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Delight Essential Oil blend surrounded by rose petals

April Oil of the Month: Delight

There’s nothing quite like the first sign of spring poking through after a dark and chilly winter. Fresh greens and new blossoms have a way of lightening our spirits and making us feel good about all the new opportunities life is going to throw our way! So to bottle that sense of delight, our Certified Aromatherapists beautifully blended together some of the most gorgeous, juicy, springtime scents and called it, of course, Delight. Because really, is it anything less than a delight to experience?


Let’s get to know what makes up this lovely blend a little better, shall we?

Bergamot: Widely known for its wonderfully vibrant, citrusy, and floral aroma, Bergamot helps to uplift the mind and ease your worries, especially during times of sadness and grief. Plant Therapy’s Bergamot is Bergaptine-Free, which means it is safe for use in the sun.

Orange Essence: With its intense, fresh citrus aroma, Orange Essence uplifts and energizes, while also easing worry and tension. As a co-product of the production of orange juice, Orange Essence differs from Orange Sweet due to its strong effervescent, fruity top note and additional aldehydes (approximately 0.5%). The chemical makeup is otherwise nearly identical to Orange Sweet and offers the same uplifting benefits.

Young girl holding out an orange flower

Kumquat: Known to brighten the senses, boost household cleaning products, and support a healthy immune system, Kumquat is high in Limonene, which gives the oil its fresh, citrusy aroma and uplifting abilities. This scent is very energizing and can help give you the boost you need to get going!

Steam Distilled Lime: Unlike Cold Pressed Lime Oil, Steam Distilled Lime is not phototoxic. It has a beautifully clean, bright citrus scent that can help clear and energize the mind. This oil can also help support a healthy immune system!

Rose Absolute: Highly prized for its rich floral scent, Rose Absolute is known for its calming properties, helping to soothe emotions and bring calm in the midst of fresh grief. It can also promote relaxation before sleep and add a gorgeous floral note to any blend.


Delight’s cheerful and uplifting scent is a wonderful way to bring springtime inside your home! Diffuse this KidSafe blend during the day to encourage a joyful and peaceful atmosphere. You can also add it to your personal aromatherapy necklace or personal inhaler to keep the sweet, citrus scent with you all day long. To enjoy it in a lotion or carrier oil, just dilute to 2-4% and apply topically.

Delight was formulated with spring in mind! It is reminiscent of a freshly blooming springtime garden. With calming Bergamot, vibrant Orange, energizing Kumquat, fresh Lime, and soft Rose, this blend evokes positive feelings of acceptance and love.

Woman riding her bike happy with flowers


You’re always more than welcome to blend with our pre-made blends! Just remember that any additional element added will lead to a whole new aroma profile. But of course, experimenting with different scent creations can be super fun and incredibly rewarding! If you come up with something amazing, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

And if you’re not interested in blending, that’s okay, too! Delight makes a wonderful addition to all kinds of DIY projects. Being rich in all the wonderful immune-boosting and germ-fighting properties present in citrus oils, Delight makes a beautiful addition to a DIY all-purpose cleaner, like this one. Or add it to your body wash to help infuse your shower with a bright burst of cheerful aroma! It’s so simple: just add 6 drops of Delight with two teaspoons of your body wash, mix together, and wash as usual.

Some things you need to know about Delight:

Delight Essential Oil Blend product sheet from Plant Therapy

Is it KidSafe? Yes

Cautions: Do not use undiluted on skin. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. External use only. *There is no risk of a phototoxic reaction when using this blend topically at the suggested dilution*

Shelf Life: 1-2 years

Don’t miss out on our future exclusive Oils of the Month!

For more information and ways to use Delight or our other blends, check out PT’s Safe Essential Oil Recipes group on Facebook!


87 thoughts on “April Oil of the Month: Delight”

  • Please start selling this!!! I’m gonna be so sad when I run out and anyone who comes over and smells it wants to get some too!!

  • This is sooooo AWESOME! I diffuse it just about every day at home and I even diffused it all last week at the beach. The citrus is immediate and followed by a lovely bouqet of flowers. I get a lot of compliments on this one. This needs to be available all the time. Thank you so much for the generous large bottle.

  • This blend has become one of my absolute favorites! It is like spring in a bottle with a little bit of sweet, a little bit of tart, and a hint of floral. I made a room spray with it and added a couple of drops of Spearmint…so clean and refreshing!

