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Aloe jellies

Aloe Jellies: Why They’re Your New Best Friend

If you haven’t tried one of our Aloe Jellies yet, you’re missing out! Not only are they another amazing way to enjoy your essential oils, but they have incredible benefits of their own. They are soothing to the skin, moisturizing, cooling, and safe to use on sensitive skin. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing uses for Aloe Jelly.

aloe vera plant

First things first, if you’re lucky enough to have an Aloe plant in your home, you might be tempted to use it as a carrier for your essential oils. But because it is water-based, fresh Aloe Vera will not properly emulsify your oils, which could result in neat application of your oils. Aloe Jelly, on the other hand, makes a perfect base for your favorite oils as it contains emulsifying and thickening agents.

Soothe the Sunburns

aloe vera sunburn relief

Aloe has long been a remedy for sun-burnt skin… and for good reason! Applying Aloe Jelly to your tender and burnt skin will be incredibly soothing, cooling, and moisturizing. It can give you much-needed relief when you need it the most. Plus, you can combine it with the skin-loving benefits of essential oils. Lavender, one of the most versatile oils out there, is incredibly soothing for the skin. You can use our pre-diluted Lavender Aloe Jelly or use this amazing DIY Sun Soother recipe.

The goodness doesn’t stop there! If your skin is irritated from something like shaving or waxing, reach for the Lavender Aloe Jelly!

Bug Bites, Poison Ivy… OH MY!

Girl itching bug bite on her arm

Calling all outdoorsy people! If you’ve spent any time hiking, camping and enjoying the great outdoors, you know just how much bug bites and itchy skin can absolutely ruin the experience. Instead of letting the itch get the better of you, use Aloe Jelly and some of our favorite essential oils for some relief. Check out this Bug Bite Remedy featuring Blue Cypress or this balm to help with poison ivy.

Ease those Sore Muscles

sore muscle aloe jelly

There can be a number of reasons for sore muscles: exercise, yard work, or maybe you just slept wrong. Whatever the reason, Aloe Jelly is the perfect way to use essential oils to provide relief. Our Muscle Aloe Jelly has the perfect combination of essential oils to create a wonderful icy-hot effect. Plus it’s pre-diluted and ready to go. But if you love the DIY route, check out our Sore Muscle Master Blend that you can add to Aloe Jelly.

For more great ways to use Aloe Jellies, be sure to check out our Facebook group, Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR)!


138 thoughts on “Aloe Jellies: Why They’re Your New Best Friend”

  • Thanks for this article! My next order is definitely going to include the muscle aloe vera jelly. I hope it helps my aching neck and frequent headaches.

  • I love PT, but sometimes it’s more convenient to use products I can purchase locally in a store. What ingredients in a store bought aloe gel should I look for to be sure it is safe to use as a carrier for EOs?

  • WOW! I think I like the aloe jelly better than a carrier oil! I use less essential oils but can feel them working at a deeper level so I get more benefits from them. The jelly is quickly absorbed into the skin and so far it’s been great for my oily face. I’m excited to use it on everything and everybody! Thanks PT.

  • I never really knew about all the outstanding uses for aloe jelly! Of course I have always used them for burns and what not; however, I did not know about using it for sanitizer! I am glad this article showed up as it has helped me a lot with my family. I think when people hear aloe jelly, they just immediately think of “sunburn” use only, and leave it at that. THIS JELLY IS SO VERSATILE! I cannot believe all the years in my life that I had not known about all these great uses! Thank you for bringing this information to my life! Better late than never!

  • The muscle aloe jelly is a MUST at our house – great for sore legs, neck, and headaches!

  • I have the lavender aloe jelly and won’t be without it for summer sunburn season. Now I think I might need the muscle jelly too.

  • I was looking to purchase Aloe Jelly but a few of the reviews talk about chemicals? The responses from Plant Therapy are via email. Are they safe? What chemicals? I love plant therapy and I’m trying to switch a lot of my current high chemical solutions to essential oil solutions. I want to make sure I’m not just replacing them with another chemical this go around

    1. Our Aloe Vera Jelly has the necessary preservatives and emulsifiers that make it safe to be used as a carrier. If you have concerns, I would reach out to our aromatherapists at [email protected] for more information.

  • I use all three jellies faithfully! The muscle aloe jelly is a life saver for tension headaches. I just message the jelly into my neck and shoulders and within 5-10 minutes, the headache is gone. Goodbye Excedrin! The lavender jelly is great for bug bites on my daughter and to relieve sunburn. The aloe jelly, I use to make hand sanitizer or to mix it into a blend for my grandmothers arthritis lotion I make her. You wont be disappointed using the jellies!

