Happy Star Wars Day: New Diffuser Blends from Across the Galaxy

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Happy Star Wars Day: New Diffuser Blends from Across the Galaxy

Happy Star Wars Day everyone! Here at Plant Therapy, we decided to celebrate by putting together some new diffuser blends that are sure to whisk you away to your favorite planet as you enjoy rewatching the movies.  You’ll be able to experience everything the moisture farms of Tatooine to the frozen tundras of the planet Hoth to the forest moon of Endor.

So get ready to journey with us to a galaxy far, far away…


Happy Star Wars Day: New Diffuser Blends from Across the Galaxy

The place where it all began. There’s no denying this planet’s importance in the Star Wars saga. It has everything from Jabba’s Palace to Kenobi’s hut to the Sarlacc pit. The woodsy aromas of Sandalwood Indian paired with the warm and spicy scents of Vetiver and Cardamom will transport you to the desert plains as the two suns set on the horizon.

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Mos Eisley Cantina

You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. It is the place to find Han Solo, after all. Enjoy the cantina music as you soak in the uplifting aroma of Lime, the freshness of Juniper Berry and Spearmint, and the warm spice of Black Pepper. This blend is KidSafe too!

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Happy Star Wars Day: New Diffuser Blends from Across the Galaxy

Not to worry, this blend smells nothing like a Tauntaun. Diffuse these cool, uplifting scents and before you know it, you’ll be roaming the frozen halls of the new rebel base. That is before the Empire tracks you down.

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*to make this blend KidSafe, substitute an extra drop of Spearmint in place of the Peppermint.


The mysterious Dagobah system is the place to start your Jedi training and learn from the wisdom of Yoda. Diffuse this, you shall.

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Cloud City

Happy Star Wars Day: New Diffuser Blends from Across the Galaxy

Who can forget the clean, white halls, brightly colored clouds, and the endless charm of Lando Calrissian? Enjoy this uplifting and sweet diffuser blend as it transports you to that city in the sky above the planet Bespin.

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Happy Star Wars Day: New Diffuser Blends from Across the Galaxy

And last but not least, we have the forest moon of Endor. Home of the Ewoks and location of the last battle against the Empire. Enjoy the woodsy and fresh aromas of this foresty diffuser blend.

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Jedi Temple Roller Blend

(for those who follow the Jedi Code)

Jedi Temple Roller Blend

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:
Add essential oils to the roll-on bottle.
Fill the roll-on bottle with a carrier oil.
Apply to chest, back of the neck, or wrists to encourage Peace, Knowledge, Serenity, and Harmony.
This recipe is KidSafe.

… may the force be with you!

Plus, shop today to get select oils in your favorite lightsaber colors for just $4.00 each with code PTFORCE!

If you’re looking for more galactic essential oil recipes, be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group!


90 thoughts on “Happy Star Wars Day: New Diffuser Blends from Across the Galaxy”

  • These are some great blends that I have most of the oils. Can’t wait to try. Thank you for the recommendations PT.

  • @amandamango. I got the grapefruit pink for $4.00 too. I love it! It smell so amazing, but it is very strong. A little goes a long way. I have used it so far as a DIY carpet freshener, I have used it on my face with argan carrier oil for blemishes and acne prone skin. And I have used it in a diffuser, but it a little too strong for my taste so I mixed with it bergamot and frank. I also made my husband a personal inhaler with 5 drops of grapefruit pink and he loves it. It so funny watching him. He says it gives him a pick me up when he is tired and an energy boost.

  • My son’s birthday is May 4th. I made a blend into a vacuum powder rather than diffuser blend, and he thought it was so cook the house “smelled like star wars”!

  • I love PT’s humor! Always on the cutting edge and keeping us smiling. Can’t wait to try these.

  • I got the four dollar grapefruit! I loved it and I can’t wait to try it out in some of these diffuser blends!!

  • My kids are Star Wars fans so I’ll have to see if they want to give some of these a try. Thanks!

  • I loved the May 4th sale for the $4 oils and i love how all of them smelled, can’t wait to do some DIY’s with them. Thanks Planet Therapy!!!!

  • I really like this idea of Stars Wars being the inspiration for these oily combinations. Very creative.

  • These are so awesome! I was happy to take advantage of the sale and got May Chang and Citronella! May the fourth be with you!

  • So fun!! My husband loves Star Wars so telling him what I’m diffusing will be fun! I love that you can add all oils to your cart so you don’t have to go search for them if you don’t have some. Thank you!

  • These blends sound awesome! I am intrigued by the one that has Black Pepper in it. I may have to diffuse that tomorrow.

  • This is so fun!!! and they sound so good. My sister is a hard-core star wars fan and will get a kick out this!

  • Some of these sound so good! I’ll have to see if I have the oils to make them. And was thrilled to see Citronella for $4, thank you! Time to make some bug repellent, mosquitoes love me.