  • LOVED this one. Been using it almost every day and now we are almost out. Will it be available to order? Or can you share the recipe so we can buy the ingredients and make more? I’d love to be able to share with my mom and sister. I’m their official “supplier”.

    1. Some of our OOTMs do end up as part of our permanent collection. So it might become available in the future!

  • I liked this blend. I found it sweet but not too “rosey” This was also my first OOTM and now I can’t wait for my order every month!

  • This is the 1st OoTM that I’ve actually liked, but it was still a bit too much citrus for me. Unless you compare it to Citrus Burst, it does smell really citrusy. The hint of Rose does tone it down & is what makes it smell better, even though I’m not much of a Rose fan either, but together they work. I did, however, add more Rose to it, which I felt was a definite improvement. I signed up for OoTM because a Facebook ad for it showed the Chocolate Truffle & I thought that was what I would get the first month, so I was sadly disappointed when I didn’t & found it wasn’t even possible to get a prior OoTM, even as a subscriber. I missed the Cherry Cordial too & sadly came in on a medicinal one. A lot of the past oils sounded really great so I thought I’d stick all I’ve gotten so far I have gotten 2 medicinal odd oils in 2.5ml size that smell awful but are supposed to be beneficial. I’m not thrilled with them and it seems, even with the subscription rate, it’s not as great of a bargain as it is supposed to be. They don’t appear to be an oil that’s worth much more than the $15. you pay for it. Delight at least was 30ml & was the 1st to smell nice. I’m still waiting to see a month when they send 2 or 3 oils as is also supposed to happen, too. The main good thing about it is that you MAY get some oils that you wouldn’t know about or think of that might useful & if you’re lucky, you’ll get some nice surprise blends. You will at least, certainly get A surprise! Whether or not you like it is another story. If I had started in May or August of 2018 instead of Mar 2019 I’d probably be singing a whole different tune & be a happy camper! I’m hoping if I continue a little while longer it’ll get better too. There’s a song about 1 out 3 not being bad, but to me, it’s more not good. I can say at least I know Plant Therapy is a brand I can trust to be real and they don’t skimp on filling their bottles. They have good blogs & pretty good customer service, free shipping & a good return policy.

  • I love this blend! It’s definitely a good one for this time of year and a great complement to the spring blends set!

  • One of my favorite OOTMs! When Luckier was out, people were commenting about it smelling like acrylic nails. I didn’t get Luckier so never smelled it. But when I opened this, that was the first thing that came to mind as well, and I thought ok that is what they were talking about, and oh no! This oil stinks! But diffusing it is totally different. I have found that the rose scent lingers for a LONG time! My diffuser, set to 30 on and 30 off, must have had a lot of water in it because it continued to run through the entire night, and when I got up the next day I could still smell it giving off rose fragrance. I’m glad this is such a big bottle!

  • I really like this blend. It is fresh with just a hint of something beyond citrus. I diffuse it daily in the bathroom. It is not something I think i would have chosen if not through the OOTM program, so thank you PT!

  • This blend sounds great. I love citrus oils. Hopefully I can still snag a bottle for myself. I hope you offer free shipping to Canada for the oil of the month club soon. I would sign up for sure then.

  • Love the ootm for April! I diffuse it at work and my workspace smells so cheerful and fresh! My co workers even started using it in diffusers in their work space!

  • This has been my favorite OOTM so far. I’ve only been a member since Dec. and was really considering stopping my subscription. But I love the surprise every month. Am so glad I didn’t cancel.

  • I just got the spring oils set, but this one looks amazing as well! I want them all! 🙂

  • I know that there are some mixed reviews of the scent of Delight. . . But we absolutely love it. It smells like Skittles, and so of course my kids are constantly wanting “the Skittles!” I had to buy an extra bottle too. . .

  • I have LOVED this oil this month! I love that it’s floral without being overwhelming. It’s both uplifting and relaxing and very, very feminine. Thank you PT for giving us something so versatile! Love the OOTM program!

  • I really like this blend, and the bottle is adorable. Unfortunately any time I diffuse it the kids can’t stand the smell of it. LOL Sometimes blends are better diffused, but this is one that is better just diluted and applied topically, at least for my family. Funny how diffusing can really bring out different things in a blend.