  • We’ve got all 3 jellies and we use them on a regular basis. They are lifesavers and this just gave me a few more ideas on how to incorporate them even more into our lives.

  • I love the Muscle Aloe Jelly it’s been great when I have achy muscles! I made hand sanitizer with the aloe jelly. My husband had a bad sunburn recently and he tried PT aloe jelly and the store bought one and he said he thought the PT one worked better at giving him some relief. He got into some poison ivy and he’s using it for that also.

  • I love Aloe Jelly and use it for several different applications including: hand sanitizer, insect repellent, and anti-acne “serum” for my face. It is such a versatile product that has become a”must have” for me!

  • I have always used the Muscle Jelly for sore muscles, but recently I have been using it before I work out. It seems to relax the muscles and I am not as sore as I am after. Now before I do any type of exercising I rub this on and the soreness and pulled muscles are a thing of the past.

  • The muscle aid aloe is great for sore muscles! I am ordering the other two Bc I have heard awesome things about them both! Now reading the blog lavender aloe jelly is going in my cart as we speak

  • Today’s IG live about aloe jellieswas great. I’ve been curious about the jellies. Definitely going to give them a whirl!

  • I have yet to try an aloe jelly, but after reading all the reviews and watching the LIVE, it’s definitely going on my wishlist!

  • Okay, so after watching the live on Facebook today and then reading this, I’m sold I cant wait to try these. My boyfriend with his line of work is always sore and would love the muscle aloe and my daughter and I are always out in the sun and would love to try the lavender for sunburns

  • I received the Muscle Aloe Jelly today. I ordered the smaller size and after the first use ordered the larger size. I love this stuff and it really works. It doesn’t have an overpowering lingering smell, heats up quickly and works out those painful muscle aches.

    1. You’ll probably find Aloe Jellies are too thick for both of those. A flip top bottle or a pump bottle are better options.

  • I have aloe jelly on my wish list, so I think I might finally pull the trigger after this blog post! I’m excited to make my own hand sanitizer! I did not know I couldn’t use my aloe plant as a carrier – such good info.

  • I have been wanting to try these jellies. I just purchased my first during the summer sale. I can’t wait to receive it!

  • I just received my first bottle of aloe jelly and can’t wait to use it! My kids have a whole list of recipes they want to make tomorrow! Hand sanitizer, itch relief, sore muscle relief, mu husband and an arthritis blend… I’m excited!

  • YES! I just tried msucle aloe this month for the firs time and i will be keeping this one on my shelf – It really works on pain and aches. Brilliant stuff.

  • My 6 year old son always gets eaten alive by insects..where the rest of family only manage to get a few bites…strange how this works. Maybe some jellies are the answer to help heal him. I will have to try. Thankyou

  • I am less than a 6 month newbie to the PT family, and was unfamiliar with jellies and hydrosols. Aloe Vera Jelly was my first purchase from this category. I’ve been an long-term user of aloe, but never knew essential oils needed an emulsifier in order to be safely used. I’ve kept it in the fridge to extend it’s shelf life, and reap the cooling benefits when I use it for skin irritation and burns. Thank you PT family for the onging education and access to quality products!

  • Aloe Jelly is my new facial carrier and its amazing !! If you find carrier oils cause blemishes , Aloe Jelly may be your savior. It sure was mine.

  • Great blog and comments. I was in Cancun over Spring Break and brought along a 4 oz Lavender Gel and am so glad I did! My husband and I did sunburn a little, even with sunblock, and using this saved our skin! It soothes and cools your burn, and it’s gone by the next morning. Do no be without it!

  • Hmm, I’m intrigued. I need to go see the ingredients in this, my skin is super sensitive to many additives so that is a big consideration for me!

  • I’d love to try aloe jelly for hand sanitizer or aloe jelly/hydrosols for hair! Maybe with points from this review?!?!

  • I have the muscle aloe jelly and should try using it to see how well it works. I do not have any of the others.

  • I want to order the jelly to make hand sanitizer for my son’s backpack but why does it have to have some questionable ingredients? This is the only product I am warry about ordering from my beloved PT.

  • I just made a simple 3 ingredient skin soother with PT’s aloe jelly, lavender and tea tree. Applied to a mysterious bug bite; it not only soothed the urge to scratch (itchiness), the swelling and redness dissipated! Time to stock up on more aloe jelly!

