4 Ways to Use Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil

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4 Ways to Use Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil

Geranium Bourbon

Latin name: Pelargonium x asperum

Aroma Description: Green, rose-floral, herbaceous scent


Therapeutic benefits

  • Helps balance the mind during times of agitation or sadness.
  • Also is great for relieving tension due to turbulent emotions.
  • Good choice during that time of the month as it can help with menstrual discomfort and emotional turbulence.
  • Useful for balancing the skin, plus it’s ideal for every skin type.
  • Can also help relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies.



Yes! Geranium Bourbon IS KidSafe.

geranium flowers

Dilution instructions:

Dilute to 2-4% for full-body application or 1% for facial application. To help with menstrual discomfort, blend 3 drops of Geranium Bourbon, 3 drops of Clary Sage, with 2 teaspoons of your favorite Plant Therapy Carrier Oil; massage on the abdomen in a clockwise direction.


Diffusion instructions:

Add a few drops to your diffuser or a personal aromatherapy inhaler to use during times of emotional distress.


Oils to blend with:

Bergamot, Carrot Seed, Citronella, Fennel Sweet, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange Sweet, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Peppermint Western US, Rose Absolute, Sandalwood Australian, and Ylang Ylang Complete.


Additional Reading

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In case you’re wondering, yes, we do in fact have two different versions of Geranium! To learn more about what sets each version apart, check out this post on the difference between Geranium Bourbon and Geranium Egyptian. Now on to the good stuff.


Emotional Support

Woman relaxing at home

One of our favorite uses for Geranium Bourbon is for emotional issues. Whenever you’re feeling sad, agitated or overwhelmed, add this to your diffuser. It also can help calm emotions due to that time of the month. Diffusing is always a great option. Or use it in a personal inhaler or aromatherapy necklace to have it with you on the go. Consider combining with other soothing oils like Lavender, Sweet Orange, Chamomile or Neroli.


That Time of the Month

Woman crouching in stomach pain

As just about any woman can tell you, when Aunt Flo’s in town, it’s no fun. It’s difficult enough on its own, but then there are cramps and heightened emotions to make things worse. Luckily, Geranium Bourbon can help with all of it. Diffuse it to help soothe and calm your emotions and then apply it topically to help ease menstrual pain. Mix with Clary Sage for a great topical blend.


Good for the Skin

woman looking at her face in the mirror

One of the best parts of Geranium Bourbon is that it’s good for every skin type: oily, combination, dry, you name it! We recommend using a 1% dilution for facial applications. It can help balance your skin, fight acne, smooth wrinkles and soothe minor issues like bruises.


Allergy Relief

Family sitting on a dock outdoors relaxing

Now that summer is almost here, it means that’s pollen season is well underway. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, this oil is one to have on hand for symptom relief. In addition to diffusion, you could also try using it in a facial steam.

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61 thoughts on “4 Ways to Use Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil”

  • I purchased Geranium Bourbon in hopes that it will help ease some of my Perimenopause symptoms. I’ve been diffusing it at home but I’m not confident or brave enough yet to make a topical solution (I don’t quite understand the “Dilute to 2-4%”) and was wondering if this will work just as well if I put it in a personal inhaler? Also can you recommend a recipe that would include this Geranium that can also help with the migraines I get when I Aunt Flo is intent on visiting me twice a month? Also is there anywhere I can find a simple way to start learning how to mix these essential oils for topical and spray solutions? I’m having trouble with the dilution thing.

  • I love geranium! What is the difference between this one and the other one in terms of how to use them? If you could do a post on that, it would be great to see a side by side comparison.

  • I am enjoying using this oil in my roll on blends. It is highly recommended for hormone balancing, and it smells great mixed with other oils.

  • I just got mine last week! I’m glad you posted ways to use this other than in a diffuser. Thank you. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • I love the smell of Egyptian Geranium, I have been on the fence ordering Geranium Bourbon but I figure you can not have to o much geranium. I will be interested to see the fragrance difference.

  • Honestly I loved the smell of rose geranium long before I got into aromatherapy. Always made me think of a fresh garden. It does help a lot with my mood, especially when I am stressed. Great to learn it helps with allergies, I need all the help I can get

  • Thanks for posting this! I bought one and can’t wait for it to come to try some of these out!!

