Build Your Own Set: Your Plant Therapy Marketing Team's Top 3 Oils

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build your own set of 3 essential oils

Build Your Own Set: Your Plant Therapy Marketing Team’s Top 3 Oils

We decided to give our amazing customers a look into which oils are our personal top 3! There are oils we absolutely can’t live without, from our entire marketing team here in our Boise office!

Because essential oils affect different people differently, each person on our team has their own favorites and their own reasons for choosing them. No two people have the same top 3 oils (though Pink Grapefruit won as the most-picked).

Here are our Marketing Team’s top 3 oils:

Mykeah Kranzler, Director of Marketing

“It’s so hard to choose just 3*! Ask me about my top 10 instead!”

*And she still gave more than three!

Jamie Chaffin, Project Manager

“I really love Verve. Like, a lot. Probably an unhealthy amount. Verve, and Dr. Pepper.”

Jessica Cobb, Certified Aromatherapist & Content Manager

grapefruit essential oil“Citrus oils, all the way. Especially since most floral scents give me headaches (sad day). I love the mental boost they give me!”

Melissa Johnson, Content Writer

“I’m all about the blends, baby. Especially during allergy season!”

Ivy Olson, Email Marketing Manager

“I almost picked May Chang!”

Jeff Barker, Creative Director

Black Pepper Essential Oil by Plant Therapy“I like manly, woodsy oils. Oh, and citrus.”

Jayme Montoya, Senior Graphic Designer

“I really like the citrus oils and blends, they smell great!”

Faith Hartman, Graphic Designer

“I love florals! I just want to smell like Jasmine all the time!”

Natalie Blodgett, Graphic Designer

bergamot essential oil“I have to be careful about diffusing, because of my cat. But these are my favorites for scent.”

Brooke Adams, Creative Project Manager

“I had to really think about this!”

Jesse Ellis, Social Media

“I have several go-to oils, but the clean and refreshing scent of Joyful Creation make it my fav!”

Andrew Reyes, Affiliate Marketing Manager

eucalyptus dives essential oil on white background“I primarily use Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils before early morning hot showers. It makes for a refreshing way to wake up. They’re also great for making steam rooms more tolerable.”

Danny Loughmiller, Video Production Manager

“I love the rich process that goes into making my favorite oils like Boronia, and Blue Tansy, and I could diffuse our Happy Place all day, every day.”

So there you have it! These are the oils that are the favorites of your Plant Therapy marketing team!

And of course, if you want to save 15% off your own three favorite 10 mL oils, just use coupon code TOP3 now through May 19!


43 thoughts on “Build Your Own Set: Your Plant Therapy Marketing Team’s Top 3 Oils”

  • The only issue I had with this sale was choosing the 3 I wanted. Now that I read others choices I can tell I need to revisit my wish list again to update!

  • Thank you for this great offer and great saving, I love the white boxes more than than the wooden boxes. They last longer, look cleaner, easier to open, and make great for gift giving, I choose black pepper, tingly mint, and Palmarosa. Which it would happen like once a month for regular members who at least make a purchase. Just a suggestion. Could always bring on more customers.

  • I was so happy to see this promo! Who doesn’t love to save 15% on the pils of yoir choice! I ordered May Chang, Release and Lime.

  • Thank you! I got Skin Restore, Soft Skin and Mandarin! The box is REALLY neat!. I love the magnetized closure!

  • It is great to see what the PT team loves to use. I had a hard time picking my top 3. I am so excited to try Roman Chamomile, Black Pepper and Catnip.

  • Everyone has such different favorites. Two new ones I am thinking of trying after reading their lists is the grapefruit and the zit fighter.

  • It’s cool to see an inside look at some of the Plant Therapy team’s favorites as there are so many to choose from. Good to know your go-tos so you can stock up and get a routine going!

  • If I had to pick just 3….I reach for Vetiver, Fantastic Franks, and Zit Fighter most frequently this week. 🙂

  • I loved reading everyone’s favorites – so neat to see what everyone prefers. I am definitely going to have to try some of these.

    1. I have several, so it’s difficult to pick the top three, but the ones I can’t live without are tea tree, manuka and cajeput.

  • Very interesting some very good ideas for some new oils to try however I have to say my favorite 3 at this time are ho wood Bergamot and calming the child. I am going to use this promotion to Branch out and try something new thank you plant therapy.

  • Thanks for the great deal! It’s also interesting to see what other people’s favorite oils are, with so many great oils it’s nearly impossible to pick only three.

  • Rosemary, and Ho Wood for sure. But the third…. that one changes. Right now, I’d say either Blue Tansy or one of the Conifers. Ask again tomorrow and it might be different 🙂

  • I enjoyed reading everyone’s top 3. I know I could not pick just three. Found some new ones I want to try. Thanks.

  • Oh, what a great idea, especially for those of us just starting out- thanks for all the great “faves,”

  • What a fun post! Right now, my three favorites are Sweet Marjoram, Black Pepper and Palo Santo.

  • I love that Plant Therapy always has good deals! I just placed an order. I can’t wait for them to arrive! I love that oil suggestions by your employees. I will come back to this blog again for reference in the future.

  • This is such a good deal and now it’s so hard to chose which 3 I want! The box is really nice so I am excited to get this!

  • Thanks for the fun blog post! It gives me ideas and it’s nice to read what your own staff likes the best!

  • I loved reading this just to see everyone’s favorites. It also made me curious and gave me ideas of things I may like to try next! Thank you, PT!

  • Hmmm, so hard I have way more than 3 but I’ll put 3 which are, Blues Busters, Fennel Sweet, Laurel Leaf…. of course there’s so many!!! I have over 85 of Plant Thearpy oils!!

  • So hard to choose! For ones I depend on it would be Loving Compassion, Vetiver and Sweet Slumber. Ones I want or need more of at the moment would be Vanilla Oleoresin, Coffee, and Lavender Fine. Such a great deal 🙂

  • I wish the employees would give reasons as to why their favorite. Always nice to know how people use an eo because sometimes i learn a whole new way or reason to use it.

  • Wow that’s a big range of favorites between everyone! I’m really surprised no one said Lavender. I’ll have to put some of these oils on my wish list.

  • Looks like I now have a list of new oils to try! These top favs have opened my eyes up to some of the different oils that sound amazing!

  • How fun it would be to get to smell all the oils! I don’t know that I could properly choose 3 until I have sampled them all. Goals
    Right now my long time (15+ years)dependable oils have been peppermint, tea tree, and lemon. So I’ll go with those for now.

  • I’m shocked Frankincense isn’t on most lists. I believe people tend to like one of these florals, and that indicates something about their preferences in general … Rose, Jasmine or Neroli … maybe Ylang-ylang, Fine Lavender …
    I’m Neroli, Grapefruit, Marjoram. Thank you great lists.

  • Narrowing it down to just three is all but impossible! For me, I’d have to say jasmine, blue tansy and manuka. For my kiddos, my list would be Sneezy Stop, Sweet Dreams and Calming the Child

  • What a great deal, and I love that the employees listed their favorites! Makes it easier to decide if you aren’t sure which ones to purchase.

  • This was so cool to see what oils some of the employees love! You’ve encouraged me to pick my top three now. This is gonna be hard! 😉

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