  • I’ve been wanting to try the aloe jellies!! Specifically muscle aloe jelly! Going to snag some with the sale.

  • Between this blog and your 15% off sale I’m hoping for some aloe and some hydrosols, maybe a new carrier!! Love the fresh ideas!!

  • Muscle Aloe jelly is the bomb!!!! I love it for all aches and pains. I have put it into a 2oz. Roll on bottle for easier application. Also carry it in my purse.

  • Would be good to refrigerate these and apply to sunburned skin on hot days. Adding to my wish list!!!

  • I love my muscle aloe. It works great and doesn’t feel like a sticky mess. I’ll have to get some others to make hand sanitizer with and for the sunburn season coming. Thank you for such a great product

  • I ordered the muscle aloe jelly last week and I can’t wait for it to get here!!! I’ve been having a lot of shoulder pain lately so I’m hoping this helps!!

  • Just when I don’t think I need anything from else… I’ve been eyeing the aloe jelly and muscle aloe jelly for awhile now. I guess it’s time to bite the bullet. Just in time for summer.

  • I love the muscle aloe jelly! It works wonders. I also plan to make a sun soothing concoction with the plain jelly and peppermint for when summer soles for healing and cooling purposes. I need the lavender jelly now! It would be so versatile!

  • I do love Muscle Aloe Jelly and can never say enough about it. I have also begun to love the plain aloe jelly as well. When I want to apply my essential oils with a non oily base, it works perfectly. I love PT products so much!!

  • Muscle Aloe Jelly has been a staple in our house for many, many months. We all love it for how much it helps our sore muscles. Now I need to try the other aloes you offer! They sound incredible too!

  • All of these aloes are on my wishlist! Cannot wait to try them out by themselves and also doing out own DIY’s with them!

  • This is great and just in time for summer. I can’t wait to try the lavender aloe jelly. I’ll be sure to use it on my children and myself after a day in the sun. I’m also very intrigued by the big bite type. My son welps up horrible from just small ant bites and I usually just put on a little coconut oil but I feel aloe will feel better especially if kept cold. Thanks for all the great information and products. Can’t wait to try!

  • I love the ideas for hand sanitizer and a lighter summer moisturizer. Another item for the wishlist!

  • The lavender aloe jelly is now a favorite! I bought it to use for the summer to soothe sunburned skin, but now I use it as my daily moisturirzer, to treat bug bites and other skin allergies. I even use it to tame my frizzy hair. I love that one product is so versatile

  • I just got my first aloe. It’s so good for making hand sanitizer, and skin moisturizer esp in summer time

  • I like that I can use aloe jelly for hand sanitizer and it nourishes my skin. Alcohol dries out my hands.

  • You mentioned that Aloe Gelly is great to combine with essential oil. Did you mean externally? I tried to combine them on my sprayers and it clogged up 4 of them.

    1. They do make an excellent carrier for your essential oils. However the consistency is probably to thick for a spray bottle. You might try a pump bottle instead.

  • Thank you for this very useful blog post. I learned a lot about your aloe jellies and definitely going to try some.

  • My grandmother had an aloe plant so I grew up with her using the jelly straight from the plant for sunburns, scratches, you name it. Such a wonderful plant (and memory). Many, many, years later I still use aloe for the occasional sunburn. I’m used to the “sticky” afterfeel and am happy to read some reviewers say they don’t feel that with PT’s jellies, so I look forward to trying them. QUESTION: What is the shelf live of PT’s aloe jellies? Do they need to be refrigerated? Thank you.

  • I’m very happy with the muscle jelly. It penetrates beautifully, starts off with a cooling effect and then warms up these sore muscles. Very effective!

  • Love the original Aloe Jelly, ordering the muscle aloe jelly since I have seen so many great reviews!

  • I am so excited to try the aloe jelly now! Thank you for spotlighting different products so I can learn about them and possibly incorporate them!

  • I cannot wait to buy and use these! With summer coming, I know there will be a sunburn or two and sore muscles from yard work!!

  • These are totally on my wishlist now!!!
    Do you know if any of them would be good gor skin postpartum healing? Stretch marks or stitches areas?

    1. Aloe Jellies are good for all skin types and are very moisturizing. But for stretch marks and scars, Tamanu Oil and Rosehip Oil would better options as carriers for your essential oils. Check out this post for a detailed look at these carrier oils

  • My son and I use Muscle Aloe Jelly after hockey and hot yoga. We use it as our hand sanitizer with some germ fighting EO’s added. He uses Lavender on his face for his preteen breakouts that have just started. Lavender for sunburns….the list goes on and on! We always have a travel size and a full size on hand!

