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Lavender vs Lavender Fine vs Lavandin

Lavender is probably one of the single most popular essential oils there is, and for good reason! It’s incredibly versatile, has a pleasant aroma and is highly regarded for its relaxing properties. But like so many other essential oils, it has multiple varieties. It can always be difficult to know which one to choose when they all sound so similar. We’re here to break down the differences so you can feel confident next time you reach for Lavender.

Lavender vs Lavender Fine vs Lavandin


Chances are this is one of the first oils that made it into your collection. And for many, it stays one of the most loved and most used oils. It has a sweet, herbaceous aroma that helps create a calming atmosphere and soothes nervous tension. It is also one of the most popular choices when you’re looking to relax. Lavender is also a popular choice for skin care as it can help reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles, as well as help soothe sunburns.

plant Therapy lavender essential oil

Lavender Fine

The first difference you’ll probably notice with Lavender Fine is the aroma. This is because Lavandula angustifolia, the variety that is used to make Lavender Fine, grows at a higher altitude and for a shorter season. The result is a more refined and complex aroma. As for therapeutic benefits, it is very similar to standard Lavender. So if you’re looking for a stronger, more complex fragrance, Lavender Fine is what you should choose.

Essential oil bottles next to lavender flowers


The thing about Lavandin is that it’s technically not a true Lavender. Instead, it is derived from a cross between two different varieties that grow at different altitudes. You’ll find it has many similar therapeutic properties, but a sweeter aroma. Also, Lavandin has the added benefit of being good for respiratory support. And although it is still a calming oil, it is generally considered to be more stimulating.

Additional Reading

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115 thoughts on “Lavender vs Lavender Fine vs Lavandin”

  • Thanks for an interesting article.
    I am confused though – you say that the variety that is used to make Lavender Fine Lavandula angustifolia, grows at a higher altitude and for a shorter season. The result is a more refined and complex aroma. But regular laverdar is also Lavandula angustifolia. so what is really the difference?

    thanks so much

    1. I definitely see how it could be confusing. Lavandula angustifolia is simply the Latin name for the plant. Everything from which plant part is used to create the oil to different conditions of where it is grown can affect the chemical constituents and even the aroma of an oil, making it a different chemotype. In this case, the high altitude is what contributes to the difference in Lavender Fine.

  • This is exactly what i needed to read . Thank you plant therapy for having the best info all on your site.

  • So glad I found this! I was doing a search to learn the difference between lavandin and lavender.

  • Hmm – adding these 2 to my wish list. I do love Lavender anyway, but sounds like I’d like the other 2 even more! Thanks for the great info, I will definitely be trying all 3 blends 🙂

  • Thanks for the great info, as always! Lavender isn’t my favorite scent even though I use it ALL the time! I’ll have to try Lavender Fine next time and see if I like it better.

  • Helpful guide for how to choose among these 3.
    I like lavender fine the most. Both the smell and topical use.

  • i’m glad to see Lavender Fine has similar benefits as Lavender. I plan on using it for a skin care blend. I currently am using the lavender fine in a purple inhaler for relaxing and calming.

  • I got lavender fine because I thought it would be closer to what I’m familiar with but I think it’s just a bit to strong and complex for me. I’ll definately have to try just plain ok lavender next. Thanks for the info

  • Good info to know…I always wonder what the differences are between oils that have almost the same names, or come from similar plants.

  • Lavender has been a go-to oil for me since being introduced to essential oils about 15 years ago. Thankful that PT has options to choose from in the Lavender family. I recently started using Lavandin on my wool dryer balls because it is the cheaper of the options. I save the Lavender Fine for adding to my blend recipes because I do find the scent to be more refined. I may have overused lavender over the years and don’t find it as pleasing as I did in the past, but thankful for the options to take care of that issue.

  • Since I’ve been enjoying the organic lavender for several months now, after reading this, just ordered the Lavender fine. Can’t wait to compare for myself!!

  • love lavender tried the fine was not a fan of the scent same with lavindin i know they have good properties so i mix them with regular lavender as the scent is more fresh to me

  • I still have a huge bottle of regular lavender but I’m definitely going to give LavAndin and lavender fine a try!

  • Great information! I love lavender and I have been looking at trying Lavender Fine, but wasn’t sure of the difference. I have never tried Lavandin so I may need that, too!

  • I have Lavender and Lavandin. I enjoy using both but I tend to gravitate towards Lavandin more. Thanks for the great information .

  • I like the benefits of Lavender, but my husband doesn’t like the smell. I may need to give Lavandin a try and see if that works better for him.

  • New to Plant Therapy and loving the lavender smell. Learning so much about Lavender Fine and will opt to try this in the next purchase @ July Appreciation month.

  • I love the smell of lavender, but was not too familiar with the different essential oils, so this is very helpful. I will keep referring back to this blog! Thanks!

