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Ask Our Experts: Hydrosols

So…what is a hydrosol?

Kristie Cannon Newman says:

This is going to sound dumb, but what exactly is a hydrosol and what is it used for?”

Thanks Kristie, and don’t worry, there are no dumb questions! Hydrosols can sometimes be a bit of a mystery, but we’re here to clear that up today.

Very simply, a hydrosol is the water that is distilled with an essential oil. When the steam from the distilled water passes through the plant material, it takes with it the volatile oils from the plant. The two travel through the tube at the top of the steam vessel (typically copper) and down through the condensing tube. Once the water and oil have separated, the essential oil is siphoned off the top and what you have left is the hydrosol.

A  hydrosol, according to Suzanne Catty,  is a chemistry term meaning “water solution.” Hydrosols are also known by a variety of other names:

  • hydrolats
  • hydrolates
  • floral waters or
  • plant waters

Catty goes on to say it is important to note that hydrosols are NOT simply distilled water with essential oils added to them. In this case, the two do not mix. Some of the water-soluble plant oils will combine with the water and impart therapeutic properties. This creates a much gentler, more diluted product which is generally safer to use than an essential oil.

Why do I need hydrosols?

Pris Palin wants to know:

Why do I need hydrosols?”

There are tons of unexpected ways to use hydrosols. They have the benefit of being essentially safe for anyone to use. They can be used undiluted on the skin for adults, children, pregnant and nursing women,  the elderly, and even most pets. You can use them in DIY products (like lotions), or spray on your skin as a toner. You can even mix them together!

With almost no cautions, hydrosols truly are a perfect first-use item if you’re a beginning aromatherapy user. That’s not to say there aren’t a few rules to follow. Two excellent reference books are:

  1. Hydrosols: The next aromatherapy by Suzanne Catty
  2. Understanding Hydrolats: The Specific Hydrosols for Aromatherapy by Len and Shirley Price

Hydrosols do need to be stored properly. A cool, dark environment (like a refrigerator) is best, and make sure to check them often for any cloudiness or mold.

Since hydrosols contain no preservatives, they have relatively short shelf lives of between 6 months to 2  years. However, since hydrosols are relatively inexpensive, it’s more economical to use them up and buy new ones when you need them than to save them for special uses.

Plus, you can blend them, just like you would blend essential oils, to get the best benefits of multiple different types!

Let’s say you love misting your pillow with Lavender Hydrosol before going to bed to help you get great sleep. That great, but try adding a bit of Chamomile Hydrosol and see how well they work together! They both have incredibly relaxing properties and sweet floral aromas, but the mixture of them together creates a brand new aroma to fall asleep to.

A great hydrosol blend of that helps control breakouts and skin blemishes is a mix of 2 ounces of Tea Tree Hydrosol with 1 ounce of Rose Hydrosol. Just give your face a spritz before bed after you wash it, then follow it up with a dab of Jojoba Carrier Oil as a moisturizer.

You can read more about blending hydrosols in this great blog post.

Rose Hydrosol: How to use it!

Pink rose petals spilling out of a stillLelia Hayden asked:

Can I just spray my Rose hydrosol directly on my face if my eyes are closed? Is that okay? Also, can I spray the Rose on my son’s skin (not face)?”

Thanks SO much for your question, Lelia! Rose hydrosol is gentle enough to use directly on the face and is a customer favorite as a facial cleanser. Rose hydrosol is also a great option for your little one as it is gentle and calming. You could pair it with our Lavender hydrosol as a bed spritz to help promote relaxation, or directly on his skin paired with a relaxing massage.

Best uses for Melissa Hydrosols?

Laura Gordon wants to know:

“What are the best uses for Melissa hydrosol?”

This is a wonderfully calming and uplifting hydrosol that can be sprayed directly on the skin or clothing of adults, kiddos or even babies.  During times of stress, the hydrosol can be used as a room or linen spray to create a calming and peaceful environment.

In addition to being an excellent choice for soothing the spirit, this hydrosol is a powerhouse at soothing skin irritation.  I have found it to be particularly helpful during the summer months when the kiddos manage to get into poison oak. Just a spritz or two as needed through the day and it’s looking better in no time! It also works well for other irritations as well such as soothing dry, itchy skin and as a toner for blemish prone skin.

We hope you loved talking about hydrosols as much as we love using them! To learn even more, make sure to join our Safe Essential Oils Facebook group. Tell Tyler, one of your Plant Therapy certified aromatherapists and your SEOR admin, hi from the Plant Therapy blog!


703 thoughts on “Ask Our Experts: Hydrosols”

  • Do you have to mix with water or can you spritz directly on your body? Specifically all the mosquito bites that I got over the weekend.

  • Great informative article. I’m excited to try the hydrosols. I love that it can be used for pregnancy as I am into my 2nd trimester currently.

  • I just ordered my very first hydrosol. I was curious as to what they were exactly and this answered my questions. I’m excited to receive mine and use it! I want to make a pillow spray with mine.

  • My first and only hyrosol was Heli, it helped clear up a rash quickly, I would like to try more, thanks for the info!

  • Just purchases my first hydrosol. After reading the blog now I feel more comfortable about using it.

  • Thanks for this article. I’m a massage therapist and this would be great as a linen spray for clients who want it!

    1. Tea Tree Hydrosol is great to use as a facial toner for oily or blemish-prone skin. It can also help ease breathing or keep minor scrapes and cuts clean.

  • I would love to see an insect repellent as well. I am sure it is not difficult to make on my own, but would like a grab and go with a cute PT label!

  • I love hydrosols. I make all my own lotions and facial moisturizers, and I use hydrosols in the water phase. Helichrysum is one I’ve not yet tried, and I’m hoping to add that to my collection in the near future.

  • Jessica stated, in her article above, that hydrosols are safe for most pets. Can you elaborate on this as regards cats, please?

    1. Hi Katie! At this time, due to the extremely sensitive nature of a cat’s olfactory system, we do not suggest diffusing around cats at all. There are many other ways of using and enjoying essential oils, like a personal inhaler or roll-on.

  • Just ordered the Roman chamomile hydroxyl. Love these informative posts to build my knowledge about essential oils.

  • I just ordered chamomile hydrosol! I’m looking forward to using it this summer. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • I have enjoyed Melissa and Frankincense for my face. Soon as helichrysum is back in stock I want to try that as well! Thanks for the education!

  • I am excited to try these! I had heard about a sandalwood one through young living, but first I want to try rose for my son’s skin, or what would be best?

  • I love my rose hydrosol and I just ordered the chamomile hydrosol. I can’t wait to get it!!

  • Just ordered Chamomile hydrosol and can’t wait to try it out! We love using Rose for hair tangles and I’m going to need to order another bottle soon.

  • I am new to the hydrosols. Do they have the same therapeutic values as the oils with the same names?

    1. Yes, hydrosols have many of the same therapeutic properties of the essential oils. They’re also a much milder and gentler option.

  • I was embarrassed to ask what hydrosols were, I’m VERY glad to know now. Can’t wait to try them!, Now the tough decision to decide which one!!

  • I’ve been using the rose hydrosol as part of my skincare routine for months now and I love it! I ordered the chamomile hydrosol as part of an add on deal and I’m excited to try it!

  • I wasn’t a fan of Lavender Hydrosol, which is strange as it’s my number one oil… I ran out of rose and am sad I have not been able to replace it..

  • I had never heard of hydrosols before I started using essential oils and shopping on Plant Therapy. I just purchased the Helichrysum hydrosol and love it. After reading this post, I’ll definitely be getting the Rose and Tea Tree hydrosols.

  • Is it possible to make my own hydrosol from various flowers and plants growing in my Garden?

  • Just received my lavender hydrosol! It’s beautiful! My pup loves it sprayed on her for “perfume”! Can’t wait to try it as a facial toner!

    1. I would definitely try rose hydrosol on my face…jist learned that it would diminish redness on face and is great for sensitive skin…

    1. Our Chamomile Hydrosol is very calming and soothing to the skin and can help with irritation. It a comforting and moisturizing effect on your skin that feels amazing.

