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Essentials Video: Sage Stomach Saver Roll-On

As many of you who love essential oils know, herb and spice oils can provide excellent support for stomach issues. Sage Dalmatian is no exception! This powerful essential oil helps to provide relief from stomach upset. Once Sage is properly diluted at 0.4% in a carrier oil, like the Fractionated Coconut Oil in this Sage Stomach Saver Roll-On, rub it onto your stomach in a clockwise manner for relief from stomach issues.

Essentials Video: Sage Stomach Saver Roll-On

Sage Stomach Saver Roll-On

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Add ingredients to roll-on bottle. Rub on the abdomen in a clockwise motion when occasional stomach upset occurs.


37 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Sage Stomach Saver Roll-On”

  • Use the oil of sage for upset stomach, I give in the abdomen circular massages and passes the discomfort

  • Can’t wait to try this one, I purchased sage a few weeks ago but haven’t used it yet. Thanks!

  • I bought Sage a while ago, when I needed her wisdom and strength, like her name suggests she would offer. She worked well in an inhaler with other strong and wise oils, Cypress, Juniper, and a tiny bit of Palo Santo. They did lend me their strength and wisdom.
    However, I have never used Sage on my skin, but, this is such a low dilution, and my tummy has been bothering me a lot lately, time to pull her out of the fridge, and give her the love she deserves.

  • I’ve used grapefruit and fennel for stomach upset but I’m glad to know sage is another oil to add to the list. My daughter gets an upset stomach off and on so I need this on hand. Thank you for educating me!

  • I ordered this oil when it was the oil of the week. I just had a stomach cramp due to overeat last night. I used this recipe and it worked well! Thank you for the recipe!

  • Something else to add to my wishlist. I like that it can be used for stomach issues and menstrual cramps.

  • Thank you for this information. I was using Star Anise for stomach issue but really do not like the licorice smell. I love Sage Dalmation and can`t wait to try this. Thank you.

  • Had no idea sage could help with stomach problems, good to know! Most stomach blends I see online are stinky

  • This recipe is the perfect excuse to buy the sage dalmatian. That and it’s the spotlight oil of the week!

  • Thank you for this! Definitely going to give it a try when I’ve got some upset tummy issues!

  • This will be great alternative to using ginger, and much cost effective. Thanks I had no idea

  • I tried this for the first time yesterday….OH MY LANTA…thanks so much. It really worked

  • Thank you for this recipe. I’d love to see more recipes using some of the oils that have extra precautions such as sage and oregano.

  • Oh, I didn’t realize that sage was good for stomach issues. This is great! Thank you.

  • I am going to make this today! I’ve been having a lot of issues. Hopefully this will help! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  • I’m gonna have to grab some sage to try this! I’m always using a tummy roll on as I feel like my tummy is always bothering me

  • Oh, I love it when there’s a recipe includinf items I already own. I’m going to have to give this one a try.

    1. Hi Lisa, Sage is helpful with digestive issues, like an upset stomach or a stomach ache.

  • Oh I love using rollers for stomach discomfort! I’ve always eyeballed Sage so maybe now is the time to order it and give it a try! Thanks for offering all these Spotlight oils, PT! You guys are so generous not only with your products but trustworthy knowledge too!

  • I will have to make myself a roller bottle. Always looking for help and better than popping Tums.

  • I’ve been looking for something to help with stomach upset. Hopefully this will do the trick!

    1. Yep, just one drop! This is can definitely help with menstrual cramps. You can also add a few drops of Clary Sage for help with women’s issues.

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