The Root Chakra: Grounded Foundation: Grounded Foundation Essential Oil Blend

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The Root Chakra: Grounded Foundation

If you’re looking to bring more intentional, self-balancing practices to your self-care routine, stop right here!

Aromatherapy provides powerful support for your spirit, helping you achieve a greater sense of balance from the inside out. Our Chakra Blends are crafted specifically to help balance all seven chakras, or energy centers, within your body.

Today’s focus is our Grounded Foundation blend. Designed to support your 1st chakra, or Root Chakra, Grounded Foundation has a rich, earthy blend with a hint of sweet spice. It’s created using sacred, treasured oils, including Spikenard, Frankincense Carteri CO2Palo Santo, and Vetiver.

Your root chakra

The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, represents your foundation and feeling of being grounded.

When all is well with your root chakra, you’ll feel a sense of safety, security, and calmness. You may feel strongly rooted and confident enough to tackle new challenges. This makes a properly balanced root chakra vital whenever you’re trying something new or pursuing a major life goal.

The red chakra

plant therapy chakra essential oil blends grounded foundationThe root chakra is represented by a rich vermilion red. In the spectrum of chakra colors, this red symbolizes strength, vitality, and stimulates our instinctual tendencies.

The symbol of your root chakra is composed of a four-petaled lotus flower, often stylized as a circle with four petals, with a downward-pointing triangle.

The downward-pointing triangle symbolizes the spirit connecting with matter, grounding it to the earth. It’s seen as the center of our vital life force.

What happens when your root chakra is blocked or out of balance?

Feeling threatened, panicked, or anxious? This could mean your root chakra is blocked! These unpleasant feelings can take over your thoughts and make you feel uncertain, and question yourself. Physically, a blocked root chakra could cause a sore lower back, low energy levels, and cold extremities. [6, 7]

Unblocking (or balancing) your root chakra

plant therapy essential oils for relaxation

Grounded Foundations supports your root chakra by soothing, calming, and relaxing you when you’re feeling disconnected and distressed. To use this blend, you can add to a personal inhaler or diffuser. Putting a drop or two on a tissue and wafting it away from your nose is another fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of this blend.

If you decide to use it topically, dilute Grounded Foundation to 1% in your favorite carrier oil. You can anoint the base of your spine, by massaging this intentionally in a clockwise direction.

Having a balanced root chakra helps to create a sense of security, protection, and hope and supports feelings of trust and belonging. [8] Grounded Foundation will help you open up this energetic area of your body.

Yoga pose for the root chakra:

Create a sense of calm and security with the Grounded Foundation essential oil blend to activate the Root Chakra. Apply it to the tops of the feet, settle into Mountain Pose and repeat the affirmation, “I am peaceful, grounded, protected and secure.”

Grounded Foundation foot cream

Try this DIY Foot Cream using Grounded Foundation to feel firmly grounded and centered, while allowing a sense of expansiveness and higher connection. Using a foot cream helps to pull energy back down in the subtle body toward the ground to feel more grounded.

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do: 

To use, mix the body cream and Grounded Foundation and massage onto your feet to enjoy a deep sense of connection and grounding to the world around you.

Want to learn more?

Plant Therapy chakra blends essential oilsOur Certified Aromatherapists have written other great articles that dive deeper into the subjects of chakras and subtle aromatherapy:


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