  • Had the aloe jelly on my wish list, now need to add the muscle jelly. It’s garden season, so the overworked muscles and bug bites can both be dealt with, in a healthy way.

  • Plant Therapy aloe jelly would be ok to add oils to and would not need a preservative right? I just seen a face serum I’d like to make and have aloe jelly but haven’t used it. Great reminder on ways to use this thank you. I’ve heard great things about the muscle aloe jelly so that’s coming up on my to buy list!

  • So far I’ve only used the original aloe jelly and love it for all my diy needs! Can’t wait to try the others!

  • I can’t wait to try the lavender this summer! I live in SoCal but have lily-white Irish/Swedish skin, so I burn to a crisp pretty quickly. Better grab a couple bottles of this next payday 😉

  • I love the muscle aloe jelly! It’s heaven on sore muscles! Next is to make hand sanitizer with an aloe jelly!

  • I love these! I can’t wait to get all 3! I really hope they expand the collection and make more like they did with the lavender aloe jelly! I think a rose or lemon aloe jelly would be spectacular!

  • Your helpful information is always appreciated very much even if I don’t leave a comment. Thanks again Plant Therapy. Keep up the good work !!

  • Muscle aloe jelly has been a life saver for me with a rotator cuff injury. Better than anything tbe doctors prescribed!

  • I love the muscle aloe jelly! I’ve completely replaced another product I had been using that I got at the chiropractor, with the PT muscle aloe jelly! Can’t wait to try the others, particularly this summer with sunburns!

  • So many products, so little time! Need to try the muscle aloe jelly, I’ve heard a lot about it!

  • Headed to the Carribean in a few weeks…thinking I’m going to need to pack some of this up in my suitcase!!

  • I love both aloe jelly and muscle but I have not tried Lavender. I will have to order it now and give it a try.

  • I don’t know why I haven’t tried any of these yet but I know I need to. Thanks for this.

  • Just ordered my Muscle Aloe Jelly today. After all the great reviews and recommendations. I can’t wait for it to come in. Thankfully PT has super fast free w

  • My 27 year old son makes fun of my Plant Therapy addiction. But, he stole one of my Organic Healing Balm from my Balm Squad Set a few weeks ago. Then, last weekend, he got a sunburn playing golf and I caught him using my refrigerated PT Aloe Vera Jelly! I think he is a closeted PT addict! 😉

  • This post is sooo on time! I was looking to order some plain aloe jelly today. Just one question, how long it’s good for if kept in the fridge? I was thinking what size I should go for.

    1. If you store these in the fridge, the shelf life will be 1-2 years. Hope that helps you plan!

  • I have tried the plain one and I want to try the lavender one since it is summer in our country now it will surely help soothe my skin from all the sunburn caused by swimming.

    1. This is a great reminder for me to use the PT Jellies I bought. I love to use it on my skin after a day in the beach. It also works great DIY hand sanitizer. Awesome stuff!

  • I Love, Love, Love the Muscle Aloe Jelly! Just a little and sore muscles from exercise, work and even stress are gone in no time and without the smell like all those other “liniments” have. One product that I always have on hand.

  • I hope to get some regular aloe jelly and the lavender one in the near future. This is a great little read. Love the idea for hand sanitizer!

  • Love the muscle aloe! Thankful that it works well and I don’t smell like that other stuff all day.

  • I’m excited to learn that you’re carrying these now! I love blending lavender, frankincense, coconut oil, and aloe for sunburn relief, so the aloe jellies will be a great ingredient to sub in!

  • I purchased Muscle Aloe Jelly because I read all of the wonderful reviews. I can honestly say that it really helps my achy muscles. I use it on my neck and shoulders when I don’t sleep well, due to stress, and this totally helps get rid of the pain!

  • Love this post. Thank you.
    I have the regular aloe vera I use on my face and body and it adds moisture and softens my skin. Also ise it for burns and cuts. Love the muscle aloe jelly for after exercise .

  • I love the aloe jelly as a facial toner base for my normal skin as well as my daughter’s oil skin. Hand sanitizer is a great idea too!

  • I absolutely love my hand sanitizer! I’ll never go back to buying it again! Using the aloe leaves my hands feeling clean and not dry.

    1. Thank you Plant Therapy for introducing these new carriers. I LOVE aloe vera. May I say the only worry I have is that you have added emulsifiers and thickening agents?

      Thank you

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