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Essentials Video: Rosalina Linen Spray

Bright, beautiful summer days deserve a linen spray that is just as fresh and vibrant! This Rosalina Linen Spray is just the thing. Rosalina is well known for its soft, lemony medicinal aroma with just a hint of floral. Even though it’s a refreshing scent, it still helps with calm and relaxation. Kumquat adds fresh, uplifting notes while Chamomile and Ho Wood provide soothing and soft aroma. Once you combine the ingredients, spritz on your linens and enjoy this soothing, summery fragrance.

Essentials Video: Rosalina Linen Spray

Rosalina Linen Spray

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Mix water and Everclear in 2 oz bottle. Add each essential oil. Shake vigorously to blend.

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57 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Rosalina Linen Spray”

  • Why doesn’t your recipe say to solubolize the essential oils in Everclear for at least an hour before adding the rest of the ingredients, when it does say you’re supposed to do that on the blog about Everclear?
    Sometimes I’m baffled by your “safety”.

    1. Hello kelly, we always recommend to err on the side of caution and use the best judgment when creating products. If applying topically, it might be best to let the product meld before adding it to a water base. We are always doing our best to update information and recipes as we research and find out more information. That way we can provide the safest information possible. If you would like to read more here is also a great blog from Robert Tisserand,,separated%20into%20two%20distinct%20substances Thank you for letting us know. Have a great day.

  • I made this but with different EO’s. The everclear didn’t seem to emulsify it properly and the oils are all sitting at the top of the bottle.

    1. Hi Juliette, without know the exact quantities and oils that you used, it’s hard to say exactly what went wrong. Start by combining just the essential oils and Everclear and allow them to meld for about a day. And then add water. You might even try a higher ratio of Everclear to water (25% Everclear is the minimum).

      1. Ok I will try that next time and maybe add some more everclear to this current batch. Thank you!

  • I did not know rosalina was also for calming! We mostly use it for respiratory stuff (great with fresh meadows for a spicy fresh scent I guess because it brings out the ginger) but now I’m gonna have to get some kumquat and try this spray! Thank you for enabling me

  • I’ve been wanting to try this. I can’t get Everclear so ill have to use 91% alcohol. I hope the rubbing alcohol smell doesn’t linger too long.

  • Missed my chance on Rosalina on special This sounds amazing, though, so will have to plan for all the missing ingredients to be added to my collection. Love PT and their tutorials and recipes!

    1. You can use another type of alcohol, just make sure it’s the highest proof grain alcohol you can find. At least a 151 proof is ideal because it acts both as a preservative and an emulsifier. To learn more, you can check out this great resource on alcohol and aromatic blending.

  • Ooh! I love the idea of a linen spray! I’ll have to leave out the Ylang Ylang as it’s not kidsafe but I’m definitely going to try this! Just to make sure, spraying such an oily spray on linens doesn’t leave any sort of residue, does it?

    1. There shouldn’t be any residue or staining from the spray. But you could always test it out on an old pillowcase or t-shirt beforehand just to be sure.

  • Love this as another use for my Rosalina and Ho wood! Thanks! Been using absolut as my base because I’ve got some leftover!

  • I have never used a linen spray. I may need to branch out and try something new. Kumquat sounds fun!

  • I can’t wait to try this, I’ve been looking for a diy linen spray! My linen closet is going to smell so beautiful, thanks for sharing this!

  • This sounds really interesting and good. Always looking for something new.
    Wish I could have seen this before Rosalina went off sale. Will try in the future.

  • Sounds like an interesting recipe. I’ll look for Everclear and put this spray on my to-do list! Thanks!

  • I can’t wait to try this linen spray! Although I do t have any of the oils listed so I’ll be making up my own scent with the oils I have!

  • I love Rosalina, but prefer kidsafe recipes. Will eliminating Ylang Ylang greatly change the scent of this?

  • I have all these oils, and have been “threatening” to make a linen for a while – I think this is going to be my first one! Sounds awesome, but my concern is about whether spraying essential oils on linens (laundry) will leave any kind of oily residue.

  • I made this linen spray and absolutely love it. Not only does it smell great, but it helps with allergies.

  • Hi! Two questions about this spray:

    1) Does the Ever Clear act almost as a disinfectant since the alcohol proof is so high? I would think so but I could be wrong.

    2) Are there any good substitutes for the Ylang Ylang since it isn’t kid safe? Could Cypress or Cedarwood or Vetiver or Frankincense be used as a substitute for Ho Wood? Just trying to use what I have, or are Ylang Ylang and Ho Wood very unique?


  • I made Sunny Side Up linen spray, but my HB says it smells like 4711 (old women odeur), so I hope this one will be nicer 😉 I ordered the oils I don’t have yet and then I will make this spray, sounds delicious

  • What a lovely sounding linen spray. But, I thought it was best to add the essential oil and Everclear together first, and let them sit for a while to get incorporated, before adding the water….well, either way, it sounds like a lovely blend.

  • My linen spray, which I’ve used for a while is Relax with some Lavender. I would never have thought to try Rosalina. Now I can’t wait to make it.

  • Two questions please:

    1) Does the Everclear have some sort of disinfecting properties since it is such a high proof of alcohol? Seems like it would.

    2) What would be a good replacement for Ylang Ylang since it is technically not kid safe? I have lavender and sweet marjoram but those are all of the florals I have. Any recommendations for good kid safe florals in general?


  • Everclear is illegal in NYS where I live. What are the alternatives to the preservative and emulsifying actions of the alcohol?

  • This sounds so lovely. I have everything needed too. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • 2 questions
    1) Can Sweet Orange be replaced for Kumquat? (Would I just need to add drops? Maybe 2 to replace the Y-lang?)
    2) Y-lang actually gives me horrible heartburn, even in blends I cannot pick it out of. Is there another oil with similar constituents (dare I hope, similar scent?) to replace it? It is, to date, the ONLY oil I react so badly too.

  • Everclear is not available in my state, can I use rubbing alcohol or vodka? Or a preservative and polysorbate 20?

    1. 91% rubbing alcohol could be used if you use it straight and do not add any water. Using a preservative and emulsifier would also be a-okay.

  • Oh I believe I have everything for this. Except the everclear. Can something else be used? I even have some small spray bottles I am going to repurpose.

  • Since discovering Rosalina it’s one of my favorites – smell good, KidSafe and effective for respiratory aid. Love this recipe – will try once I can get my hands on some high enough proof alcohol.

    1. Don’t worry, it’s definitely not for the smell! The Everclear acts as both an emulsifier for the oils and a preservative. Plus, the alcohol evaporates quite quickly, so you won’t have to worry about a lingering smell.

  • Going to have to try this one! I’m obsessed with kumquat oil so I love any recipes that include it.

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