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Everything You Need to Naturally Survive the Beach

The sun on your face, sand between your toes… what could better! If you’re headed to the beach this summer (or are lucky enough to live near one), there are definitely some things you’ll want to bring with you. That way, you can enjoy the best the beach has to offer and keep things natural along the way.

Lavender Aloe Jelly

woman applying sunscreen at the beach

Probably the first thing on anyone’s packing list when they go the beach is sunscreen. As well it should be! Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is crucial to preventing skin damage, lessening the risks of skin cancer and keeping your skin looking younger, longer. But let’s be honest. Sometimes we don’t always get the SPF protection we need. Maybe you stayed out in the water too long or didn’t quite get your whole back. Whatever happened, don’t let a sunburn ruin your awesome beach vibes. Instead, keep Lavender Aloe Jelly on hand. Aloe is incredibly soothing and beneficial when your skin feels hot and tender. But the added Lavender Essential Oil will also help soothe the burn while it heals.

Balm Squad

watching children play at the beach

Any day at the beach, especially with little ones around, can result in anything from scrapes and bruises to dry skin. This is where the Balm Squad comes in handy. Each of the four balms starts with the Original Organic Healing Balm which relieves dry, irritated skin, and leaves the skin feeling silky and soft. Three of the four balms use one of our KidSafe blends to provide the help you need. Use Silky Soft to help with rough, irritated or reddened skin. Or use Better Than Kisses to help heal minor cuts, relieve pain, scrapes and irritation or redness. And finally, reach for Sniffle Stopper to help keep airways open and support the respiratory system.


enjoying the sunset at the beach

Even though the beach can be a super fantastic way to enjoy your summer vacation, it can also be super hot. Why not spritz yourself with a hydrosol? It will help cool you down while caring for your skin. If you’ve spent too much time in the sun, use Lavender for its soothing benefits. Or if you’re feeling overheated, use Peppermint for a pleasant cooling effect!


girl on the beach with her dog happy

Even the most enthusiastic oil lovers don’t necessarily want to bring a small collection of oils to the beach only to worry about spilling. Instead, bring a few of your favorite roll-ons so you can have them on hand in a convenient, portable way.  Plus they come pre-diluted so you can apply them directly to your skin.

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71 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Naturally Survive the Beach”

  • I’m intrigued to try these out during the summer! I have really sensitive skin and have been trying to find some better more natural options for my skin.

  • We don’t live near the beach, but these items would definitely come handy after being outside. Will have to stock up!

  • Have been using aloe jelly with Skin Soother for my kids after sun exposure nd they love it! I keep it in the fridge so it’s nice and cold going on.

  • The time is around the corner, here in Canada, to start thinking of going to the beach. Powerful natural ways to keep us safe, away from burning. I will use the Lavender Aloe Jelly.

  • I wouldn’t recommend using the balm squad on burns. It seals in the burn and can actually make it worse.

  • Just afew days ago, Teen daughter got her very first BAD sun burn and hopefully now learned why I always send her with sunscreen. Plant Therapy’s Aloe Jelly and Rose Hydrosol have been a life saver the last few days. Thank you PT for offering these amazing products!

  • I love the aloe jelly and I always use lavender on a sunburn this will definitely be in my next order!

  • Love spritzing the Hydrosols on a hot day! We keep them in the fridge, so refreshing. My skin feels awesome!

  • I made a great sunburn soother for our beach trip last year but forgot to put it in the cooler when we packed up. Will have to write a huge reminder on the list this year!

  • Never would have thought to take a hydrosol with me or to add peppermint EO to it. Thank you for the great idea! 🙂

    1. Actually, you don’t have to worry about adding EOs because hydrosols already contain water-soluble plant oils from the different plants. To learn more about hydrosols, check out this post!

  • Love love the idea of lavender aloe for sunburns! I’m headed to order a big bottle now! And I will now be tossing my hydrosol in the ice chest before we head to the beach to give a quick cool off spritz every once in awhile while we are out!

  • Lavender aloe jelly is amazing for sunburn. It is very soothing and i think actually helps from peeling. Almost running out myself so this needs to be on my next order!

  • These tips are handy anywhere you’re in the sun with summer in full swing. Especially if you live 15 min from Pensacola Beach or have a pool in your backyard! I’ve got the roll ons and balm squad covered, now I’ve got to try these hydrosols everyone’s been talking about. And can’t forget the aloe jelly!!!

