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Say Hello to No Worries, Our Newest KidSafe Blend

No worries… be happy. Right? Well, easier said than done sometimes. Worry can be a surefire way to ruin an otherwise beautiful day. It can leave you or your kiddos distracted, nervous, unfocused or agitated. And that can lead to lack of sleep or trouble at school. That’s where No Worries comes in. The woodsy, sweet, citrusy scent can help soothe the mind and uplift the spirit. And with a calm, clear mind, your kids can enjoy the sweet moments in life and respond to their worry-emergencies with an optimistic outlook and smile on their faces!

Woodsy. Citrusy. Tell Me More!

No Worries, Our Newest KidSafe Blend

One of the first things you might notice about No Worries is the woody, floral notes of Ho Wood. This oil is high in calming linalool, which helps promote a calm and relaxing environment. Coriander Seed provides a hint of spice while soothing frazzled nerves and elevating your mood. And Orange Sweet provides the uplifting citrus notes that round out this soothing blend. After all, Orange Sweet is also known as the “happy oil”! You’ll also find Orange Essence,  Amyris, Geranium Bourbon and Pink Grapefruit in this great little blend.

KidSafe… But Not Just for Kids.

No Worries, Our Newest KidSafe Blend

When we create something for our KidSafe line, we do it with your kiddos in mind. But that doesn’t mean that us adults can’t benefit from it either! Because, quite frankly, adulting is hard. Everything from bills to meal planning to the 9-5 grind can take a toll. So when you use No Worries to help your kids relax and enjoy life, stop and enjoy the woodsy, citrusy aroma for yourself.

Add No Worries to your oily collection today!

So Many Blends. Which One to Choose?

In case you haven’t noticed, Plant Therapy has tons of options to help you and your little ones feel calm and relaxed. But if you’ve ever wondered which one would be best for your current situation. Wonder no more! We’ve created an easy flow chart to help you find the right anti-anxiety blend for you. Whether you need something KidSafe, something for whole body relaxation, or something to help you get to sleep, we’ve got you covered!

Which Anti-Anxiety Blend Should You Choose

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111 thoughts on “Say Hello to No Worries, Our Newest KidSafe Blend”

  • I ordered this in a roller immediately to help my son with his anxiety. I cannot stand the smell of patchouli so this is better for our house than Happy Place. We use this at bed time, and other times of anxiety. I also ordered the 10 mL bottle to diffuse and make inhalers. I love the smell of the orange and Ho wood together.

  • This is on my wish list!! It will be an awesome addition to my stash. I also love the flow chart! Super helpful! As always PT you do not disappoint. 🙂

  • I can’t wait to try this! I have been using blues buster almost everyday. It will be nice to change this game up a bit.

  • That chart is super helpful! I’ve definitely gone back and forth trying to decide between a few of those before!

  • I’m so incredibly grateful for the kids safe line. It leaves all my worries behind ! There’s so much you have to worry about for kids… you’ve taken out that worry for me! Thank you.

  • This chart is so informative! What is the main difference though between kidsafe and not kidsafe? Do you use them differently or are the kidsafe ones more diluted?

    1. Hi Tara! The difference between KidSafe oils and non-KidSafe oils are the chemical constituents the oils contain. For that reason, some essential oils are not recommended for kids under the age of 10.

  • I’m SO excited about this new KidSafe blend!! I love citrus anyway, but this sounds amazing! And THANK YOU so much to PT for that flow chart!! That makes things so much easier!!

  • The flowchart is very helpful. I originally got into oils to help with my anxiety so I own most of these already. Lol but I’m looking forward to trying the new blends

  • Love this chart! So easy to see what is needed for the situation. Need to get no worries and happy place. Calming the child works great for my toddler.

  • What a cute little graphic! I sometimes have a hard time deciding on which blend to use. I use Relax I the tub after a particularly rough one! So this was spot on and I have all but 1 of these oils but according to this graphic, I need Happy Place! I’d better add it to my list

  • Totally understand the kid-safe blends for grown-ups! Some of my favorite oils are the ks blends. Can’t wait to try this one!

  • I really appreciate the flow chart as I use oils and my children love using them as well. I think that could be something that I print off for future chaotic reference days.

  • Thank you PT for the easy to follow flow chart. I love Calming the Child, and have many of them the synergies listed. Would love to try the new No Worries blend. I love orange and pink grapefruit, so I am sure I will love this one too!

  • My 4 year old grandson found the confidence to go to VBS by using his momma’s diffuser necklace with Calming the Child. He even told his teachers that was why he was there without his mom. After seeing the chart I think I will get him Happy Place as well, so that she can alternate the two. He has a new sibling coming soon and we want him to have everything in place to keep him confident as we know his little brother will be spending some time in the NICU which will take mom away from him. Thanks for the great chart!

  • I am not a kid but I like these blends. Calming the Child is one of my favorites and now I have to decide what to get next!

