4 Ways to Use Oregano Essential Oil

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4 Ways to Use Oregano Essential Oil


Latin name: Origanum vulgare

Aroma Description: Intense green, slightly medicinal herbaceous scent


Therapeutic benefits

  • A useful oil to have in your collection for cleaning DIYs, especially during times of seasonal illnesses.
  • Can help ease pain associated with aching or aging joints.
  • Also acts as an expectorant when you’re feeling congested.
  • Has anti-fungal properties that can help with skin blemishes or other concerns.
  • It is a very powerful oil that should be used cautiously and for tough issues.



No! Oregano is NOT KidSafe.


Dilution instructions:

Dilute to a maximum of 1% in your favorite carrier oil for topical application. Use it to help fight blemishes or fungal concerns.


Diffusion instructions:

Add a drop or two to your diffuser blend for its intensely green, herbal aroma.


Oils to blend with:

Cajeput, Chamomile Roman, Citronella, Dill Weed, Lemon Eucalyptus, Geranium Egyptian, Marjoram Sweet, Niaouli 1,8-Cineole, Pine Scots, Rosemary 1,8-Cineole and Thyme Thymol.

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Oregano essential oil

Chances are you’ve cooked with Oregano. It is amazing in Italian food after all. But did you know that herb adds up to one powerhouse of an oil? Because of that, we do recommend caution when using it, but don’t let that scare you off! Let’s check out some of the top uses for this powerful essential oil.


Clean the Counters

father and daughter cleaning the floor

If you love cleaning with essential oils, this one is for you. Use this in your favorite DIY recipes to help keep your space clean. Oregano is especially good to have on hand during times of seasonal illness. So if you’re worried about bugs going around, use this to help protect you and your family.


Help with Aches & Pains

woman massaging aching wrists

Joint pain is no joke! Essential oils can often help with a number of issues like this and Oregano is no exception. It is especially good for aches and pains due to aging. We recommend a maximum topical dilution of 1%. Consider combining with other oils like Blue Tansy and Marjoram Sweet for a joint pain blend.


Funky Feet

woman stretching on her bed

Sometimes, funky stuff can happen to our feet. And that’s just no fun! Luckily Oregano can help fight the fungus that makes life so uncomfortable. There’s a reason this oil is in our Derma-Shield blend!


Clear Breathing

Woman relaxing at home

And lastly, Oregano is excellent for supporting respiratory health. If you find yourself struggling with a cough or congestion, use Oregano to help ease your breathing.

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87 thoughts on “4 Ways to Use Oregano Essential Oil”

    1. We do not recommend ingesting any essential oils without being under the direct care and supervision of a formally trained clinical specialist who is trained in essential oil dosing.

  • My son-in-law has very sweaty feet. He uses powder a lot to absorb the sweat so his socks don’t get wet & stinky. I’m wondering if oregano might help.

  • For the joint pain, it has a maximum dilution of 1% I see, but suggests to use with marjoram. How many drops of each in a roller ball?

  • Oregano is one of those super power oils that literally can help with just one drop (into a carrier oil). This is what I pull out when I’m trying to rid our house, or myself, of germs that got in. It’s not my favorite smell, but I associate it with relief and health, so it’s growing on me!

  • Buy oil of oregano with the promotion, make the recipe of the video, oregano with tea tree and coconut oil, excellent recommendation for acne

  • Wow this is great. I have used oregano for my allergies but did not know all the other uses. I will definitely try it for aches and pains I have. Thanks

  • it was used in my ears during a therapy session, my ears became very warm, what was it supposed to do?

  • WOW! I have been adding oregano to my springtime allergy relief for awhile, but did not know it could help with funky feet! Thanks for sharing the information.

  • I have this oil and have used oregeno oil when sick but never knew it would help foot fungus. I will have to try this. I will also add it to my room cleaner to help kill germs. Would have never known it is useful when congested. Will try that too the next time I get a cold. Thanks for all the info.

  • Thanks for the info. I have heard people talking about oregano oil, oil of oregano, oregano EO, a little confused if they are the same thing or are for different uses.

  • I was happy to see this posting about oregano oil.. I learned some very helpful hints on how to use this great oil. I had never thought about using it as a cleaner, even though I was aware of its good properties to ward off sickness, I will also start diffusing it when we have respiratory issues in the home. Thanks!