  • I missed a couple spots the last time I was in the sun, and got a little red. Thankfully I had lavender on hand! I never peeled and the redness went away after a couple days. I’ll always have this oil on hand!

  • I love the idea of bringing a hydrosol to the beach! Any other suggestions besides lavender and peppermint?

  • Amazing tips. Will definitely try the aloe jelly next. I live in the tropics n I use hydrosols for to quickly freshen up.

  • I used the lavender aloe jelly on my kids after being in the sun all day and it’s amazing!! They were hardly red in the morning, thanks Plant Therapy!

  • Aloe jelly sounds awesome. I rub coconut oil on my feet before hitting the sand is there an oil you would recommend to blend with it? For me this is nature’s pedicure.

  • Ooohhhh I too could have used this last week. Lavender aloe Jelly sounds soo relaxing after a beach day.

  • My husband and I are headed for a trip to Israel in a few weeks, which means lots of sun at times. Would the peppermint hydrosol be okay to carry around with us, or perhaps leave on the tour bus? No ability to refrigerate it while we’re out and about. I’ve already gotten some lavender aloe jelly to take with us, just in case! Thanks for everything – I’m very grateful for PT!

    1. Refrigeration definitely helps prolong the shelf life, but it should be fine for such a short trip. Happy travels!

  • I use the lavender jelly for so many things. I’m sure it will see frequent use in the summer too.

  • I just purchased aloe jelly. I wish I had this a few weeks ago. I’m happy to have this in my repertoire of healing products!

  • I totally agree about the Lavender Aloe Jelly, since my husband has discovered it as well, I’ve had to order the largest bottle! Good tips as always PT!

  • Headed to the beach in July. Lavender aloe jelly and lip balm trio will be included on my next purchase. Thanks for the information and great products.

    1. You can purchase our pre-diluted Lavender Aloe Jelly. If you would like to mix it yourself, we recommend a 2-5% dilution for Lavender essential oil.

  • Thanks for the great tips! Living in Florida, these will definitely be handy! Any chance your lavender aloe jelly is vegan? I usually make my own sunburn spray with frankincense, lavender, and peppermint but I would love to try the lavender aloe jelly out!

  • The aloe jelly is definitely on my list. I am not sure I get the purpose of roll- ons. Is it for hydration purposes? Granted I am more concerned about not getting skin burn than anything else…

    1. The roll-ons are just a quick and easy way to use your favorite oils on the go. For example, Tummy All Better if you have digestive issues, Itch Away for bug bites or Energy if you need a boost during the day. Since they’re pre-diluted, you can apply them directly to your skin.

  • First time ordering a hydrosol, lavender hydrosol is on its way to my home. Looking forward to finally trying a hydrosol, will be great for me, husband and our dog during our June camping trip. Now to make some aloe gel sunburn relief…itch relief and bug repellent. Always great products, articles and recipes. 😉

  • Aloe jelly has been our savior this spring (with lavender and manuka mixed in). Whether it’s burns, blisters, or sunburn, this blend rocks!

  • I am waiting for helichrysum hydrosol to be back in stock! Also, I am wondering, if aloe jelly good for using for hair mask?

    1. Aloe Jelly is a great option for a hair mask! Plus it allows you to essential oils to your haircare routine.

  • I love lavender and helichrysum to soothe the skin! I burn easily, so lots of sunscreen and skin nourishing oils for aftersun care are a must!

  • Looks like i will be putting a beach bag together with all this. i live in Florida and these are great ideas.

    1. I love the Aloe jelly and I always use lavender on sun burn so this will definitely be in my next order!

  • Probably headed to the beach this week! So glad to see these! Already have a sunburn from yesterday I’m about to throw some lavender aloe jelly on!

  • My girls and I love all of these products! Hydrosols for rashes, acne and refreshing our faces. Healing balm for all ouchies and dry cracked skin. And lavender aloe jelly is a favorite for anything and everything. I’m so glad it’s all kidsafe!

  • You didn’t mention the beach tote and fanny pack (in the bargain bin) or last year’s round beach towel and lunch cooler! I’d call those beach essentials! 😉

  • Ahhh I read this a day too late hubby was burned yesterday and this would have been so helpful. Definitely keeping this in mind as summer starts and we spend more time outside!

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