  • Does this have lavender in it? I wish pt would make more baby blends without lavender. Lavender actually caused my childs airways to swell. Had to be hospitalized. Wish more people knew to be cautious with lavender.

  • I cant wait to try this for my toddler granddaughter. I call her my little worry wart. I know she will benefit from this. Thanks!!

  • I really like that Plant Therapy simplifies and organises the information for us. This chart is very helpful. The same is with the specification “kids safe” on the bottles, so you don’t need to look for it every time. Thank you.

  • I’m so excited to try this blend! I wanted to try Happy Place but cannot stand Patchouli (I bare through it for PoopEase ) so I was very excited when this launched!

  • Looking forward to trying this for my daughter (and probably myself too!) the graphic was also super helpful in figuring out which blends to use for what.

  • I love the graphic and my kids absolutely love everything that has Ho Wood and Orange in it. This sure seems like a win!

  • The new blend sounds wonderful! But I REALLY love the info-graphic you made to help us choose. I love the quality of the oils and the quality of the educational material! <3

  • This sounds so good! I can’t wait to try it with my daughter who struggles with anxiety. Thanks for continuing to offer amazing products!

  • We love every Kidsafe blend we have! Can’t wait to try this one! We love Calming the child- but this would be great to rotate between!

  • I love this chart!!! I will have to save this blog post on my computer … It really helps to understand how to use things.

  • I’m excited to order this oil and grateful for the timing of its release! Looking forward to sending this with my son to his first overnight camp next week; thank you Plant Therapy!

  • My daughter needs No Worries! Hopefully I can get a deal on it during Customer Appreciation Month!

  • I can’t wait to try No More Worries for my anxious kiddos. And I absolutely love the chart!

  • I LOVE this chart! Will be printing it out and it will get so much use. I have a lot of these but i just ordered the newest one because I love variety….fingers crossed it will be helpful with anxiety.

  • I cannot wait to try this out. I am glad that I will enjoy the benefits as well when I diffuse this for my kids

  • Wow this one is going to be a true winner! All the oils in this blend sound amazing! Thank you again PT for another option to add to the calming oil rotation.

  • I’m so excited for this one! One child with a chronic illness and one with sensory processing this will help a ton!

  • Will the chart be an Infographic on your downloads page? It has great information presented very clearly. Thank you!

  • This sounds like it would be a nice blend to try! I’ve not met a KidSafe blend that I didn’t enjoy!

  • This will be on my wishlist. It sounds delightful. Thanks for the infographic too. It’s very useful.

  • My granddaughter ( 6 years old) requested a “spray”, so this sounds great for her and grandma too 🙂 Thank you for the chart.

  • I was literally wondering “Which would be better: No Worries or Calming the Child?” when I kept reading and saw the flow chart. As usual, Plant Therapy exceeds expectations!

  • This flow chart is exactly what we need! Thank you! It will help with the needs of our children, but also for us frazzled parents.

  • This one might be a good anti-stress one for me. As I love the citruses and spices and have to avoid lavender as it gives me migraines. I think I might put this one in my wish list.

  • I am ecstatic that Plant Therapy has come out with this blend! My little girl has been complaining of “belly aches” for quite sometime and we have been wondering if it is anxiety related! Checking with the doctor and ordering this!!! Seems to me it’s separation anxiety . And I love the chart!!! Amazing!

  • Please clarify, I thought both Relax and Self-Esteem are KidSafe? Are they getting reformulated? The Self-Esteem label on the chart does show the KidSafe logo, and Relax label do not. But on their individual pages they both are described as KidSafe.

    1. Don’t worry! Both Relax and Self Esteem are still KidSafe. The purpose of that first question in the flowchart is to determine whether you need your blend to be KidSafe. Hope that clears things up!

  • Thank you for the navigation chart for all the different anxiety relaxation centering blends! It is very helpful!

  • This blend sounds lovely, can’t wait to add it to my arsenal! And love the flow chart too, very useful, thank you!

  • Can’t wait to try this with my little to help ease worries of the big girl bed and going off to school full time!

  • I’m excited to try this. I started buying these for my kids, but I’m using them a lot too. I use Calming the Child sort of as a perfume if I’m having a bad day. This flow chart is awesome. It makes me realize I need a few more. Thanks!

  • Im so excited for this new blend! Its already in my cart. Thank you PT for all that you do for your customer’s.

  • really helpful chart! as the parent of a very energetic 3 year old some of these oils may be joining my wish list!

    1. Really looking forward to this for my son who has Autism. We have had such success with other KidSafe oils, and I am hoping we will love this one just as much!

  • Ooh, I will definitely have to try this! Thank you for the chart, too! I will definitely be referencing that!

  • I’m very excited to try this one. Anything with pink grapefruit is good in my book. I also saved that chart to have handy! Great read, thank you.

  • I love the infographic. Very helpful. My 7 yo has anxiety and social anxiety so I’m going to get some of these

  • OMG! I am so excited for this! It sounds perfect for my husband – I was just promising to get him an oil for his anxiety! Thank you PT!

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