be properly dispersed in aloe, glycerin, witch hazel, cornstarch, salt, soda, or milk because they are water soluble. Do you have another alternative?

    1. Hi Myra, that is correct that aloe gel (the fresh kind) isn’t a proper carrier for essential oils as it is water-based. However, our Aloe Jelly contains the necessary preservatives and emulsifiers to act as a safe carrier for your essential oils.

  • If I use kid safe destroyer will it still work for adults? Does it need to be in a dark bottle? Like amber? I’m having trouble finding a small amber bottle with a flip top, only spray bottles.

    1. Germ Destroyer is a great option for kids and adults alike. It won’t be any less effective. And no, you don’t need to use an amber bottle for this DIY.

  • I just got notification that my order with Defender add-on has been delivered 🙂 This is in my to-do list tonight!

  • This was such an easy recipe! I used germ destroyer instead. It’s nice to have my kids keep their hands clean and not have to worry about what they are using!

  • I definitely will be trying this. With 3 kids, germs are never in short supply. lol
    Also, I had no clue what the Aloe Jellys could be used for, but I found one use. Thanks!

  • I’ve been looking for a way to try Aloe Jellies since I’m not familiar with them. This will be my first go. Love the education/ideas PT provides for those of us who are still learning. Thank you!

  • I can’t wait to try this! I love the smell of defender and the thought of knowing exactly what it in my hand sanitizers makes me happy.

  • This is awesome for the summer! I love the smell. Germ Fighter works great in this recipe for the fall.

  • Thank you for this recipe ♡. Summer is coming and lots 9f outdoor activities in crowded places.i have never tried to spray aloe vera jelly before.its not too thick to make it through the sprayer?

    1. It probably will be too thick to spray. For this DIY, we recommend either a flip top bottle or a pump bottle.

  • As much as I love the smell of the conventional hand sanitizer (yeah, I’m weird that way), I find it too drying for my skin. This recipe will make the perfect replacement for it.

    1. Our Aloe Vera Jelly already has a preservative and can be used as a carrier. You would not need to add anything additional. Adding alcohol could potentially change the formulation and make it unstable. For this reason, I wouldn’t advise adding alcohol to this DIY.

  • I rarely use hand sanitizer, but when I do, I want something powerful! Is there a way to make an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, maybe even just adding alcohol to this recipe?

    1. Hi Mary, we definitely understanding wanting a powerful hand sanitizer! Please reach out to our customer service team at [email protected] and they can help you regarding this recipe.

  • Aahhhh yaassss!!! I just got the Defender oil & I use public transportation on a daily so this is PERFECT!!! Thank you!

  • I am definitely making this hand sanitizer in the morning! I love the aloe vera jelly and the defender blend! It sounds like a perfect match for cleaning hands and leaving them refreshed!

  • now i can use my diy hand sanitiser without worrying the chemical make my hand so dry.
    i love the smell of defender too.

  • Oh wow! I am almost out of sanitizer and was going to buy more. Maybe I’ll re-use the empty bottle and try this instead! Thanks for the idea.

  • Love the defender blend! Definitely going to try this one but does it spray well if using the jelly?

  • I am definitely buying a container of aloe jelly next time I place an order. Such a great do it yourself recipe

  • Excellent! I was wondering how much EO to use in order to kill germs. Has this recipe been tested to see how it stacks up in the germ killing field?

    1. Liz, this is a great question! The oils in Defender have been proven to help maintain clean surfaces, and we’re looking into a piece of content to compare/contrast with other, less natural, over-the-counter options.

  • Love this diy! Defender is new my favorite oil. My daughter has sensitive skin so this seems like it will be so much better for her than the harsher hand sanitizers.

  • I love how versatile the aloe jelly is! I never find myself needing hand sanitizer but duh adding oils to the aloe jelly would make a great lotion! I’ve been using it for sunburn relief and realized how soft it feels. Now I need another bottle to add EOs to!

  • Can I make a hand sanitizer with just water and Germ fighter? Maybe I have to try this recipe with aloe jelly.

    1. Water, unfortunately, will not emulsify the essential oils, which would result in undiluted oils directly on the skin. Aloe Jelly, on the other hand, is ideal for this recipe. But, you can indeed use Germ Fighter!

  • I used the old recipe that called for Germ Destroyer. I’m getting my Defender delivered today and I can’t wait to use it for this!!!! I absolutely love this hand sanitizer. It feels a little wet and sticky for less than 30 seconds and then its dry and I feel clean and moisturized. ITS AMAZING!

  • Will germ destroyer or germ fighter work, I’ve seen this with them, but was wondering the actual antibacterial coverage please? Would it be appropriate to sanitize my hands in a hospital? My work has such awful harsh stuff that literally cuts my pores open. Thank you!

    1. Hi Brandy! Most hospitals do not allow the use of essential oils. I would strongly suggest checking with your hospital. To answer your other question, you can totally use those blends for a hand sanitizer!

  • I’m all about DIY creams and moisturizing skin lotions, so I will definitely try this recipe! I need aloe vera jelly to get started! I believe I can use germ destroyer as well, isn’t it?

  • I made this with Germ Fighter last time, which was a little too strong for my taste (nooo I didn’t actually taste it). I’m definitely trying Defender next time! Such a good idea!

  • What a great idea! Can I use germ fighter instead of defender? I have everything else. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • This is a GREAT option. I didn’t think to use Defender and it’s one of my favourite blends. Thank you for sharing this DIY!!

    1. Kacie, a sturdy spray bottle like the one shown in the picture should work just fine! But of course, you’re more than welcome to use a pump or flip-top bottle if you prefer 🙂

  • I recently bought Aloe Jelly and made hand sanitizers. I don’t have Defender yet, instead I used Germ fighter in mine and Germ destroyer for the kids. We all love our hand sanitizers!

  • I use hand sanitizer alot I can’t wait to make this to carry in my purse. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is great! Now I know why I’ve been saving those empty little plastic bottles from that other store–to refill with a more natural germ fighting product! Thanks!

  • This makes amazing hand sanitizer!! What type of container do you recommend? I don’t want to use glass since kids will be using this hand sanitizer.

  • I cant wait to make this .It will come in handy with all the activities in the warm weather, potty breaks with the kids (bleh) and even grocery shopping.thanks pt

  • I love this idea! I love hand sanitizer, but it often burns from the alcohol. I’m going to add this to my list of “to dos”. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is great, thank you! I’ve loved diffusing Defender and am excited to try something new with it!

  • Great, i’ve been wanting to make my own without the alcohol. Now I just need to find a container that will work

  • Thank you for the recipe. I’ll have to try this soon. It sounds better than the antibacterial stuff on the market now.

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