  • How fun! Can’t wait to try some of these! I also know some young padawans who might have fun creating their own Jedi blends. Thanks for the creative inspiration!

  • You guys are so fun and creative! Also, thank you for the great promo, I picked up two oils that I did not have in my collection.

  • My husband is a huge Star Wars fan, so this would be so much fun to try! Unfortunately, I only have 4 of the oils listed in all of these recipes… and I thought I have a pretty large collection. Maybe it’s time for another little green mailer of goodness to show up in my mailbox!

  • Hahah!!!! Just an other reason to love plant therapy!!! I’m a huge Star Wars fan and these were a hoot! I can’t wajt to try!! Thank you plant therapy!

  • I’ve never watched these movies, but some of these blends sound great! Yall are so fun and creative!

  • This makes me love you even more! We are a huge Star Wars fan family! My oldest is even a member of the 501st legion as a stormtrooper! So excited to make these blends for us!

  • <3 These!!! What a creative, fun way to incorporate Legendary Star Wars with Essential Oils! I will definitely be trying some of these blends!

  • You guys are AMAZING! This is so creative and so much fun — can’t wait to try several of these intriguing blends. Thanks for always being so inspirational…

  • You all are so creative. I don’t know who came up with these star war themed blends but they are awesomely presented. Great job !!!

  • What a fun post! I love the creativity. The Jedi temple roller and Tatooine really appeal to me. I look forward to checking them out.

  • Love these! You all captured each of these so perfectly. Cant wait to try a few recipes

  • And also with you! I think it’s great that you celebrated Star Wars day. I just wish I could try some of these blends we are missing at least one from each. I will look them up again one day

  • Thanks for the sale…I bought all 4 then came back and bought 6 more!! Both my sons are big star wars fans, I’m gonna live making these blends, plus I’m going to use these recipes to make star wars shaped bath bombs! Thanks again plant therapy for awesome deals and recipes!

  • The recipes are definitely worth trying! A lot of thinking has been put into them together
    And $4 each for 10 ml bottles – what a steal!

  • Thank you PT for the fun Star Wars recipes and the awesome sale on four oils today! I can’t wait to try the Jedi Temple Roller Blend.

  • These are such a great idea for themed blends! Now I just need a few more oils to make some of these!

  • Not a huge Star Wars fan, but this blog is cute! The meanings are lost on me, but I still will be trying some of them. Thank you!

  • Love these ideas – printed and added to my oil binder – now to decide what to try first

  • What a fun post and let the imagination go! Can’t wait when you come out with the Yoda blend, the Skywqlker blend, etc. 🙂

  • So fun! I would love to try some of these blends. You should make them official and sell them. I bet they’d sell out immediately!

  • So cute! I can’t wait to try them. My boyfriend is an oil skeptic, but a star wars nerd so maybe he will enjoy these blends or at least enjoy being a star wars snob about how they got each places signature scent wrong lol!

  • I absolutely LOVE This Post Not to mention this 4$ sale!! I have been eyeing 3 of these oils & they have been in my wish list for a long time & I HAD To splurge again today after already getting 3 oils during the May Flower sale! This company is so amazing! We can’t thank you enenou for such amazing sales on such perfect products

  • Living 3 boys (and my husband), I know more about Star Wars than anyone should. At any rate, we are looking forward to trying out stone of these blends this weekend!

  • It’s fun to get recipes for star wars theme. My grandson was born on “may 4” so anything star wars I love!!!

  • My older daughter doesn’t really understand why I like oils, but she loves Star Wars. I bet after showing her this post, it will pique her curiosity! Thank you for these blends. I’m looking forward to trying them.

  • This is so much fun! Thanks PT for changing things up and for giving us new unique blends to try! I know my husband will love these blends AND their names! May the 4th be with you!

  • May the 4th be with you!!! Absolutely love these. I have Endor going in one room and Hoth going in another. They smell so good. Thank you for being so awesome and enabling some of your customer’s nerdery.

  • Shout out to PT because you guys are awesome and creative and love your customers so much you think of ways to put smiles on our faces!

  • I love this!!! I am a big Star Wars fan and have seen all the movies! I love that Plant Therapy has done this for us and am so anxious to try each of these blends. Thank you so much for doing all you do for us!!!!

  • Hahah I love that you took the time and creative mind to create these Star Wars blends! Cloud City sounds lovely but I’m missing a few oils, so I better put in an order and thank you for the $4 oils sale for Lightsaber colours sale!

  • Ok. I’m geeking out. This has to be the best blog post ever written. Please do more like this. So fun!

  • And May the Fourth be with you also Plant Therapy !!!✨ These are awesome recipes !! Raining here today so what better way to spend my day creating these blends

  • HAHA…You guys are GREAT!! 🙂 Love your humour!! Can’t wait to try some of these and especially Endor, sounds amazing. May the 4TH be with you!!!

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