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ways to reduce plastic use with plant therapy

Earth Week Day 3: Five Ways to Get Rid of Plastic

Welcome to day 3 of our Earth Week #ptchange1thing challenge!

Plant Therapy Earth Week Day 3: No PlasticsSo far we’ve tackled reducing energy and challenged ourselves to find alternative ways to work. Today, we’re talking everything plastic, and how to avoid it! Because on Wednesdays, we’re saying no to plastics. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

1. Use reusable dishes and silverware.

ways to reduce plastic use with plant therapyJust say no to throwaway silverware, styrofoam cups, paper plates, and paper coffee cups! They’re wasteful, bad for the environment and contribute to landfills. And IF you’re lucky your throwaway dishes are actually biodegradable…sometimes they’re not!

Instead, invest in some cute, reusable bamboo silverware for eating out, and make sure you use real plates, cups, bowls and everything else.

2. Bring a mug for coffee in the morning (or a reusable Starbucks cup).

ways to reduce plastic use with plant therapyI know it’s tempting to just jet through the Starbucks drive-through, but know what’s even more fun? A cute, reusable coffee mug or tumbler. Bonus: A lot of coffee shops will actually give you a small discount if you bring your own cup!

And speaking of reusable coffee mugs, make sure to stock one at your desk for office coffee, instead of using a paper cup.

3. Use grocery totes at the grocery store.

ways to reduce plastic use with plant therapyThe whole state of California can’t be wrong: plastic bags are wasteful and just generally terrible for the Earth. They just get thrown away, they aren’t biodegradable, they sometimes even hurt or kill wildlife. Hard pass.

Instead, use reusable tote bags to carry your groceries to and from the car. It doesn’t matter if your bag comes from Hobby Lobby or was an old T-shirt DIY, the environment will thank you!

4. Invest in metal straws to help reduce landfill.

ways to reduce plastic use with plant therapyways to reduce plastic use with plant therapyNow teeny tiny plastic straws might not sound like a big deal, but everything I just said above about grocery bags also applies to plastic straws. Plus, some straws are still being made with chemicals that are potentially carcinogenic, even if they’re labeled BPA-free.

And to make it even worse, plastic straws are too light for many recycling sorters, and so they end up in landfills anyways. Where it takes them up to 2,000 years to decompose. So that drink it took you five minutes to guzzle? That plastic straw is still going to be your great-great-great grandchildren’s problem.

Instead, pick yourself up some metal straws (or paper if you must) and just carry one in your purse for drink-related emergencies.

5. Drink your soda out of cans instead of plastic bottles.

ways to reduce plastic use with plant therapyIf you can find aluminum cans made from 100 percent recycled materials, they should be your first pick if you desperately need a single-serving beverage. They have a low transportation footprint and are easily recyclable, making them the clear winner over plastic bottles.

Further Reading for Going Green

Head to our Facebook group, Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) for more amazing ways to use essential oils on your journey to greener living, and be sure to follow along on social media with #ptjust1thing!


15 thoughts on “Earth Week Day 3: Five Ways to Get Rid of Plastic”

  • My household has really tried to cut back on plastic over the years. We don’t use plastic in the kitchen at all and we go for metal and glass instead. I have struggled with reusable bags though because sometimes I have more groceries than I do bags. I do collect my plastic bags and recycle them. My goal is not to use them at all.

  • Straws are one of my biggest challenges, but I am going to get a reusable one to keep in my bag so I don’t go through so many. Thanks for the great post!

  • Love this! We go tent camping and invested in reusable dishes. I here so many people use paper plates and plastic silverware, and it makes me sad. Our family has been working hard at reducing anything that is disposable.

  • Thank you for being concerned about the environment. If people would have been concerned 50 years ago, we wouldn’t have all the problems we do now with the landfills. I strongly encourage recycling & not using all that throw away plastic. I saddens me to see everything that people just throw away.

  • I am SO happy to see PT focusing on sustainability. Just another reason this is my favorite company!

  • Yes to no plastic straws! That is probably one of the hardest to achieve as you are typically given to go cups that require a plastic straw, but if you are bringing your own to go cup you solve this problem! They can also be a challenge to clean, so make sure you are buying metal straws that come with a cleaning brush. Another plastic that is often overlooked are produce bags. This is a very easy swap for a reusable produce bag that can be thrown in your grocery tote.

  • I love all of these! Everyone at the table always looks at me funny when I say no thank you to a plastic straw. Single use plastic is so unnecessary it’s so sad 🙁 Thank you for caring!

  • I bought a glass straw and use it all the time. Another way we reduce our plastic is shopping at the second hand store since most of the items have been unwrapped already. I love reducing my carbon footprint. Thanks for this article.

  • We have found a great reusable tote on the internet and will never change. We have gotten so many compliments from the staff at the grocery stores. They cost more than the traditional ones, but they should never need replacing. We have started using them for all sorts of things and they make me feel so much better about lessening my households plastics load on the environment. Thank you PT for bringing up this very important piece of information. The more people read and learn about saving the environment, the better all of our children and grandchildren will be.

  • I had no idea that cans were a better choice for the environment. Metal straws will be a challenge though. How do you ensure that you clean them properly, although at least my toddlers will stop biting the straws. Thanks for these useful tips

  • Our house is very plastic conscious! We have been doing these 5 things for many years now. Not only is it great for our planet it is great on the budget as well! REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE! 🙂

  • I am working every day to help my family be more environmentally friendly… I am glad my town recycles! I also love my stainless steel straws!

  • YES! Thank you so much for talking about this topic. When I am being mindful of my plastic use, it is overwhelming how often it is present in our lives, even in small ways. The more we talk about it, the more aware we will be, and can start to make a change!

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