4 Ways to Use Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

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4 Ways to Use Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

Sweet Marjoram

Latin name: Origanum majorana

Aroma Description: Fresh-medicinal, sweet, herbaceous scent

Therapeutic benefits

  • Like many herb and spice oils, it is calming and warming and can help encourage relaxation before sleep.
  • Can help provide comfort during times of seasonal illnesses.
  • When diluted in a carrier oil and massaged onto the abdomen, can help provide relief from menstrual pain.
  • Also excellent for providing relief for achy and painful muscles.



Yes! Marjoram Sweet IS KidSafe.


Dilution instructions:

Dilute to 3%-5% in your favorite carrier oil and massage onto areas of concern.


Diffusion instructions:

For a relaxing and calming blend before bed, diffuse 2 drops Frankincense Carteri, 2 drops Orange Sweet and 1 drop Marjoram Sweet.


Oils to blend with:

Carrot Seed, Coriander Seed, Cypress, Dill Weed, Helichrysum Italicum, Lemongrass, Mandarin, Nutmeg, Orange Sweet, Sandalwood Australian, Tea Tree and Thyme Thymol.

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Native to southern Europe and the Near East, Sweet Marjoram (Origanum majorana) may only be on your radar as a culinary herb. But actually, it’s so much more. Its generic name, Origanum, derives from the Greek words oros and ganos, which means “joy of the mountains [1].” Isn’t that beautiful? Who wouldn’t want an essential oil in their collection that, for thousands of years, has been referred to as the joy of the mountains?

Sweet Marjoram blooms on a table

And why did ancient humans classify this plant as something so delightful? It’s likely because of all the benefits Sweet Marjoram had to offer them. Traditionally, Marjoram had great symbolic value. It was closely associated with the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and fertility: Aphrodite. The scent of the herb is said to have come from her gentle touch. Young married couples would have a crown of Marjoram placed on their heads as a symbol of love and honor [1].

It was also an important funeral herb. Marjoram would be placed or planted near the graves of the deceased to help bring them peace as they journeyed forward. Leaves and branches of this herb have even been found in ancient Egyptian burial sites [2].

bunches of sweet marjoram

Traditional medicinal uses included ointments and salves meant to warm and strengthen the nerves. Its aroma was thought to keep a person healthy and help with all sorts of aches and pains. Because of its cultural and medicinal importance, it was once one of the most widely grown herbs in Europe [2].

Today, Sweet Marjoram can still make a positive mark in our lives. It’s a fresh, medicinal, herbaceous, sweet smelling essential oil that is steam distilled from the entire flowering plant while still fresh. Check out our top 4 favorite ways to use it.


Calling All Ladies!

woman holding her stomach in discomfort

Us ladies have concerns, lady concerns. PMS symptoms can strike at any time, taking over our emotions, cramping our stomachs, messing with our nerves, and just making us feel flat-out miserable. Sweet Marjoram offers both physical and emotional benefits to help combat the monthly bummer we have to go through.

For stomach issues, apply Sweet Marjoram topically. Dilute it to 2-5% in your favorite carrier oil or lotion and gently massage it onto your stomach in a clockwise fashion. If you can, blend Sweet Marjoram with other oils known to support menstrual discomforts, such as Clary Sage and Davana.

This will help with cramps and other digestive issues that can come up during this time.

When your mind is wheeling with emotions, Sweet Marjoram can provide some support. Its relaxing and warming aroma is particularly supportive of tension associated with feelings of anxiety and nervous exhaustion. It’s known to help ease emotional cravings and calm excessive thinking while promoting feelings of self-love [1].


Goodbye, Gas!

Woman's legs on the toilet

Not only can Sweet Marjoram help with menstrual cramps, but it’s really great for supporting your overall digestive system. Because you know when your stomach is in a funk, it’s just hard to make your day the best it can be. Sweet Marjoram is excellent for issues like flatulence, diarrhea, indigestion, and constipation [3]. Dilute it and use topically as mentioned above, or blend it with other digestive supporting essential oils. Dill Weed, Ginger Root CO2, and Peppermint all make great additions to Sweet Marjoram blends designed to help soothe stomachs.


Comforting and Calming

Couple relaxing at home

Sweet Marjoram is thought to encourage tender and gentle feelings, especially in the face of a grief-stricken heart [3]. It helps bring feelings of peace after a loss, which is a likely reason for its traditional use as a funeral herb. And when feelings of anxiety, agitation, and sleeplessness occur, Sweet Marjoram can help with that, too.

To make a bedtime spray to support a good night of sleep, add 3 ½ tbsp of water, ½ tbsp of Everclear, 10 drops of Sweet Marjoram, 10 drops of Lavender, and 20 drops of Mandarin to a 2 oz bottle. Shake well and spray on your pillow before going to bed! Since this recipe does not contain a preservative, please store it in the fridge and use within two weeks.


Perfect Post-Workout

Woman holding her lower back on a running track

If you’re a workout enthusiast, Sweet Marjoram is a must-have in your EO collection. It helps boost post-workout recovery by soothing tired muscles and minimizing discomfort from inflammation. Sweet Marjoram is known to dilate arteries and small blood vessels, which makes it great for a massage to support joint and muscle pain. It’s is also helpful for symptoms from arthritis, bruises, and rheumatism [3].

Try this blend to help support your body’s natural recovery process after an especially tough workout: add 5 drops of Cardamom, 5 drops of Frankincense Serrata, 5 drops of German Chamomile CO2, and 3 drops of Sweet Marjoram to an ounce of your favorite carrier oil. Apply this blend to the areas of concern for quick relief. Or, check out our Flame Fighter Roller Blend to take advantage of the benefit Sweet Marjoram has on sore muscles. 

And since Sweet Marjoram is so good at calming and soothing our tired muscles, that also makes it a wonderful essential oil to use before going to sleep. Because if you’ve been working hard all day it can be hard to enjoy a full night of restful sleep. This doesn’t just apply to exercise or intense physical work, either. For those of us who spend too much time slumped in front of a computer for work, the muscles in our neck and shoulders may also need some help unwinding from the tension. Try a warm bath before bed by diluting Sweet Marjoram to 2% in a body wash. Then add the mixture to your bath, sit back, and enjoy!

For more blends incorporating Sweet Marjoram for inflammation and discomfort, head over to these recipes:

Some more things you should know about Sweet Marjoram…

Sweet Marjoram from Plant Therapy Product Sheet

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[1] Mojay, G. (2005). Aromatherapy for healing the spirit: A guide to restoring emotional and mental balance through essential oils. London: Gaia. Pgs. 94-95.

[2] Worwood, V. (2016). The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, 25th Anniversary Edition. Novato, CA: New World Library. Pg. 603

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