  • Because of this oil, I just signed up for oil of the month club! It looked amazing and I couldn’t believe it was in the 30 ml size! I may have missed out on this one, but I won’t miss out on any more!!!

  • This is a wonderful oil of the month! Delight is a very appropriate name. My husband even enjoys it when I diffuse it. I was surprised that the lovely rose scent is that noticeable in this blend. It’s just perfect. It is so uplifting and makes me feel happy!

  • Me and my 3 year old daughter loved this so much we ordered a second bottle! We use it in bubble bath ❤️❤️❤️ In the car and diffused in the house!

  • So excited that Delight was kid safe!!! My grandson loves my diffuser and asks grandma to “turn the smoke on grandma, turn the smoke on”!

  • Was so happy to have a kid safe oil as the OOTM. I’m a grandmother of 5.5 (#6 on the way) and want my home to always be safe and welcoming for them. My 8 year old grandson looks forward to sleeping at my house because he loves to diffuse lemon when he’s going to sleep. DELIGHT is amazing and it came in a 30ml . I usually stay away from florals, but love the citrus blend. Love Plant Therapy’s Oil of the Month Club and love that we can purchase additional bottles (if still available). Every oil every month may not be what you’re looking for but I love gifting myself a surprise each month and if it’s not for me, I can always pass it on to someone else.

  • Well this sounds like it was awesome. I think I’m going to have to work oil of the month into the budget.

  • I had no idea I would love this blend so much! So uplifting and the rose comes through just perfectly to me! It’s wonderful. Hoping it’s added permanently!

  • This stuff smells soooooooooooo yummy!!! Kind of like Fruit Loops or even Fruit Stripe Gum.. mmmmm

  • I did not like the smell out of the bottle. It is likely that I do not like Lime distilled. However once I put it in my diffuser that lime was not powerful. I am thinking of using it to make hand-soap with the PT foaming bottle. I keep reminding myself to not judge an oil from your first impression.

  • I absolutely love delight!! A couple drops in the diffuser and my house smells like a wonderful spring day. Just the right amount of citrus and floral. Plant Therapy knocked it out of the park again.

  • I have some on the way to me! Can’t wait for it, hoping the lime isn’t terribly strong!

  • I think Delight smells wonderful! Unfortunately, every time I put it in my diffuser I got an awful headache. Instead of returning it, I gifted it to my friend who is new to Essential oils and Plant Therapy. He loves it!

  • This sounds amazing! I missed out on ordering it as an OOTM, so I hope it becomes a regularly available synergy.

  • I love this oil blend. It is so delightful! I hope this one becomes a regular. Love the citrus with the floral and it’s KidSafe too.

  • The name of this oil is perfect. It is delightful. I love the citrus oils. I don’t smell the rose as strongly as some do and wish I did. But everyone’s nose is different. I will definitely be buying more of this! Please make it permanent.

  • Love that it’s kidsafe/ pregnancy safe/ nursing safe!!! As an extended breastfeeding mom, I have to forego most OOTM 🙁
    Thanks Plant Therapy!!!

  • This is amazing! Love everything about this one! It is so bright and fresh. Awesome it was a 30ml!

  • This is my favorite Oil of the Month thus far! It was wonderful when used in a recent DIY: lotion bars!

  • I LOOOVE all the citruses in this blend, so I thought I’d love this month’s OOTM, but the rose absolute is all I can smell. Here’s the flip side, though – sometimes what you think will be great on paper, your nose won’t agree, so give everything a chance! And my wallet is safe for now; for the longest time I wanted that pricey Rose Abs but now that I know, I can take it off my wishlist and focus on what works for our home.

  • I just received this today!! I absolutely LOVE this smell! This one is going to go on my body as well as diffusing!! I am guessing, that once this is approved, it will be able to be read above? Points…lol- don’t forget me! lol

  • I love the smell of this and so does my daughter. I made lotion bars the other day and she loves to use this for our bedtime routine. She will actually put the lotion on herself (she is 2). Just read about the all purpose spray, I can’t wait to make this tomorrow!!

  • i love the kumquat so much. super uplifting amd it really makes me feel happier. i.share some of it with my good friend.

  • This is good oil. I’m not huge fan of steam distilled lime and I definitely get that in this oil but it’s not overpowering. Overall, this smells great and I’m happy it was an OOTM.

