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Essentials Video: Kumquat Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yoga is an amazing way to take some time to yourself, get in touch with your body, or just get a little physical activity. And just about the only thing you need to practice yoga is your mat! Since you spend so much time in direct contact with your mat, it’s important that it stays clean. Whip up this bright and citrusy Kumquat Yoga Mat Cleaner to make sure your favorite yoga mat is fresh and ready for your next practice. Plus, the essential oils in this blend are also bright and uplifting, which will pair perfectly with your next child’s pose.

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Kumquat Yoga Mat Cleaner

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Measure ingredients. Add all ingredients to spray bottle. Shake, spray, and wipe away!

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*Please note, we currently sold out of Yuzu. If you do not have this oil on hand, substitute with another citrus oil like Lemon or Bergamot.


26 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Kumquat Yoga Mat Cleaner”

  • Can I sub in Everclear for the preservative? I have 190 proof and I read in another post to use 20-30% dilution rate. Can I directly sub out the amount of optiphen plus with Everclear?

    1. Absolutely! As long as the Everclear is at least 25% of your solution, you’ll be good. Just make sure to add the essential oils to the Everclear first, allow it to meld, and then add water.

  • This sounds great, can’t wait to try it for cleaning my yoga mat! Wondering if we need to add ingredients in specific order: like Polysorbate 20 and oil first, before adding water in? Thanks!

    1. Hi Pearl, there isn’t an order you have to follow, but mixing your oils with the Polysorbate first is definitely a good idea.

  • Made this again recently and it’s so good! I have switched up the oils occasionally and I really like it with lime and tea tree, or balm mint bush! Thanks for the recipe!

  • I’m really excited to make this recipe, but I don’t have the coriander seed EO. What oil would be a good substitute?

  • So cool! I’ve never smelled kumquat before but this is enticing to use on my mats rather than a standard cleaning product.

  • Kumquat is an amazing oil, thanks for tis very informational blog post! I’ll have to make this yoga mat spray. 🙂

  • Just received my Kumquat yesterday and will be making this one to clean my yoga mat. Thank you PT!!

  • I grew up eating Kumquat every winter in Japan. The smell of Kumquat gives me nostalgia. I’m so happy that it’s a spotlight oil of the week! I can’t wait to receive my order.

    1. I just received my Kumquat yesterday and will be using making this one to clean my yoga mat. Thank you PT for all the recommendations and recipes.

  • Can’t wait to make this! Hubby and I are starting a yoga program together once he’s gained back some of his strength post-cancer treatments, and I’m going to surprise him with a bottle of this when he’s ready!

  • What does the Frank do in this blend? Is it more for the yoga and less for the cleaning/freshening? I’m thinking of making this into a kids’ sports bag spray.

  • I love yoga, but I don’t have a single one of the products in this recipe. Oh wait – I have water! 🙂

  • I realize this blog was to promote Kumquat EO, but I don’t have that particular EO. Is there a good substitute?

    1. I’d just pick an oil you like and use that. 🙂 Sweet Orange or Bergamot would be a good option.

    1. It is okay to use your mat in the sun! The citrus oils in this recipe are not considered phototoxic.

      1. See everytime I think I have all the oils I need, plant therapy lets me know it’s okay to buy more oils too funny! I have over 90 PT bottles but not one of these EO and I’m really jealous

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