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Why You Need to Wear Lip Balm this Summer

Have you heard the amazing news?! The new Natural Lip Balm Trio is here! It includes three delicious flavors: Citrus Splash, Orangesicle, and Peppermint Bliss. Each balm is full of skin-nourishing ingredients like Shea and Meadowfoam. They’re a fantastic and natural way to keep your lips soft and smooth. Before you know it, these balms will find a permanent place in your handbag. Let’s take a look at why these lip balms are your new best friend.


The skin on our lips is some of the most delicate on our bodies. It’s important to give them the same care and attention that we show the rest of our face. Use these Lip Balms to make sure your lips stay moisturized. This, in turn, will help keep the delicate skin smooth and nourished.

Natural Lip Balm Trio


Summer can be especially hard on our lips. The heat can dry them out leaving them dry, chapped and peeling. Even if we try to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, our lips still need help sometimes. Reach for Lip Balm to keep that pout looking fabulous and ready for the summer nights.

And for those of you ladies who love wearing makeup, you know just how much dry lips can ruin the look of your lipstick. Apply a little balm beforehand to make sure your lips don’t get dried out. This is especially good for those matte lipsticks.

Natural Ingredients

And one of the best reasons to love the Lip Balm Trio? They’re natural. You won’t have to worry about slathering your lips in ingredients you can’t read. Plus the delightful scent comes from essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. What’s not to love?!

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74 thoughts on “Why You Need to Wear Lip Balm this Summer”

  • There are so many things I would love to learn about plants and essential oils. I would like to know how to make my own moisturisers, creams, perfumes and many others,including the lip balm. I wonder where I could find this precious info that attracts me so much to learn about….

  • As an unfortunate lip balm addict (my lips will literally not allow me to constantly apply lip balm) I’m always on the search for a replacement “carmex” ..with the same consistency. Hopefully thesefit the bill!

  • I received mine a few days ago and I am in love with these lip balms. Thanks for a great product PT!

  • I LOVE these!!! I am pretty picky about my lip balms, as many have that old school lipstick flavor. These are wonderful and I am super glad I bought them. Thanks PT!

  • Is there an SPF in these? I did not see it in the article. They look fabulous but I need that extra protection from the sun so hoping there is.

  • I love lip balms!!!! I make tons of lip balms…as I use and lose lots of lip balms. Putting one in my pocket ( even though there are several already in my purse is just part of getting dressed in the morning.

    Looking forward to getting this order!!!

  • I’ve been putting off making lipbalms for forever now, and this is likely why! Looking forward to trying your formula.

  • I just got mine a few days ago and love them! I am impressed with how long they last after applying. They are silky smooth with zero stickiness! And at a little over $3 a piece, they are a steal! Thank you for offering these!

  • YEEESSS!!! I am a HUGE chapstick girl and I am ECSTATIC that PT makes some now! I’ve never ventured to make my own. Maybe someday. So for now, I’ll use these! Don’t hesitate to make more flavors, I’ll buy them all!

  • I am so excited for these! I bet they not only smell amazing but are also moisturizing. Can’t wait!

  • i wish these are sold separately and comes with more flavours. i would love a lipbalm with some precious flower oils like jasmine or rose. also tinted option will be great!

  • That’s the main reason why I love natural lip balms: the are natural, and can be eaten! And this aspect really matters to me. I seldom use lipsticks just because I tend to eat them and most of them don’t have a pleqsqnt smell or… taste.

  • Looking forward to giving these a try! I was thinking about making my own but I don’t know when I’d actually get around to that. LOL

  • Just bought the supplies to make my own lip balms as gifts this summer. I had tried some before with one of my favorite PT synergies, Lemon Cupcake, but the scent didn’t come through at all. Am going to try Peppermint this time. Although PT has a recipe on one of their blogs using Love Vanilla I might try as well…

  • These look so cute! The flavors are some of my favorites too. I like a bit of spf in summer balms, but I love that these are natural!

  • Mine will be here tomorrow! The only thing I wish these had is a little SPF. Sun protection with natural ingredients is so hard to find, especially in lip balm!

  • I’m excited about these. I do wish they were available in singles though… Or at least a the pack of one flavor. As always, plant therapy delivered!

  • As a huge lip balm addict, thank you x1000! Can’t wait to try these, and the flavors sound delicious!

  • I am going to AZ in two weeks and need to get lip balm. This came at the best time, I can not wait to try theses.

  • Wow!!! I was thinking of making some lip balm after reading the emails sent by the PT admin. I’m looking forward to trying these new lip balm from PT. Thumb up!!

  • I am obsessed with trying new lip balms and so excited to discover these! Can’t wait to try them out!

  • I am so excited for these! What great gift ideas, that is if I don’t use them all myself 🙂

  • I have the ingredients and have not finished the last batch I’ve made but these look amazing! Would have to try them!

  • I am so excited to see these lip balms and even more excited to see what new flavors you will be able to offer in the future! I will be ordering these in the next few days. Thanks

  • These new lip balms sound fantastic! Would you consider packaging these in tins instead of tubes? Just a personal preference! Thanks!

  • ‘Bout time Plant Therapy. What took you so long? Just kidding, lol. I can’t wait to try these. I’ve been a long time fan of another natural lip balm, but they were so expensive. PT always have great products with great prices. And products you can trust!!

  • I have already ordered mine! I have been making my own with Plant Therapy peppermint oil, but I am almost out. This will save me some work, which is much appreciated since I am busy in the garden right now! Thank you Plant Therapy!

  • ohhhh emmmm geeee, awesome. I wished they were sold individually though as I don’t like peppermint.

  • I’ve always made my own lip balm. Is meadowfoam the best one to use for lip balms? These sound wonderful!

  • I was just thinking about making some lip balms for the summer, but now, THANKS to Plant Therapy the work is done for me! Can’t wait to give these a try!!!

  • I was just thinking about how I’d love PT to come out with some natural, healthy lip balms! My wish came true!

  • AHHHH, lip balm! It really is a must have, even in the pacific northwest. I had no idea you carried this!

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