  • I haven’t tried any of the hydrosols yet, but they sure sound tempting! Which do you think would be a great “pick me up” for the mid-afternoon tireds? 😉

    1. Peppermint Hydrosol would be a great choice for that! Not only does it have a pleasant cooling effect, but is also invigorating and refreshing.

  • Lavender and tea tree hydrosol has been great for various itchy skin issues at my house! Looking forward to the chamomile hydrosol to come! Thanks PT for wonderful products and wonderful customer service!

  • I really didn’t know you had so many choices available, I’m gonna have to go check them out.

  • I am so excited- I just ordered Rose and Lavender hydrosols. Can I spray them on my pets bed too?

  • I love hydrosols! I’d really like a rosemary hydrosol! That would be amazing! Are hydrosols only made from the kid safe line of oils?

    1. We’ll definitely pass that along! And we do have hydrosols that are made oils that are not KidSafe (like Melissa and Peppermint), however hydrosols are still gentle enough to be used on kids.

  • After reading this, I’m super excited to get my Chamomile. Thank you for all the info!!! You guys are the best.

  • I love the PT Hydrosols. My friend let me try her PT Lavender and I am crazy for it. Will have to buy some along with other PT scents.

  • Wow! I had no idea hydrosols had so many uses! I’m most excited to create a pillow spray! I can’t wait!

  • Foud so much great informations from this page, both the article and the comments, thank you. I’ve been interested in Helichrysum and Rose hydrosol for sometime.

    1. Helichrysum was really helpful with itching. It’s nice because it’s safe to use as much as you want.

  • I’m still learning about hydrosols thanks for the info have rose and getting chamomile next thank you PT

    1. I have never tried hydrosols. Can I use it as deodorant? Can I combine it with Everclear and EO to make my own fragrance?

      1. You might find that hydrosols are too mild for a deodorant, but you can absolutely try! And yes, you can also combine essential oils with Everclear and a hydrosol.

  • We can’t get enough! I had to get the 16oz Melissa hydrosol. We love heli, and just ordered chamomile. I would love to collect them all! We use Melissa for cold sores and skin and calming Heli I use for itchy Scalp or acne scarring. Both are amazing!

  • What is the Best kid safe blend for bug repellent? Does this vary depending on the type of bug you’re wanting to repel (ex. Gnats, flies, mosquitoes, etc)?

    1. It really depends on the bug! Shield Me is good for most but I find cedarwood himilayan plus citrus (orange or lemon) works better for fleas, lavender works best for gnats. I believe all 3 oils are kidsafe!

  • I didn’t realize what a hydrosol was, I thought it was something you used with oils and hand to mix, I didn’t realize all the benefits of a the simple spray. Makes me want to buy one.

  • Are any of the hydrosols good for your hair? My daughter has curly hair and curious if the lavendar hydrosol is good for refreshing her curls.

    1. Lavender is definitely a good choice when it comes to haircare. But Rose Hydrosol would also be a really good option.

    2. I have naturally curly hair which happens to be a bit fragile. I use Rose hydrosol to refresh my curls in the morning. Its very gentle on my hair and is much more affordable than salon products full of unpronounceable additives… and it smells wonderful without being over-bearing. I also spritz my face throughout the day in summer just to have a fresh dewy feeling to my skin.

  • Thank you for this information! I’m excited to pick up some hydrosols for different reasons. I feel like lavender hydrosol will be good for soothing cuts on the go, and rose hydrosol will be a cost-effective way to see if I like the rose EO smell!

  • I’m pretty sure I need this in my life! I’ve seen people post about it but I haven’t been really clear on what exactly it was. Now it makes sense and I’m super excited!

  • I love the helichrysum hydrosol! Just ordered Roman Chamomile and Rose and I can’t wait to try them!!

  • So, question, I bought Calendula about oh geez maybe three years ago? I thought it lasted longer if it was kept in the fridge? There is no cloudiness or mold, doesn’t smell bad, is it expired?

    1. From the sounds of it, your hydrosol hasn’t gone bad even though it is past the expected shelf life. Make sure to keep a close eye on it for cloudiness or mold and discontinue use as soon as you see it.

  • Thank you for the informative article. I love lavender hydrosol for a pillow spray and facial spray

  • I’m excited to try the rose Hydrosol. Thank you Plant Therapy and thanks to all who left comments

  • Im new to Hydrosols. But after reading this blog and all the comments I’m gonna try the Rose Hydrosol. I’m excited to get it in. Thanks PT and everyone who shared

    1. I love my rose hydrosol! I spray it on my face every evening and I also mix it with lavender hydrosol and spray my living room curtains as a deoderizer!

  • I have absolutely loved my lavender hydrosol, but I think I’m going to be buying the others now. Thanks for the great information!

  • Great explanation of the hydrosols. Need to get my rose hydrosol out of the fridge and start using it! I may invest in the lavender soon too.

  • Great info. I have had Melissa Hydrosol for about a year in the fridge but rarely use it- I’m going to try it on bug bites!

  • I am learning so much with you guys! Thank you Plant Therapy! So all these months I have been thinking I did not want to bother with hydrosols– well I’m glad I took a look at this blog post because I see how they can be beneficial for all of us in the home. I’ll be checking them out and creating a wish list!

  • I love the hydrosols and these are such good ideas. I will have to try them. I like spritzing it on my feet and skin.

  • I’ve read about people using hydrosol or use of it in recipes but ive never actually read an article so well written as this one, I feel compelled to finally try them…

    1. Yes, hydrosols are safe for use around, and even on, your baby. To learn more, check out this comprehensive post on safely using essential oils and hydrosols around babies and toddlers.

  • This sounds so cool! I have made my own hydrosols before but I love the new ideas. I never thought of misting my face at night. Thanks for the great resources.

      1. Hydrosols do have a gentler aroma, but they are still strong enough to be used as a room spray.

  • I love all the hydrosols. However my favorite will always be the rose, i love how it makes my face feel and the smell.

  • Having used clear water to hydrate my face, I can’t wait to try the rose hydrosol, gently patting it in as a toner!

  • I keep a bottle of the lavender in my refrigerator as it is perfect for any kind of kitchen burn! Sunburn too! I love all the hydrosols!

  • I had purchased Melissa – didn’t really know how to use it until now. Thank you for the information!

  • I’ve been using rose hydrosol on my daughter’s hair before I brush it. It definitely helps it stay nice and smooth!

  • I love using rose hydrosol on my face after a shower, then following up with my face serum. It is lovely!

    1. I’ve been sesrching for a hydrosol for my sensitive skin, specifically my face. I guess i’ll give rose hydrosol a try. My face is always red.

  • OMG! Thanks for reminding me I have Melissa hydrosol! (in the fridge) I have such a stash, I forget all the places I have good stuff from time to time lol. going to spritz some now! 🙂

  • I haven’t tried Hydrosol yet due to i wasn’t really sure what is was used for, But reading about it and all the post I’m sure to put this on my list.

  • Love the rose hydrosol! it was gifted to me and now I love gifting it to others. Calming but energizing with such a lovely scent.

  • Very helpful information on hydrosols. I’ve only tried Lavender so far. I love it, and will be purchasing other hydrosols now that I better understand their uses. Thank you for this article!

    1. I love hydrosol and the kids can easily access to it safely like rashes this is their easily go to first aid

  • I ordered Melissa Hydrosol and have been thoroughly enjoying it! I am looking forward to learning more about them and their many uses…thank you PT!

  • What a great read!!! I had no idea Melissa was good for poison oak/ivy!!!! My husband got it this weekend! I’m spraying him down when he get some home!!!

  • I’m in love with the heli hydrosol! We use it for everything in our house… bug bites, burns, skin irritations, sunburn and even mist it on my face straight from the refrigerator on a hot day.

  • I have used Rose hudrosol and Lavendar hudrosol. Love both so much. I have now ordered a few more hydrosols to try.

  • This fair skinned redhead certainly recommends Lavender hydrosol after being in the sun a little longer than you should.

