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Best Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, which begs the question… what do you get him? What do you get the guy who taught you how to ride a bike, scared the pants off your first date or was just a fount of wisdom when you needed it most. Show your dad (or grandpa or uncle or mentor) how much he means to you with some of these amazing and natural Plant Therapy products. So let’s take a look at some of the best gifts for dad.

Beard Balm

Plant Therapy Beard Balm

There’s something new about our Beard Balm! In addition to a fabulous new look, it’s now available in two incredible scents: Wood Spice and Clean Citrus. These beard balms use Shea Butter, Sweet Almond and Jojoba to nourish and moisturize the beard while preventing dry, itchy skin. Plus it helps keep those pesky hairs in place for a perfectly groomed beard.

Even better, spend $35.00 or more and get a free beard brush with coupon code DAD!

Organic Healing Balm

Father playing basketball with his daughter

If your dad works with hands, chances are they might need a little TLC. Organic Healing Balm is perfect to help with callouses, blisters or any other irritation that might come with his favorite hobby. Another great choice would be Muscle Aloe Jelly. It comes prediluted with essential oils that create a nice icy-hot effect. It’s perfect for easing pain from sore or tight muscles. What more could dad want!

Manly Essential Oils

Father teaching his son how to shave

While it might seem like most essential oils are flowery and fruity, that’s absolutely not the case! There are so many amazing essential oils that have a rich, masculine scent.

  • Sandalwood: With a soft, sweet woody scent that is perfect for colognes, it’s also a great choice for any skincare DIYs.
  • Copaiba Oleoresin: great for helping to alleviate sore muscles, this oil features a delicate, sweet, and smooth with a creamy-woody scent.
  • Black Pepper: By itself, Black Pepper might not seem like much. But it’s a fantastic choice to add a bit of spice to any fragrance blends.
  • Coffee: Smells just like a cup a joe in the morning. What could be better!
  • Cedarwood Atlas: This calming oil is well known for its rich, woody, slightly sweet and spicy aroma that dad is sure to love.
  • Cypress: Has a fresh, clean aroma that is herbaceous, spicy, with a slightly woody evergreen scent that would be perfect for an aftershave!

DIY Dads

Plant Therapy DIY Dads

But what to do with all those manly oils… a DIY of course! So grab your dad and film him doing a Plant Therapy DIY for a chance to win some incredible prizes. Just make sure to use #PTDIYDAD and tag us @PlantTherapy. If you need a quick and easy recipe, check out these Plant Therapy Dads making a Men’s Cologne.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up on this fun contest!


28 thoughts on “Best Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day”

  • This year was actually my first Father’s Day without my dad; however, I am thankful for this article as it has brought back some sentimental memories I had of him. With your ideas in this article, I was able to provide my husband a very special Father’s Day gift; something my dad would have loved for him to have. I think it is great that this company thinks of others aside from just females with their products. There are a lot of companies who are very gender specific and oriented and it needs to be made aware that oils can be used by EVERYONE! Thanks again for this article! Definitely worth the read and the share!

  • I got the awesome sticker with my last purchase and I’m going to include that with my husband’s gift. You rock, PT! Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s there! 🙂

  • I got the free beard brush add-on for my husband with your recent deal, and he loves it! Thank you, PT!

  • Does the beard balm have enough hold to it to be used like a mustache wax? Or it conditioning only?

  • I can’t wait to try this for my hubby! It just may win him over to the EO world! I love how much PT tries to help every member of the family use EO in some way that can benefit them!

  • Not a dad, but that won’t stop me from trying the DIY cologne. I have all the oils necessary, and even better, I like them all. A list of masculine scents is nice, but to be honest there are very few oils whose scent I don’t care for. Florals, citrus, woodsy, you name it. My advice to all men, use what you like and don’t be afraid to try something that’s normally considered a feminine oil or blend. You might be surprised.

  • I love these great ideas! My husband is a big fan of EOs and he’ll be so excited to try the beard balm. Thanks for keeping our guys in mind!

  • Can’t wait to get the new beard balms for my hubby! And the cologne recipe sounds lovely too, thank you!

  • Great suggestions. Going to have to try the recipe from the video. Now to build a $35 cart to get that free beard brush. Thanks PT!

  • So many great ideas! We already got our Fathers Day sticker and printed out our Fungi Fathers Day card off the website! We love all the promos and extras you guys do!

  • Wow, so many great ideas for Father’s Day that I never thought of. And HEALTHY ideas too! I never would have thought of giving dad a healing balm or the awesome muscle relief aloe jelly!

    1. Great ideas! I made my husband a DIY beard oil as one of his Father’s Day Gifts. I already had all the supplies for it or I would have sprung for the free beard brush.

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