  • Love this oil of the month! I dont have rose, but know I feel like I do! I’m so glad it’s a 30 ml also! Great blog post!

  • I was not happy with a blend for OOTM until I got it OmG this has to be added to website forever!! The smell is heavenly!! No reason to add any other oil, its perfect the way it is My favorite blend so far!!!

  • Well this sounds super yummy! It inspired me to make a similar blend with my daughter who chose jasmine absolute missed with citrus oils, we both love it!

  • This has been one of my favorite OOTMs so far. Delight is a perfect name as truly is a cheery, delightful fragrance.

  • I joined OOTM for this blend! I love the scent when passively diffusing or when used in bath and body products. It’s a perfect blend of citrus and rose. My only complain is that the rose leaves a musty smell that lingers after diffusing.

  • I’m actually not a big fan of Delight, so I haven’t used it yet at all. I was so looking forward to it because I’m the biggest fan of Luckier =/. I get a lot of delightful citrus, but then the rose interferes with it, and it’s unpleasant. I’m guessing I’m not a fan of rosa centifolia. What can I add to it to make it more well-rounded? I’m thinking frankincense. I’d love some suggestions!

  • This is my second OOTM delivery and I LOVE this. I’m so happy to do a little self care splurge by getting a happy surprise in the mail once per month. I will be sharing this blend with my mom. She is a dementia patient and we’ve seen first hand how diffusing oils in her space helps her mood. Not only will she enjoy this uplifting scent, her care givers will love it too. I also added several drops of this in my lotion at work, and it helps my mood so much when I use it. Great product Plant Therapy!

  • The rose was a little strong for me when I diffused Delight alone, so I added one drop of each Lime, Bergamot, and Orange to help balance it out.

  • I cannot wait to sign up for the OOTM! I love that you guys do this! So exciting. I am beyond happy my research lead me here.

  • Absolutely DELUGHTful!!
    I’ve had this OOTM for a couple of weeks now – long enough to find that I love it in the diffuser and it is a truly DELIGHTful addition to a bit of unscented lotion.
    As for blending – add 1drop of Patchouli to 5drops of DELIGHT and take your diffusing to a whole new level!
    So glad this one came out in a 30ml as it is quickly becoming a favorite!

  • I am so glad I joined OOTM. I absolutely love the scent of Delight and happy it came in a 30ml. Thank you Plant Therapy!

  • Love, love, love this blend! At first sniff, I thought the rose was very strong and was going to give me a headache, I’ve never been good with floral scents, but to my “delight”, it doesn’t!! It’s the perfect compliment to the citrus’. I really hope it becomes a regular and I can get it again.

  • Sooooo DELIGHTfully delicious! I love the Bergamot note … actually I love the whole blend – and nice 30 ml. size! I think I may have to see if I can buy an extra for when this one runs out! Way to go PT!

  • Delight sounds delightful! My two bottles are being shipped today. Can’t wait to get them and use in some of my DIY’s, especially the spray cleaner. Thanks PT!

  • I love this OOTM!!! Citrus smells are my absolute favorite so can you imagine how excited I was when I saw this and look at the ingredients? I actually thought about contacting PT to purchase a backup because when I run out I will be really sad. LOVE IT.

  • Delight is headed my way! After reading this post, I am SO excited to add it to my body wash – sounds like a great way to help me wake up in the morning! Thank you for your amazing OOTMs!

    1. This is the current Oil of the Month. It is only available through the end of the month (so thru Tuesday 4/30). After that it will not be available unless it is added to the product line up.
      So don’t delay if you’re wanting it! Go to the Oil of the Month and sign up – $20 for a one-time order, $15 if you subscribe for recurring shipments.

  • OK, you totally made me want this! I cannot think of a better name for such a blend! Adding to my wish list NOW!

    1. This oil will only be available through the end of the month. Being an Oil of the Month selection, it goes away after April 30. Hurry and sign up if you want Delight.

    1. I keep putting off OOTM CLUB because I have my shopping cart is full as soon as I place an order and empty it…..Boom it is full again, and don’t even get me talking about how much is on my wish lists. I am really sorry I didn’t get Delight. It sounds exactly like the oils I go for first. Time to fit that OOTM into my budget

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