  • I love the Rose hydrosol, I use it almost daily for detangling my daughter’s long hair. I like chamomile hydrosol to use on my English mastiffs bedding.

  • Love using hydrosols. Great article. I use Rose and Tea Tree on my face. Rose on my hair. I Bought Chamomile for my teething great granddaughter. my daughter found it (Chamomile) to relieve her sunburn when she got to much sun. Hydrosols are priceless.

  • Great info! I’m keen to try the helichrysium but it’s never in stock when I want to buy it. Is that because it’s so popular or is it hard to come by?

  • I use melissa hydrosol daily for soothing and calming purpose. It is so refreshing and I love it.

  • So I have only used lavender hydrosol and I LOVE IT for after sun care! I can’t wait to try some other ones!

  • I need to order more! More teenager took mine and likes to spritz after applying her makeup she says it makes it look more natural and less “cakey”.

  • I enjoyed learning about hydrosols, I didn’t know much about this so this article was very helpful!

  • I am new to essential oils and actually had no idea what hydrosols were. I will see what July brings and may have 2 pick up a couple or so.

  • Wow! I can’t wait to try some of these out! What is Tea Tree Hydrosol recommended for? I love anything tea tree!

    1. Tea Tree Hydrosol is great to have around to keep minor scuffs and scrapes “clean”. It also works well as a facial toner for blemish-prone or oily skin!

  • I use Melissa hydrosol as facial toner every day. If I buy a 16 oz bottle and always keep it refrigerated, will it be as good as if I buy 4 oz bottle more often? I mean, if I keep an opened bottle for longer period of time, how will its beneficial properties and quality be affected? Thank you.

    1. PT doesn’t recommend freezing hydrosol but I bought the Melissa. My fridge froze it due to technical difficulties and so I have frosted it out a few times, it’s fine. I had no consistency issues and was still able to successfully use it to help prevent a cold sore that tried to pop up (its antiviral properties remained intact) so now I keep some in a small bottle thawed, and freeze what I won’t use before it goes bad. It is $30 for a 16oz of Melissa, something like $14 for a 4oz. It made no sense to buy a 4oz. But they do go bad and I might suggest to freeze it or keep it in the back top of your fridge for best freshness, as that is the coldest part

  • I had no idea that they had therapeutic properties. I thought they were just nice smelling water. Thanks

    1. The information on “Hydrosols” was very interesting. I had not idea they were therapeutic.
      I just want to say Thank you for sharing this information with us. The info on blending different hydrosols together is new to me and I will try this. I consider myself a novice with E.O’s and discover something new about them all the time. Thank You again. Plant Therapy.

  • I have just started using hydrolysis and even though helichrysum doesn’t smell that great i get over that for its great benefits, finding a difference in my skin already

  • never actually knew what hydrosols were! Thanks PT for always giving such useful info for free!

  • To be honest, I’ve only used hydrosols to spray our bed/linens & pillows before bed. I’ve added hydrosols to a diy body spray I’ve made also, rather than just purified water. I’ll likely try a couple more during CAM sales, we’ll just have to see!

  • I had no idea what hydrosols were for. I’m so excited to try several, I can’t decide which one to buy first…guess I’ll need 2 or 3 to start. I really appreciate all of the comments and suggestions on how others have used their hydrosol..A big THANKS to PT and all the commenters for all the info…off the order now!

  • To be honest I do not have any Hydrosol currently as I do make a variety of DIY with the oils I have. I did know how Hydrosols are formed during the process of oil extraction. This was a great read to know the benefits of a few different ones. I am now tempted to get one. Thank you

  • I’ve used a spritz of Lavender Hydrosol and German chamomile hydrosol mixed together to soothe diaper rash and it works!

  • I have only tried heli. I use it on my face after a shower. Smells a little odd, but feels good on my aging skin.

  • Thank you so much for this article, I never buy it cause i thought it was basically just water. But now i know it actually is so much more and worth investing in.

  • I use Vodka as my base for my mosquito repellent. It works like a charm here in WI where the state bird is the mosquito.

  • Plant Therapy, I just want to say Thank you for sharing and educating us. Thank you for the info on blending different hydrosols together. I am new to the EO’s. This is something that i have heard about and was wondering about.

  • I enjoy using rose hydrosol on my face & also spray it on damp hair after showering. It smells amazing! Helichrysum is what I use for wounds, burns, etc. I’m wanting to try peppermint hydrosol soon as well!

  • Thank you for the info on blending different hydrosols together. I’ve been wondering about this for a while and found the entire post very useful. I was on the fence regarding giving them a try, but I’m now very excited to hop over that fence and will no doubt be adding several to my next purchase!

  • Is it okay to freeze hydrosols in ice cube size to prevent from going bad in summer time. Taking out one at the time for use?

  • I love having the hydrosol’s around for my dogs also… I have one that has had skin problems for 5yrs. Melissa and Chamomile with a little tea tree and it’s cleared it up!!!! Melissa is my go to for my skin inflammation also!!!

  • I love the hydrosol offered and I have every one but Melissa. I use them every day. I use rose, peppermint, lavender and tea tree the most. Rose smells so lovely and is great for a facial toner. Peppermint is wonderful for cooling down on a hot day. Tea tree is good as an antibacterial spray amd lavender is the bomb for burns!!!! I use heli to promote healing and chamomile to soothe inflamed skin. Rose and peppermint are my two favorite though.

  • I think I am going to have to order some of these after reading about them. Especially the Lavender!

  • I love the helichrysum hydrosol for sunburns and heat rashes. Works better than my aloe and lavender mix I used to use! Can’t wait to try out others.

    1. You cannot unless you add an emulsifier and preservative! Hydrosol are water based, which is why we keep them in the refrigerator. You cannot dilute essential oil with water. It is not safe. You can, however, mix different hydrosol together! A hydrosol is the left over WATER after the distillation process of making an EO. You cannot use water alone to dilute something properly. Especially unsafe if you plan to use it on skin

  • My teen girl loves grabbing Rose Hydrosol from the fridge and spraying down! She walks away so happy. Fun thing was that she noticed when I put a 2nd bottle in, they smell differently. It’s such a simple thing, but it makes her so happy. Aromatherapy is a delight!

  • I love hydrosols. I was able to get a few as add ins. They are amazing! Don’t hesitate to buy these.

  • I use rose hydrosol every day on my face! It’s Also surprisingly good on razor bumps on the bikini area. I also like using it only hair sometimes.

  • I’m looking forward to trying. Plant therapy, please make a trial size kit so we can try to find our favorite!

  • This may be a stupid question, but can I mix up a small amount of peppermint hydrosol with aloe jelly for my little ones muscle pains? I wasn’t sure if spearmint eo would give the same benefits peppermint does, hence why I’m wondering about using the hydrosol instead, as the muscle aloe jelly and peppermint eo aren’t kidsafe. I know it wouldn’t keep long.

  • I actually had no idea that is what hydrosols are. Thank you for this article…now I can’t decide which to buy 1st…well, it is July…maybe a sale will afford me more than one 😉

  • Can I ask why Plant Therapy discontinued a lot of their hydrosols? Geranium-Ylang Ylang- Calendula- Rosemary. I used theses every day and now cannot find replacements for them. Really wish you would bring them back. The current hydrosols do not work as good for me as the others did.

  • Can you describe the scent of the Helichrysum hydrosol? I know its very beneficial for skin, but I think the EO smells like gasoline. I’m told the hydrosols smell very different than the EOs, but have similar properties. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi there! Hydrosols do smell very different than traditional EO’s. Helichrysum hydrosol smells sweet, with an undertone of the familiar Helichrysum scent!

  • Glad to read this, now I’m going to order the Rose and Melissa. I thought they were just air freshener!

  • I really need to try a hydrosol! I’ve heard so many good things, and this article is definitely no exception. Now I just have to decide what I want to try first!