  • Love all these uses! I’ve been researching which Geranium I’d like to purchase, and I decided on Bourbon for the emotional support. So excited it’s the spotlight oil!

  • I love the scent of Geranium Egyptian, and now I want to try the Geranium Bourbon. I do enjoy reading about the different oils. You just don’t sell oils, you teach about them.

  • I have had this oil for a while…I now have been reminded how useful it is…will be trying new things!

  • I love this oil, and use it frequently in my diffuser. But I had no idea it could help with allergies. Yay! Thanks for posting.

  • I had no idea geranium was so good for emotional issues!! It makes sense though because I just did a blend with geranium and bergamot and the house felt so calm and peaceful (yes -even the kids lol). Thank you fur such great information!!

  • I have read this can be a good insect repellent. We do a lot outdoors so I’m hoping this will help!

  • I can report 2 out of 4 of these applications are effective for me. Aunt Flo doesn’t visit me anymore… so I can speak to the effectiveness of helping with that! I bought Geranium Bourbon a while back to use in my work as a doula. I heard it can help women emotionally in labor. Then I started studying oils that are effective in helping with stress… and I began diffusing it in my diffuser… and I discovered that in addition to being calming, I can actually breathe better. I haven’t yet tried it on my face. Maybe I’ll try that soon… I wonder if patchouli and geranium would blend together for a good face treatment… I sure love trying new things!

  • I didn’t know geranium was good for allergies…I mean, what is it NOT good for lol! Thank you for putting this knowledge out here for us.

  • I have not used geranium yet, and had not heard of Geranium Bourbon. Thanks for the great info!

  • Thank you for this post. I’ve had this oil fit about a month and haven’t used it yet. I’m always looking for which oils to diffuse for sadness and anxiety. Will definitely give this one a try.

  • Great information! I just recently bought geranium bourbon and I love how it can address a multitude of “issues”. Thanks for another great blog.

  • Love geranium, one of my favorite and most used oil. I use it for in my face serum, body cream, bug repellent , perfume, difuser! Well worth it!

  • I really need the benefits of this oil but I’ve tried Egyptian and the smell was far from my favorite. Is this scent more subtle by any chance?

  • I just recently purchased this am finding that it is one of my favorite oils, and is surprisingly versatile!

  • I recently purchased this oil and have been meaning to try it as part of my skincare (as a face moisturizer with my jojoba oil). Thank you for the reminder of this oils lovely properties. This one is my next skincare oil to try.

  • Oh my goodness i didn’t know that Geranium Bourbon EO had so many great benefits, thanks PT for the information.

  • I love geranium! It’s in my ocm oil blend along with blue yarrow, manuka and lemon. It smells so good and is great on my face. #iloveplanttherapy

  • I love my geranium Burbon (plain geranium is way too strong for me) but haven’t used it. Now I’m going to make a blend for emotional support-lots of agitation & stress at work the last few weeks. Sounds like it will be wonderful with citrus—I’ll try it with the OOTM. Thanks for another informative & interesting blog post!

  • I am so excited to get this oil, I just ordered it tonight! Now I will have another oil to switch up for my allergies as to not over use the same ones. I also can use some extra help smoothing my wrinkles!! I’m sure I’ll love it!

  • I love Geranium Egyptian for all it’s uses. I will be trying Geranium Bourbon now for the added uses.

  • Love learning the uses for Geranium Bourbon. I’ve been on the fence about getting it, but this makes it easier. Besides, what Kentucky girl doesn’t need some more “bourbon” in her life – even if it is in a floral essential oil? I had heard one of the Geranium oils (or maybe both) were also good for outdoor annoyances, is this accurate?

  • Oh wow didnt realize what a floral oil could do will have to get me some of this oil thank you for the info.

  • I’ve had Geranium for quite a while, but it doesn’t get a lot of use. This is helpful, and I hope to put it to good use now!

  • Didn’t realize there were two different kinds of geranium. Thanks for sharing the ways Geranium Bourbon can be used.

  • awesome – I always knew this was great for my skin but after reading this I now know I can use it in my diffuser for allergy symptoms and lots of other things! I really love reading your blogs PT – thanks!

  • I put Geranium in my facial oil mix. Good to know about the menstrual discomfort blend, I will use it for sure.

  • Bought this one a few weeks ago for my skin but wasn’t sure what else I could use it for. This is perfect and now I have more ideas

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