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Hello Spring Room Spray DIY

Who else is absolutely loving Spring?! Everywhere you look, it’s all green grass, colorful flowers, and a bright blue, clear sky. Bring a little bit of that Spring magic inside with one of our new Spring Blends. Or go for the Hello Spring bundle and get all three. Let’s take a look at each blend that captures the beauty of this season. Plus find a fun DIY Hello Spring Room Spray!

Fresh Meadow

Fresh Meadow essential oil blend

With citrusy notes from Bergamot and Orange Essence and just a hint of spiciness, Fresh Meadow is the perfect choice to help freshen up a space and uplift your mood. Other oils included in this blends are Amyris, Ginger Root, and Jasmine. The result is a wonderfully complex blend that helps bring an uplifting atmosphere and feelings of calm.

Island Sunset

Island Sunset essential oil blend

Many of us wish we could be sitting on an exotic island beach taking in the sunset. Even if that island getaway may be out of reach, you can bring that peaceful, relaxing atmosphere with you! Island Sunset has a tropical, woodsy aroma that is sure to give you all the beach vibes. Himalayan Cedarwood, Balsam Copaiba, and Balsam Peru combine for a soft, woodsy tone while Orange rounds out this blend with its citrusy sweetness. The result is a peaceful, calming and uplifting blend. The only thing that would make it better is those fun little umbrellas for your drink!

Morning Sunshine

Morning Sunshine essential oil blend

Hands up if you are not a morning person. For those of us that need a little help in the morning, this blend is for you. The combination of Lemon, Grapefruit, Lavender, and Rhododendron results in a bright and uplifting atmosphere that can help relieve worry and tension.  And for those that feel a bit sluggish in the morning, it even helps promote focus! In short, Morning Sunshine is the perfect blend to put some pep in your step and help you start the morning off right.

Looking for a fabulous way to use one of these spring blends? Check out this recipe for a quick and easy room spray!

Hello Spring Room Spray DIY

Hello Spring Room Spray

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

  1. Combine one of the Spring Blends with your Everclear.
  2. Pour into your 100 mL glass bottle and add water to fill.
  3. Shake well, then use!

For more incredible DIYs, be sure to check out our Facebook group, Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR)!



57 thoughts on “Hello Spring Room Spray DIY”

  • Hello Plant Family! Is this ratio of Everclear : Water : EO safe for all oil blends? Also can it be used on furniture and inside your car? Thanks so much!

    1. Correct! As long as your Everclear is at least 25% of your mixture (although a higher ratio never hurts, you just wouldn’t want to do less), you can create room and linen sprays to your heart’s content. It can be used on most fabrics, but a patch test is always a good idea, just to be on the safe side.

  • I absolutely love the room sprays! I already them on my sheets before I get in the bed and on my clothes before I put them on.

  • I FINALLY got my hands on some everclear and can not wait to try the room spray with Meadow Fresh. I think it’s my favorite synergy based on smell alone.

  • I bet those all smell lovely as a room spray. Could I use rubbing alcohol instead of everclear? I don’t have access to it in Canada.

    1. Rubbing alcohol would have to be used straight. It would not preserve a waterbased spray. It may also smell quite strong and overpower the aroma of the essential oils. If you choose to do so, skip the water in the recipe.

  • I made a foaming hand soap with Fresh Meadow and I love it! Wish I had bought 2 bottles!

  • This sounds wonderful! I’m going to start with a smaller bottle at first until I’m sure everyone in the house likes it as much as I do 😉

  • These blends will make amazing room sprays! I wish it didn’t use so many drops though. LOL! I might need to make a smaller amount since these blends are for a limited time only.

  • Oh no! Now I have to buy these oils! I’ve been trying to practice some self control but I’ve been wanting to make some delicious room sprays. Thank you for reading my mind!

  • 90 drops seems like alot…will it deplete the entire 10mL bottle? Or I should ask, how much of the oil will that take, like 1/4 of the bottle or more? Just wondering if I have enough oil left in my bottle to make this. Thanks!

  • When these were first released, I thought that Morning Sunshine would be my favorite of the trio. It is divine, but Fresh Meadow is absolutely amazing!!! It is my favorite synergy at the moment.