  • I bought several Hydrosols to use as linen spray ( i especially love the peppermint ). I keep it inside my fridge, For a quick chill on my face. I love the rose Hydrosol with lavender in combo. I use it to make a room deodorizer spritz. I am Hook!!!

  • I have never used hydrosols but my son has really dry skin and I wonder if the rose hydrosol might bring him some relief on top of the lotion we already use? Maybe spray it on at night before bed and let it do its magic overnight.

  • I didn’t realize that Melissa Hydrosol was offered by plant therapy! I’ve tried the rose and it’s wonderful so I must try Melissa next!

  • Thanks for clarifying the value of using hydrosols. Now I’m convinced about getting one, maybe start with the Rose variant since I totally love the scent of rose water!

  • I just started using Mellisa hydrosol as a facial toner. It’s not the greatest smelling hydrosol out there, but my face seems to be loving it. The scent doesn’t last long enough for it to be a deterrent to me using it. Hoping for a hydrosol sale during JCAM to try lavender & rose, if it’s back in stock!

  • Thank you for the very useful article on hydrosols. Now I can order them with confidence that I am using them correctly.

  • I learned a lot from this post! I had never really known what hydrosols did before. I’m wondering what ones would be the best to start with?

  • Thanks for the information on hydrosols! I haven’t bought any yet. I have been a bit hesitant because I didn’t really know how to use them.

  • I just got the Rose and I absolutely love it. I use it as a toner, after I wash, before i moisturize. I also use it in my hair. I will be getting more for sure!!

  • Thank you for the interesting information about hydrosols. I am used to using essential oils which are more potent than the hydrosols. If i were to try a hydrosol and it isn’t strong enough for my preferences, can i then add essential oils to the hydrosol to make it more potent?

  • I have been making hydrosols at home. Rose and Peony. I appreciate the benefits listed in your blog and will try them as a hair detangler. I look forward to trying your lavender and chamomile hydrosols as they are favorite oils of mine. I have 6 active little grandchildren that are always looking for something to put on an ouie. I love that hydrosols are safe for everyone. Even my little dog gets a tummy spritz.

  • I have never used a hydrosol, but am now planning on ordering one. I’m hoping they go on sale for can

  • I love the Hydrosol. Rose is my favorite and I spray it on my hair after shampooing to derange my hair. I’m on my second bottle.

  • Very cool! I had kinda skipped the hydrosols because I wanted the good stuff, but I think I’ll try one of these soon!

  • I am starting to use hydrosols more now that I am getting familiar with the product. The Heli Hydrosol is fantastic to my kiddo’s dry skin. I use Rose Hydrosol on my face and body as perfume. Good stuff!

  • I enjoyed all this information about hydrosol! I have been wanting to try rose and now it is definitely on my list. I also never would have thought to mix the different kinds. Thanks for all the tips!

  • can EOs be added to hydrosols without some sort of emulsifier? Or is a Hydrosol truly a water product?

  • Can you use hydrosols in your diffuser and if so, does it give off a scent at all?

  • I haven’t tried any hydrosols yet. After reading this I have got to change that! Great info. I didn’t realize that hydrosols could be so useful.

  • We love the rose hydrosol to help detangle and refresh my daughters curly hair. Can’t wait to try some others!

    1. Thanks I was wondering which one worked best for sunburn. I have lavender and absolutely love it!

  • Quite interesting. I have not read anything about hydrosols before. Is there any chance you will offer a “sampler” set?

  • I was skeptical about hydrosols, but chose to try the helicrysum one. It works amazing on sunburns. I am soooo glad I decided to try it.

  • I love using hydrosol’s on my face! I use heli, rose, lavender. Lavender also feels great on a sunburn

  • I have to get using the hydrosols I have. I bought Helichrysum which is great for skin and have been spraying it on my face. I also have lavender. I tend to forget them because I store them in the fridge.

  • Thank you for clearing that up. I’ve seen other companies just start carrying hydrosols recently even though you guys have had them for a while. It makes sense why they are becoming popular. I was curious about them but had no clue what they were.

  • Can any of these hydrosol’s aid in the prevention and/or treatment of migraines? Also – can the tea tree hydrosol work as a lice prevention?

  • I love my hydrosols and Ilike the scent of each one. They are very versatile and even us it on my dogs!

  • Great info, i love the ones i have so far, and this will be helpful in picking out future orders.

  • Great article. I currently use helichrysum hydrosol for my face. It smells like burnt caramel but I’ve gotten used to it haha. Anything I can mix with it to make the effect more? I’m trying to get rid of these blemishes on my forehead

    1. Mix some tea tree hydrosol with your helichrysum hydrosol or you could even mix in tea tree eo and or bergamot eo to help with blemishes.

  • I love reaching for one of my PT hydrosols direct from the frig and spritzing my face and neck on a hot day. It’s refreshing and cooling, benefits my skin, and they all smell lovely!

  • Thank you for this info. I have all of the hydrosols, but need to make it a practice to use them more. Thanks for always being so helpful and educational.

  • I cant live without rose and tea tree hydrosols. tea tree helps keep lice away from kids at school and rose is my toner! I love all of them but these are my two favs

  • Love this! I would love to see favorite hydrosol recipes for various things such as sleep, burns, face etc. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Because hydrosols are generally more mild, it might not be enough to keep pests away. But you can check out this recipe for a DIY Pest Spray using essential oils!

  • Love using them when we get sunburn in then summer, you know, the first one when you forget to reapply the sunscreen…

  • I’ve read numerous articles, and each one gives me a different time to how long you should keep a hydrosol, since it has water. Do yours have preservatives to make them last longer?

    1. No, our hydrosols do not have preservatives in them. We recommend storing it in the fridge to prolong the shelf life.

  • Don’t love the way it smells (like canned peas to me), but love the way Melissa hydrosol soothes minor skin irritations.

  • Are there any Hydrosols that could help with acne? I keep seeing rose as a toner but I struggle more with acne than anything.

  • I love the information in this article. I have a couple of hydrosols, but never knew how or when to use them. Now, I want more of them.

  • Wow this is incredible I had no idea! I’ll definitely be adding one or more to my next order!

  • So many uses, benefits of the hydrosol. Thanks for the information. I am going to have to purchase one of these.

  • I love hydrosols. So far I’ve used Rose, Heli and Lavender. Heli is great for cuts and bruises and love Lavender for sunburn. It is stinky but works so well for sunburn.

  • Love my Melissa hydrosol. I use it for my room sprays, with perfumers alcohol, water and of course a selection of oils.

  • Love the hydrosols..taking a bottle of peppermint hydrosol to the zoo today. !!! Its going to be hot and this will help keep us cool…Love that they are organic…

  • I love what I am reading about hydrosols! so versatile. Any promotions/coupons planned for these, I’d love to buy a few but they are a bit pricey.

  • I love my lavender hydrosol! I use it when I get a sunburn, when winding down at the end of the day, and on our sheets occasionally. More herbaceous than the straight oil, but I like it. Refreshing straight from the fridge as well. Definitely excited to try more.

  • I’m glad that hydrosols can be used for so many things! It’s great that a byproduct of our precious oils has a good use!

    1. I haven’t known about hydrosols untill now.. I am from uk, so, whenever one of my friends com from/go to us, I ask them to bring me some of Plant Therapy’s goodies. 🙂 I am going to have a look at hydrosols now. Thank you.

  • Thanks for a really good and informative post again! I had no idea of what hydrosols are before reading this, but now I think I will add some to my next order!

  • I have never used hydrosols but after reading this article I am very interested. Somebody mentioned that they use it to calm down there psoriasis and I would like to try that

  • I’m excited to start using more hydrosols. One of the books recommended above has been recommended by others.

  • I use Melissa hydrosol when I’m feeling anxious and love it! It brings a peaceful feeling to me 🙂

  • PT use to carry a sandalwood hydrosol, I loved it for making my husband’s aftershave. Why was it discontinued and do you think it will be back in stock?
    I love PT!!

  • Helichyrsum hydrosol is my favorite and most used….especially in the summer when gardening. Itches and flare-ups are all gone in a couple hours (itches almost right away).