  • This is so interesting! I’ll definitely be adding Lavender Fine to my collection. I don’t love lavender by itself, but I do love it in blends! One of my favorite aromatherapy inhaler blends is 15 drops lavender, 6 drops of bergamot, and 3 drops of mandarin. It’s great for stress and calming!

  • Love Lavender so much I had to get all three. I dont notice a big difference in the smells. Very slight differences. All three are lovely

  • This is so informative!! We now only buy the Organic Lavender Fine from PT because of how well it works for our family! Love how you differentiate for your customers so we can make an informed decision based on what we need. Thanks PT!

  • I tend to not be a huge fan of “traditional” lavender although my best friend is a lavender junky. I’ll have to give lavandin a try!

  • I have to admit I’m not a big fan of lavender, but am looking forward to maybe giving lavandin a try!

  • Thanks for this article. I’ve always wondered the difference between these three oils. Nice to know it’s mainly scent that differentiates them, and they have similar therapeutic properties.

  • I love lavender, but was confused on the best uses for each type so this article was helpful. Thanks!

  • thank you for this! I almost need a refill on my lavender and now I have a lot to contemplate about what kind to try!

  • Great article! I’ve been wondering about the difference and you managed to clear it up for me. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks so much for all theee great articles! I can always seem to find answers to most of the things I’ve been wondering about!

  • This post made me giggle. A few weeks ago I couldn’t decide between the lavender options, so I just bought all three, thinking once I had them I could choose my favorite and just buy a larger bottle of that one next time. Ha! They’re all so great I have to get big bottles of all of them! I use the “regular” lavender for medicinal purposes, lavender fine in my skin care, and lavindin when I just want to relax. May be silly, but it’s acrually nice having the three different bottles stashed around the house!

    The article really does reflect accurately on each oil, I think. Thanks for all the great blog posts!

  • Historically, I’ve been on the fence with lavender (too much of any scent gives me a headache), and it didn’t make my Top Ten list until recently, when I slowly been experimenting with it in various DIY recipes. And I just realized I’m out (horror!!). On a whim, I ordered Lavandin and was curious: does it have the same benefits for skin care as true lavender?

    1. Lavandin does have many of the same skin benefits as Lavender! It’s especially good for scars and stretch marks.

  • Thank you for this! I love that you guys give us all the info we need to make the best choice. Lavender is by far my most favorite, (besides sandalwood), and I have been wanting to try the other varieties. I use Lavender in everything I make!

  • Thank you for always providing great education blog posts. I like all 3 and it’s so helpful to have a concise description of the differences!

  • I am not a fan of lavender but love the therapeutic benefits. Recently I was just wandering which lavender I will be able to tolerate. You again answered all my questions. Thank You.

  • I’ve bought all 3 now and compared them scent wise, so this information was exactly what I wanted to compare them therapeutically – thanks!

  • I just ordered the Lavender Fine after reading this post. I have always loved Lavender and use it as a facial toner, so now I am looking forward to finding out the difference in scent.

  • This is very informative! I absolutely love lavender… it’s has so many uses! I have thought about trying lavender fine but have been on the fence. I may just have to give it a try!

  • Thank you for an informative description of the variety of lavender eo. I had always automatically reordered Lavender. I will consider the other two (Lavandin and Lavender Fine) the next time I am out of Lavender. Lavender is my staple of eos.

  • This article is a MUST read! As a new user of essential oils I was extremely confused between the three of these oils and this article helped me understand the differences and which of the three will best suit my needs!

  • Would Lavandin still have some of bug repellant properties of Lavender? Or should I stick to (meaning get some more) Lavender?

    1. Both are great options for their bug repellent properties. It would just depend on which aroma you prefer and if you want a more stimulating oil like Lavandin instead of a calming oil like Lavender.

  • Thank you for this explanation, I was wondering. I wish you offered samples, or a scratch and sniff! I want to smell them all now! 😀

  • Lavendin has been on my wish list but I have heard good things about Lavender Fine! Hmmmm what to get what to get!

  • Thank you for this! I love things that are lavender scented. But when I ordered lavender eo I was confused. It didn’t smell like I thought it would. I think I need to try Lavindin. It sounds like exactly what I’m wanting. 🙂

  • Thank you for the in depth article of the three types. I have never tried Lavandin but I will since it had a respiratory support benefit.

  • Thank you for this post as I have always wondered what the difference was in all of the different lavenders. I have had the regular lavender & I just couldn’t do the smell but other brands lavender smells great to me guessing they are using lavandin & not true lavender

  • Interesting and helpful comparison. I currently have Organic Lavender and Lavender Fine in my collection. The Organic Lavender is too strong/herbaceous for my preference, but I quite enjoy Lavender Fine and reach for that far more often. I’ll be interested to try Lavandin next.

  • Thanks for this instructional. Always good to learn the differences in the varieties of similar oils, and their applications.

  • I have only ever used Lavender, but I think I may try the other varieties soon. Thank you for the explanation.