  • Thank you for featuring this oil! I struggle to find recipes and suggestions for Oregano oil but I recently used it in the diffuser when I was not feeling well. It worked so well for my congestion! I didn’t mind the smell either. I combined Oregano, peppermint, Tea Tree and lemon. I have also used a drop in a germ fighter blend and that works well too.

  • Oregano is an all around wonderful oil! So many uses!! One of my top 10 in my oily arsenal for sure!

    1. I recently got oregano and I want to make sure that I can use this power house of an oil! Could this be used in toe nail fungus? My MIL has been looking for help! I was wondering if this would be a good oil for that issue? I also don’t really know how what’s the best method to apply/other oils that may also help with this!

  • Oregano was very spicy and hot when placed on tongue, so cleaning would sound just about right.

  • I did not know that it was an anti fungal. I put deodorizer on a cotton ball to put in shoes. I wonder if adding a drop of oregano would help kill any fungus that is making the shoes smelly.

  • Until reading this blog, I never thought of using oregano. I just ordered some and can’t wait to try it. I always thought of oregano and being a strong aroma in spaghetti sauce. It sounds like it would be heavenly relaxing in a diffuser. I can’t wait to try it.

  • This smells amazing- I am sooo very happy for these ways to use all of the spotlight oils. It helps out trememdously!

  • I got Oregano in the Wellness Set and it’s the only one I wasn’t sure what to do with. Thanks for these tips! I’ll definitely be using it next time seasonal bugs come around, and I’ll also try it on my joints!

  • Every time I go to a public place, I put VERY DILUTED OREGANO OIL in my nostrils. When I come back, I do the same. Never got any infection. Try it!

  • I’ve always wondered about Oregano oil, and now that I know so many more uses I’ll need to get this in my collection ASAP!

  • I am SUPER susceptible to throat infections and saw that one had set in a number of months back. Concocted an oregano based gurgle and for the first time, did not need a trip to the ER. Swelling and redness went down. AMAZING and now a staple in my medical essentials! 🙂

  • I have been using oil of oregano religiously for 2 years for cold sores and can with 1000% certainty say I have not had one. An old wise woman recommended it awhile back and I tried it the next time I felt the famous cold sore “tingle/itch.” I immediately applied it to my lips and took 4 drops internally( I’m not a doctor & know this isn’t recommended) however, it worked and have not had one since. During times when I know I’m likely to get one lack of sleep, sick, too much sun etc I proactively take 4 drops and apply to my lips. I’ve done some research on it and found that the main ingredient actually stops the virus in its tracks and it cannot grow. This is seriously a MIRACLE OIL. I literally do not EVER leave home without. That way if I ever feel that feeling I can immediately take it. In my experience that’s the key to it not appearing. The one time I didn’t take immediately the cold sore did emerge however I followed the same routine but applied oil to my lips every 4 hours and it was dried up and gone in less than 3 days. That is something no medicine can do.

  • As I mentioned on the SEOR list, PT customer service is great. I ordered this oil late Wed. evening and it arrived today even though it was not guaranteed until Mon. Hurray hurray

  • I was on the fence about buying this oil. But after reading the uses on this blog and other comments; why in the heck didn’t I buy it sooner?!?

  • Oregano is next on my list to order to use for pain relief, any new DIY recipes for pain relief?

  • I already knew how good Oregano is at fighting germs and fungus, but didn’t know that it was good for joint pain as well. I’m saving this to my Pinterest Board so I won’t forget.

  • Just a question to Kacie in particular as she commented about frequent use of Oregano for sinus infections. I have a daughter who is also bothered by multiple sinus infections and I wondered if she uses it in a room diffuser, a personal inhaler or facial steamer application? Happy to hear it works even better than antibiotics sometimes as well.

  • I am receiving my first bottle of oregano oil today in the mail. I have always wanted it but have been intimidated by it for some reason. So glad this blog came across my email today! I am so excited to start using it!

  • I purchased Derma Shield precisely because it contained oregano. I ordered it on its own because of the spotlight discount. Looking forward to using a drop in my cleaning spray during cold and flu season. I might add a drop to my Derma Shield carrier blend to take out the last remain of my big toes issue. I so want to get back to my summer pedicures!

  • This is one oil, I do not have at my ready. But with so many uses I will be ordering it. It will be a great oil, with so many uses/ Thanks PT!

    1. To help with congestion, we recommend using it with a personal aromatherapy inhaler. You’ll only need one drop, but you can combine with other oils that help with congestion like Blue Tansy or Eucalyptus.