  • I didn’t realize how much I was going to love and use hydrosols and boy was I wrong! They have so many uses from facial toner spritzing to using the safe, gentle helichrysum on my dog’s itchy feet. I also like to use the rose when I want a quick splash of pleasant smelling body spray.

  • Anyone notice a difference in pore size from any of them?? I am about to order them ALLLLLL after reading 8 million of these comments!

  • Love hydrosols and so does my skin. So many uses and such fun mixing them for a personalized spray.
    My favorite right now is to mix equal parts of peppermint and lavender hydrosols together in a glass spray bottle. Shake well before using. Great refrigerated for a refreshing spray after a day in the sun. Feels especially nice on the face and neck. Also helpful for batting hot flashes.
    Thanks for sharing about their shelf life. I wasn’t aware. Good to know.

  • I LOVE the PT Rose hydrosol! It smells so delicious! I also like the Melissa hydrosol. It took a minute for me to get used to the scent but I love spraying it on my face and the scent is okay now. Next, I am going to try the lavender hydrosol!

    1. Lavender hydrosol is great for soothing sunburns, itchy skin, and irritations. It’s also just all around good for your skin and hair.

  • I love rose hydrosol as a toner…but I have to admit I use it sparingly. Maybe I need to be less stingy since it is true that it was not too expensive. I do store it in the fridge though.

  • Love hydrosols and use all of them for one thing or another however, Lavender and Tea Tree get used more often on the children when for scrapes bites and acne. Awesome!

  • I’ve never used hydrosols – they were kind of an enigma, but this was really helpful in illuminating what they are! Can you blend undiluted essential oils with them to create a new scent, as well as blending different hydrosols?

    Thank you!

    1. Because hydrosols are water-based, they won’t properly emulsify essential oils. You can read more about emulsifiers and why they’re important here. But you absolutely can blend different hydrosols together!

  • Thank you do much. This was a very helpful article to explain hydrosols. I can’t wait to add some to my collection.

  • Thanks for the post on the hydrosols! I’ve been wanting to try them but have no idea how they really work. Thanks again!

  • I bought the Helichrysum hydrosol when it was an add on when I first discovered Plant Therapy. Of course, I had no idea what it was for but found out it works amazingly for burns and irritated skin! I am definitely sold on it! ❤️

  • I really like all of the hydrosols. I blend Rose, Melissa and Helichrysum or Lavender for daily face spritzing.

  • On my 3rd bottle of Rose hydrosol. I love this spray. I use it as an all over spray when I get out of shower and great as a hair detangler. Love, Love ,Love it !

  • I love the Rose hydrosol. Simply spray it on my face…very refreshing in the summer as it is stored in the frig!

  • I have a lot of pimples that leave dark spots on my face! I’m in need of help, is there a hydrosol I can use for this issue?

  • I currently use the helichrysum hydrasol as a makeup setting spray. It works great. I intend to use the Melissa Hydrasol this summer when my skin gets oily.

  • Thanks for this. I’ve been interested in hydrosols, but haven’t bought any due to the short life. I’m afraid I wouldn’t use it before it goes bad.

  • I didn’t know all this about hydrosols. Im going to have to get a few for a quick spritz in my car as an airfreshner or before leaving my house for work trips!!

  • Thank you for posting this great article on hydrosol. Going to get my hands on one soon. I just need to decide on which to go first

  • I love most hydrosols. I do not like the smell of some of them, but, the properties of them outweigh any of the scent differences I have.
    Rose hydrosol is my favorite one that PT carries, it smells so heavenly.
    Although I am not fond of chamomile hydrosol’s scent, it is wonderful on my itchy head, and face.
    So many uses for so many hydrosols.

  • I would love to have the Rose Hydrosol but hesitating to get, not sure if I would like the smell. Does it actually smell like roses?

  • I will be using my peppermint hydrosol this summer to help beat the heat. Can I use this more than once a day?

  • I absolutely love Rose and Heli Hydrosols! I’m not a fan of the Melissa, Tea Tree and Chamomile ones due to the smell. Hoping to get the Lavender and Peppermint ones soon.

  • I am loving the peppermint hydrosol…I am not quite to “the change,” but I have started getting overly warm at night…this hydrosol has helped me stay asleep!

    1. Good idea about spraying on sheets. I usually make my own blend, but like your idea as well. Thanks!

  • I absolutely love the scent of the Rose hydrosol and it works well as a detangler in my daughter’s hair. I’m excited to try some of the others, too!

    1. I use Rose hydrosol for the exact same thing! My boys have long, thick, and curly hair. The easiest way to manage the curls is to spritz, brush, spritz, and smooth. Ready for school in a snap!

  • Oh nice I have both Rose and Melissa hydrosol and I need to start using them more. Thanks for the idea . I’ve had mine in the refrigerator and they’re almost a year old now and I haven’t really use them much. I wish they didn’t need to be refrigerated so I would remember that I have them LOL.

    1. Honestly i know they say to refrigerate but i had one go rancid in the fridge because i kept forgetting to use it. When i bought a new one, i kept in my medicine cabinet. Now i use it so much more it doesn’t even have the chance to go bad because i use it so fast.

    2. I always keep hydrosols in the fridge and use both melissa and rise to spray in my face throughout the day.

  • Currently, my favorite way to use hydrosols is during my workouts. I exercise in our spare room upstairs and it gets pretty warm in the summertime. I keep a spray bottle with some chilled peppermint hydrosol nearby, and spritz myself between sets. It cools me off and makes the entire experience a lot less torturous!

  • I love the cool feeling of the Melissa hydrosol as I spritz my eyes. I often have trouble with styes, so rubbing the Melissa along the eyelids has really cut down on the redness, swelling, itchiness I get when they occur. Plus it cuts healing time too.

  • I love Chamomile hydrosol. I would not have thought to mix hydrosols together. Will give it a try.

    1. Thank you for educating me on usage of hydrosol. Will continue reading all the post for more information.

  • I’m just now getting into hydrosols. I am still very much in the learning process. I do spray my Rosemary hydrosol on my hair. I love the smell!

  • I love my hydrosols! I use rose as a facial toner, lavender to help soothe sunburns, helichrysum for bumps and bruises, and tea tree for acne outbreaks.

    1. Helichrysum and Lavender would be a great choice. I make a 50/50 blend of these two. If you want a single, either of these two would work.

  • Does it make sense to mix hydrosols for extra benefits? For example, I’ve been told to mix tea tree and melissa hydrosol for acne prone skin. I would guess it’s just like oils, but thought I would ask! 🙂

    1. If you mean the essential oils, yes. You will just need to make sure to dilute appropriately. For the face, we recommend a 1% dilution or less. However, keep in mind that hydrosols will not dilute your essential oils as they are waterbased. You would want to use a carrier oil for dilution of essential oils.

  • Now to figure out which one to start with… I’m thinking Helichrysum for all the scraped knees that come with summer fun in a house full of boys!

    1. You could use Lavender or Helichrysum on their own or together. Rose would also soothe, but Lavender & Heli seem to work better at calming down red, angry skin. If it’s red from a sunburn, I would use lavender or a combination that is at least 50% lavender followed by a moisturizing oil for easy application that wouldn’t temporarily increase redness or any discomfort. I whip coconut oil and drops of lavender fine for about 10 – 12min until the consistency is like whipped cream. It absorbs almost instantly. Great way to seal in the benefits of hydrosols.

    1. These products look very interesting. I’ll have to do some more research on how they will react to my skin and my meds but I’m very interested to try one.

  • Helichrysum hydrosol is my favorite! I use it on sunburns, scratches and other skin irritations and it soothe immediately. Lately, I have been using it to dampen my hair and rescrunch my curls. I really enjoy the smell.

  • I love Rose Hydrosol. It is very calming on my face. I spray it on ket it soak in and then apply my lotion. My skin is looking younger.

  • I have not yet considered using Hydrosols, but after reading this blog, I think I’m going to give this a try. Thanks PT for the detail information you provide on your products.