  • I have wondered about the differences in these oils so this information is extremely helpful. I’m not a fan of lavender but will give the others a try now to see if I prefer them. I use the lavender anyway for its benefits but can only use it in blends.

  • I love this post! I always get confused in which oil to use for what when there are different varieties. This comes in so handy!

  • Thank you for the comparison! I just purchased lavender, saw the different varieties, then was confused on which to purchase.

  • I love Lavender and always wondered what the difference with the other 2 types. Thanks for the useful information.

  • I have regular lavender and it’s great for so many things but I don’t love the smell. I’m going to try one of the others once I’m finished.

  • This article was very helpful, because I was curious about the three varieties you carry. I’d like to try the lavender fine and lavandin eventually to see the difference. I really enjoy these blog posts and all the diy recipes you guys.

  • I thought I had always hated the way Lavender smelled but then I tried Plant Therapy’s Lavender and fell in love!
    Great post and I’ll definitely have to give the others a try! Thanks for the comparison!

  • lavender is one of my favorite oils. I’m going to have to try the Lavender Fine now that I know the differences between them.

  • I have used Lavender essential oils for a long time, and until I read this I had no idea as to the many different kinds there are. Lavender is the best for an all around oil that is good for a number of beneficial factors. I like to have it burning with a tea light diffuser in my home all day. It is calming and has this uplifting, clean element to it. I love all this useful information that is available on Plant Therapy! I have a feeling I will be a long time customer in years to come. I do have a question about the best way to use my oils, I like to use the tea light ceramic diffuser. Is that a good option as far as getting the most out of each drop? I wondered if using the tea light method waits any oil? To me it seems like that method makes the oil sent in my home a lot more intense, which is what I like. Perhaps I have just never had a quality water difuser to compare it to? Thank you so much for all the assistance with using oils as well as purchasing them. Great site, great job!

  • The regular lavender is my favorite. Love learning more about each of the different kinds and how to use them!

  • I love this blog because I have wondered for a while now what the difference between the 3 were and now I know! I love the education this company offers as there is so much to learn about aromatherapy!

  • Wonderful information! I just received Lavandin. I like the aroma quite a lot more than regular lavender.

  • thank you for the comparison! I have been wondering the differences between regular and lavender fine.

  • Thank you very much! I never thought that Lavandin has a sweeter smell than Lavender. Good to know, I’m willing to try it now.

  • Excellent info – I LOVE Lavender but only tried the original one, so next purchase I’ll be trying out Lavender Fine and have a few DIY ideas for it…

  • Great info! We only have Lavender and while I like the scent, it does smell more medicinal to me. After reading this, I am ready to give Lavandin a shot for a sweeter aroma.

  • I have lavender and lavender fine. The fine really is my favorite. I use it in a roller ball at 1% for facial care.

  • I keep hearing conflicting reviews on Lavadin. Some say is smells more herbaceous and some say it’s sweeter. I guess I’ll just have to get some to see for myself.

  • I’ve heard that there is a lavender that shouldn’t be used around anyone who has seizures. Is this true? And if so, which one?

    1. You heard correctly. Spike Lavender, which is not a variety we offer, should not be used around those who have seizures.

    2. Karen, I would like to add that Lavandin is a cross between Spike Lavender and another variety. So it is also probably best to avoid using it around those who have seizures

  • I have the regular lavender and I love it. I will consider looking into lavandin though because I hear good things about that as well. Great article! Not all lavender is the same 🙂 I’m so glad you guys label yours so well. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen bottles of EO with just “lavender” on it and nothing else.

  • I love being reminded of the differences. I am a big fan of Lavandin. It just smells better to me.

  • Thanks for the info! I have wondered about the difference. Especially, about the Lavandin.

  • Thanks so much for this blog! Folks on the oily group I belong to are always asking which Lavender is best and how they differ. This will be a great blog to share with them!

  • Lavender was my first oil and was my favorite from day 1. On my second order I already got a 30 ml bottle and I add it to some blends to enhance the smell.

  • I am not a huge fan of lavender, it is not a calming oil for me, it is actually just the opposite, it keeps me awake. I do, however, really love it in my pain blends, so, when I have need for daytime pain relief, lavender is one of the oils I tend to reach for.
    I like lavandin, and tend to use it a bit more than I do lavender, it is just not as “in my face” as true lavender is, and works just as great in those pain relief recipes.
    One of these days, I will try lavender fine, but, for now, I am just using up my lavandin, it works well for my needs.

  • This is incredibly useful! I’ve always wondered the difference. I’m a classic lavender girl (so much so that I have a lavender hedge in my yard!) But this may get me to try Lavandin for sure and maybe even Lavender Fine! Thank you Plant Therapy!

    1. I recently added Lavender Fine to my collection and I can’t believe I waited this long! Its so good! I’m interested to try the Lavandin as well. I’m glad to know that it is more stimulating because I often use Lavender for sleep blends.

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