    1. This is around a 3% dilution which is suitable for a linen spray. However, you can always use less if desired 🙂

    1. Rubbing alcohol is not a high enough proof to preserve a water-based spray. If you wanted to use rubbing alcohol, you would need to do so straight, no water content. It also smells quite strong and may overpower the aroma of the essential oils. You can learn more about blending with alcohol here.

  • Ooh! Definitely adding this set to my Wish List! Might have to make a spray bottle of each! 🙂

    1. You can, just make sure to buy the highest proof you can find. We’d also recommend story it in the fridge between uses to prolong the shelf life.

      1. I’m in Australia and have only been able to find 80 proof as the highest. Would this be sufficient or will I need to buy something like Optiphen?

        1. Unfortunately, 80 proof isn’t high enough to act as a preservative, so you will need to use something like Optiphen or Polysorbate. Check out this post for more details about using preservatives.

  • In SEOR there have been many comments stating that you need a preservative when using water in your DIY. I don’t see it listed here. Do you need one for this recipe? If so, would Germall Plus be a good choice? Thanks much!

    1. Hi Lisa, alcohol can be used to preserve a water-based spray. You just need to use at least a 120 proof grain alcohol for 20-30% of the product to do this. You wouldn’t need to add an additional preservative in this instance. We have a blog post that you might find helpful here: https://blog.planttherapy.com/blog/2018/10/18/preservatives-and-essential-oil-diys-an-overview/

      You might also find this blog post about using alcohol for aromatic blending here: https://tisserandinstitute.org/effective-use-alcohol-aromatic-blending/

  • I was wondering if since the Everclear will emulsify the oils, would the spray be safe to use around cats? I’m thinking it wouldn’t be since those compounds that are toxic for kitties would still be there even though the oil is fully blended. I was definitely wondering, though. It’s one of the reasons that I don’t buy synergies much. I’m dying to try some of these seasonal blends & having my house smell of wonderful natural scents would be fantastic! I’m just not willing to put my furkids at risk to do it.

      1. Not a problem! I’d far rather be safe for my kitties. The house can wait until I find a safe alternative! The car could use a good air freshener, too. 🙂 Thanks so much!

  • Oooo I need to try making a room spray with the spring blends! I have used Fresh Meadow and Morning Sunshine in DIY and they smell fantastic diluted in all sorts of different medium! I don’t like Island Sunset though. I think PT should add Fresh Meadow and Morning Sunshine more permanently! Hehe.

  • Looking forward to giving this a shot! I haven’t ventured out much with sprays. No time like the present!

  • These will make wonderful room sprays. I can’t wait to try them once I get the supplies.

  • I love room sprays! they’re a great way to quickly freshen up a room, linens, curtans, pillows and shoes. This is an easy recipe to follow and I will definitely try it once my current one runs out.

  • Thank you for making a DIY for the seasonal blends. I can’t wait to make this. Unfortunately, in PA the highest everclear (or grain alcohol) % sold is 75/ 151 proof. Is there a substitution for the recommended 95% everclear? I really love my fresh meadow bottles and am eager to use the oils in more than just diffusing.

  • I really like this recipe for room spray. You can also add a little coconut emulsifier to the mix so that an emulsion is created between the oils and the liquids which lessens the need to keep shaking the mixture so often as it doesn’t separate so fast.

    1. Ooh, where would I get coconut emulsifier? How much would you add to the recipe in this article? Do you still add the everclear?

    1. I wasn’t smelling them a lot either when I diffused but I kept adding more drops until I got it. I think about 12-15 drops did the trick.

  • This might be the perfect thing to do with my spring set, since I’m not really smelling it when I’ve tried to diffuse them. Thanks for your blog!

    1. I wasn’t smelling them a lot either when I diffused but I kept adding more drops until I got it. I think about 12-15 drops did the trick.

    1. Hi Holly, if you use straight 91% rubbing alcohol, you could. When adding water, it would not be enough to preserve. Here are the specifics of blending with alcohol that you might find helpful!

  • I am in LOVE with the spring bundle. Fresh Meadow is the most delightful scent I’ve experienced yet. It’s so delicate! And I don’t mean weak, the scent is strong. But it’s perfectly balanced and nothing about it is overpowering. I want my WHOLE HOUSE to smell like this. Forever. I will definitely be making a room and linen spray.

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