  • I have not used any of the Hydrosols before. Which hydrosol would be best for sleep? My 10yr old has a terrible time falling asleep at night, we use the kid safe line of oils for sleep (I rotate between them) but sometimes that doesn’t do the trick. Could I spray his blanket with a hydrosol?

    1. Lavender or Chamomile Roman would be a great choice. You could spray his blanket or pillow or even apply directly to his skin. The hydrosols are very gentle and do not have to be diluted further.

  • I had never heard of hydrosols before PT started carrying them. I’ve no idea which one I would choose first! Maybe Melissa…maybe Rose…maybe Heli… 🙂

  • Rose Hydrosol has been on my wish list! I can’t wait to try it for a facial toner for myself and as a detangler/conditioner for my daughters hair!

  • Rose hydrosol is great for my hair as well as a quick pick me up when I spray it on my face during a hot day. I use the Melissa hydrosol as a toner for my face.

  • Rose for my face. Peppermint (stored in refrigerator) for “Power surge” relief. And one for cat…. she likes different ones. Darn cats are so demanding.

  • I love rose hydrosol on my face and in my hair. It smells just like fresh roses, and leaves me feeling soothed.

  • I love hydrosols. They can be used for so many things…toner, itchiness, sunburned, bug bites, etc. I keep helichrysum and peppermint in stock at my house.

  • I recently bought the lavender hydrosol and hated the smell… I didn’t give up on it though and now I’m hooked! And I even love the smell now. Lol worked great for sunburn!

  • I’m just starting to use hydrosols, so this article was really helpful I have Rose and have used it in my hair and a face mist, love, love, love the smell!

  • I love rose and Melissa Hydrosols I use them as a toner on my face and it’s helpped to clear up my acne. Plus rose smells amazing!

  • I’ve just started using the lavender and rose hydrosols to ease some psoriasis discomfort and they feel amazing on my skin, especially when stored in the fridge!

  • This is so informational, thanks for sharing, I am learning so much! I will have to get a few of these to try out!

  • I love my Chamomile Hydrosol and I have been wanting to try Rose Hydrosol for my hait. I can’t wait till it is back in stock.

  • Love hydrosols and really want to expand which ones I use. I hope PT keeps adding to their hydrosol line!

  • I was skeptical of Hydrosols at first but after I trying the rose I LOVE it. I spray in my hair and it isn’t frizzy anymore.

  • I absolutely love the rose hydrosol. It is one of my favorite products – EVER! I just bought lavendar and peppermint for the summer, and they are pretty fantastic, too.

  • I want all the hydrosols! I was offered Rose as an add-on at checkout… Never heard of hydrosols before, but I like the smell of roses and figured I’d give it a shot. Needless to say, I’m hooked!! I want to try them all now. Melissa wasn’t even on my radar until I read this article. Definitely on my list now.

  • The word hydrosol scared me the first time I heard it, but then I tried the rose and was completely hooked. Can’t wait to try others during CAM!

  • If I use a hydro sol in a product like lotion, does that product then need to be refrigerated? Or will the preservatives in the lotion be enough to leave it in say my purse or diaper bag?

    1. You would need to add additional preservatives and potentially more emulsifiers since it will water down the formulation.

  • I love hydrosols… they are wonderful when used to replace the water portion of a room spray! And they are a perfect toner during the hot summer months.

  • Which hydrosol is the most versatile and why? I’d like to try one but not sure where I should start?

  • I finally got some rose hydrosol to try… I’m a touch fearful I’ll be hooked after this, and need lavender next!

  • I absolutely love the Helichrysum hydrosol. It clears up my son’s diaper rash super quickly & works great as a toner!

  • What’s a good hydrosol for bumps and bruising on the face? I know no oils close to eyes, but is there a good hydrosol?

  • I love hydrosols so much. Peppermint is great in the summer to cool down. I spray rose on my face every day after the shower. It is also a great hair detangler. I love lavender for sun burns or scrapes.

  • Bought my first hydrosol (chamomile) as an add on and haven’t looked back! I love how mild yet useful they are!

  • I never thought to combine hydrosols. Darn, that means I “have” to buy another fragrance . . . or two . . .or three!

  • I bought Rose hydrosol and love the scent. However, when I spray it directly on my face, inevitably, I get a horrible breakout/rash the next day. Could it be that I’m allergic to it? I’ve never had rose absolute or rose bulgaria essential oil so I’ve got no other experience with it.

  • I love my hydrosols. I use peppermint to help boost my energy in the mornings and lavender to help me relax in the evening

  • Do you think the hydrosols would be helpful for curly hair? I definitely need to try them on my daughters straight hair!

    1. I personally use hydrosols in my daughter’s curly hair. We really love Rose Hydrosol for the hair!

  • I bought a Helichrysum Hydrosol but keep forgetting about it. I need to use it before it expires.

  • besides for very young children, what would be the benefit of using a hydrosol as opposed to just using the essential oil?

    1. Hydrosols are much more gentle and can be used more often than essential oils which are very potent. You can use them for after sun or skin or even as a compress for discomfort. This is more easily achieved with hydrosols because oil and water don’t mix together. With the hydrosol, you don’t have to worry about emulsifiers or anything like that. It’s ready to use, as is or can even be blended with other hydrosols if desired.

      Hydrosols are a great choice for irritated skin, when essential oils may cause further irritation. Also great for sensitive skin, such as the face. Some people find that essential oils (or carrier oils) are just too much for their face and in this case, hydrosols are a great substitute.

  • I love hydrosols! They are so refreshing especially on a hot day! I spritz my body after I shower. I also use them for skin care. Thanks for a great article.

  • Rose and Chamomile are on my list to buy during CAM! I can’t wait to try them! Thanks PT for all of the info!!

  • I just purchased the Heli hydrosol and love it so far. The scent takes son getting used to but I know it will come in handy with all these summers bug bites and skin irritations!

    1. Rose hydrosol is on my wish list. I heard it is great as a hair detangler and want to try it for my daughter. I use peppermint hydrosol regularly for hot flashes.

  • I had never heard of hydrosols before, but I bought Melissa. It’s a little stinky (to me), but I keep it in the fridge and it is refreshing here in Florida. I used it after a mild sunburn for some relief 🙂

  • Is it better to use hydrosols vs essential oils? Is there a hydorsol that helps with the immune system that you can spray on daily?

  • Thanks for info. Didn’t think I would like, but with all this wonderful information I will get on next order I place!!

    1. I have rose, Melissa and chamomile I mostly use for face and bed. I’d like to try more with them, but I do think I am getting a great deal out of them and i bought these first because the cost of the same oils is a butt load.

  • I love my rose . So refreshing and is great for my leave in conditioner and on my face to refresh.

  • Was skeptical about the effectiveness of hydrosols despite the raving reviews. Decided to try helicrysum after it restocked and I was sold! Skin itch and muscle ache is how I’ve been using it. I can’t wait to get the other ‘flavors’ now!

  • So glad to have found hydrosols. They are amazing for my little one, my older ones, as well as myself.

    1. Peppermint and Ylang Ylang are the only ones we don’t consider KidSafe, though for your kids, they’d be okay.

  • I didn’t think I needed any of the hydrosols until I read this. I ended up ordering the Melissa hydrosol and I love it. If anyone is holding off ordering it because they are worried about the smell as some reviewers mention on the product page, from my experience the smell goes away almost immediately after I apply it to my face with a cotton ball and when I spray it on straight from the bottle and rub it in with my fingers.
    I’m looking forward to trying Rose as soon as it’s back in stock. They all sound beneficial so it’s hard to stop at just one! Thank you Plant Therapy for providing us with great knowledge and great products!

  • Thanks for PT having such blogs. They are useful informative that help me understand more about hydrosols.

  • I love being able to learn and share my new knowledge. I love the rose hydrosol, it makes my face feel so good. The helichrysium has been awesome to use on my irritated skin as well as worked instantly to calm my dog after black fly bites on her tummy. Have peppermint and lavender ready for when we may get a little too much sun. The rose smells amazing!

