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plant therapy chakra essential oil blends heart chakra

The Heart Chakra: Loving Compassion

If you’ve been following our blogs this week, then you know we have been talking all about the amazing energy centers in our bodies – chakras! Starting at the base of the spine for the root chakra, then up to our lower abdomen to greet the sacral chakra, and traveling higher to our solar plexus chakra just under the breastbone, we have learned how subtle aromatherapy can greatly enhance your self-care practices.

Today we come to the 4th chakra – the heart chakra. Not surprisingly, the area of this chakra is located at the center of the breast bone. [3, 4] It corresponds with not only the heart, but also the lungs, thymus gland, and cardiac plexus. Sitting at the middle point to all seven chakras [1], the heart chakra is the center of our ability to offer unconditional love and acceptance to ourselves and others. [4] Our Loving Compassion blend is designed to support this chakra with its soothing, softly rosy and green aroma, composed of the essential oils of Grapefruit Pink, Rhododendron, Bergamot, and Rose Otto.

Your Heart Chakra

The heart chakra represents your ability to give and receive love. This chakra can be easily and deeply wounded, greatly affecting our wellbeing. Healing our own hearts allows us to help heal the world around us. When we love ourselves for who we are, we can offer love to others, viewing them with compassion, acceptance, and kindness. 

The Green Chakra

plant therapy chakra essential oil blends heart chakraEven though most of us think of pink or red colors when we think about the heart, the heart chakra is actually associated with the color green.

The symbol for the heart chakra is made of a circle with twelve petals and a downward-pointing triangle with an upward-pointing triangle, making a six-pointed star.

The intersecting triangles represent air as an element. They also symbolize the union of what might seem like opposite types of energies, such as male and female, or spirit and matter.

What happens when your heart chakra is out of balance?

Woman sitting sad and stressedWhen your heart chakra is unbalanced, you may be overcome with a flood of negative emotions towards yourself and others. A broken heart, a traumatic experience, the loss of a loved one, and disappointment from those you look up to, are just a few ways this chakra can become blocked.

The feeling of having a “heavy heart” from sadness, loneliness, and rejection may warp into constant suspicions and fears about the intentions of those around you, especially in your closest relationships. [3, 4] Physically, a blocked heart chakra may lead to respiratory illnesses, heart abnormalities, upper back pain, and poor circulation. [1] 

Balancing your heart chakra:

Woman relaxing at homeLiving your life without an open heart chakra would mean missing out on all of the joy genuine and accepting relationships can bring you.[2] It’s important to encourage the balance of your chakras to help improve your perception about yourself and others to move out of this place of negativity. Shift your state of mind to focus on positive aspects of everything your life has to offer. And never underestimate the power of regularly considering what you are grateful for. [2, 4]

Loving Compassion supports your heart chakra by helping to ease wounds of the heart and nourish the spirit. It helps to clear and cleanse deep wounds and blocks while opening and uplifting the heart center.

To use this blend, you can add to a personal inhaler or diffuser. Putting a drop or two on a tissue and wafting it away from your nose is another fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of this blend. To apply this amazing aroma topically, dilute Loving Compassion to 1% in your favorite carrier oil. You can anoint the area of your heart chakra, your chest, by massaging this intentionally in a clockwise direction.  

Yoga for the heart chakra:

plant therapy chakra essential oil blends heart chakraTo open your heart, use the Loving Compassion blend to activate the Heart Chakra. Apply it to the center of your chest and think to yourself, “I am grateful, filled with love that I give and receive. I love.”

Loving Compassion lotion

Try this DIY Lotion using Loving Compassion to help invite positive energy and encourage a joyful outlook for your life! 

What you’ll need:

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To use, anoint your chest, shoulders, or arms. This invites in positive energy and will promote feelings of unconditional love for self and others.

 Want to learn more?

Plant Therapy chakra blends essential oilsOur amazing Certified Aromatherapists have written two exceptional blogs that dive deeper into the subjects of chakras and subtle aromatherapy:


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15 thoughts on “The Heart Chakra: Loving Compassion”

  • This was really nice information. I especially liked the yoga pose and mantra for clearing the hart chakra. Explaining the symbol made things a little more clear.

  • By far my favorite blend. I would also like to add that there is some evidence to suggest that relaxing your shoulders and opening your chest in conversation allows you to connect lovingly with the person you are speaking with, and the position gives them the impression of your openness; this encouraging them to be open and loving as well.

  • Seriously I know nuts about chakras b4 knowing PT. Well, I learnt a lot after knowing PT. Got e Loving Compassion roll on as an add on purchase which I would never thought of buying if it was not an add on. Now I’m loving Loving Compassion and interested to know more about e rest of e chakras. Thanks PT for e knowledge.

  • Loving Compassion is in my top 3 favorite oils. I did a little research when I purchased the Chakra set but I love these informative posts! It’s really cool to learn life about how different chakras work

  • My family enjoys the scent of Loving Compassion. We recently lost my husband, and I haven’t thought about using this oil for our broken hearts. Now I’m going to diffuse it tomorrow.

  • Loving Compassion is my favorite chakra synergy. It smells INCREDIBLE. I love adding it to my lotion.

  • After reading this I feel like I need to add this to my wishlist and purchase it soon. Sounds like it would be beneficial to me.

  • Love that we’ve been going thru the chakras. The heart chakra is one I’m always working on and can I please just say how amazing loving compassion smells!

  • I like that you all are covering topics like the Chakras. It’s interesting to read about how ancient teachings, essential oils, and yoga can be used in conjunction for a healthy life. Keep up the good content, thanks!

  • I love recipes for lotions. This particular blend is on the sweeter side. Loving blend if Grapefruit, Rose and Bergamot. A bit sweet for me but it is a smooth and pleasing blend.

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