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K-Beauty, Skin Care and Essential Oils

Quality skin care is a must. But honestly, it can straight up overwhelming? The sheer number of creams, lotions, serums and tonics is mind-boggling.  And if those products don’t work, there’s always makeup. But what if there’s a different way?

K-Beauty, or Korean skin care, has a different approach to achieving healthy, glowing skin. Instead of using products that promise quick results, use products with more natural ingredients on a daily basis that continue to nourish your skin. And probably one of the biggest tenants of the K-Beauty philosophy is the 10-Step Routine. That may sound like a lot, but you don’t have to do every step. You can choose what works best for you while making sure your skin gets the nourishment it needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the basic ways you can love your skin, embrace K-Beauty and use your favorite essential oils along the way.

Double Cleanse Method

K-Beauty, Skin Care and Essential Oils

One of the biggest parts of the 10-Step Routine is the double cleanse method. At first, it might seem counter-intuitive. After all, you’re rubbing oil onto your face to cleanse it. But actually, an oil cleanser breaks down leftover makeup and removes excess sebum, all without stripping your face of natural oils. Even if you have oily skin, an oil cleanser still helps clean out your pores and balance your skin. Plus, Plant Therapy offers two different oil cleansers, an Oily Skin Blend and a Dry Skin Blend. After you’ve used an oily cleanser on dry skin and rinsed it off, follow it up with a water-based cleanser to remove any leftover oils. And don’t forget to exfoliate once or twice a week!

Tone it Up

K-Beauty, Skin Care and Essential Oils

After you’ve cleansed your face and scrubbed away the dead skin, it’s time for toner. Toner helps remove any last bits of your cleanser and helps prep your skin for moisturizer. And hydrosols make an ideal toner as they provide extra moisture and the gentle benefits of essential oils. For dry skin, try using Rose or Lavender. Or if you have oily skin, use Tea Tree or Melissa. Just spray onto a cotton pad and wipe onto your face.

Time to Moisturize

K-Beauty, Skin Care and Essential Oils

Now that your face is clean and prepped, it’s time for the moisturizer. By doing the double cleanse and using toner, you’re ensuring that your skin can absorb as much of the moisturizer as possible. If you’re following the 10-Step Method, the next few steps fall under this category. But don’t feel obligated to load up on new products. Instead, this is a perfect opportunity to use your carrier oils and essential oils. We have several amazing DIYs to choose from based on your skin concerns.

Don’t Skip the SPF!

Lastly, one of the keys to embracing K-Beauty is protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the sun. It will help prevent premature aging, wrinkles and even skin cancer. What could be more important!

If you like discovering skin care DIYs, be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!


72 thoughts on “K-Beauty, Skin Care and Essential Oils”

  • I have been doing the oil cleanse method for about a year now and my skin is so healthy. Going to try the double cleanse for a bit to see if there is a difference. Already use my hydrosols as a toner and also do a face mask once a week. This is a great blog post.

  • My skin has been so much better since I started using oil cleansing and moisturizing. I get compliments often on how fresh my face looks, and that makes this 41 yr old really happy. I battled with acne as a teen, so to have the methods and natural products help my skin, is a win in my book!

  • Currently using the double cleanse method and love it. I’ve been using a hydrosol as a toner and I’m hoping to try the oil cleanser next.

  • I had no clue PT sold oil cleansers! I have super oily skin that has helped me continue to look young but unfortunately also has left lots of closed pores/bumps on my face. I already incorporate many of these steps but I am interested in oily cleansers.

  • Looking forward to implementing some of this. I haven’t yet purchased any hydrosols but I’m hoping to soon!

  • I had no idea that PT sold oil cleansers… or that a hydrosol could be used as a toner. Uh oh! More stuff to add to my shopping cart! Thanks for posting.

  • I’ve heard of the Korean 10 step cleansing method. It does seem like a lot!. May have to try adding the the oil cleanse. I currently use a rosewater as a toner. Will try a hydrosol once I’m out of my rosewater

  • I like all the suggestions s and recommendations. I use rose hydrosol or helichrysum hydrosol as a toner. Takes away the tight feeling, though oils usually help with that too. Thanks PT!

  • Thanks to PT, oil cleansing and my face serums are working well for me but you have given me a couple more things to try in addition. K-Beauty is something I had never heard of before. Thanks for this information.

  • I love the simplicity of this. I’ve been growing so tired of the pop up MLM skin care fade that cost a fortune. Good skin doesn’t have to come at that cost.

  • Very informative article! I would like to try the double cleanse method. I will be adding the oil cleanser and a couple different hydrosols to my next order, to use in my daily skincare routine.

  • This blog is a good reminder about using oil as a first step in cleansing facial skin. In my younger days I used baby oil to remove my eye makeup (nothing worked better and the price was right). Now I use concealer to cover age spots on my face and I think an oil cleanse first will get most of it off much better.

  • Love all the info on this blog! I already make my own facial cleanser and use Melissa for my toner, but there is just so much more! I want to try all the different ant-aging tips and saving the Dry Skin DIYs for the fall and winter. I MUST add all the hydrosols to my wish list!

  • love all the wonderful info pt puts out about the benefits of being and doing natural and chemical free, it would be very useful for allot of people if you were to elaborate more on SPF!! there are allot of natural SPF oils and alternatives( as well as just limiting sun exposure and covering up when possible with a light white flowy sexy cotton cardigan or scarf ) and the store bought SPF is pretty nasty when it comes to chemicals.
    Talk about reversing the natural effects you just did with all the wonderful oils and hydrosols!!!