  • I absolutely love using Rose and helichrysum hydrosol for my allergy symptoms. My favorite is spraying my face when it gets super itchy and I have had amazing results with the rose sprayed into my eyes, or using a soaked cotton ball swiping across the eyes. Instant relief.

  • At first I wasn’t enthralled by hydrosols, but I found the heli hydro takes away itching even better than lavender. I will always have at least that hydro in my fridge.

  • I love my hydrosols! I use my tea tree hydrosol as a toner for my face morning and night, and my skin looks great! I also use Melissa and Rose as a pillow spray. I need Roman Chamomile next!

  • Thank you for this post!! I’ve been seeing a lot of people using hydrosols and I’ve been very curious what they are, how they differ from oils and how to use them!

  • I have had the rose hydrosol for a bit…2 actually and I’ve never thought about using it for a bed spray. Now I want to order a few more after reading this blog. I want to try the lavender and the tea tree one…especially for the summer months ahead. Great gift ideas too!! Super excited to add to my arsenal of must haves!!

  • I have incorporated hydrosols into my every day routine, and now I don’t know how I lived without them! I use them on my hair, face, sunburns, scrapes, everything! I’ll never go without them now.

  • I love the hydrosols!! I have tried Tea Tree, Melissa, and Helichrysum. Our favorite is Helichrysum! I want to try Rose and Lavender next.

  • I have all but one of these hydrosols, Melissa, and I must admit that I’ve come to love the two that I didn’t care for at first, Rose and Helichrysum. Now I use them almost daily, for helping keep skin irritations away. Still trying to love the Lavender, because it smell so different from the oil, but I know I’ll get there. And if not, that’s okay. I’ll still use it for its benefits to the skin.

  • I’d like to incorporate more hydrosols in my arsenal. I bought the chamomile to soothe my daughter’s skin irritation, but she didn’t like the smell and hasn’t let me use it again. Maybe I’ll have better luck with some other scents.

  • I burned my knuckle a few days ago. I immediately rinsed it under cool water, patted dry, & sprayed with lavender AND peppermint hydrosols. It hasn’t hurt ONCE! Love hydrosols!

  • This is a great follow-up to the last post I just read which was about using hydrosols for infant & toddler massage. I might just have to purchase one of each…I can’t decide between them!

  • I think this is such a great idea to use for a body spritzer! Something light to freshen you up halfway through the day!!!

    1. I use the Rose as a body spritzer, after I get out of shower and it’s great during the summer when it’s so hot..

  • I have chamomile hydrosol and it has been great using it on my babe. On irritated skin, teething, and spraying it before bed. I’m not a big fan of the smell, but really want to try Rose. Florals are my jam.

  • I have been researching these as I would love to have a few decisions for when we go on vacation. Having everything in one section is amazing. I will be adding some of these to my wish list. Thanks for always being so instructive with your products.

  • I need to start adding hydrosols to my items. Just for the skin care aspect is reason enough for me to invest in them. Great informative post.

    1. I just bought my first Hydrosol! Rose! It smells delicious. I sprayed my linens. Then, I sprayed my face! Lovely.

  • What useful information! I plan to add Rose Hydrosol to my next order. Thank you PT for sharing the information with us!

  • Great article on the uses of hydrosols. I have rose and tea tree, but after reading this I realized I need a few others as well.

  • Love using hydrosols on my skin to help retain moisture and during summer to keep cool. Melissa, lavender and Helichrysum are favourites.

  • I have loved the hydrosols I have tried. I can’t wait to see if PT carries more in the future or brings back some that have left the site. We use rose almost every day.

  • This blog was very informative and I will now start adding hydrosols to my collection. I love PT!

  • What would Tea Tree hydrosol be good for? I love Melissa and Rose, but really want to try others.

  • Love using Rose Hydrosol as a linen spray and facial toner! It has the best aroma! I’m looking forward to trying tea tree and peppermint next!

  • Thanks for this post! I have been confused about hydrosols for a while. These sound lovely- I definitely want to try the lavender one as a pillow spray.

  • I used chamomile hydrosol when my daughter had allergies/pink eye. I put a little on a wet rag, then I had her close her eyes and laid the rag over them. She said they felt less itchy after doing this.

  • I have just ordered a bunch of hydrosols and can’t wait to use them! I especially love that they are safe to use on babies.

  • Have just started dabbling in hydrosols. Helichrysum has been a great facial toner, and Tea Tree and Helichrysm have both been great for the itchies. The only downside is that they need to be refrigerated, but I can live with it.

  • Hydrosols are some of my favorite PT products. Tea Tree and Melissa are my favorite; but am definitely going to buy every one. So many uses, so many good benefits and so gentle on my skin.

  • I love this post!

    I’ve been humming and hawwing over PT’s hydrosols lately (or, rather, about which one I want) and this blog (along with the comments) gave me a little more insight … Albeit an even greater urge to own them all!
    Rose, Lavender, Tea Tree, Melissa, Helichrysum (my
    5 preferences) — how ever will I decide which ones to buy?
    Considering Helichrysum is my second favourite EO (next to Lavender) I was thrilled to learn it came in a Hydrosol, and even more thrilled to see how loved it is by others.
    I’ve been using a [Helichrysum] roll-on for my maturing under-eyes for some time now and just love the affects it has on my skin — so I’m wondering if Helichrysum Hydrosol would have similar benefits to the rest of my face.

    The question is: would it be suitable for my problematic, blemish-prone, sensitive, and oily skin? And if not, which ones would be recommended for such?
    … (I figure Tea Tree is a no-brainer; but I’d like to offer my skin an alternative for days when it needs a little more soothing.)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Lavender hydrosol stinks but it really works! I was sunburned and sprayed it on my sunburn and it felt so good and was an instant relief.

  • Id never heard of hydrosols until I saw them on plant therapy. I may buy a couple as a baby shower gift for my friend and the rose one as a toner for my face.

  • I bought my first hydrosol about 3 months ago– now I have 4 different varieties and I use them every single day! I don’t know what I did without them!

  • I currently have Melissa and rose hydrosol and I use them 3 to 4 times a day on my face. It feels so nice and makes my skin so smooth. I’m a little obsessed lol saving up to get ALL THE HYDROSOLS!!!

  • Why is Peppermint hydrosol not good for sunburn? When I think of peppermint, Iv thg think of it being soothing. Why is this not the csse?

    1. Peppermint does have a cooling effect, but it doesn’t have the same skin-rejuvenating properties as Lavender.

  • I’m so glad you posted this. I have never ordered hydrosols before because I didn’t know anything about them. I’m ordering some today- so excited to try them.

  • Oh my goodness! I can’t wait to try some of these! Thank you for bringing them to my attention!

  • Very helpful article. I just purchased my first hydrosol (rose) and now I’m ready to start using it per the suggestions here. Thanks!

  • I LOVE rose hydrosol as a facial toner, a hair detangler and as a relaxing spray. A really lovely gentle and relaxing fragrance. It feels like a real treat when I use it. Love it!

  • This is super helpful and informative! I didn’t even know what hydrosols were until reading this! Is there a type of hydrosol that can be used for hair growth?

  • Thank you for clarifying if hydrosols can be blended. I once asked but was told blending hydrosols is not recommended.

  • Love the hydrosols! I own almost all of them. Can’t wait until more different ones come out.

  • Thanks so much for the information! I’ve just recently gotten into using hydrosols and love them. I have three kids under three so hydrosols have been a great alternative to EOs for so many things.

  • This was a great read! I never really understood what a Hydrosol was until this. Now I feel like I need to buy them all… lol! Thanks PT!

  • I love all of the hydrosols but I think the best endorsement I can offer is this: my 19 year old Son swears by them. Bug bites, sunburn, allergy eyes, scraped knuckles from working on the car, and most recently, a canker sore inside his lip – he comes right to the fridge for a hydrosol. Helichrysum is his go-to!

