Everything You Need to Naturally Support Healthy Sleep

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Everything You Need to Naturally Support Healthy Sleep

It’s Better Sleep Month! I think we can all admit that quality sleep is something we all know we need, but never seem to get enough of. And we’ve all heard how important it is. After all, not getting enough, quality sleep can cause brain fog, reduce your libido, and even make your skin look older. No thank you! We rounded up a few of our favorite tips to help you achieve better sleep naturally.

Ditch the devices

woman looking at her phone in bed

No really, put down your phones. As hard as it might be to part with Facebook, your favorite game or texting your bff, it’s definitely putting a damper on night’s sleep. The blue lights emitted by your phone or tablet suppresses your body’s melatonin production (melatonin is that great sleep-inducing hormone). It can also mess your body’s internal clock. Plan on putting down your electronic devices about 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

Start that sleep schedule

woman wearing a sleep mask

Going to bed and getting up at a specific time every day (including weekends) is incredibly important. It helps support your body’s circadian rhythm and internal clock. And when your body gets used to a schedule, you’ll have an easier time falling asleep and waking up. Those precious minutes when you’re not laying awake staring at the ceiling or constantly hitting the snooze button now are part of your productive and relaxing day!

Spray those sheets

sheet and bedding

A nice linen spray or hydrosol is a great way to enjoy the therapeutic of essential oils. And there are so many great oils to help you achieve a better night’s sleep! Hydrosols are a gentle and effective option for a pillow or linen spray. Try using Lavender or Chamomile, both well known for their calming effects.  Or you can make this Vetiver Pillow Spray DIY! Vetiver, with an earthy, woodsy and spicy scent, is one of the most popular choices for its relaxing properties. It helps calm the mind before bedtime. Add a spritz or two to your bedding before bed to enjoy these benefits.

Bust out the blends

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Sleep Tight Sleep Sets

And last but not least, Plant Therapy has several blends to help you get a restful, quality night’s sleep. Just add a few drops to your diffuser about 30 minutes before bedtime. Check it out:

  • Relax: If you’ve had a long, stressful day, the essential oils in this blend work to promote a peaceful, tranquil state of mind
  • Sleep Aid: The blend of Lavender, Mandarin, and Ylang Ylang work together to help you catch those much-needed zzzs.
  • Sleep Tight: Formulated specifically for those who are more sensitive to unfavorable scents, this blend will help calm the mind and relax the body.
  • Nighty Night: This KidSafe blend is designed to help those who have a hard time winding down before bed. In addition to helping calm the mind, it also helps promotes full body relaxation.
  • Sweet Dreams: For those who struggle with bad dreams and night terrors, this blend is for you. It helps soothe those turbulent emotions and promote a peaceful, uninterrupted night of rest.
  • Sweet Slumber: And last but not least, we have Sweet Slumber. This blend was created for anyone who cannot use Lavender. It uses Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Orange and other calming oils to create a calming, soothing, and sedating atmosphere.

Be sure to also check out the Sleep Tight Set and the Sweet Slumber Set for all sorts of sleep-related goodies!

For more incredible DIYs, be sure to check out our Facebook group, Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR)!


79 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Naturally Support Healthy Sleep”

  • Thank you for this post and breaking it down what all the sleep promoting blends are specifically for! I only have the relax blend so far, and am absolutely loving it. Falling asleep takes longer without it but I also struggle with not being rested when I wake up!

  • My biggest struggle is sleep. I work a crazy schedule on the night shift, so a set sleep and wake time isn’t in the cards for me, plus I’ve started that “lovely time” in my life that all women go through as they age. I am so glad you put all of these things together in one place with some tips. Plant Therapy oils have definitely helped me combat some of my struggles, and now I have a couple more things to try after read this.

  • As survivors of a recent mass shooting we are struggling to sleep and stay asleep. We just ordered Sleep Tight and are hopeful this well help us with the restless nights!

  • Thank you so much for the sleep info. I also use Let It Go for bedtime. I make up my own roll on recipes for sleep & then alternate them with the P T synergies for sleep.

  • Good information – always looking for new and better ways to get a restful night’s sleep. These EOs ideas are interesting. Thank you.

  • I started looking into essential oils because I struggle with sleep. Though I don’t think essential oils are a magic-quick fix to insomnia, I do think sleep hygiene and a good night time routine is important. I started diffusing Worry Free, Relax, or Lavender before bed as part of my routine, and it is definitely helping. At the very least, it makes my bed time routine pleasurable!