  • I love the link to the diy myrrh moisturizer! I’m setting up my double boiler now. This is the most inspiring blog.

  • I already use Melissa hydrosol (my very favorite) and rose hydrosol (very close second) along with several carriers with oils and have DEFINITELY noticed a HUGE difference in my skin! It’s so much softer and the red splotches on my face are evening out. Thank you for this post, I LOVE your blogs about skin care!!!

  • Excellent! I currently use my own face wash but incorporating it into this type of routine is gonna work wonders, I believe!

  • I use a store bought oil cleaner and love it. Now I’m interested in trying one of your more natural ones. Great post!

  • Learned about the oil cleanse method from PT, and I will never go back. It is so amazing, and doesnt leave me with that nasty dry feeling when I’m done!

  • I recently got duped into buying expensive face care products that haven’t worked. I recently discovered essential oils and am switching my routine to a more natural one….once the expensive products run out anyways… I am looking forward to try these recipes and methods.

  • I love this approach and it is certainly one that I use. I love to use hemp seed oil as an oil cleanser, rose hydrosol as my toner and jojoba oil with various essential oils as my moisturizer. And of course, sunscreen (a natural one) on my face everyday. I have found that the oil cleansing keeps my skin more moist and softer and fresher looking and I love the smell of the rose hydrosol as I spray it onto my face to tone.

  • I love Korean skincare so I very much enjoyed this post. I will try some of the things mentioned.

  • Considering how much time I’ve spent on this website I had no idea they had an oil cleanser. It looks great too. No acne triggers with grapeseed oil. Plus the price is great, and you don’t have to order it from possibly shady international sources. Thanks!

  • I’m still learning about living a more natural life. Thank you for this article!! I now have oil cleanser in my cart!! I was already using the ylang youth serum and have been amazed by the difference I’ve seen!!! Can’t wait to incorporate these other steps!!!

  • I’ve never used oil cleanser method. Will be trying this new 10 step routine. I use a face serum of vanilla infused jojoba oil with helichrysum and sea fennel. This is going to be a nice add on.

  • I just started the oil cleanse method with Plant Therapys formula for dry skin, and I love it! Thanks for this timely post! I was kinda lost as to when to apply my hydrosols and where to go with my routine after that!

  • I thank PT so much for their fabulous products & how well they’ve helped benefit my skin. I searched for YEARS & I finally found my go to. You have a solid & loyal customer for life!!!

  • I’ve always tried to take care of my skin using more natural products, but I had never heard of the double cleanse method. I’m excited to try it!

  • Never thought to read a Korean skincare article on PT 🙂 Thank you for the oils suggestion, it’s so much simpler and natural!

  • Very timely blog article. Have been researching lately on the various EOs to make blends for skincare and this is really great. We also bought several bottles of Melissa Hydrosol for the kids previously, and there is a bottle left sitting in the fridge – didn’t know that Melissa is good for oily skin. Now we know what we are going to use that for 🙂

  • I’m trying to get into a more natural skin care routine, or some type of routine in general haha. Thanks for the tips and DIYs. 🙂

  • I’ve learned a great way to use my hydrosols now! Can’t wait to add this regimen to my skin care routine. I already have a wonderful face serum and I can imagine how much better it will work with this method!

    1. Hi Cassie, I’d recommend checking out this in-depth post on all our carrier oils. It will help you choose the right carrier oil to use as a moisturizer based on your skin concerns.

  • There has been so much buzz around Korean skin care lately! So many good suggestions! I really want to try Melissa hydrosol!

  • This is si awesome and I’ve been doing it for awhile now. I wash my makeup off with charcoal soap, oil cleanse, tone with hydrosol, and finish with an acne oil mix I came up with. It’s doing nice things for my menopausal acne prone skin!

  • I have always had problem skin and now that I am 36, it still isn’t completely free of blemishes. I am soooo scared to try the oil cleanse method, because it is ingrained that oil is bad. But I wonder if it might be my holy grail method. I have recently started using melissa hydrosol as a toner (though i didn’t think of it as a toner, just an enriched face mist so maybe I will skip my toner step) and I feel like it works amazingly well. On days that I don’t use it because I am too tired to remember to get it from the fridge, I really do feel and see a difference. I have also used helichrysium hydrosol to help with acne and body scars and general redness. I feel like that worked really well as well.

  • I love using the Rose hydrosol as a toner. It smells great and is so soothing to my dry skin! Can’t wait to try new serums targeted to my skins issues!

  • I always thought that oil was only for dry skin. I will be trying oil cleansing. I am hoping it’s a game changer in my skin care routine!

  • This is great information for anyone, but especially for tweens who are just learning to take care of their changing skin! I am also excited to try hydrosols as a toner, I think I’ll order tee tree first!

  • I’ve actually never used a toner before, or really knew what it was. But this post inspired me to look into… I think I’m going to try the Melissa oil

  • Oil cleansing has made such a huge difference in my face I will never go back to regular face wash again.

  • I always notice that my friends from China and Korea have blemish free and flawless complexions and always look way younger than their age.. I always assumed it was Asian genetics.

    1. Good genes never hurt! But in general, Asian cultures have a much different approach to skincare.

  • Thank you for this! I have always struggled to know what I should be doing for my skin, not to mention what products are best for each step! Ugh!!!

  • Thank you for this great info! I am going to start this regimen today. My skin is always so angry, so hopefully it helps!

  • I never knew that I could use my hydrosol as a toner. I was looking for different ways to use hydrosols. I bet it’s so refreshing, straight from the fridge! Thanks for the tips!

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