    1. Hi Lisa! Hydrosols are aromatic waters that are left over after the distillation process.

      During distillation, steam passes through the plant material. This steam releases the oil from the plant and both steam and oil pass through a cooling condenser. This allows the steam to turn back into water, which is collected in a flask. The oil is siphoned and the liquid that is left is a hydrosol.

      Because of this, making your own hydrosol wouldn’t be the most simple task.

  • Thank you for this article. It has helped me understand hydrosols better. I look forward to reading the articles mentioned.

  • Hydrosols are some of my favorite products that Plant Therapy carries. I love how gentle they are, and how well they help with different skin issues: from cuts and scrapes, to bug bites and acne. Love, love, love hydrosols!!

  • I can’t wait to try these hydrosols. Lots of people are commenting on the Rose scent. I’m not a big rose fan, but I may have to try it after all the good reviews of it.

  • I love and use Helichrysum Hydrosol every day. I’ve had an angry, dry patch of skin that for months wouldn’t clear up, but started improving after the first use of the Helichrysum Hydrosol. Now it’s completely gone!

  • So glad I read this. I have cats and am leery about wearing EO’s topically when I’m around them. I rarely diffuse because I’m afraid they might get liver toxicity. I knew hydrosols were safe for cats but didn’t realize they could be used so many ways. I’m definitely going to order some!

  • I had the chance to use my Melissa Hydrosol within a few hours of receiving it when my dog got a foxtail in her paw. A few spritzes on her face and body allowed her to remain calm enough for me to remove her foxtail. I am so grateful for that!

  • I’ve never really heard of hydrosols until I saw them on the Plant Therapy site to buy oils. Thank you for sharing this information about them. I think I might want to buy some to use as a facial toner.

  • I’ve never tried hydrosols but now I really want to! Any insight into why they take on a different scent that their oils do?

    1. Hydrosols lack the same constituents in the same quantities as essential oils. The constituents that make up the oil are what give its aroma. Without the same levels, they smell differently. It’s also what makes hydrosols so special, because they aren’t as potent, they are gentle enough to use on most of our furry friends, our young kiddos, and ourselves.

  • Definitely will be one of my next purchases! I am having a hard time choosing which one i want! They all sound amazing.

  • I love the idea of combining hydrosols! I have heard heavy metal contamination may be a concern for hydrosols, do you have any insight on that?

  • I love this! I can’t wait to try some Hydrosols! I feel like they are the perfect thing to introduce people to eo’s too! Thank you for this info!

  • I LOVE the smell of the rose hydrosol. It smells amazing! The hydrosol I use most is the helichrysum. I use that on all owies for myself and my kids. I also recently purchased lavender, peppermint and melissa. This post is helpful to figure out how to best use them.

  • I like the intro to the post. It reminds me of some of the scenes in Tykwer’s “Das Parfum” / “Perfume.” (of course, the book is even better!)
    Can’t wait to try out the Melissa. Want to try it in a toner as well as for its calming effects

  • i have heard people saying that they spray hydrosol to their eyes. for red eyes or such. is it a safe practice?

  • Thank you for the information on hydrosols. I plan to add some to my next order, and this post gives me lots of information about how to use them.

  • I love using PT hydrosols! Helichrysum is my favourite to use as a toner. Thank you for this great blog post.

  • I currently have Rose, Lavender, Tea Tree, and Chamomile. They will always be staples in our cupboard! My niece ran up to me asking for her “boo boo spray” (lavender hydro) and said it was “all better” after the first spritz!

  • I usually mix my Lavender essential oil with aloe after sun exposure but after this (and other comments) I’ll be adding Lavender Hydrosol to my shopping list!

  • Perfect timing! I just bought Melissa, stuck in the fridge and had no idea what to do next 🙂

  • I use hydrosols for everything. Skin hydration, hair refresher, skin irritation, allergies, light scent. Rose is probably my favorite!

  • I looooove my hydrosols! We use rose for my girls hair! Lavender for ouchies and sore bottoms. Helichrysum for face toner. And I just got a Melissa to try!!! I didn’t know what these were before PT and I can’t imagine ever living without them!!!

  • Bought the tea tree hydrosol and my daughter uses it daily. Can’t wait to give some of the other a try especially the lavender.

  • I simply adore hydrosols. I love them. Rose and Tea Tree are my favorites to use as toner. But I have almost the whole PT hydrosol line. So gentle but so effective.

  • This post is great, I have helichrysim hydrosol and rarely use it so havent bought more I need to start using them more and this post has me inspired to do that

  • I’ve been using the Rose Hydrosol as a hair product! Apply a light mist to dry hair, scrunch a little, sometimes I add a sea salt/beachy hair product as well = soft, touchable, wavy hair…that I don’t have to apply heat to.

  • I love my hydrosols! Rose is my favorite for hair and soft skin, and Helichrysium for any skin issues, especially post-sun relief!

    I’ve heard conflicting answers about freezing hydrosols to prolong life. As long as it’s not a repeated freeze and thaw, is it true that it’s okay to freeze them?

    1. It is best to keep at a constant temperature. I would recommend refrigerating rather than freeze the hydrosol. The bottle may also burst when stored in the freezer. Another good reason to simply keep cool in the fridge!

  • When ever anyone ever asks me about diaper rashes I always inform them about hydrosols . These literally soothe a diaper rash instantly. Once my son was old enough to put two and two together he would not let me go a changing session without his spray. Every new mom needs a bottle.

  • I’m anxious to get my first hydrosol! I’ll be ordering it during CAM!! Definitely want a lavender one for sunburns!

  • I got the rose hydrosol for Christmas and I use it mostly for a facial toner. But I’d like to try to use in different ways as well. Especially since the shelf life is relatively shorter. I also appreciate Tyler’s “There’s no stupid questions” remark. Haha, bc I feel like I always have stupid questions!

  • Thanks for the information. I have bought a few but was unsure how to use them, this has given me some ideas.

  • So glad to learn about hydrosols! I’ve heard others talking about them online but didnt know what they were or how to use them.

  • Gotta admit.l, I have many PT Hydrosol. I use them periodically but not necessarily love them. The smell of Helichrysum and Melissa leave much to be desired, granted the Helichrysum is preferred by my kid for minor skin irritation. The Rose Hydrosol is a wonderful spritz I use on my face and body.

  • I’ve been very curious about hydrosols and how to use them since starting to get into EOs. I look forward to ordering my first one once I get back from vacation!

  • Just received my first Hydrosol this week, so this post is especially timely. Thank you for the great info! Looking forward to using it (I ordered lavender).

  • We love hydrosols! Especially the rose, it’s great in my kiddos hair. I love that they are safe for the whole family, so I can use them in every room, any time I need to, and there’s no need to worry!

  • Thank you for all the great information about hydrosols! I love the rose hydrosol for my hair and helichrysum as a toner for my face.

  • This was such a great post. I have been wondering what hydrosols are! Thank you for explaining about this wonderful product!

  • Love using Rose Hydrosol in my hair and my daughter’s hair before combing or to refresh our curls. I just tried yesterday Lavender Hydrosol on a small sunburn patch on my arm. It is all better. Definitely want to use and learn more about Hydrosols. Thank you for the references in this blog post. Melissa Hydrosol is on the wishlist

  • I used peppermint hydrosol last night to cool my little guy with a fever. I had Roman Chamomile hydrosol too but didn’t think about using that one. He said it did help cool him down.

  • I love the Melissa and Rose hydrosol for my face for toner. I use the chamomile as a bed and pillow spray to fall asleep to. I also use a spritz or two of chamomile on my son’s rear end if it’s a little red. Super helpful. I love that your line is organic.

  • I just picked up my first hydrosol – chamomile – it’s so soothing. I love that it’s safe for the whole family!

  • I love the hydrosol! Tea tree is my favorite one so far! I look forward to trying more of them!

  • Thank you so much for this post. I have wondered myself what hydrofoils are and how they should be used.

    1. I just started making my own mosquito repellent using witch hazel (14 oz) and 40 drops of these oils: citronella, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender. I also read that lemongrass and rosemary, work, too. Oh, and lavender is great for taking away itchiness after mosquito biting.

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