  • Great information! I‘ve been strugglingn with getring good sleep, especially since the birth of my son. I‘m definitely trying those tipps out.

  • i came searching the blogs for sleep advice as its one thing in short supply in my house at the moment. Might give the linen sprays a try

  • Ive been rotating between ho wood and roman chamomile to help me sleep, and I have to say I seem to wake up less during the night!

  • Good reminders for overall sleep health. I love the Vetiver linen spray, as well as spray made from Nighty Night.

  • I guess I need to get some EOs to try for better sleep. Thanks for the article and the useful information!

  • This was so helpful. The list at the bottom will help me decide which sleep blend to purchase next.

  • Thank you for the reminder of healthy sleep solutions! I’m planning on making a linen spray to add to my sleep regime, thank you for the suggestion. I do love sweet slumber and look forward to getting some vetiver to play with.

  • Such great ideas to get into a habit of doing!!! I have noticed that lavender really does improve my sleep!

  • I just tried Vetiver and I love it for my sleeping. Ive been tired with work, school and after school activities. My mom purchased vetiver and mixed it with lemongrass and it was great. I cant wait to get home and rest.

  • Vetiver is my absolute favorite for bedtime. I never thought to use it as a spray. Thanks for the idea.

  • I wish PT offered more non-lavender options! I can’t use cedarwoods, and all the lavender sleep blends so far felt too alerting/stimulating for me.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! You’re definitely not alone in not being able to use Lavender.

  • I have always been a very bad sleeper, but some of the ideas here really helped. I use both ready made commercial sleep blends and have recently been mixing some of my own with great success, the Facebook pages are a great place to get blending ideas and you should have a few of them ! And putting your smartphone on “Do not Disturb” overnight definitely helps ! Some great ideas here.

  • I love creating blends to diffuse to help me sleep. Vetiver is my favorite oil for relaxing, I’m going to have to try the pillow spray DIY!

  • I apply the germ fighter roll on to my feet before bed and it helps me fall asleep fast (and stay asleep!). SO awesome, I love it!

  • Great article! I am going to check out Sleep Aid, Relax and Sleep tight today since I am in town.

  • Have really loved experimenting with some of these blends and am encouraged by the results! Sleeping more soundly…Thank you!!

  • Good tips for promoting sleep. I have been forgetting to make another linen spray, and it is just the touch I was looking for recently to add to my routine!

  • I ran out of the Relax blend and was creating my own for a while but lately I haven’t been diffusing at night at all. Need to get back into the routine. I have various oils said to be good for sleep, but it’s so much more convenient and fast to have them all together in a PT synergy!

  • i have alot of trouble falling and staying asleep, i have to say sleep tight and vetiver in a rollerball have helped immensely with this. now im starting to try out all the other sleep blends so they can be rotated

  • I’ve really grown to love the NIghty, Night blend, but I have the ingredients on hand to make up my own Sweet Dreams. I might have to try that also!

  • Great essential oils! I have used several and I’m always changing them but recently I’m hooked with Let it Go. It’s bee. A whole week of good sleep.

  • Essential oils have really helped my sleeping. I’ve always had trouble sleeping since a teen and I’m so grateful for a natural solution that works.

  • Which oil can I use for both a peaceful sleep and to cool myself off?? It’s really warm nowadays and I wake up sometimes in the the middle of the night because it’s simply too warm

    1. Hi Karen, I think Ho Wood would be an excellent choice for you. It has both relaxing and calming properties, plus the camphor content results in a cooling sensation when applied topically.

      1. I tried with ho wood and Coriander Seed last night. I slept soundly..thank u so much for your suggestion. I am full of energy now. Thanks!

  • I have all of these sleep aids except for Sweet Slumber. They all work well for me and I do rotate them and take a break from them regularly. Sleep Aid is my favorite. Sometimes I add a drop or two of either Vetiver, Lavender, or Ho Wood to any of these blends if I have had a rough day with a lot on my mind.

  • I always love reading about new sleep blends. I can do lavender, but I cannot do ylang ylang!

  • These are wonderful tips for a restful night’s sleep! My daughter and I love diffusing Let It Go and Tranquility at night to relax and promote sleep. We both have brains that just don’t want to “shut off” at night! I would love to try the Relax and Sleep Aid synergies for comparison!

  • These are some very good tips. I am always trying to tweek my sleep routine. Looking forward to trying some of these blends.

  • Great ideas .I will try these. I have sleep aid but have not tried it yet. Thanks for suggesting the different blends. I also bought Pt`s vetiver. Willt ry that in the mix.