  • I love PT Oregano oil. I’ve used it for re-occurring EBV infections. When I feel it flaring. I mix it in my roller ball Germ Fighter and Frankincense then start applying near my lymph nodes! It helps shorten the length of the flare up. Thank you Plant Therapy!!

  • I love oregano! I’ve used it so many ways…wart removal, skin tags, stubborn zits, colds, mastitis. I could go on all day 🙂

  • I add this to my hard lotion bars then use then on my feet at night to reduce allergy symptoms. Since the lotion bar is amazing for skin, it’s a Win Win!

    1. I would love to try making a hard lotion bar. Could you please share your recipe for them?

      1. There are a lot of recipes…this is mine! Use equal amounts of beeswax, a hard oil, and a soft oil.
        2 oz beeswax pastilles
        2 oz shea butter [or other hard oil]
        2 oz almond oil [or other liquid oil]
        10-15 drops peppermint
        Heat the beeswax to melting first. Then add the shea butter [heat it only just enough to melt] while stirring. Add the liquid oil and take off the heat while stirring. Add the EO.
        Pour into your mold(s) of choice–silicone is so easy! This makes about six large ice cube sized ones. In my home they are usually solid within an hour just sitting on my countertop.
        NOTE: in the winter I usually add an extra dollop or two of coconut oil to make it softer 🙂

    1. To help with congestion, we recommend using a single drop with a personal aromatherapy inhaler. You can also combine with other oils that help with congestion like Eucalyptus.

  • Hi the article says to use oregano to help relieve congestion. How would I use oregano to do that?

    1. For congestion issues, we recommend using a single drop in personal aromatherapy inhaler.

  • I love the smell of oregano, my father used to grow it in our yard. Can’t wait to try the oil. I never knew it had all of these amazing uses!

  • I am getting ready to place an order for oregano oil. I’ve had various brands bought on Amazon but now that I am into Plant Therapy products I will be ordering my oregano oil from PT.

  • I have the oregano oil, and I love the herbal aroma. So far I have used it in some carrier oil to help prevent the return of athlete’s foot. (I garden a lot, and frequently my feet get wet and stay wet for a few hours). This is the first year that I am free of any symptoms and I believe that it is really working. It also makes my feet soft to the touch!

  • I use oregano for congestion and it works! Within 5 minutes my whole head starts to drain fluids and it doesn’t stop until there’s nothing left.

    1. Camilla, please share humo your recipe, my husband has terrible sinus issues and would love for him to try it.

    2. Camila,
      Do you use it topically or diffuse it for congestion? I’m definitely going to try oregano for congestion.

  • I wish this article contained more details and recipes for all of these uses. Since Oregano is such a hot oil I want to be really careful, and this article was not very informative.

  • Who would’ve thought oregano was so versatile!! I just wish it was kid safe, I’d love to use it around the house. Is there an alternative that’s kid safe? Or can it be used in cleaning products without hrm?

    1. I would recommend more gentle oils to clean with when you have kiddos. Germ Destroyer synergy would be a great choice! We wouldn’t recommend using the spray cleaner around your children if it contains non Kidsafe oils in it. You could clean with it while they are out of the home. Just make sure the room or space airs out for an hour or so before the return.

  • I’ve seen Oregano included in many recipes for kids in books and blogs…but it’s not safe for kids! Thank you, PT, for clearly marking your products w/ info that makes it clear which EOs are safe for kids and which are NOT!

    1. Hi Alison I found something that works even faster than oregano just thought I’d share. I had 3 warts on my knee last year read an article about Apple cider vinegar that contains “the mother” I applied it to a cotton ball put it under a band aid and didn’t remove it until band aid needed to be replaced. Did this one more time and within a week & 1/2 they were gone and haven’t returned. I actually did the same thing for a wart on my dog’s leg. Just had to use duct tape to keep the cotton ball on him. (He didn’t approve however it was gone and fell off when I removed the tape a week later.

  • As someone who gets frequent sinus infections, this oil is a must-have. It helps relieve symptoms better than my antibiotics a lot of times.

  • I love to use oregano for cleaning! I add it to my homemade cleaner for extra disinfecting power on my hard surfaces.

  • We love oregano oil. I never thought to use it in a spray cleaner. I’ll definitely be trying that. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Oooh, did not know Oregano was in the Derma Shield blend. So can it be applied (diluted) directly to funky toenails?

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