  • I think I’ll want to get the lavender hydrosol soon.. I’d love to have a better bedtime routine, but I hate to empty my diffuser of other oils I’ve been using throughout the day just to have a bedtime one. Do other people have multiple diffusers or what?

  • Most sleep blends will put me to sleep but I wake up in the middle of the night. Wondering if any of the above are recommended to help one stay asleep?

  • Thanks for the tips. I diffuse Calming the Child, and it helps me sleep better. Sweet Dreams worked for my son, but I hated the smell. Sleep Tight is also very effective.

  • I use let it go…. combined with wax melts. Kids and I sleep like babies. So does the baby! 🙂 I have it in the warmer then turn it off of course before we go to sleep. For some reason it works best this way. Its amazing!!! The…Best….Sleep…EVER! It doesnt work like this in a diffuser though. The diffuser is nice and relaxing, but nothing like when i use a warmer with wax beads.

  • Good ideas here! We already use and love hydrofoil so using them as sprays for our sheets would be easy for us to do! I also have a little one who get night terrors so I will probably be ordering the sweet dreams soon!

  • My go to blend in the diffuser is 1 drop vetiver, 1 drop lavender, 1 drop howood, 1 drop vanilla. LOVE the smell and sleep so sound.

  • Hmm a linen sorry that promotes sleep and would help cover hubby’s sweat between washing… (Washing bedding twice a week still isn’t enough haha)… Now the gears are turning

  • We love Sweet Dreams and Nighty Night in our house. I just received vetiver and am excited to make the pillow spray. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Loved this blog post! Everyone I know has slerrp issues, so I will be sharing this blog. Sleep support was my gateway into essential oils. Starting with Lavender sheet sprays, then buying sleep support synergies, and now sometimes making my own blends. I love the new sleep set, so fjn!

  • Definitely needed this blog today as a reminder. I have many of these oils. I recently started using Relax in my night time diffuser; don’t know why I didn’t think of that oil sooner for sleep. Sweet Dreams is a favorite. I think many of us are guilty of not turning off the electronics early enough prior to bed and that has a big impact. I will begin utilizing that technique and begin making it habit. I’ve not tried Sleep Tight but see addt comments so it will be added to my rotation soon.

  • It’s good to see at least one essential oil blend above that does not contain lavender. Lavender is not an appealing scent to me. I just may have to try out Sweet Dreams.

  • Great ideas to help us all shed the stress of the day. Having so many choices since I started using Plant Therapy’s EO’s has really helped me get more restful nights sleep. Thank you so much PT!

    1. Love that Plant Therapy has so many relaxing blend options! I’ve been slowly adding to my arsenal. Good tips for more sleep which is in short supply in our busy home. Thankfully I’m usually exhausted enough to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Unfortunately with little one, I’m up and down throughout the night. Tranquil is my new favorite to unwind. I also love that there are many kids safe blends!

  • I just purchased Sleep Aid to see if I can wean myself off the Rx sleep medication and get to sleep naturally. I can’t wait to try it.

  • I love vetiver for sleep blends. But I do have to say I have to get better at my no screen time before bed.

  • This was a an interesting read! I have had sleep issues since i lost my husband and was diagnosed with apnea. I have bought several different linen sprays and i do think they work but i have never mixed any myself. I am going to try to start now, just have to order a couple new oils first. I have tried putting a few drops of lavender on a cotton ball and placing it near my cpap before and it did seem to help.

  • I often mix singles such as YlangYlan, Tangerine and Lavender but I want to try some other oils. And it’s hard to choose between Sleep Tight, Sweet Slumber, Sweet Dreams, Nighty Night… Any suggestions? I don’t care much for kids safe or not, just not sure what will be most effective 🙁

    1. Hi Ana! I would suggest trying Sweet Slumber, and diffusing it at night as you’re preparing for bed and sleeping. When combined with a routine at night, I’ve had really great luck with general sleep issues!

  • Love this!!! I have been working on getting better sleep. I keep a bedtime and I made a linen spray! The spray really helps!!!!!

  • I have tried all of the above but nothing really helped as great as I would’ve hoped until I got myself some good plant therapy oils. Sleep tight and relax have changed my life. I work nights so sleep is especially important and I don’t think I can go without these wonderful oils. Thank you!!

    1. I also work nights but struggle to fall asleep during the day after work. Plant Therapy oils help so much!

  • I’m all about getting my required hours of sleep. Since I’ve started using Plant Therapy it has made my entire household sleep much better!

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